Mrs. Malynn is an amazing co-worker, friend, teacher, mother!
Ms. Deveau is a wonderful addition to the Dental Assisting program. We appreciate your hard work and efforts!
Thank you, Mrs. Foster, for all your help and ideas with our shop projects.
Thanks you Ms. Santos for letting me be myself and helping me when I need it the most.
Mr Burke, because he is always making learning enjoyable and helps us out a lot.
Health Assisting Seniors, you have impressed me SO much by being true front line workers during a global pandemic! How awesome are you? I am very proud of you all, and your dedication to the health and safety of your patients. THANK you for representing our school in such an amazingly positive light. Keep rocking it.
Baejean, we are so proud of all of your hard work this year!
Thank you to all of my students who continue to work hard during this hybrid model! Also, thank you to Miss Shields for all of your help, I am so happy to have you in class!
Thank you Mrs. Roy for teaching me how to do taxes!
Thank you Mrs. Crosby for being the most understanding shop teacher!
Thank you Mrs. Crosby and Mrs. Sarno for helping me get my coop job this year!
Zaryanna Castro is so kind, supportive, and so helpful to her friends in class!
Thank you Mr. P for always being a good shop teacher!
A shout out to the Nursing Department for helping us navigate "all things Covid" in a way that makes it so much easier to understand and to comply with successfully!
Shout out to Ms. Ruggelo for her passion and commitment to students ... everyday!
I would like to thank Mrs. Szymaszek for being a really kind teacher. She made math so much easier for me and got me through really hard math problems.
Thank you so much Mrs. Szymaszek!
You are all amazing and resilient, you can do anything you put your mind to!
I would like to thank all my Junior and Sophomore students for displaying a great attitude, fantastic teamwork and spirit with a smile so far this year!!
Mrs.Szymaszek,is the best teacher and I love her work.Thank you!!!
Thank you to Mrs. Holmes for being a nice, fun, and easy going teacher.
My friend holly she has been my best friend for about 6 to 7 years now. She alway helps me when I need her and I do the same.
Allie Lennon can always cheer me up no matter what!
Ms. Ring and Ms. Carlson are always there for their students, and are always very understanding, helpful and kind.
I don’t have many friends but the ones I do have all go to Whittier. They always have my back and the right words when I need them.
Shout out to Mr Warne for being the nicest teacher.
Shout out to Mr B for being the best shop teacher
Thank you Samantha for being someone that I can trust and the first person to talk to me in shop this year.
Thank you Gabe for always helping me understand what we're doing in electrical.
Wally Ziehler is a fun person to be around.
Haley Murphy is so kind and is such a positive person and makes my day.
Jim is really kind and a very nice friend!
Mr. Whittier is an amazing carpenter and a very funny guy
Tyler Magowan is a great friend.
All of my close friends helped me through my four years of high school and I appreciate each of them so much.
To Aleycha, your laugh brightens my day.
Ms. Teixeira: I’m so grateful for her. She pushes me to do better and has so much faith in me that it’s crazy. I appreciate it her so much.
Jennifer Vazquez-Cedeno: Jennifer is a sweetheart. She’s very funny and she always makes sure to check up on her friends.
Thanks, Brooke Bailey for being a great friend.
Thanks to my teachers for helping me when I’m confused on my work.
I would like to celebrate Ms. Urban for being really understanding about work for class and being open to conversation.
I would like to celebrate Sahra Hanif because she is one of my best friends and an amazing human being.
Mrs. Crosby, thank you for all of your help and support in shop.
Mr. Lavigne is simply one of the nicest teachers in the building and he’s a great carpenter.
Ms. Baines is such a kind teacher, always looking out for the students and making sure they know she is always there for them.
I’m very grateful to Ms. Dangelo. She puts her students first and adjusts to her students' needs. I am very appreciative of all you do!
Mr. Lavigne, you are a great teacher and role model.
Mitchell Barlay is a great person. Whenever I need help with anything, Mitchell is always someone I can count on for being there when in need.
Mr. Allen is the one of the most amazing influences in our school community. His laid back connection with the kids really promotes mindfulness and emotional learning in a beneficial way.
Thank you Mr. Lacroix for being an amazing teacher.
Mrs. Holmes makes class so much fun and makes everyone feel comfortable.
I appreciate and want to say thank you to Ms. Bucco for helping me through this year. She has helped me get my grades up and has me come in more days at school which helps me focus more better.
A big thank you to the students in room 4013 who continue to welcome me in their cohorts day in and day out (in all of the teaching roles); you continue to amaze me with your perseverance and laughter in the middle of a pandemic.
Thank you Mrs. Chronis, for making this remote learning experience easier and possible for us. You’ve managed to make sure that us students are on the right track and aren’t feeling lost. You go above and beyond in your work, taking the time out of your day to create schedules for us to look back upon, and even include check-in meets for us. Thank you for your dedication to us students.
Thank you Ms. Urban for caring about your students and making class fun.
I appreciate Ms. Parsons and all that she does for our staff, and students.
Thank you Mr. Laganas for your positive energy and genuine excitement; it's contagious.
Thank you to the mindfulness crew for sharing your time and energy with me:)
Thank you Ms. Dupont for taking care of our students. I appreciate all that you do.
Mrs. Parsons gives all of herself to her students. Her bright smile is the best!
Thank you Justin Doherty for being my best friend
Peter Byram is a great friend!
Hailey Desrochers is the highlight of my year. She’s a great friend.
Congratulations to Elisa Zambella for getting into and choosing Merrimack College! Your hard work has paid off!
A very big THANK YOU to our SCHOOL NURSES for all their efforts in trying to keep us safe at school! You are essential and appreciated.
Hugeeee thank you to all the teachers at Whittier tech during the hybrid model we are going through. They put so much effort towards making sure we still get a good education and even try to have a little fun with it. Means a lot and thank you for everything you’ve done for us this year so far!!
Nick Almanzar is one of my favorite people out there. He’s funny, very very sweet and he’s literally such an amazing person it’s unbelievable! He’s constantly making me happy and it means so so much to me. He’s someone that’ll make you feel good about yourself, confident and pretty much every positive way possible.
Richie Capuci is a really funny guy, there’s never one day he doesn’t have me laughing or doesn’t put a smile on my face!
Shout out to Mr. Beaton for his patience, encouragement and sense of humor!
Miss Devenney takes the time out of her day to talk to her students so we can get to know each other and share in addition to learning. Thanks Miss Devenny for getting to know us better to make learning fun!
I want to give a big shout out to Mr. Boiselle for helping me in shop whenever I need anything. I am thankful for how welcoming he was when I came into the shop freshmen year and how much he's taught me for the past two!
Thank you to Elaine Kevgas for being the designated state board model for cosmo! Always willing to help the cosmo girls, we all appreciate you and love seeing you in the salon.
Yuki Efosa Aguebor is the best kid I know. He is one of my closest homies and I love him because he’s amazing and charming.
Thank you Mr. Allen for making your class more than just an English class. It made me enjoy coming to school!
Ricky Comeau is the funniest person to be around, a nice and kind-hearted person who works hard for everything in life.
Mrs. dos Santos cares more about me than my grades. She takes the time to get to know her students outside of their school assignments.
Ryan Bresnehan is a great friend who makes every day easier. Never change, man.
Mr Sandlin is a great teacher who always puts the students first.
Miss Devenney is an awesome teacher. She always listens to the students.
Mr. Allen is a cool guy and his class is a great way to start the day.
I just want to give a big virtual high-five to everyone in the maintenance department. Thank you so much for keeping our building clean, safe, and secure. I deeply appreciate all you do for us.
I’m really grateful for my shop teacher, Mr. Trainor because he is constantly pushing for his students to be and do better, and he gives as many resources as he can to his students to succeed.
Mr. Charbonneau, you are a great teacher and great person to talk to.
Kayla Dube, you are such a great friend and a good listener. You're amazing!
Ricky is a kind and hard-working young man. He helped take down my project when I was sick. It was very nice of him.
Ms. Dangelo is the coolest teacher I know 🙂
Dagim is one of the kindest people I know. He always puts other people first and he deserves more credit for being a good person. On top of that, he is hardworking and smart.
Mr. McDormand is the best math teacher. He takes the time to help when it is needed.
Thanks to Mrs. Bucher I am reading more this year. Thank you!
Mr. Warne has an energy that I’ve never seen before in a classroom setting. His positive vibes just make everything more fun!
I am thankful for Mr Little always pushing me to do my best and always
believing in me.
Mr. Allen Thank you for everything you do for the students and the
help you provided during English comp!!
I am so proud of the students at Whittier Tech!! This has been a crazy year and you are doing a GREAT job!!!
Cheryl is the best. After a long week, she offered to supervise my last 2 students waiting for buses in the lobby, so I was able to return to my classroom and catch up on work! Thank you Cheryl!!!
Mrs. Ihle is the kindest teacher. She tries hard to make us feel welcome in class.
Miss Bellamo works so hard to help students understand their work. She is a treasure!
Thanks Ms. Ruggelo for always being the positive light of our department .
Ms. Staunton incorporates every successful teaching strategy into her 70 minute class! The students are very lucky to have her.
Ms. Morrison always takes the time to answer our questions - even when she is busy doing other things!

Thanks to the guidance department for always putting the kids first!