I want to give a shout out to our amazing teacher Mrs. Mazor!!! She has made this virtual learning experience a breeze for new parents/students! My daughter(Rosie) enjoys coming to class every morning, and really enjoys learning with Mrs. Mazor! Thank you Mrs.Mazor for all your hard work and dedication!!
Christopher works so hard during class and completing assignments. He goes above and beyond to ensure he can complete his assignments on time. I am so proud of his hard work! - Mrs. Fast
Kayla, you are an amazing friend. You cheer me up when days are gloomy, you give me hope when no one else does, and most of all...you are kind to everyone! Thank you!!
Dear Ms. Willis, You're one of the most amazing teachers I've ever had. You never hold grudges and let students start each day with a clean slate. Every day in your class is energetic and upbeat and never has a dull moment. You brighten all your students days and sometimes you can change my entire day without even knowing it.

Class D-2 State Runner-up. Great season and congratulations volleyball team.