Kudos to Ms. Arita, Mrs. Parrish and Ms. Trejo for standing in the gap!
Coach E. Robinson has stepped into his new role so well. Shout out to Coach J. Robinson as well. What a team! You bring Spirit to our school!
A couple of Super Heroes showed up at Warsaw Elementary School on Constitution & Citizenship Day!
Thank you to our wonderful custodians. We appreciate all that you do for us here at WARE.
Shoutout to my homeroom(Ms. Martinez's homeroom) for making sure their classmates get caught up on missing assignments when they are out. We are a team!!!
Congratulations Class!!
Congratulations Daniel Lewis on solving 2,000 Facts on Reflex Math
Shout out to Coach E. Robinson! "Youse a Bawse!"
It is like hearing music when walking past Ms. Flowers' and Mrs. Robinson's classrooms. These teachers' tones are calming and soothing, even when in redirect. The angelic, eager voices of the students when responding to their teachers, puts a smile on my face.
Shout out to Ms. Baysden and Ms. Bowen for being helpful in any given situation.
Thank you Mrs. Price for supplies! You are quick with filling requests!
Thank you Mrs. Cruse for always offering a helping hand wherever it is needed.
“The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

– Thomas A. Edison
Great job Shamya J. 11th grade reading level on MyPath
Big ole shout out to Mrs.M Matthews 1st grade and Ms. G. Justice 3rd grade for always welcoming me in the classroom. I means a lot to me. Ms.D. Evans I also appreciate you for being genuine.
I appreciate admin and support staff for providing lunch coverage in the big gym, so that we get our time!
Thank you Ms. Flowers for always being kind and willing to lend a helping hand! You are an awesome co-worker!
Thank you to my first grade team for always being a great team player. A special shout out to our grade-level chair Ms. Flowers for always be a great example while being so warm and inviting! We look up to you more than you know!!!
Everyone is on a different journey! A smile helps everyone along the way!
A new month is a new chance to be kind to others!
Thank you Kaylee A. in 8th grade for always helping our non-English speaking student daily. You are truly a gem. A huge thanks.
Thank you Ms. Brinson for being such a caring and genuine sub!
Thank you to Mrs. Hairr and Ms. A. Matthews for the extra patience and love displayed in the classroom. I know it is going to make a great impact!
Way to go Ms. Smith for getting a compliment on your teaching!! "My teacher makes learning fun!"
Thank you to our Data Manager, Diana Conway for all of your dedication and knowledge!
Thanks to Mrs. P. Justice and Ms. Westerbeek being flexible today during third grade testing
It is GREAT that we have the Best SRO in the county, Deputy Bravo... He truly loves n values his job!
Thank you for Mrs. Angela Matthews for always being kind and thoughtful to the WARE family. Your character and positive attitude is up-lifting! God bless you.
Thank you Mrs. Kea, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. BB and Mrs. Barbara Faison for welcoming our Prek children and helping them get adjusted to being in school. Thanks again wonderful ladies!!
Shout out to everyone for welcoming me into the WARE Tiger family!
Thank you Ms. Rogers and Ms. Kea for being so helpful and supportive to me in my first year at warsaw prek.
Mrs. Miller is the BEST Family Specialist! Thank you very much for wearing so many hats to keep Warsaw Pre-K running smoothly! The Pre-K Team truly appreciates YOU!!
Warsaw is the BEST place to teach in Duplin County. The staff and administration are very supportive.
Thank you 7th and 8th grade team for always being there to assist me when needed! 🙂
Thank you Vonda Grady for always being on top of things. We need our Tiger Family safe. Love goes out to you for making sure we are safe.
Shout out to Mrs. Lee for being there for me all the time. Anytime I need her she is there. Mrs. Lee you are awesome!
Thanks Mrs. Dunn for coming to check on me and my class twice this week. You are the best.
Thank you Nurse Grady and Mrs. Price for taking the time to take my prek baby who had been crying all day out of the room for me to have a quiet moment and the children to be able to rest.
Thank P.Justice for always brightening my day with a positive attitude or a funny story!
Great job to our Pre-K babies that are walking to class by themselves like big boys and girls.
Thank you to Raven in Mrs. Sholar's (K) room for helping another student feel welcomed in her classroom.
Love my Warsaw Family!! Stay healthy and safe 😷
Shout out to Mrs. N. Williams for always willing to help anyone even in the smallest ways!
A huge thank you to Ms. Cruse for always making me feel like a great educator when I don't feel like one????
Our Students and Staff are the best!!! Love My Tigers!!
Thank you Ms. Moore for always having a listening ear!
Dr. Parker,
We appreciate you for being an advocate for Warsaw Elementary School!
Nurse Grady works so hard to keep us safe from Covid-19
Warsaw staff members ROCK!
A HUGE "Thank You" to Dr. Parker, Ms. Price, & Ms. Cruse for bringing the "You Uplift" Kindness Wall to Warsaw Elementary!
Welcome Back Tigers!