Wynn Yeager, you are a great person who is very smart and stands up in what you believe. Good luck in the future!!!
Thank you to Mrs. McKay who has to put up with our shenanigans sometimes. We love you and remember...We love you this much!!!
Mr. Gibson -
Thank you for helping me through my instrumental struggles so that I can join the band! Iā€™m super excited to be a part of the band family! Keep being an amazing person, I appreciate you!!!
Lydia Reed
You are such a nice person! I appreciate you always willing to help others out šŸ™‚ Keep being you!
WHS is a great community to to be a part of! Students are very considerate towards others and offer a helping hand when needed!
Brad LaGrange is a person to have a good laugh with. Even if everyone is in a bad mood, he always finds a way to make everyone laugh. Thanks for always being so positive and making everyone feel better in Calc 2!!
Kiernan Blanchard is so AMAZING and talented! She made the perfect homecoming Queen
Lexi Lyon is a fluttering social butterfly and eats so healthy at lunch.
I love that Alexandra Dryden and Jacob Honkomp are always positive at their lunch table and NEVER bully anyone that tries to sit with them. They are great people!!!!!!
I love how Kade Forsyth is always free to be himself.
I love how Mrs. Seals is also willing to be a listening ear when I'm having a rough time. I appreciate it a lot!
Mackenzie Dryden is the most talented person I know her artwork is fantastic. Plus she is also smart and kind.
Mia Kerr is the kindest person in the world. She treats everyone with kindness and respect. Mia Kerr is the greatest!!
I want to be Alyssa Dickey when I grow up.
I love how hard Mrs. Ganem works to know the names of all her students šŸ™‚
I love how hard Mrs. Ganem works to know the names of all her students šŸ™‚
Caitlin Hornback is always positive and kind towards everyone!
Micah Yeager is one of the most hardworking people I know!
Lukas B. Your positive energy always makes me feel better!
Harli B, your kindness today means more than you'll ever know!
Maddie Webb just may be the nicest person in the world.
Addison Caligiuri, thanks for always being so nice!
Sydney Sheffield, you always brighten up my day! Thanks for being you!
Mrs. Olson always has a smile on her face in the office! Thank you for being so kind!
Mr. Petersen is such a wonderful leader to our band and school. He is an inspiration to students to do what is right and to believe in the best for everyone. He empowers us every day and helps us to grow! He is EXTREMELY appreciated.
All of the students who volunteered their learning seminars to paint and to help clean uptown windows.
Thank you, Alexis! We have been friends literally FOREVER! Through our ups and downs, you have always been a loyal friend and stuck by my side. I have done so much with you. Remember when we went to the zoo together and we were walking to see the boa constrictor and I stepped on something and we looked down and under my shoe was a dead mouse?! That was gross to clean out, for sure.
Elise Aasen is an amazing person and she treats people with respect. She is a great friend and I can trust and count on her, no matter what. I'm so glad she moved here last year and we have been able to become friends.
Bailey Acton is kind to everyone and she is a great person to be around. The kindness she shows everyone is friendly and she makes you feel special. Thanks, Bailey!
Mrs. McDonald is the best. She is kind to everyone. I don't know what I would do without her positivity!
The NEW Construction at WHS is very positive and exciting for students and staff as we watch the improvements reach completion! We are all excited about the INCREDIBLE additions at WHS and the updating of classrooms! These improvements enhance an already POSITIVE SCHOOL CULTURE AT WHS!
Morgan W. is honestly the most positive and uplifting person. Every time I see here she puts a smile on my face!
Halley Trucks is my best friend
Mr. Kerr seems to never have a "bad day." Mr. Kerr is always kind, positive, friendly, and calm. Seeing Mr. Kerr in Study Hall and in the lunchroom makes my day at WHS.

Mrs. Crowley... she is the absolute best teacher. She makes English 9 fun. She is kind-hearted and funny.
The fun and positivity displayed by WHS students and staff during Homecoming Week was truly EXCEPTIONAL! Students and staff connected with EL and MS students, local businesses, elderly community members, etc...to build community spirit and fun during Homecoming 2019!
Thank you for bringing the "You Uplift" Platform to Winterset High School!