Ms. Howard you are such a fun teacher.
I love when Ms. Escovedo asks us questions during class.
Mrs. Janega has been so good at getting our kids moving when we are stuck inside and teaching them healthy habits. My learner has even started to wake up early to do his own Tabata exercises before school starts. It's inspiring.
Thank you Mrs. Howard for hosting your reading club lunch bunch. Jude has loved it and it's so nice to see him reading independently. Thank you for always encouraging him and working so hard to keep our kids engaged.
i really like the counseling lessons
Thank YOU Mr Clegg for teaching me!
Many thanks to Ms. Foreman for all your hard work and for going the extra mile to host lunch bunch!
Thank you, Ms. Teri, for making my student laugh during class! He enjoys learning with you, even at a distance!
We are thrilled to have Mr. Lowery as a teacher! He has been an amazing leader during this stressful year. Thank you, Mr. Lowery! ❤️
Ms. Janega's parkour lessons have inspired the whole family to take adventure walks. We've even found some of our favorite curbs. Thanks for giving us a new way to look at our neighborhood and have fun!
Kim Howard makes my kiddo laugh and feel loved everyday. What an amazing teacher! Thank you Ms. Howard!
So much to love about Mr. Clegg--his enthusiasm, his care for families, and, above all, his belief in our students. Thank you Mr. Clegg!
Miss Peterson and Ms. Escovedo - thank you for helping me figure out second grade this year! - Teacher Anne

School is fun I like the book A to Z mysteries we read in class! And Mrs. Howard is a good teacher!
Ms. O is amazing. She has made virtual learning fun. Her kindness makes class great.
Mrs Howard makes coming to class fun!
Teacher Anne is doing an outstanding job with distance learning! We especially appreciate her bringing materials to our door, and that she spends lunchtime with the class. We appreciate her hard work so so so much!!!
So thankful for Ms. Escovedo. Not only did she swing by our house to drop off a spelling packet, but she also stood in the pouring down rain listening to me go on about my second grader for much longer than she may have planned. Thank you LaPrincea!
Mr. Lowery is ROCKING IT as a virtual teacher...even making time to actually MEET his students.
Woodlawn teachers go ABOVE and BEYOND! THANK YOU!!!
I am thankful for Ms. Mary and Ms. Tianna- the energy, effort and LOVE that they put into their work each and every day radiates within our building and into the Woodlawn Community! Thank you Mary and Tianna!
A HUGE Thank You to Ms. Porter-Lopez for bringing the "YouUplift" Kindness Wall to Woodlawn School.