Shout out to Mr. Lawrence for always bringing positive vibes!
Shout out to Mr. England for always being awesome!
I want to thank all UJH paraeducators for stepping up to the challenge during distance learning!! Your commitment to our students is without question!! BIG LOVE!!
To all who participated in making Valentine's Day cards for our senior citizens possible...THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
This message of gratitude goes out to Principal Stacey Wickum for her leadership and consistent commitment to being amazing while empowering students, staff and community to go be amazing!! Much love from AP Lewis
I want to give a huge shout to the UJH Front Office Team for being so awesome and helpful!! I appreciate all you do to keep Upland Junior High School running smooth!!
Shout out to Mrs. Lesley for being such an amazing and great teacher!
Thank you to Mrs. DeLeon for helping me get into the right elective!
Thanks to Mr. Goussen for always being understanding during these new times with lots of necessary technology and programs. You've made my life a lot easier!
maria curiel you are epic
I feel like Hector Gonzalez is a really cool person to be around and he always tries his best in class and he always appreciates his classmates.
Shout out to Mr goussen his class is so fun and he makes it better than boring
Shout out to Andrew Lopez, Cedric Dube, Nevaeh Cruz, and Jazzelle Garcia for showing up ready to learn, for working hard to be an amazing student every day, and for bringing grit and happiness to UJH!!
You are all AMAZING!!!
-Mrs. Snyder
Shout out to Mrs. Cruz-Haro! You are always online, checking Blocksi, checking your email, and checking your phone to make sure students can get help with their classwork and homework! You are energetic and funny and you smile often! You are appreciated!!
-Mrs. Snyder
Shout Out to Ms. Kartun's Period 3 AM and PM Classes! Every student turned on their camera when participating in the class discussion! AMAZING!! And for encouraging and supporting each other while doing this! #likeafamily. ❤️????????????????????
Shout out to Audrey Arraiga for always being on time to class, putting her best effort in on a daily basis, asking questions when she has them and maintaining a positive attitude towards learning! Thanks Audrey, you make my days brighter!

- Ms. Payne
Shout out to Mr. Goussen our students love you and enjoy going to your class. Great job making 8th-grade history fun and accessible to ALL kids!
Shout out to Mrs. Lesley for expanding her tech skills and going all-in online with her students!
I am thankful for my math teacher she helped me alot last trimesters
My 4th period did great on the 1st day of class.
I would like to give my 4th Period AM class a shout out for having an amazing first class period today. They were all on time and participated during class. Mrs. Lawrence
Thank you to Mrs. Raney for her work on the PBIS Recognition Slides!
Shout out to Mrs. Raney for her work on the PBIS Recognition slides
Shout out to Climate and Culture for bringing the Kindness Wall to Upland Junior High!!
A HUGE "Thank You" to Ms. Hernandez for bringing the "You Uplift" Kindness Wall to Upland Junior High!

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