A little kindness makes everything better!
Soraiya is an incredibly helpful and kind friend
“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” – Edith Wharton
We are thankful for you ALL! Each one of you is a special part of our whole! ❤
We are thankful for you ALL! Each one of you is a special part of our whole! ❤
Kindness ALWAYS makes a difference!❤
Q: Why is Kindness is hard to give away?
A: Because it comes back to you!❤
"You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending. "
-C.S. Lewis.
Today's goals:
1. Do your best!
2. Be kind!
What is something kind that you saw happen today?
-Ellen DeGeneres
Q: What kind of music did the Pilgrims like to listen to?
A: Plymouth Rock.
Gosh. This school is just so great to be at.
"We rise by lifting others."
-Robert Ingersol
Describing you in 3 words is easy...
Your smile shares a whole lot of happiness! 😊
Every morning is a fresh start!
An act of kindness (at any time of day) will make your whole day better, too!
Ms. Lamb is so helpful and kind to all the incoming staff
Be kind. Someone may be fighting a battle you know nothing about!
Doesn't it feel better when you do something kind? Keep doing that!!! 🙂
Share some happiness today! 🙂
The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer somebody else up! ?
Q: How do you fix a damaged jack 0'Lantern?

A: With pumpkin patches! 🙂
Hello to YOU (who can make a difference TODAY)! ☺️
Your act of KINDNESS can change someone's day (or week)! How have you helped someone today?
Optimism is a happiness magnet!
Be your best you! 🙂
Mrs.Hay is so kind and helpful.

i am thankful for all my friends and teachers they make me feel good about myself
At the end of 2nd period a student accidentally dumped their pencil box on the floor. Without being asked, 2 other students got down on the floor and helped him pick up his things. It was so kind.
All the teachers are so helpful and nice.
Shout out to 2nd period strategies class. You all rock!
Ms. Carolne is really nice and cool!
All the teachers are so helpful and nice.
Here's to Leo for being a great part of math class!
Shout out to Ms Caroline for helping out in LA and engaging with the students!
Shout out to Anna N. for helping me (Linh) with my locker and my work in science. You made science a little less confusing.
Shout out to Linh N. for helping me with my locker when I couldn't get it opened.
A HUGE thanks to our amazing and patient WEB LEADERS!
Tillicum Students -

Hope you had a great first two days!

- Mr. Jensen's 6th period class
I want to thank my dad and mom for this school so I can learn and I think that this school is great and thank you.
I enjoyed lunch time and school bus these 2 days of school. Most liked part of lunch is menu. It was delicious, so I could enjoy the lunch time. And I enjoyed to riding the school bus because it was my first school bus and I could see friends a lot. Thank you for enjoying my first middle school life.
Mr. Jones -

This week wouldn't have been the same without you. Thank you for all your work!
Ms. Bryant -

You are a great principal!
Mr. Colleran -

Thank you for the fun math puzzles!
Ms. Blair is so positive - has a great attitude, and encourages us to be our best!
Mr. Reese -

Thank you for being a great teacher!
Shout out to Ami DC for being a leader in her group in LA and writing all of the ideas for our group.
Thank you Ms. Bryant for being out and about in the classrooms! We appreciate your morning announcements and how you involve yourself.
Thank you, Mrs. Schladetzky, for all your help!

Thank you for all your help!

- Mr. Jensen's 6th grade LA class
Thank you CUSTODIAL STAFF! You keep our school clean and make school an overall better experience. A clean school = less stress.
My 6th period ROCKS!!!
Ms. Bryant,

We love your Crocs! They are bright orange and super-cool! You are very reasonable, easy to talk to, pretty, and have cool hair.
W Principal!

Mrs. Pickering 6th Period Class
Shout out to Ms. Bryant from Genoway's 6th period 8th grade PE class...we noticed that you are positive, helpful & kind. We appreciate you joining our Tiger Team:)
MS LAPrade's 6th grade 6th period wants to thank the WEB Leaders and teachers for bringing Joy to our return to school.
Nice job Tigers, keep it up!
Thank you Mr. Jones, for making this eWall happen at Tillicum!!!
Nathan helps me!
To my friend Mikaela for being an awesome friend that lent me 2 pencils.
Jaden let me borrow his pencil!
Thanks for helping me with my locker Giana!
Zihao helped open lockers for people
Haeun showed me how to open my locker
Thank you Ella for helping me open my locker 🙂
Thank you lunch staff for serving lunch and breakfast!
Sophie, Rahab, and Nikhila for being my friends!
Jackson helped me in Social Studies.
Sean helped me open my locker 🙂
Philipp gave me a pencil
Jaden helped people open lockers
Phone App Install Feature
Currently, YouUplift does not have an app located in the App Store. However, the following link provides simple instructions on how to easily turn your Kindness eWall into a homepage app for any mobile device: Phone App Install Instructions
(Great tech assignment for students!)
Website Embed Feature
This feature provides your Tech Team with a simple line of code that would allow you to embed your Rotating Display of Positive Messages into your school website, so that visitors can instantly see your messages.
Social Media Share Feature
This feature places Social Media Share Buttons on your entire Kindness e-Wall webpage or just on your Rotating Display only – whichever you prefer.
Yes! There are no Sign-Ups and no Log-Ins required in order to participate, as we collect no data or information of any kind. The platform is currently being used by large and small school systems throughout the country in almost all 50 states, and it has passed 100% of all school privacy regulations to date.
Yes! You can have all messages sent to as many faculty email inboxes as you’d like for Approval, and we can change or add to this list at any time.
Yes! Many of our schools do this, because if your students take to it – then the messages can begin to overflow your school email inbox at times. Not only will a separate gmail account prevent this from happening, but you can also make it accessible to all faculty members if you choose to.
You can choose one of three ways to display your messages onto a facility TV monitor.
  1. HDMI CORD – Some schools will access their Kindness eWall on a laptop and run an HDMI cord to their TV monitor.
  2. CAST – Some schools will access their Kindness eWall via a tablet or device and will cast it to their TV monitor via a Chromecast or Apple TV device.
  3. SMART TV WITH INTERNET BROWSER – If your Smart TV has an Internet Browser (Samsungs), then you can place your Kindness eWall link in the browser and it will run from there.
Yes! You can edit the text of any message before Approving it. In addition, if you’d like to keep a message but would like to remove an included image… or if you’d like to keep an image and remove the text, then you can do this before Approving the message. Your Rotating Display will only display exactly what you choose to make visible.
You will have a back office ADMIN PANEL that will allow you to delete, edit, and approve messages (individually or in bulk).
You will have a back office ADMIN PANEL that will allow you to customize your colors, logo, title, and font size.
Upon your request, we can replace your current Anonymous Submission Form with a Form from your school’s email system (ex. Google Form). This makes messages come to you with the author’s email address included, and you simply COPY/PASTE the message onto your INSTANT POST Page in order to make it live.
(Note: Because messages are submitted through your school’s email system, the Kindness eWall collects no data or information – making it fall within all school privacy regulations.)
We can provide your Tech Team with a simple line of code that will allow them to embed your Rotating Display of Approved Messages onto your school website, so that they are visibly scrolling whenever anyone comes to your site.
The system is set to display the 100 most recently Approved messages, as older messages start falling out of the rotation in order to make room for the newer messages. However, we can increase or decrease this number to be whatever you’d like it to be.
Your subscription includes an unlimited number of messages and an unlimited number of displays for everyone in your school for the entire length of your subscription.
Yes and No. Your Kindness Wall is a web app, but it is not located in an App store. However, this link shows you how you can easily turn your Kindness Wall into an app for any android or apple device: Phone Web App Instructions