I miss my Blunch teacher crew! One of the best parts of the school day. Always looked forward to the laughs!
Hey, Valley! There are wonderful things going on here and great learning is occurring! Keep at it and finish strong. It is a great day to be a Viking!
I appreciate everyone at Valley. Despite any challenges, we always work so hard to achieve greatness. These past few months may have been hard, but they have also shown the determination of everyone in the corporation, especially from the staff and the class of 2020.
To all the Juniors: We are now going to be seniors which means we’re the oldest in the school. Let’s take this opportunity to make our mark on this school. We can help make this next school year great if we choose to. Let’s spread kindness everyday and set good examples for the classes below so they will do the same. Also don’t give up now, we only have one more year left so keep working hard!
To all the seniors: I hope you guys have a great time in college or wherever you go. The school year didn’t end the way you wanted but just know you all did make an impact in this school, and I’ll miss seeing you all around. Also, now is your time to go chase your dreams so go do it! I know all of you have amazing plans ahead of you, and your going to have a positive impact in this world.
Even though this year ended rough overall it was a great year and I had a lot of fun!
Thank you to all of the teachers for working hard to make e-learning happen!
Brittany Mathias - She has gone overboard when working with her students. She works well into the evening with some on Zoom meetings. So glad she is part of our team.
Kris Walker, I am so impressed by your commitment to our students' well-being. You are the Lloyd Braun of TVHS.
Don't let anyone or anything (especially anxiety) bring you down. There will always be someone there for you. Don't be Depressed please and Thank you.
Dr. Engle- You are an amazing teacher who puts kids first. I have lost count of the number of kids that you are helping who aren’t even in your classes. You have built such a great foundation with your students that they know they can always come to you for help. You are also a great colleague and friend. I wouldn’t have survived the last nine weeks without your support and encouragement.
Smile everyday, laugh everyday, and love everyday. We can get through this fellow Vikings!
Thank you Mr. Kresca and Mr. Grindle for being such positive leaders throughout this process. Even when they are frustrated they don’t complain and focus only on doing what’s best for kids. I couldn’t imagine going through this with anybody else leading the way way. They are great guys who truly care about the students and staff.
I miss you kids and all of your craziness. I know I'm only a sometimes teacher, but I always enjoy my time with all of you. These last couple months have been stressful for sure, but it's just a small bit of your life and you have all survived it! Big thumbs up for all you. I miss your faces!!!????????????????
Mr. Hutton has went above beyond! Today he went and visited the students who he is concerned about. He visited houses all over the corporation. Great job Mr. Hutton TVHS is so very lucky to have you!
Teachers are doing a wonderful job of adapting to elearning!!
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