every one is good just the way they are boy,girl,small,tall,crazy,or chill you all are good.
myia she is just so nice she is my friend and she is amazing she helps me and makes me feel better as a person she is the best i think we will be friends for longer than this........................................she is nice, kind, funny, sweet, all of the above...
Mrs. Richman is awesome and amazing! She is really nice to me.
Thank you to all of the sixth grade. Each of us watched how much you tried on the ISAT tests this year. It was incredible to watch. - Mrs. Bonawitz, Mrs. McDonald, Mr. Kuka
The students who made posters for student council elections... I do not think I have ever seen better! So creative and well done. Can't wait for the speeches!
Thank you, Wyett O., for putting a balloon back on the library's bulletin board when it fell off!
Evelyn is funny!
Chloe Chandler is such a good person who will help anyone!
Peter Shepard is great he helps people, he is very awesome, he is kind and he always stays on task.
Ms. Anderson is one of the nicest and most caring teachers I have had in all my years.

Yasmeen is a great friend!
Evelyn Resendez is a very quite, but really funny person. Get to know her!!
Jami is a nice friend:)
Ashley, she is a good friend and she helps a lot of people and i hope everyone can see it too!
Mrs. Smith is the nicest teacher in the school.
Adamarys Garcia is my best friend and always helps me with what I need.
Good job 5th/6th grade! Bathrooms look great!
-Mrs. Dias
Mr. Kowen, THANK YOU! for always having a positive attitude. I appreciate it. I am hoping that it is contagious.
I want to thank Mr. Bob for having lunch with me and Anthony
Mrs. Bonawitz is my favorite English teacher because she has grit and she always helps her students.
Angel helps me with all my work and my projects he tells me we should take care of our school and help Mrs. Diaz keep our school clean.
Ashley helps me with my homework and she is my best friend.
Mrs. McDonald has a lot of grit and passion for her students
Mrs.McDonald is such an amazing teacher her passion is to teach us to have a growth mindset and to always keep trying!
Mrs.Dias has so much passion for this school and for the people in it.
Mrs. Dias for being passionate for cleaning our school and caring about students.
1st period study hall is the best class.
Mrs. McDonald has a lots perseverance
Thanks to Troy and Cheryl for keeping our sidewalks and driveway clear of snow. What an amazing job you guys do.
Thanks to Peter Shepard for being awesome and kind.
Thanks Mrs Smith, you make 4th hour awesome!
Adilene Bueno has been a great example to others in the 8th grade.
Macie Bird and Micaya Valdez are great examples to others and are willing to help their classmates.
Lucy Rangel is the best friend you can ask for she is always there for you when you need her. she helped me with a problem that I had and I really appreciate it.