Dear Kaden,

You were there for me, and you didn't even know it. I've only been your friend for two weeks, but I'm already so thankful.

When I actually felt like crying I talked to you and laughed, so my smile wasn't fake.

If everyone was a little bit more like you, then maybe we can all get through this pandemic.

Keep being kind-

And thanks.

and thankyou.
It´s true.
Sometimes we need a laugh-

The teacher asked the student, ´Where is your homework?´ and the student replied

´´It's still in my pencil.´
As we all know, this year has been very difficult with the pandemic and trying to get used to online classes, but one thing that I've learned to do is to stay positive no matter what, we're all gonna get through this!
It's not too late to be a little happy today.
You still have time to do something even a little positive.
It feels good leaving the end of the day on a positive note!
Many people will walk in and out of your life but only true friends will leave a footprint in your heart - Eleanor Roosevelt

Thank you to my friends for being true friends and leaving a footprint in my heart. - Nicole Flanagan
Thank you my bestie for making my year beautiful and exciting. You always put a smile on my face and a laugh on my lips. Your amazing in every way love youuuuu.
I like school because it is awesome.
Be Happy
Thank You to all the 6 East teachers and custodians for keeping the 6th grade happy and safe
Thank you for making the year fun even through covid!
"Kindness is spreading sunshine into other people's lives regarding the weather" -RAKtivist
Friends are like diamonds bright, beautiful, and always in style.
Thank you to my friends!
We are all one big Family

I want to say thank you to All The 7 west blue group students for puting a smile on my face everyday
Thank you Yanira for being a good person towards me even in the tough times! - You know who this is
Naya highkey bestie
I want to say thank you to Mahnoor for being there for me when I need her the most even if we are at home and far apart. - Yanira
Thank you
Mrs. Downs is the best! We love Library Skills! It's a great way to end a day. 🙂
Thank you Colin for always making me smile. You laughter is infectious and brightens my day. Thank you.
There is always some light in the dark
~to anyone who needs it~

~you are loved~

~you are appreciated~

~you are not alone~

~keep on smiling~
Thank you to Shriyaa, who will be there at three in the morning to help me with my math homework
Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light...

Be someones light on a dark day.
Special thanks to the 6 East teachers for keeping the students engaged and invested in their learning!
naya torres is a cool gal

Adriana Arena is a very cool gal
Hayoon, you don't know how grateful I am for you.
Catherine, thanks for always putting a smile on my face.
Thank you to all the 8 East teachers for making learning so fun! I also thank Mr. Bucco and all the staff for making this school year work and all the fun and creative activities that were arranged, despite all the changes.
Thank you to my friends Hannah, Shriya, Brandon, Ian, Youssef, and Hila for helping me out with homework and hanging out with me. You guys have made this year feel so much better, and I feel happy that I have someone to joke around with and laugh and talk to!

I love in-person school because of my friends, teachers, and associates. So thank all of you so
I want to thank the teachers and students of 6East for making school fun everyday!
Thank you to all the teachers for making this year special! You truly helped us all throughout these tough times!
Thank You to all the Wood Hill Staff that have made this school year exciting and fun! You guys have made school more fun than normal which is a very difficult thing to do due to Covid-19. THANK YOU!!!
I like how everyone is nice!
be the best you can be
Mr. Bucco, I appreciate that when you choose music in the morning when we are in our homeroom.
Mr. Bucco, you are really good at helping teachers.
Dr. Croteau, I like it when you do the announcements while the principal was not there.
Mr. Bucco, it was really awesome when you do the community meetings.
Mrs Contois, I appreciate the time you helped me with math tests and homework.
Mr. Hinckley You make me smile when you do jokes.
to Danill, Sophie, Shrinaath, and Jack, who inspire anyone you meet
I like when you make me laugh.
if someone needs help ask if they want help.
Be yourself, be kind and try your best.
To Daniela my best friend 🙂
Thank you for always supporting me and helping me when I’mlost during class. Your always there for me and I'm very thankful that we became friends.
Thank you Mr.Bucco for being such a great person
"If plan A doesn't work, the alphabet has 25 more letters — 204 if you're in Japan." — Claire Cook

Mrs. Stella, and Mrs. Vella, thank you so much for being the best teachers and making online school enjoyable!
Thank you to the 6 east teachers for being as helpful as you can! Thank you Mrs. Bronson for being the brightest, Thank you Mr. Defusco for making history fun, Thank you Mrs. Cavanaugh for having fun assignments, and thank you Mrs. Anthony for helping everyone.
Thank you to my friends that make me laugh.
Thank you Ms.Fargeorge and Ms.Desjardins for being amazing teachers and pushing through the struggles of being remote.
Chloe, thank you for being my friend and always putting a smile on my face whenever we talk. You're the other part of me, and without you I wouldn't be myself. I miss you dearly and thank you for all you've done for me!
To the crossing guard, Pete, who smiles and waves to me every morning and afternoon, out in the heat and the cold. I want you to know, I'm thinking about you. You stand there in the early morning and afternoon waiting for us, keeping us safe, never a moment late. Chances of you seeing this are very slim, but I want those of you who see this to give him the smile he deserves.
-A Thankful 7th
Atticus Baden, thank you for always making me laugh during school. Even when you don't try to, you cheer me up. Thanks for helping me when I need it, you make me smile when I see during school and remote. Keep it up!
To all of the people who have put a message on this kindness wall, thank you for doing this simple act of kindness. You may not realize how much this means!
Shoutout to Lasya, Jana, Adhitya, Arjun, Aashish, Zach, Isabella, Aneesa, Elise, Nati, Raahil, Sanjith, Serena, Vignesha, and Aarush for chatting with me and helping me with schoolwork. Although I don't know all of you that well, certain people have helped me get through days where I struggled to find the motivation to do anything. You guys are amazing friends, so thank you for being there f
"Kindness is the language in which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." -Mark Twain
To the students of the 7 West Green group, thank you for supporting me, being there as another pair of legs, and helping me laugh even through the toughest days. You made 2020 a brighter and better year, and continue to through the beginning of 2021. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Thank you so much to the 7 West teachers, Mrs.Fargeorge and Mrs.Desjardins. You have been awesome to us 7 West team in this remote situation and are always so understanding about us. Being your classes is so fun and the laughter and learning we have is just limitless. Thank you so much for being the teachers you are! -

Adhitya Vasudevan
Thank you to Mrs.Bronson for reminding us to get up and move during remote learning! 🙂
Zachary Tang, Thank you so much for being a good friend even through a really tough year for everyone! Every time I see you smile it makes my day either on google meet or in person. Keep sharing a ray of positivity every day so it can make everyone's day!!!
No words can explain how thankful I am for the 7 East teachers' dedication and hardships to make this school year the best it can be. Thank you once more!!!
"There's no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs."
Thank you for a beautiful note when I needed it most.
A special thanks to the 7 east students for embracing a new math format and persevering at their individual pace!
Thank you to Mrs Billings for always being there for her students, and checking in with them and fellow staff. She’s someone I can always count on! Thanks pal!
Thank you to all the teachers and staff for working with us to keep us safe and still make sure that we are learning!
Thank you to all of my friends who make me laugh when I think it's impossible.

"When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind." -Mr. Browne, Wonder
A special note of thanks and appreciation to my teachers of 6 West for making me feel comfortable and clearing my doubts in class even though we study online. Thank you! 😀

Tessa, thank you for always being there for me when I needed you the most.
Thank you to the grade 6 hybrid teachers for being awesome in this tough year. We are impressed with your organization, positivity, and for trying to keep things fun for our kids. We greatly appreciate all you are doing!
Thanks Mr. Wood for emailing me back after school hours. It was so helpful!
Thank you Mr. Zee! Your class makes my day so much brighter, whether I'm at home or in school! Many howls to you!
Thank you Cohen for being a bright star are very nice to me, I was not feeling the best but Cohen just came and boosted me up be the most corny jokes but it makes it that much funnier. Thank You Cohen For being so nice!
Thank you to Mr. Bucco for always putting what is in the best interest of kids first!
I hope all is well and you have a wonderful 2021!

thank you for giving me support in class.

Congratulations to all the students in Mr. Hinckley's classroom for doing such a great job with all the changes that remote learning brings! You guys are awesome!
Lena, thank you for being a ray of positivity! You make everyone smile!
Shout out to all of our 6 East students! You have experienced much adversity the past few years. I admire your patience, perseverance, and flexibility during such challenging times. I am so proud of all of you! You just keep showing up, doing your best, and take care of one another. There's nothing you can't do 🙂
JoJoel, my favorite part of remote learning is getting to see your big, contagious smile. Keep sharing that smile and your kindness!
Shout out to Sofie & Shrinaath who always bring the dance moves to the screen during remote learning. This brings such joy to your classmates and teachers 🙂
Shout out to Erin, Lyddy, Gal, Keira & Mia for stellar work together as a group. You are so skilled at asking and answering each others questions and do so in such a supportive way. You go girls!
Shout out to Marcus, Gustavo, Jason, & Medhansh for working so well together in their breakout group. Supporting one another, sharing your scree, asking each other questions and explaining your strategies shows trust and a willingness to take a healthy risk! Way to go:)
Thank you everyone for trying your best to keep Wood Hill safe and clean!
I want to thank all my wonderful colleagues and students for putting forth their best effort this year despite all the challenges!
Thank you all for helping me to set up my classes and online tools!

Jen Cheatham
Kindness has no due date
Thank you to the Wood Hill Parents and Teachers who have worked to create a positive home learning environment for their students.
I want to thank all the custodians for keeping us safe at WHMS.

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