Julia is my BFF,she is so caring and loving and is so funny.I am so thankful to have a friend like her.Thanks Julia for being such a good friend.
Ms P makes me smarter everyday
Mrs P makes my day happy
Mrs P is the coolest teacher ever
Ms P is the best
Ms P is my favorite
Mrs P is the Goat

54 days until Graduation! Keep up the great work!

- Mrs. Greenwald
Mariah your the best sister i could ever wish for! ~ Vicky ^~^
miss p is the best teacher ever i love her sm
“Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.” – Michael Jordan
Happy birthday JD you are such a good person and a great friend.
Dont let anyone dull your sparkle
Camryn, thank you for always being there and being such a great friend. I couldn't ask for a better then you <3
Gianna, Brooke, and Ushwa are really sweet, and have the best smiles!
Sherrie, Katie, Sami, Zoey , Rilyn, Kenzi ,Alex, and My sister Karina are
Ms.Principato is the best teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gianna you are a great friend. I love hanging out with you. When we're hangin out time flys. Your also the best basketball buddy I've ever played with.
Mrs P is the goat
"Never stop grinding and you'll make it to the top. Don't let anyone stand in your way to becoming who you want to be." - Tyler Blevins.
Be nice, Be positive, and Love yourself
Avah you are my bestest friend ever

-Sincerely your bestest friend joey
save the world by recycling
Worry About Loving Yourself Instead Of Loving The Idea Of Other People Loving You
"Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results." -Felix Kjellberg
if you are reading this that means you are awesome. thanks to all of the techters for this year.
woodland is the best school with the best friends like alonzo danny and bennett.
Zoey your an amazing person. Your always very kind and have a great sense of humor
"Never let people change who you are. You are yourself, always." -Lil Barnacle
Alright, look. Mr. Danker is the best teacher of all time. If I had to choose a teacher to teach me in every subject for the rest of my life, I would choose Mr. Danker. One of the great ironies is that despite being the best history teacher ever, I'm sure he could be a great teacher for all subjects. Why? Because this man is so smart. Thank you Mr. Danker.
if your reading this your mad cool
Doggo's make me happy:)
Always stay happy and don't be mean
don't let people change who you are
Dance if you love Woodland!
Woodland is the best school in the whole wide world!
Mr. Danker is the best!
Dear Kayla Palmer,
Thank you so much for being an amazing friend. You have helped me through so much so thank you for that!
Ushwa is the best basketball buddy i'll ever have 🙂 <3
be nice to others

everybody is amazing
Love who you are. And don´t let any body change you for the bad.

----Kayla Palmer 💕💙💜❤😃
JD is really funny and nice.
Tessa Padget is one of my best friends. She is nice and she is unique.
Be like Curt and Rachel. Defy Gravity.
Be happy, not crabby!

Happy birthday Kelsey hope you have a great day - V
Go defy all odds and do something impossible.
Dear Siobhan, you are an interesting friend. Your conspiracy theories are very creative, along with your personality. You are a great singer, like how you sing Don't Stop me Now. And lastly, your stories are very creative and frightening. I like hanging out with you 🙂
No matter how tough times are, just remember... We are all in this together!
Rihanna Ragoo you are the sweetest, open minded person in the world. You are so smart and you have the will power to be whatever you want to be when you grow older. You make everyone who is talking to you smarter then they were before. You are not afraid to say your opion and your so creative. You are truly an amazing person.
After every storm the sun comes out again 🙂
Sommer D'Andrea is such a nice person. she always knows how to make a group laugh. and she can bring you up when you are down. love ya
Gia Reader is the most amazing person in the world. She is such a kind and sweet girl. I hope she stays in my life forever as my best friend. Love you Gia!!!
gia reader is the most wonderfullest human bean there is
gia reader is the most wonderfullest human bean there is
JD is so nice. He is the best.
Rihanna you are very funny. You are a great friend 🙂
Rihanna, you are an amazing friend and my best friend
be a lion stand strong
Life has no remote so get up and change it yourself.
thanks soo much to whoever wrote this. love ya
Tessa you are a really nice person and one of my great friends. You are understanding and kind. You love to brighten everyone up, and want everyone to be involved in whatever you do. I'm really lucky to have a friend like you. I hope you have a great day.
Ryan Connor is a great friend. He has a wonderful personality and is very funny. He is also very uplifting.
Dawry is such a good person. Dawry llet me join his friend group.. Hes amazing <3
HAVE A GREAAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Terance for helping me pick up my books in the hallway yesterday
The principal ROCKS!
Happy birthday JD
Woodland rocks
Dear 8th Graders,
I know planning for high school can be a little scary, but you've got this! I have no doubt that you will be successful next year and beyond!


Mrs. Flowers
Dear Mandy, Thank you for being a nice person to me and everyone else in the school.
Dear Leana, I appreciate you and everything you do for me. You're an amazing "Mother" to me, and I admire the fact that you aren't afraid to do things, and that you're glad and/or proud to do them. I thank you for your love and support towards my singing, and I always will. - Mariah
Dear Leana your such a nice friend and your sooooo funny.
HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dominic Azzari is AWESOME
This school ROCKS
Ceara McNally, you are an awesome friend! You are the sweetest person I know, and you care about everyone. I'm am really lucky to have you as a friend!!!!
Everything is awsome
Dear Tessa Padgett, Thank you for being a great friend and thanks for giving me a second chance your really funny and fun to be around and I'm glad to have you in my life.
Thank you Leana Joyner for being such an amazing friend towards everyone. Your one of the best people in this school and I'm really happy to have you in my life. Your really funny and a super sweet person to be around......................................................................................................................
Leana, you are such a great friend and very funny!! I'm happy to be your friend 🙂
Mrs.Haas is cool
mariah, you are such a great BTS friend, and you always make me laugh with your jokes. ~ Tessa
Today I was watching TV and I heard somebody say ''Am I a mistake?'' This is one saddest things I've heard.So I wanted to tell everyone you are not a mistake and you are special. Don't believe anything negative that some one tells you. And do not think badly about yourself. Thank you enjoy the rest of your day.
Kaneira Williams, ever since you came to this school, I knew that you would be my best friend, and you are 🙂
Thank you so much for making my days much better, I DON"T KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO WITHOUT YOU:))))
Shaun Mack showed "silent strength" last year after a serious Parkour accident left him with a broken arm. After his first surgery, he picked up a Rubik's cube to build up his strength. Not only did his arm heal, but he became a Rubik's cube wiz! He's headed to the National Championships in Baltimore this summer. Way to go Shaun! That's amazing!!!!!! https://drive.goog
Mr.Danker, you are such an amazing and funny teacher, and you have such an interesting life!
Thank you Jack Bolling for being a great friend
To Alicia:
You are like the chief to my happiness
Everyday you make me a little more happy
Some days I might feel as slow as a turtle, but you cheer me up
Thank you Lizzie for always being my friend and helping me through rough times, I couldn't ask for a better best friend (:
<3 Camryn
This school is FAN-tastic!
Saying nothing sometimes says the most. #SilentStrength -Luke Tursi
No matter what people say you are special and unique.-Natasha Hamilton
I hope you are all ready FREDDIE for a good day. We are all queens on the inside out.