Kindness, is you caring about others and helping people when they need it. Sprinkle it everywhere.

BY: Yohanyi Mota
Sending our UP Gators the Biggest Virtual Hug ? I am so proud of how caring and kind and generous you all are of each other and to your families, teachers, counselors and UP Family. Xoxo Ms. Ruiz #stayUP #apartbutnotalone #spreadkindnessalways
It takes 0 dollars and 0 cents to be nice to somebody, so how hard can it be!
Kindness is Free! Sprinkle that EVERYWHERE!
Much love to our community members- students, staff, parents and families. We are stronger together. Continue to spread love and positivity to your family, friends and UP Middle family as well. I am grateful for everyone I have met, and hope to enjoy days together in person someday.
Kindness and empathy are signs of strength! Being kind to yourself and others isn't always easy when things get tough, but flex that muscle ????????
Kindness can make anyone's day ,even yours lets spread some kindness into the world!
?Send someone flowers for no reason?

I would like to shout out to my family, friends, and God for being blessed on this earth with people I can trust and live a good life
Always Be kind because you would want someone to be kind to you?❤️
if you want to change the world you have to be positive
Be kind to others and always love each other
-Eli Madourie
It doesn't matter who you are as long as you believe in yourself you can be anything. This life was meant for all of us to be united as a community or even as a unit. We are the future of this world and we should prove to those before us that we can change the world for the better. We the kids of UPM are the future.
Be kind to your family and others.
I want to spread kindness to the whole school for improving for the past couple of months for making school the same as if we were in school. Also thanks to all the students working hard throughout the school year. With that said I hope to see you soon and enjoy the rest of the year, remember to never give up.
It doesn't matter who you are as long as you believe in yourself you can be anything. This life was meant for all of us to be united as a community or even as a unit. We are the future of this world and we should prove to those before us that we can change the world for the better. We the kids of UPM are the future.
shutout 7A and 7D for working hard on the cohort sheet.

Beyonce pena
You can save a life by being kind ????
Always remember to be someone sunshine when their sky is grey.
u don't need makeup to be beautiful u are and always will be beautiful no matter what people said ❤️
I once gave some money to a homeless person, and I saw how happy they were and that warmed me. So if you see someone you can help, then help them. Trust me that's the best feeling in the world. Spread the kindness.
you matter
Don't ever give up on anything that you desire no matter how hard it is. ~ Pikachu
You should always help others in need and they will do the same
If u never believe in yourself u can never believe in someone else. Also always be thankful for what people give to u.
be kind to others and they will be kind back. believe in people and they will believe in you back
We don't fight we are family
Dont be mean
I wanna Thank all the teachers for being there for me if i need help or feel down. 🙂

BE KIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Stay Positive though-out." "Be kind to every friend." "Love Everyone."
I want to thank all the 7th-grade teachers my counselor for being there for us. and showing us are. if someone tries to bring you you bring you self more then you ever have
ever since the time I've been here at this school I've always felt so welcome to say and do things that make me comfortable.
Everyone should always help each other and work together!!!!!
Show an act of kindness.Have a force thats strong as life itself.
You all make coming into work/school enjoyable <3
Whoever what you are, you can be kind to others and yourself.
Make sure to always stay positive and dont let no one bring u down
We are all equal and we are all the same.
I want to recognize UP Cares for being able to spread the message to be kind today and making the slides.
Always be kind to others, but remember to be kind to yourself first!
we can say sorry or help people up when they're feeling down today
Believe in yourself
I see so much faith here and I feel loved

Kindness is the best thing that can happen to you, share your kindness, and people will share theirs.
Being mindful about someone’s feelings is an act of kindness
Be you! Be kind! Kindness is a power use it for good! Treat others how you want to be treated! I want to thank everyone! Im so thankful for everyone here being so kind and for being awesome! I may have lost my friends but I made new ones that I love! Kindness is free! Even if the road is slippery, Keep on climbing. 2020 has had there ups and downs, but we are all together! #InspireKindness!
Make a nobody feel like a somebody 🙂
happy world kindness day your all amazing people i hope you have a good life 🙂
Be kind is the best thing to do when someone feels down or in the wrong. So someone need do a good deed and help and # spread the kindness.
let have a great day and try to spread love all around the world.
Kindness is for anything, even an enemy or an animal.
Kindness, it costs nothing but it means everything to others and the world, come and help rise others to see this.
Kindness is a gift that everyone was born with and we should show Kindness even in the worst times.
Being kind is important to help others, that is why I helped my neighbor go down the stairs because she had a lot of stuff to carry.
Be kind is the best thing to do when someone feels down or in the wrong. So someone needs to do a kind deed and help and #spreadthekindness.
Be kind and never let anyone bring you down
I would like to thank my friends and teachers . BE KIND !!!!!!!
if you see this l want to say have a nice day and hope you are doing good
You are special, Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. You have a meaning, Don't let the bad words hurt you. Your life is very special to people, don't take that away.
Kindness is a choice we can make every day.
I know it's hard for everybody cause we are all in quarantine well I just want to say it's going to be ok and stay calm II'S GOING TO BE OK.
I want to thank Yayrick for being, my friend since we were 1.
we can get through this covid
An act of kindness means taking risk for someone you care about.
You are a superhero who always helps others
You matter don't let anyone tell you other wise
LOVE can be anywhere you are love you just have to see that this is a wonderful world
kindness is an act it can help everything and everyone around you
Even the smallest thing you do can show others that you care. Hug someone, tell someone that they are awesome, even by giving someone a high five can show some love towards others. <3
Show People they matter and that you are not all about your self.

Believe in faith even if you suffer from bullying. There is kindness to be found ????
in a world where everything is limitless Choosing to be kind is right

Show People They Matter, and yourself too! #selfcare
We are all equal, we just got to treat each other that way
Thank you for the video! It was really nice!
treat everyone the way you want to be treated (everyone is equal)

Be kind
Kindness begins with the understanding that we all strugle.
Shoutout to 6-B for always supporting each other with genuine praise in the chat each morning!
Stay positive today, You can do it! Don't let nobody bring you down!
you matter.
Up is ONE and we are a family
Follow your dreams, don't give up, and don't let people make your day bad!
I want to thank My Teachers and classmates for being funny and also making me happy, and making me feel safe. And I also want to thank UP for being the awesome school and it makes me happy to come to school.
Well kindness is when someone is being really nice to you and cares for you no matter what. They will be there when you're sad so don't doubt yourself.
Be kind be brave and be yourself! Care for other, be nice, and treat others with respect because then you too will get respect.
An act of kindness is the one gift you can give that costs nothing, lasts forever, can be regifted over and over, makes everyone touched by it feel good and makes the world a better place!
Love can be an act of kindness. Give love to your family.
Thank you to UP CARES!

Aliyah Jazmin Elianny DJ Edward Ava Saijour Jarissa Abigail T. Izabella Payton Omari Summer

for creating the presentation this morning!

The Staff of U Prep Middle

With Love and Care; from Jazmin A.


Let's promote the importance of being kind to each other, to yourself and to the world. We rise by UPlifting each other! Show greater kindness for a fairer, better world. You are one of a KIND when you're KIND, so sprinkle that stuff everywhere! #WorldKindnessDay. We miss all of you !
Dear UP Students,

I see so much kindness from you every single days in so many different ways. You are the most thoughtful and considerate young people who cheer on and uplift their classmates and even check in on teachers and staff to make sure we are ok. Continue spreading your positivity in this world that needs you now more than ever! Kindness looks amazing on all of you!


#apartbutnotalone #UPCares! #makekindnessvisible

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