As we go through these challenging times, it's more important than ever to be kind to one another. That includes following the experts' advice to slow the spread of the virus.
I personally think that YouUpliftKindness is a very “good” site that really “helps” me get through the day.
GOOD LUCK to the Lady Trojans in the sectional! We believe in you!!!
Congratulations to the Students of the Quarter!

7th grade: Josiah Memmer
8th grade: Wil Morton
Freshman: Peyton Davis
Sophomore: Kiersten Bottoms
Junior: Paxton Schwomeyer
Senior: Shelby Clark
Good luck to all students on finals! Show what you have learned, stay calm and focused and make yourself proud.
Joey Cargal, you are hilarious and great to be around.
Heleana Dersch is literally the sweetest person I know! She's always smiling, even when under a ton of stress. I always look forward to seeing her because she always brightens my day!
Everyone is under stress and it's magnified this time of year. Take a deep breath, take a walk, let it out and lower the drama level. Life is too short to get all worked up about things that, in the big picture, aren't all that important. Focus on what really is important- family, friends and taking care of one another.
7 days of school left this semester. Get your work done, prepare for finals and don't forget to be kind to each other. Everyone is facing the same stresses, so a little kindness is needed and can go a long way.
This time of year is tough for some people. Don't be afraid to reach out for help- there are people here who care about you. And don't hesitate to be kind to someone who is struggling.
A lot of students are working hard to finish the semester strongly. Good for you! Know that your hard work is recognized and appreciated.
The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book❤️
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
All things are difficult before they are easy... keep your head up everyone!
Great job, Lady Trojans!!!
Ms. Bretz, thank you for all of your work organizing and administering ISTEP. You make it about as painless as it can be.
Mr. George... what a great guy!
Mr. Messmer... what a guy!
Someone you know- a student, a teacher, a staff member, an administrator- needs a boost today. Are you going to be the one to give it to them?
I just wanted to brag on the teachers in the high school for trying their hardest to be amazing teachers and help students in any way they can great job teachers you all are wonderful ❤️
I hope you all have a wonderful year! Don’t let anyone think not!
You all are amazing!❤️
Don't just tell yourself about the people you are thankful for- tell them.
Wishing everyone a safe, happy and restful Thanksgiving break.
To Ms. Terry and Ms. Bretz, you guys are the best guidance counselors and I appreciate everything you do for the school and for the students. You guys are awesome and don’t get enough credit! You guys rock!!
I'm thankful for the students and staff of Wood Memorial.
Thanks to all our students who get up every morning, come to school, do their best and treat each other with kindness.
Be nice to someone today. Sometimes the smallest gesture can have more impact than you will ever know.
You will be in school for 25,812 seconds today. Can you spare a few of those to do something nice for someone?
Good job by everyone in the Veteran's Day program today!
Mrs. Senninger is the best teacher ever, hands down!
Shelby and Casey Clark, God's light shines through you and you are a blessing to Wood Memorial! Thank you for running P7 - our meetings are the best part of my week!
Lucy Schwomeyer, you are such a sweet, funny person. I love that you always have such a good attitude toward everything. You rock!
Kegan Hutchinson, you are such a kind young man, a good friend to all, and an easy student to teach. You make everyone's day better, including mine!
Mrs. Morton, you are the best teacher. I appreciate you so much. I have learned so much from you this year and last. I love when you sing with us and happy dance!
Mr. Daves, you are an amazing teacher and you're a great person in general.
Poe you make my anatomy class SOOOOOOO much fun! I am so glad to have you in my class.
Marta, you're just a great person.
Katie Spicer, you brighten my days.
To my Trojan Pride, I love you all
Owen Day, you are so good at peer tutoring, you for sure pass the vibe check.
Taylor McKannan, you passed the vibe check.
Dylan is passing the vibe check.
Mr. Wilson you are the best principal any school could ask for you 100% passed the vibe check.
Isaak, you are a great person and deserve the world.
Novalee Goodall you are literally my favorite person ever!!!!!!! You are such a hardworking and amazing student! I hope all of your days shine as bright as you!
Claudia Simpson, You are an amazing friend and I love you to the moon and back, I hope you have a great day beautiful.
Good luck tonight Lady Trojans! Looking forward to a great season!
You know somebody who could use a kind word today. Isn't that worth your time?
Congratulations in advance to all who are willing to take the stage for the Lip Sync contest!
Congratulations to the Students of the Quarter!

7th grade: Alexandra VanMatre
8th grade: Camilla Lemeron
Freshman: Gabriela Rodriguez
Sophomore: Karis Blacklock
Junior: Mackenzie Potts
Senior: Kennedy Blacklock
Look around. Who's having a bad day? How can you help?
Make somebody's day better with a kind word. It will take you a few seconds but may last them all day.
Trojan Volleyball- good luck at sectional! Believe in yourself and believe in your teammates.
Isabel, you are beautiful and kind, and seeing you is one of the best parts of my day.
Sometimes all someone needs is a little compassion and encouragement to get them through a tough day. Be the person who provides that lift.
Kai is an amazing individual who has a lot to offer. You are unique and that is beautiful!!
Mackenzie Potts you are so pleasant and such a hard worker!! 🙂
Congratulations and thank you to the WMHS Soccer seniors being recognized tonight! Good luck tonight and at sectional.
Tony Stuckey is very polite to Mrs. Lindy when he gets breakfast from the cart every morning. 🙂
Luke Price is such a great friend. He's tall so he can reach the top shelf, and he always knows how to have a great time. I'm glad Luke is my friend! <3
Before you do or say something mean, stop. Think. Be a better person.
Congratulations to all the students who have artwork in the display case. We have some very talented artists at Wood Memorial!
Alexis Lamon is beyond sweet and always positive! We aren't that close, but you're still appreciated by me!
Is today the day that you will brighten someone's life?
Mrs.Douglas is the most supportive and caring person I have ever met. I couldn’t imagine not seeing her everyday! She always makes my day better 🙂 Thank you for everything you do for us!
What have you done to be nice to someone today?
Abby Thurston is a good and supportive friend.
Chris Doerner- your are really good at art. You make the 4th period class complete. Can't wait to see your finished project.
Let your Dreams be BIGGER than your Fears!
Thank you, junior high students, for making me smile every single day! You are amazing human beings, and I know you have bright futures ahead of you.
The teachers at Wood Memorial have the best students around.
Trojan volleyballers- keep your heads up and keep working hard!
Thank you Ms. Terry for all the hard work you do as our counselor.
I am so thankful for the staff and students at Wood Memorial Jr./Sr. High School. What a great place to work. Keep up the good work!
Being nice takes very little effort but can have huge payoffs!
Ty Schoppenhorst, you are capable of amazing things! Be the best you you can be!
Kelli Hutchinson, you are such a great, beautiful, and caring best friend. I hope we stay friends forever. You are a positive person to me. Thanks for being a bestie.
If ur reading this I just want to let you guys know that you're smart, kind, pretty, and cool. Don’t let those kids bully u or let them judge u. If they do, just don’t let it affect you bc they don’t know that you're a kind person and they don’t know that, so everyone give me a promise- keep fighting and never give up. YOU CAN DO THIS, EVERYONE CAN DO ANYTHING TO MAKE THIS SCHOOL THE
Mr. Wilson, thank you for being such a great principal and caring for your students so much!
When you get a chance, say thanks to our custodians for all of their hard work to keep our school clean and neat.
Have a great day Mrs. Boyd. You are an amazing person and I hope u have a great birthday.
Hanna and Katie and Alison are nice, kind and pretty girls. You keep being you.
Thomas Tkacz, you are like the coolest kid ever! A bunch of us love your YouTube videos and think you’re hilarious! Keep being your cool funny self!!!
Sky Meredith, what a wonderful addition you are to WMHS! You are positive, kind, caring, thoughtful, and genuine. Your quirky sense of humor and can-do attitude are such a refreshing part of my day. You rock!
Just be friends for the reason why all people make friends: for love. No kid in school has got to be lonely during lunch!
Dakota French is very positive and is a great friend.
Gabby Rodriquez you are an amazing friend and I hope u have an amazing day.
Katie Sevier is nice.
Alison Keeker you are nice and kind and a pretty girl.
Grant Strickland, you are hilarious and you make my day better every time I see you!
Kylee Maikranz is a really nice person
Dylan, you are a totally lit person bruh!
Jacob Stamper, you are a great, brilliant young person who is going to do great things!
To all the kids being picked on or bullied, don't listen to them. You're amazing and you should never change. Never stop being yourself and never lower yourself to their level. Don't give up!
Dylan Buck is nice.
Gentry Clark is a very positive person and his positivity is infectious.
William Tkacz you are a very nice person and I am most dearly sorry that I accidentally stepped on the back of your foot during second period.
Kylie Hicks, you are such a great friend!!! You are so sweet and so kind to everyone, and you always cheer me up. Whenever I need help, you’re always there for me! Thanks so much for being you!!!
Whoever is reading this, you are amazing and don’t let anyone tell you different! You are worth it and awesome! Remember to love who you are and don’t let anyone bring you down!!