Keep smiling. Always be yourself. Never let people bring you down.

-Tamaki Amajiki
Ur funny mr.shaffer -V
Thank you to the guidance dept. Mr. Foy, front office, and everyone in-between for your dedication and warmth!
Thank you to Ms. Jenkins for being an amazing mentor and adviser! -B.
Thank you to Ms. Thilmony for always being a great support!
Way to go, Brianna G.-M. for bring excitement to the class and always wanting to help!
Thank you Yandel G. for going above and beyond in ELA!
Thank you to our amazing admin. team!
Thank you to A.V.I.D. 7th grade, Patricia A., and Brooklyn F. for the sweet messages and to our Wolf family for a great week on the Hill!:)
-Ms. Browne
Have a awesome day. You too, Gon, baka..

-Killua Zoldyck
Thankyou janitors for cleaning up our school and i'm so sorry that people are vandalizing the school campus thankyou again.
Thank you nick for being my Best friend I'm very thankful to have you.
nobody can make you feel down without your consent
Do things for people Not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of of who you are.
- Harold S. Kushner
Thanks for helping me with culinary malachi from Kachan/Bakuogo.
Thanks to killua for being comforting.🍄🧍
Thank you Mr Shaffer for helping me in math even when i don't understand
"Giving help that's not asked for is what makes a true hero!" ...
-Izuku Midoriya
To the world you might be one person but to one person you are the world - dr suess from jerimiah
Take s deep breath and be yourself.
Just keep on smiling
"The influence of a good teacher can never be erased" -google🏳️‍🌈:O, 🙂
Thank you Mr. Shaffer for being a wonderful, hilarious, and kind math teacher. You helped me whenever I needed help or was confused on fractions, decimals, or fractions (also homework). I hope you are having a marvelous day!
Never give up your dream!!!!!!
Keep smiling and have a great day

-Izuku Midorya
Thank you Serenity Baines for being an amazing friend and being there for me. You are my best friend and I am always me when I'm with you.

-Sarah Beuttenmuller
Thank You to Alexis for always being there for me! I love talking to me and how we are in every class together. Thank you again to Alexis <3
Salt is a good freind always helping me with work.
Thank you to Coach/Mr. Lininger on being a great mentor and coach. He is always willing to help anyone looking for a KIND helping hand.

-Mr. Rosenblatt
Thank you miss payne for being a awesome english learning arts teacher
If someone is down give them a hug and say "You should smile and do what you love"
thank you for mr shaffer for being the best teacher being the best math teacher and always making me laought when im having a bad day
have a great day to all :)))

thank you mr shaffer for teaching us and helping us if we dont know so something melanie
Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

- Corinne Picard
have a ggod day!
have a great day today to all☺️
To all the teachers like Shafter, Payne,Crosby,Nelson, and everyone thanks you for making me and you happy I like seeing other smile and hope you would do the best and never say never always keep your hope and dreams going because they are worth more than anything in this world hope this make everyone happy.
Have a wonderful day and always smile and try to stay in a good mood.
thanks for helping me with math work serenity
Treat people how you want to be treated 🙂


have a very good day
It cost $0.00 to treat someone with respect. 🙂
a wonderful day every day.
Thanks Mr Ohara for being a cool teacher.
hope you have a wonderful day <333
mrs payne is the best reading teacher.
Every single day Ms. Thilmony brings sunshine to the Windy Hill campus. She is such a positive, friendly, caring person. She goes out of her way to make everyone feel welcome and seen!
Thank you Malachi Barr for assisting students in logging into one of our apps for class. You were a huge help 🙂

Ms. Breeding
Mr. Shaffer is the best ballerina in the whole school. Thanks for making all of us laugh even though you come up with weird nicknames for us you will always be the funniest ballerina teacher.

-Sarah B.
Thank you Mr O'Hara for being a nice chill teacher.
Mr, Shaffer is the best singer in the school

-Isabella Miah Rivera Figueroa
Mr Shaffer the ballerina, is the nicest teacher ever and he deserves a wolf staff thingy of the day, even though he gives us the worst nicknames ever hes still a ballerina
So Mr.Ohara, Sometimes when i am upset about something He plays music and he has a fun fact everyday and i fell better when i walk into his classroom. When you walk into his classroom you fell like you are welcomed.
Josih help me get to the app called be kind message thankes Josih.
Mr.Shaffer is very smart about making us learn math and make math better and easiser he should be on the kindness he is probaly the best math teacher its been like 4 weeks
mr shaffer is the best teacher ever.
jaleiny came up to me because i didnt know where to go and now were friends
My bus driver (Mr Chris) is so fun!
Mr Shaffer is nice
One thing that this person Austin help me with was getting me to the bus and also giving me snacks when we leave school

Thank you,Jaleiny
Thanks to Mr.Shaffer for being the best teacher. I think he is the best teacher in the world.

Love:Olivia L
Thank you Toni for believing me.
Hello this is Daniel Abreu and i wanted to tell you that mr shafer is the best teacher ever
Adriana Rymer helped with my ELA homework before the bell when I was busy the night before and forgot
Thank you,
-Toni Guerreiro
Thank you to Mr. Shaffer for always being a very kind teacher and joking around with me! P.S. Steelers rock! Raiders don't rock!

-iPowerPhoneBook1984 (aka Tristan Smith)
josiah helped me spell a lot of words that i did know thank you from Conner
Lina Lopez she helps with some of my problems but shes a very very helpful with stuff and she is a very sweet girl

Thank you, Lina Lopez
josiah for being welcomeing when i walked in class
Have a great day!

-Yaoyorozu Momo

6th Grade Teachers "BEE-AMAZING!!"

Thankful for Ms. Winkler whose laugh make me laugh!

Thank you 6th Grade for working hard and earning those BINGOS!!


🙂 Ms. Wolf

Mrs. Santocki is a rockstar!!

Thank you for saving me today and printing my files!

Thankful for Ms. Dykstra!

Welcoming students with a smile everyday!

Thankful for the hard working CUSTODIAL Team who keeps WHMS looking beautiful!!


Thankful for Ms. Smith for the much needed cup of coffee:)


Thankful for Mrs. Janice Williams!

She jumps in to help wherever needed:)
Are you the reason someone smiles today?

Thankful for our counselors: Moberg, Garcia, Saavedra, and Foy!

Thank you for giving our wolves a listening ear and a caring heart!

Sometimes just saying "hi" or "are you ok?" makes all the difference in someone's day!

Thankful for the Cafe' Ladies 🙂

Sending love your way!!
Welcome Ms. Hailey Parrish to the front office!

She has been a part of the pack for many years, but it so awesome to have her in her "officially" in our front office!

Welcome Ms. Hailey!! Happy your are HERE!!

Thank you to Mrs. Shekina Ramos!

She managed to keep the front office running smoothly while we found Ms. Parrish to join her! She welcomes our families, helps students, assists teachers, and monitors the safety in the front office - all with a smile on her face!

Shout out to the Shoemaker Crew! Taking their creativity and setting up the classroom for our new teacher who has not arrived yet. Wow! They are going to be excited to see what you created for them!

Thanks for sharing your creativity and talents! #kindkidsinthatclass

🙂 Mrs. Wolf
Happy BEEKind Day Windy Hill!!
Share a kind thought, word, picture, or gesture to someone today!
Everyone needs kindness and everyone has it to give:)
Thank you to Ms. Wolf for listening to me today. I needed someone to talk to and you really helped me through a rough morning.
Don't throw away your shot!

~ Alexander Hamilton
Have a great week!

-Mina Ashido🤗
How can you share some happy today?
Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Noah… Noah, who?…
Noah good joke about September? 🙂
“The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

– Thomas A. Edison
Have a great day!

-Kaminari denki
Just keep smiling!!! 🙂
Try not to compare yourself to others. Everyone is on a different journey!
Each day is a new chance to do something kind!
Isabella Rivera Figueroa is always willing to help get people in the right place on Amplify. She just quietly gets up and helps. I really appreciate that as it can sometime take a long time to get to everyone. Thank you Isabella! From Ms. Payne
A huge THANK YOU to Brady Comas for taking a student to the Guidance Office on his first day. I was busy with Car Rider and the student didn't know how to get to the guidance office. I asked Brady and he was more than happy to show him where the office was. #YOUARETHEBESTBRADY #BEEKIND

Mrs. Santocki
Have a great day!

Thanks to my Pre-Algebra teacher Mrs Dorman for making something as boring as math feel fun, and, Mrs Long, for helping me when I got a 65 on my Pre-Algebra quiz, thank you guys for brightening my day! (a 65, lol)