shout out to all the girls in 6th grade thank you for being awesome and kind you guys are very nice
Ben D is an awesome friend!
Elizabeth C- Thanks for being you, aka a great friend that stands up to people, that is super kind, and plus I really enjoy hangout with you. Dont stop being you!
To:All the kids in band Keep practicing and don't quit because you sound very good????????????????yes you are (did I mention that you sound very good?)
Thank you kaylee songer for being a good friend
sid & lily you are amazing & caring
Ms. Katie, you are the best ever!! I wish you were at my school!

P.S this is someone from the Junior High!
I don't know who needs to hear this but, you are important you matter and you are loved. No matter what you are going through somebody somewhere is going through the same thing. You are not alone, even if you feel like you are. There is always going to be a person to help you through whatever it is that is hurting you. Never give up because people will miss you even if you may think they won
Surround yourself with people who lift you up and make you feel good about yourself. There is always someone who will want to be your friend.
Veda H.: I love helping you in art. You make me laugh and you talk to me like I am your best friend. Say confident and happy like you always are. Keep smiling. You are amazing.
Mrs. Wickman: You are a dork and I love that about you. Thank you for having my back. I love all of your puns, I might roll my eyes every time but they secretly make me laugh inside. You are awesome, stay that way, I love it.
Abby H.: You are the best friend I could ever have. I know that if I need anything I can turn to you for help. You will always be hear for me. I can tell you anything and I know that you can keep a secret. You are such an awesome person, I can't find words to describe how awesome you really are. To add onto everything you have always loved band ;). Thank you for always having my back.
Janet thank you for everything you do to keep the school running. Your hard work and positive attitude are appreciated.
My brother Brock E. is super cool. He is good at Fortnite.
Ava L. is a great friend and a really good singer!
Shout out to ADDY you are the best friend I've ever had????
Dear Gia M you are the best girle I know. Thank you for being you.
ELLA H and DAPHNE L, thanks for being so AMAZINGGGG to us
Jadon C- Thank you for being such a hard worker and helping out!

From, The Kitchen Staff
don't follow someone else's path make your own!

Shout Out to the rest of the 4-4 class. All of you are such great friends! And thanks to Montana P the classroom is clean!

Be who you are. Cool, nice, funny, kind, smart. Be who you are and stay that way.

my school is the best because everyone helps out in there own way.
to Colby P, Natalie L, Isabel W, and Athena C for always being amazing friends. I lucky to have you in my life!
Brooke D, Natalee E, Allison C, You are good freinds thank you
Im from the junior high and want to thank my sister Natalie N. for making my day by leaving me a positive message on the junior highs you uplift page. Thanks for always finding a way to make me happy! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!
Be who you are, kind, smart, friendly. Be who you are and don't let anyone change who you are or change because of someone else. If someone complains about you just think " They are just complaining because they have enough stuff wrong in they're life". That's true , and if your' re the one complaining STOP IT!! Be who you are and don't yet anyone change you.

Dear Abby G. thank you for being a great friend, you always make me laugh and you are super kind.
Z McDonald thank you for being a nice kind friend!!!!!!!! πŸ™‚
dear lunch staff, i am so thankful for you guys because you handle us so well and i don;t know what we would do without you guys i'm sorry that kids may be disrespectful but all of you guys work all day to feed kids and i just wanted to say thank you
Every one who is at wms is amazing and don't let someone who is mean to you ruin your day!!! -courtney k
Morgan V. is the best! She is so kind,
~ The REAL Kindness Queen
Dear Halle W., thanks for being a great friend. I love listening to your very cheesy Harry Potter jokes! I enjoy hanging out with you! πŸ™‚
- Your best friend!
To all the girls here don't be afraid to show the real you! You are you and nobody can change the good in you!
Millie. T and Zoe. B are very cool friends I like them being my friend !!!!!!!!!!
Dear Morgan V., Morgan B., Ella H., Avery, Grace, Braelyn, Daphne, Aly, you guys are awesome! Thanks for being great friends to me! πŸ™‚
- Your best friend!
Millie and Zoe are very cool friends I like them being my friend !!!!!!!!!!
Dear Virgina, thanks for keeping the school Squeaky Clean! I really aprecaite your help!
Lets just say i dont know what im doing but the world would be different w/ out you ;]
Thank you Tavannah K you are my bestfriend ever and i don't know what i would do with you!
Sadie H. is such a good friend
The kind in you spreads to the kind in everyone else
Daxon is a great friend
thank you Jadon c for being a good friend.
Thank You all the Adults in the WMS for helping the kids.
Ava J thank you for being nice
Thank You Madison R for being a good friend.
Thank you Sam G for being a great friend.
Thank you Tyler from being a good friend.
Thank you Taylor and Maddie for being kind and sweet
to Natalee E for always being there for me and being an amazing friend i'm so lucky to have you in my life
Ella H, Abby H,Morgan V, Halle W, Avery M, Braelyn A you guys are so nice and i am super glad to be friends you you! -Taylor VP
Sam G you are so smart and nice!
Grant h thank you for being nice and funny
Jackson h you are funny and a very good friend
Dear Virginia
thank you for letting us learn in a clean school!
Caleb is awesome!!!!!!!!! Because he's the MVP!
Colton B is the BEST!!!!
to Gentry J for always being there for me in and out of school you are the reason i love living here!
Natalie N. you are a grrrrrreat friend. I love when your around!
Hailey S., you are such a good person. you are really nice and I enjoy being around you.
Jackson B. is so kind and a good friend
Shoutout to Mackenzie G, Ava R. Elizabeth.C, Olivia R-M, RyAnn W, You are all soooo nice to me. I hope you all have the best school year! You all have helped me through rough times, And i just want to say... THANKS!
Shoutout to Brooks N. for being the funniest friend ever! you make my day.
~Why does it matter what other people think of you, you are you and no one can change that!
~Always believe you can do anything
~You are awesome and brave
Just have a great day
Shout out to Delaney E you are an AMAZING friend and i always feel AWESOME when you are around me. Thanks for being AWESOME!!
Hi Avery M you are an amazing friend, keep on shining!!
Shout out to Courtney K, Ali W, Natalee E, and Brook D. They are awesome friends. They stand up for people. If there were students of the month it would be them. They are funny and they work hard!
To all the girls out there you’re awesome and don't ever give up! Believe in yourself you’re amazing!!
shout out to Ella H,Brook D ,Natlee E and Courtney K They be awesome friends to everyone they stand up to everyone. They are really nice to everyone you guys are awesome!!!
To ALL the fantastic students
out there, Keep on shining!!
Dear, Maddie M.

You are an amazing friend, and super funny! You always make me laugh when I am feeling sad and the bestest friend ever!
To- Abby H., The Morgans, Daphne L., Grace A., Halle W. Thank you for being my best friends <3!! Oh and Elliott HI. From- Avery
Another reminder to all the amazing girls out there, it doesn't matter what you look like, sound like, what you belive like, or who your friends are (as long as they make you feel good). It only matters what you act like and how you show kindness to others. Shout out to McKenzie C, Morgan B, and Paige B for being the person that people want to be around all the time!
Another reminder to all the amazing girls out there, it doesn't matter what you look like, sound like, what you belive like, or who your friends are (as long as they make you feel good). It only matters what you act like and how you show kindness to others. Shout out to McKenzie C, Morgan B, and Paige B for being the person that people want to be around all the time!
-Kindness Queen
Believe in yourself, cause you are capable of anything!!!
Believe in yourself, cause you are capable of anything!!!
Aubri B, you are a great person even if other people tell you different! Never forget that!
-Landry K
Aubri B, you are totally yourself all the time! Keep shining!
Ava L, thank you for being a totally unique person that I want to be around all the time! You always make feel good!
Always belive you can to anything! You are awsome!❀ You can do anything if you put your mind too it. Dont EVER stop belivin! Whoever reads this alwas remeber you are loved!

-The REAL kindness Queen.
Shout out to Braylyn A for being totally and utterly herself! Don't change!
-Kindness Queen
Dear Mrs.Flaws, You are the best teacher ever and i love writing class so much because you make it really fun and i love your classroom its so pretty and i wish i could be in your class more often and write a ton of creative stories! ???????? You always cheer me up! I can't wait for you to have your baby! She will love you sooooo much!????

-Natalie.N. and Ava.R.❀
Hey Nat N. you are the bestest friend i could have thank so much because before i met you i was sad and mad all the TIME and when i met you i felt a lot happier and you are the BESTTTTT and i wish i could spend every minute of every day with you talking about pokemon.????????????????????:):):):):):):):):):):P^O^-.-
Dear Lilly S., You are a very good friend i LOVE having u as a friend! you always make me laugh!

( MEH, Thats and inside joke)

Hey potter squad (Carly H,Landry K) I just wanted to say you guys are the greatest friends that I could ever have! Thanks for being such AWESOME friends
Bailey A., thank you for being my friend. Don't be afraid to stand out. You are sweet to everyone and always willing to help new students. I love how you are never afraid to stand out and shine. Thank you so much Bailey A.
~Your kindness
Savannah C., you are the best friend someone could ask for. You are so kind and loving. You make me laugh and cheer me up. Thank you so much for not leaving me ( as a friend) because someone tells you to. Savannah, you are amazing in every way possible. You always find time to laugh in this hard thing called life. Thank you for never giving up and encouraging me to keep going. Thank you.
Mrs Virginia you are the best espesailly since you clean up after us that you!!!!
Morgan B., you are a great friend and you are funny, kind and smart!
Be a bucket filler -Dakota C
Delaney E, You are a great friend and you are kind, smart, funny and respectful! You are you and that is amazing!
Don't worry about what other people think we all have are greatneses and more so just be you!!!!!
Aubri Is My Best friend Because she is nice NEVER rude
everyone is an awesome person at wms 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morgan B.,
You are the most sweetest person I ever met.You are so nice and kind.And, Thank you for making my life a little easier.