Mrs. Kless never has a bad day! Such a landmark of kindness!
Mrs. Mazzoni works so hard for her students every day! She is always looking for new ways to make learning fun. Her students are so lucky to have her!
Congratulations to Nathan M. for nailing today's Math question!
4 X 3 = 12
Mr. Quigley has been a huge help with room arrangements, bus and traffic control, covering classrooms, and thinking through challenges! Thank you, Mr. Quigley!!
Mr. Cortez keeps our building running smoothly! He is always willing to lend a hand! Thank you, Mr. Cortez!!
Dr. Stracione always jumps in to help out in any situation. We are lucky to have her!
Leah is always showing kindness and has kindness on her mind.
Alyssa is always there to help a friend- today she is helping Sierra organize her files on her Chromebook!!
This is the best staff in the world. It’s been almost a year since I have been with my Farm Family and I miss you all every day!! -Mrs. June
The teachers and staff are so wonderful!! Many pitched in to help move classrooms so that we can fit more students in person!!! Many hands made light work!!!
Hailey was so kind to help a friend today during math. She showed them what math page they were supposed to be on when her friend was struggling.
Ali has been working so hard this school year. He is always trying his best and never giving up.
Hannah is always eager to learn and try something new. She is a great role model for all of her classmates and is always doing her best!
Tyler is helpful and an excellent problem solver! He helped my solve a technology challenge!
Mrs. Spence is the Florence Nightingale of Walton Farm!
Mr. Basilii for having a big laugh and an even bigger heart.
Mrs. Ciafrei has a wonderful sense of humor and, more importantly, is a great nurse who cares for her students and staff members!
Mrs. Walsh is amazing! She organizes fun events for staff and pulls us together, especially when we need it most. She truly cares for the wellbeing of our staff and students. Missy brings so much fun to the Farm.
Mrs. Ramler is always so pleasant and sweet! I love working with her!
Patti Cahill - She is always helping us, but is, more importantly, she is a wonderful friend.
Mrs. Manus - she is ALWAYS so pleasant and we are so lucky to have her as our colleague. She jumps in to any coverage situation with the best attitude! We are so lucky to have her kind and calm presence!
Mrs. Graff is amazing! She is always willing to fill in the gaps and will do anything to help others!
Mrs. Spence is always willing to help out, no matter what the task is! Not to mention that she has the BEST sense of humor!!
Tyler W. helped me today solve a computer problem! He is kind, helpful, an a great problem solver!
Mrs. Kless and Mrs. Fox greet everyone with smiles and kindness-EVERY DAY, ALL DAY!!! Plus-they are definitely the people to ask if you have a question or need help! If they are not sure, they know who to ask.
Walton Farm's Staff is the BEST!