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Mackenzie and Zoey are so funny
Congrats grads
We will miss you!!
This past year has been amazing and I want to wish everyone a happy summer and enjoy it!
If you try your best you can do what ever you want
I have faith in you. You are loved. You make me smile. Thank you People!!!!!! BY: IZZY!
woodland school is the best and everyone is lit!!!!!!! BY: IZZY
Bryce is the best friend ever
Alexa helps me with my math work and is funny.
all people are good somewhere inside them.
Kaeli is the best friend ever
Mr. Scull is the best gym teacher,person,and baseball Coach ever!!! - From Cole Dobbs
Ms.Nelson is the best Advisory teacher I've ever had.
Mrs. Sutter and Mrs.Kondrila are the best teachers ever.
Mrs. Spillane really helped me with these lessons of cite fast
Have a great day and tell your friends what they mean 2 u
We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.
Nicolette is very unique in her own ways, she doesn't try to act like everyone else and that's what I love about her, she is such a good friend.
Gianna DiMeo is a very good friend and she is very nice to people.
To all of you be your self not the person who someone else wants you to be ,BE YOU!
Mrs Haas is the best teacher ever--Ethan F
Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow.
i wanted to say thank you to everyone in my life who makes me smile. thanks for always having my back and under standing all my struggles. i love you guys - kylee hawkins
"Life will always throw you curves, just keep fouling them off. The right pitch will come, but when it does, be prepared to run the bases." - Rick Maksian
Rihanna is a wonderful friend. Her personality is just so sweet anyone will lover her. She lights up a room whenever she walks in. She has helped me through rough times, so thank you Rihanna for being my friend.

We are all beutiful and unique in our own ways we may not show because we are afraid. But stop being afraid and show people who you really are inside. We all have something in common and something different that we can share with the world. People will love you if you show them who you are. But people will not like that you are hiding yourself and showing your own peronality. Thats all!!!!!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
You were born to shine so shine.
You are a shooting star that loves peole and shares your dream with other people.
Love: DestinyD
You all are perfect in your own way.
Be nice and stay positive!! If someone is trying to ruin your day, DONT LET THEM!! Your are awesome, cool, funny, and hamson or pretty!! If god wanted you in this world he made you, and thats what he did because he knew your everything a person could want. Dont be jealous of anyone, dont act like your prettier than someone, because its not true!Everyone is the same!! >Khloe.H { love you guys!!}
Gabby DiOrio is so funny and kind!!! Thanks for being a good friend
Patrick is a great friend
-Mickey A
Jenna Takakjy is amazing

always be kind
Brian is really nice, he puts a smile on my face when i walk into the room, truly a great friend =D
Mr. Doty and Mrs. Haas are the best
MacKenzie Bankes is a wonderful person! She is sooo pretty, and very creative. Everyone should be her friend! MacKenzie is very helpful and funny.
Kelsey G. is a wonderful person inside and out. I love her glasses. She is very pretty. She has helped me through rough times, so thank you Kelsey!
Alexa is a good friend ????
A smile can work wonders.
Thank you Sydney, Julia, Khloe, and Kylee for helping me when i was upset and you let me join your group. So thank you
Thanks for everyone for making this website this is great you can do this cool thing πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŒπŸ˜‰βœŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‘β˜ΊπŸ˜³πŸ˜
i wanted to say thank you sydney, julia and khloe for being amazing friends and i know we have gone through a lot but that's what makes our friendship stronger. But i wanted to let everyone know to never give up on the ones you love because if you fight hard you can overcome everything.
Sarah Cooley, Emily Bankes, Felicia Alston Mcnich, and Rebecca Neel are awesome friends and they make my day

Kylee,Khloe and Julia are awesome friends!

PATTY T and MIKEY A are very good friends and are good at dodgeball
Have a positive vibe everyday!!

Emojis spread positivity! Let's all try to make someone else's day.β„οΈŽβ™οΈŽβ’οΈŽβ™οΈŽβ– οΈŽβ™οΈŽβ™οΈŽ β¬₯οΈŽβ™οΈŽ β™‹οΈŽβ—οΈŽβ—οΈŽ ????β– οΈŽβ–‘οΈŽβ¬₯︎ β“οΈŽβ–‘οΈŽβ—†οΈŽ β§«οΈŽβ™‹οΈŽ????β™οΈŽ β—οΈŽ????︎⬧︎
Everyone should just be kind to one another. JoJo Siwa
Only 10 school days before Spring Break! Work Hard, Stay Positive and Be Kind!
Matty D is a great person, and an absolute LEGEND.
Summer is almost here! You got this!
No one knows who wrote this letter and that's a good thing. I've gone through rough times, but the one thing that I've learned is life is too short. When things are getting rough just remember I love you and it's going to be okay. If you see someone with not many friends, or they just are going through rough times, help them. Comfort them. No matter what others will think
Spencer Murray is an amazing friend. Whenever I see him, he just brings good vibes ????
Dom T is very amazing and a great person and I am glad that he's my friend
Each time you mess up you are closer to suceeding!
Work hard all day everyday
Have a nice day
"You are working so hard not to fail. You have to start working to succeed." --Steve Harvey
mr. scull is an awesome teacher
"If I cannot do great things. I ca can do small things in a great way."- Martin Luther King Jr.
You up lift
Nathan Correa is very smart, he helped me with my homework and classwork, hes so nice and amazing. very smart.
My friends make me laugh!
Have a good day!
I think that woodland school rocks and it is the best school that is in the world.
You're surrounded by what loves you!
Ryan is a crazy good friend!!!!
Karina is such a funny friend!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lillian is such a loving sister and friend. Luv ya,
Julia is my BFF,she is so caring and loving and is so funny.I am so thankful to have a friend like her.Thanks Julia for being such a good friend.
Ms P makes me smarter everyday
Mrs P makes my day happy
Mrs P is the coolest teacher ever
Ms P is the best
Ms P is my favorite
Mrs P is the Goat

54 days until Graduation! Keep up the great work!

- Mrs. Greenwald
Mariah your the best sister i could ever wish for! ~ Vicky ^~^
miss p is the best teacher ever i love her sm
β€œNever say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.” – Michael Jordan
Happy birthday JD you are such a good person and a great friend.
Dont let anyone dull your sparkle
Camryn, thank you for always being there and being such a great friend. I couldn't ask for a better then you <3
Gianna, Brooke, and Ushwa are really sweet, and have the best smiles!
Sherrie, Katie, Sami, Zoey , Rilyn, Kenzi ,Alex, and My sister Karina are
Ms.Principato is the best teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gianna you are a great friend. I love hanging out with you. When we're hangin out time flys. Your also the best basketball buddy I've ever played with.
Mrs P is the goat
"Never stop grinding and you'll make it to the top. Don't let anyone stand in your way to becoming who you want to be." - Tyler Blevins.