Thank you Mrs. Bucher, Mr McDormand, Mrs. Ihle and Mr. Sullivan for an amazing year!
Dental Assisting Seniors, It has been an honor watching you all grow into the professionals you have become! good luck with your adventures as you move on to the next chapter of your lives 🙂
Thanks, Meg for your help after school last week! You stayed when you didn't have to, I appreciate you!
Thank you to Teri Bragg for the awesome letters from my seniors for teacher appreciation week!
Susan Boakye: I am SO proud of you for excelling at your new job. You are going places! Great job!
Health assisting freshmen: You are doing such a great job, and getting so much hard work done already. Good job jumping into the shop with both feet! You are going to be stars! #impressed
Marketing students, you recently had some little visitors from the daycare, who were SO excited to shop. Thank you for answering countless questions, helping them with math and tax, and making that day very special for them. (They talked about how nice you were for days after!)
Culinary arts students: I am always so very impressed with your professionalism and customer service skills when I order lunch. (And the lunch is always spectacular). Good job!
Lori-Sarah Jacques, you are a wonderful student and overall person. It has been great to see excel in your shop and cooperative job placement this year. #Goingplaces
Mr. B you are the best shop teacher in this school and I’m so glad that I was able to learn from you for these last four years
Week 2 EEC students, you are awesome, supportive and a fun group to be around!
Thank you Ms. Malynn for making me feel welcome in Health Assisting!
Thank you Ms. Mahoney for helping me feel more comfortable with my stutter!
Great job to the sophomores in room 3108, you are rocking it this year and all your teachers are proud of you!!! Have a great April break, you deserve it!!
Alex McCarthy and Dan O'Neill have done a fantastic job at their new co-op positions! Keep up the good work!
Ms. Gourley in the main office can answer anyone's questions or find the answer. She is like a human Google search engine! Thank you for all your help this year!
Mrs. O'Reilly in the attendance office is super nice to everyone, even when they are tardy or absent, and encourages everyone to do their best in school.
Angela Hanson is an amazing person, great student, amazing athlete and just one of the best people I know.
🙏🙏 Thank you to Connor Swale and your family for your kindness and generosity! 🙏🙏
Mrs. Rossi is always putting students first! Thank you for all you do!!
Thank you, Mrs. Ihle, for always listening to me. I am so thankful to have you in my life.
Sanaa is one hard worker and a great friend!
Mr. Charbonneau is the man. He is so lively, passionate about his subject matter and brings a positive energy to every class.
Thanks Wally Z for your sense of humor.
Thank you to all of the students in ROOM 3012 for a great first half of the year. You bring so much JOY to my world!
Culinary rocks!!
Thank you to Mr. Porcelli, for always having the best music selections!
Thank you to Mrs. Lee for always being there for students and staff!!
The cafeteria staff have adjusted to our new lunch schedule and we appreciate their hard work!
Ms. Parsons does everything for everyone! She is always assisting and encouraging students, as well as helping teachers with lessons and technology. She's the best!
Thank you Felicia for being a good friend.
Congratulations to Kayli Kemp on passing her boards and becoming a licensed cosmetologist! Great job!
I'm thankful for the dance music during daily attendance!
Mr. Laganas makes mornings fun....especially when he dances!!!!
Mr. Kelly, Not only do your students enjoy your classes- but they also better understand the math behind the electoral college AND can do their own taxes with confidence! Amazing job!!!
Ms. Devenney, a student shared with me that you would always say, "Have a nice day, make good choices" as they left your class each day. Those words have stuck with them & have made a positive impact in their life!
Erickson Rivas found himself having to walk to school today. While walking, he stopped to help a lady shovel her driveway. Very proud of you Erickson! You are a gentleman.
Health Assisting sophomores, you have been such a great example for the freshmen students to learn from and follow. Your work ethic and kindness is admirable, and a wonderful quality for a health care worker to possess.
Shout out to Mrs. Chronis for helping the WOA students as much as she does! I appreciate all of your hard work and help!
Mr.Arsenault has helped me a lot this year while I struggle to focus and I just want to say thank you for helping me.
Connor Bevilacqua is a great friend.
Thanks you Admin and all the staff at Whittier for making our school safe. You make us proud to be here.
Ms. Malynn is a great teacher! She has worked very hard this year to make sure that the Juniors in Health Assisting are getting their Clinical hours and preparing to test for their CNA!!
A HUGE thank you to our guidance and adjustment counselors! Thank you for helping students make plans for after high school and supporting them, especially during a pandemic. WT is so lucky to have all of you!
Kai E. , you are so thoughtful and always put others before you! Thank you for being you.
Darianny has the best sense of humor and really puts her all into school. She is an inspiration to students around her and I am so lucky to know her!
Zary, you are the BEST! I am so thankful for you!
Rylee C is so fun and has great energy!
Baejean K has the kind of energy that transfers through the rest of the room. Baejean, I know you think no one notices you but I am so lucky to know you! I look up to you and hope that someday I will be able to brighten other peoples' day in the way you do.
Stasi Krafton is such a kind hearted soul who puts everyone's needs before her own. I know she works really hard to be a good person and it shows!
Congrats to Damiana on getting into some excellent colleges. Now the tough decision to decide which one is the best for you. That school will be SO lucky to have you. So proud of you!!!
Thank you to all the teachers for keeping us safe.
Thank you to the lunch staff for all that you do!!!
Mr. Donahue is the funniest math teacher.
Sammy Azzari is a really nice friend!
Mr. Crovetti is really funny and cool!
Thank you Antonio for making me laugh every morning!
Thank you, Mrs. Nichols! You are always so encouraging and optimistic!
Thank you to Ms. Foster for your positivity! You always bring a smile to my face!
Congratulations and good luck to the Class of 2024 as you make your Shop Selections!
To our transportation department. Thank you for working tirelessly to get the students to and from school, and to educational experiences outside of school. We appreciate you very much.
Dr. Marino always makes our class fun. She has helped me with writing essays.
Thank you Mrs. Foster for your support in our vocational areas, and lending you creative mind to help us make things more interesting!
Health Assisting Juniors... you are doing something amazing, helping elderly patients while furthering your education. I commend you for your fearless determination as you enter the workforce during such a challenging and memorable time.
Congratulations to Jess Hamilton for passing your Infection Control and Dental Radiology national exam through Dental Assisting National boards!! so proud of you!!
Mrs. Malynn is an amazing co-worker, friend, teacher, mother!
Ms. Deveau is a wonderful addition to the Dental Assisting program. We appreciate your hard work and efforts!
Thank you, Mrs. Foster, for all your help and ideas with our shop projects.
Thanks you Ms. Santos for letting me be myself and helping me when I need it the most.
Mr Burke, because he is always making learning enjoyable and helps us out a lot.
Health Assisting Seniors, you have impressed me SO much by being true front line workers during a global pandemic! How awesome are you? I am very proud of you all, and your dedication to the health and safety of your patients. THANK you for representing our school in such an amazingly positive light. Keep rocking it.
Baejean, we are so proud of all of your hard work this year!
Thank you to all of my students who continue to work hard during this hybrid model! Also, thank you to Miss Shields for all of your help, I am so happy to have you in class!
Thank you Mrs. Roy for teaching me how to do taxes!
Thank you Mrs. Crosby for being the most understanding shop teacher!
Thank you Mrs. Crosby and Mrs. Sarno for helping me get my coop job this year!
Zaryanna Castro is so kind, supportive, and so helpful to her friends in class!
Thank you Mr. P for always being a good shop teacher!
A shout out to the Nursing Department for helping us navigate "all things Covid" in a way that makes it so much easier to understand and to comply with successfully!
Shout out to Ms. Ruggelo for her passion and commitment to students ... everyday!
I would like to thank Mrs. Szymaszek for being a really kind teacher. She made math so much easier for me and got me through really hard math problems.
Thank you so much Mrs. Szymaszek!
You are all amazing and resilient, you can do anything you put your mind to!
I would like to thank all my Junior and Sophomore students for displaying a great attitude, fantastic teamwork and spirit with a smile so far this year!!
Mrs.Szymaszek,is the best teacher and I love her work.Thank you!!!
Thank you to Mrs. Holmes for being a nice, fun, and easy going teacher.
My friend holly she has been my best friend for about 6 to 7 years now. She alway helps me when I need her and I do the same.
Allie Lennon can always cheer me up no matter what!
Ms. Ring and Ms. Carlson are always there for their students, and are always very understanding, helpful and kind.
I don’t have many friends but the ones I do have all go to Whittier. They always have my back and the right words when I need them.
Shout out to Mr Warne for being the nicest teacher.
Shout out to Mr B for being the best shop teacher
Thank you Samantha for being someone that I can trust and the first person to talk to me in shop this year.
Thank you Gabe for always helping me understand what we're doing in electrical.
Wally Ziehler is a fun person to be around.
Haley Murphy is so kind and is such a positive person and makes my day.
Jim is really kind and a very nice friend!
Mr. Whittier is an amazing carpenter and a very funny guy
Tyler Magowan is a great friend.
All of my close friends helped me through my four years of high school and I appreciate each of them so much.
To Aleycha, your laugh brightens my day.