there is just a random quote from a president!
Thought I would share this with anyone who is having a bad day.
if you're having a bad day think of your favorite animal. for example dog
lily and gracelynn thank you for being awsome leaders for my period 4 class
domnic you are so sweet i like yo so much
thank you Zoe Hope for being my best friend
Thank you Jaydn and Carsen, for always being great friends and including me in stuff even though I can be annoying sometimes πŸ™‚
Jenna Orr, you have a gift for working with students who struggle. I appreciate your patience. I look forward to watching you nurture your talent in the future.
Thank you for being positive people πŸ™‚
You shall see this up-lifting comment...
You are awesome and don't let someone tell you different!
To Whoever Is Having a Rough Day! Heres a dancing spider! πŸ™‚
I hope y'all are having a great day. Live life with a smile on your face because that could make someone's day 100 times better.
Hi everyone hope everyone is having a good day and will have a good rest of the day

Happy Thursday everyone! Have a very good day! Let yourself shine! As well, don't worry! Friday will be here in around 15.5 hours! (This was sent out at 8:30.)
thanks zack for being a great friend to me and being thare for me when im done

good luck jayde at the cross country meet you will do great
Good luck at cross country its our last one lets make it count!!
Thanks Bowen for being such a good friend.
good luck at the football game
Great job playing as a team 7th grade Volleyball Girls. I enjoyed watching your games and the new skills you developed throughout the season. Thank you to the coaches for inspiring the girls to do their best and to call the BALL !
Thank you everyone at winterset junior high for being super supportive of everyone.
Mrs. Busta,
Thank you for reminding me, with your words and actions, to be mindful of what matters.
Gavin George, you are one of the smartest and funniest guys I know.
Roger, you make me smile.
Be happy and always have a smile on your face! Don't let ANY hardships bring YOU down!
Thank you Zoe Hope for being a great friend!! πŸ™‚
Thanks Bowen for being such a good friend.
Thank you Lillian K for being and amazing friend!! πŸ™‚
Thanks you to all my friends for that present that you gave me today
Thanks Anders for being such a good friend.
Jensen is the coolest guy I have ever met
Happy birthday Joanna!!!!!
Thank you Hunter Johnston for being a kind friend even if we get a little crazy you always calm us down.
Rachel H. is super nice
thank you Evan M. for being so amazing and always making me laugh
Sometimes u just gotta be cool πŸ˜‰
I really appreciate how kind Mrs. Busta is to everyone. She always makes my day better!
Marisa is so sweet. It makes my day just to be around her.
Thank you drake starr for being the best person ever!!!!
Journey N gives the world's best HIGH FIVES!!!
when Roman Reigns was suffering from cancer he believed he would over come it, so he said, "I can, I will." and he recovered and is now in great health. all you have to do is believe and you can accomplish your goals.
Cassius kerr is really nice and has great hair!
Delaney Dryden is so unique and special.
Morgan Sutton is hilarious! Keep being you!
Thank you Cloe G and Nevaeh K for being the best friends i could ask for! you guys have helped me through problems and i thank you both ily both!!!
from your bestie---
Thank you Jaelynn for being a good friend 😁😁😁😁
Thanks Tyler Halbur for being a good friend
good luck at the football games today
Thank you, Mrs. Olson, for facilitating the Kindness Rock project. Your kindness rocks! πŸ™‚
Thanks Ms. Montgomery for being an awesome coworker! <3 ya!
gabby g you are nicest person ever
Thanks Mrs. Kerr for being the best teacher
Thank you to Lilly Visser for being a great person and helping me to always look forward to 4th hour!!!!
Thank you Lily T for always being there when i need you!!!
Thanks Ella A for walking with me to the tech building in the freezing mornings
" Try to be a rainbow in someone else's cloud."

-Maya Angelou
"Kindness is pulling someone up after they've been knocked down".

To every kid or teacher who needs a smile:
Knock Knock?
(Who's there?)
(Be Who?)
Be AMAZING because you are amazing <3 :-)
Rhaina thank you for helping me in math class today you are the best
I love how Jaiden is such a great friend. She's so sweet all the time and so fun to be around. She's also really really short and dramatic(only sometimes though, but a good dramatic). I love you so much bfsf!
Mrs. Montgomery is an amazing role model and teacher she is my favorite teacher and she looks really pretty today
have a good day Mr Heihtoff
If your having a rough day just think about something happy

Think positive
Be positive
I really appreciate Mrs. Krstulic for managing this
have a good day!
Be happy:)
hailey you are nice
I hope everyone has a fantabulos day all day.
Montanna you are an amazing friend and I don't know what I would do without you. You are funny, nice, humble and make my life better thank you for being their for me and thank you for being with me through the good or bad. I hope we can be friends forever.
To all my mad lads - I love you all don't hurt yourself LOVE YOURSELF and be kind!
always choose kind

I feels encouraged and happy today because of Rachel, Cora, Kayla, Gracie, Gracelyn, and Mackenzie. So thank you for the kindness and happiness lots of love.
if someone tells you that it would be better if you where not alive, look them dead in the eyes and say, Β¨I dont live for you i live for God, God is the only person worth living your life for." you donΒ΄t live for other people you live for god. god created you to be with him not to please others
Raijlynn, Anna, Karlee, and Kayla are some of the best friends I've had I'm so glad that I have them all because they make every day awesome. I love being in volleyball with Raijlynn Karlee and Kayla they make it so much fun! I'm so excited to march with Kayla, Anna, and Raijlynn and have an amazing year with them all, and to go through High school with them all.
I want to thank Mrs. Allen for being the best literacy teacher ever and helping me with all my issues in and out of class!
you are a really nice friend, and there to make me laugh
The teachers of Winterset Junior High are very positive and help us any way they can.

Addie is always positive and helps me whenever I need help. She lifts me up when I am down.
Kacie is an awesome friend and works really hard. She puts up with me and is always nice even when I'm super annoying. Thanks Kacie!
calm down you are doing great!πŸ‘
Kacie Jeffs is always kind to everybody.
Thank you Mrs. Kerr for being one of the best teachers out there! Whenever someone has a bad day you brighten everything up!
I love how Brooklyn is always uplifting and she makes me smile every time I see her
Happy Birthday Kate!
thanks for being an amazing friend carter
Thanks Joanna for being such a great best friend, you're always there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on, or if I need a good laugh. Love you girly!
The teachers are awesome
Kayla is so kind and pretty. And I thank her for helping me with evrything. I wish her the best day ever
Alyssa Nelson always trying her best and is always being nice to all of her peers
You Matter!!!
hi ms krstulic have a good day and thanks for helping me so much.
Seth(A seventh grader) does a great job at marching. He has improved so much! I look forward to marching with him more.
πŸ˜‹Thank you Mrs Kerr for being an awesome teacher
Thanks Freddie for always making me laugh!
Thank you Mr Heithoff for making history.
Have a great weekend my peeps
Tyler Halbur, thanks for organizing the books in Literacy!
Mrs. Allen's 3-4 block was amazing at Socratic Seminar! You guys are awesome!
Grant Feuring, once again, you made my day. You're the best!
Thank you, Mrs. Murphy for making wet diapers fun. Who knew?!