Tristen is a great friend.
Thank you to Xavier for being a great friend to everyone.
Mr. B is the best principal ever.
Triplains is a wonderful place were you feel like family.
Thank you to the Freshmen class for setting up the lunch room tables.
Thank you to Cooper for always being positive.
Tristen is a great friend.
Everyone in elementary had fun in school and over break
Everybody is safe and is still learning this is a great school
Everybody is kind to each other
And good job teachers and students

Everyone in this school are good people.
Great job today by the elementary students working on patience.
Everyone is kind in our school
We have great students
Triplains is a great school
Triplains is a great school
A HUGE "Thank You" to Mr. Bergsten for considering to bring the "You Uplift" Kindness Wall to Triplains!

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