abbi webb you are the bestest friend anyone could ask for i love you!
- Ava
Someone who has had an impact on my life is Coach Gunter and Coach Smith because they’ve been here to give me guidance and opportunity! And they’re just wonderful coaches !

Abbi W. and Tina S. you are the best friend i could ever ask for . love yall
Thank you Dale for all that you do for our school!

Jake George is the coolest kid in the school!
Hunter is the coolest kid in the school
Kem your the coolest kid in the school!
Ryan you the coolest kid in the school
This is stupid but thanks to Ben, Emery, and Eve for playing Minecraft with me in science everyday lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
You know no one appreciates the cafeteria cooks enough. Everyone just gets their food and goes to eat. They literally provide food to nourish our body and some people won’t even say thankyou. Anyways I would just like to say thanks to the cafeteria cooks.

Also, some great friends are
Jude Miles
Justin Fansler
Nicholas DeWolfe
Grady Wyse
Anes Abousef
And pretty much every other 6th grader
Kemuel your the coolest kid in the school
Ben your the coolest kid in the school
I would like to say thanks to Mrs. Jean for being so helpful at the front desk. She is always great help to all.
Your the coolest Kemuel Stokes!
Brendan your the coolest
Happy Birthday Ben!
Ben, your the coolest kid in the school!
Brendan your the coolest kid in the school!
Anid is the funniest and kindest person I have metπŸ’™
Tina Serang is the most sweet, beautiful girl that I have ever metπŸ’™
Wilson Maddox is the best guy bestfriend that anyone could ever ask forπŸ’™-Abbi
Ava Arie is so sweet and a great friendπŸ’™
Brandon Moreno is such a sweet and kind personπŸ’™
I just want to thank Eve Bennett for being so kind to everyone including myself. Every time she comes into class she is always smiling.
Vinay your the coolest kid in the school!
Audrey fish is the nicest person I have ever met. She has gotten me thru all of my bad times. Love you πŸ’•
Je’Mela is nice and when I’m sad she makes me happy....Prdtt

Brielle yates is awesome because she helps me with anything

Thanks emotional support
I hope everyone has an AMAZING Christmas break, Go Raiders!
Roses aren't always red
And Violets will never be blue
You will never be alone
And I'll always be there for you
So don't be so blue
I have something to say
I hope everyone who reads this
Will have a great day
Kennedy Nguyen is one of my favorite friends ever bc she's so fun to be around. Thx Kennedy for being my friend!
Samuel Chacko, your the coolest kid in the school!
Aiden Abraham, you're the coolest kid in the school!
Abbi W. Neha P. Pari P. Katie B. Kacey A . Hailey C.

Thanks for always being their for me when I most need it if it's a shoulder to cry on or a friend to laugh with you are always their.

Keira, Anslie, Ella, Hannah, Amalea, Sophia, and Bhavna are such good friends!
Vinay is the bestest
Sofia DuBose is chill
Thank you to the 50 Henderson 8th Grade Honors kids who signed my petition for a Christmas party. I was astonished that so many people were willing to sign it. Now we have a party on Wednesday! Thank you, Ms.Henderson, because you said YES!

- Vinay U

P.S - I later found out we are not allowed to make petitions at school..... 😬
Can I just say how great of friends, amalea , Hannah, Keria G, Eve, anslie, tori, and Madi are? They are so kind!
Abigail Encina is an Amazing friend. She is kind and always makes me smile
Ben Wilson is the coolest kid in the school!
Abi Lewis!! I love you lots girlie!! You are an amazing friend! You are always lifting others up when they
Are down!! Thank you so much!
AUBREEEEEEEEE I am so glad you moved to this school I can't wait to see what other memories we will make:)))
Nilaya is very funny, nice and, can make anyone smile!!
I just wanted to thank Madi Wright for being my best friend. You are VERY funny, weird, but a good friend when you need one. I'd probably be lost with out you. :)))))))))))- Katie
jeremiya is the funnist girl ever. PERIODT (i am stilll better at darts then you)
Lana is always there when i need her


Aubree is one of my greatest friend don't know what i would do without her
Katie Bowser is my best friend i dont know what i would do without her
my best friends are Jeremiya,Reese, Leesa Mia, Sasha ,Jackie, Nancy, Sarah, Aubree, Ava,


I’m so thankful for my friends!
Faith R. Is the sweetest person ever πŸ’•
Morgan N. Is the coolest person ever 😎
Tessa is cool 😎
Avery S. is a legend
Lincoln Anderson is the best
Logan Freeman, WOW what a great guy
Thank you Amit kumar, for being a good sport to the five of us girls in our P.E class!
Nick Korah is nice
Nick Korah is nice
I think Logan Freeman is a great person
Eve, Keira G. And anslie l., I love being your friends!
Hayden Thomas Gardner and Landon Eric Marquez De La Plata and Jeremy Deaton Stewart and Jackson Cullen Smith are all my best friends and are great.
Thank you Hannah and Amanda for being such great friends!!

Thank you Hannah and Amanda for being such great friends!!

Caroline Moore super nice and when people are sad she makes them happy and shes always positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gracie Z. is an amazing friend. She makes me laugh when I'm not feeling good. Whenever I'm around her, I always have a smile on my face. Thank you for being my friend.
Carolina Panthers are the best

Lyla G.
Coach gunter you are one of my favorite social studies teacher πŸ˜„
Always πŸ˜„β˜ΊπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜…πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ”repeat

Sincerely Claire S

Thank You Faith R, Desiree A, Morgan N.
For being a good friend to Me

Sincerely Claire S

Hope you enjoy this beautiful picture

thank you the madi G anslie l. victoria H, and keira for latting me sit with you yesterday! yall are the best!
Good job to all the choir that performed on Thursday the 5th I really like it
Thank you Ben for being a good friend and for helping Dylan in math.
Anslie linton, Keira G., and eve bennett and great friends! you guys rock!!
Eve Bennet an awesome friend, she’s always so nice to everyone

Zane is such a great friend who makes me laugh, smile, and feel so happy. Oh also I want Taco Bell. I think you know who this is
Thanks Nathaniel J for being a great emotional support. I appreciate that and I hope you have a great future!!
Ryan Matthew, thank you for being a great friend and always have the enthusiasm of football. I hope you one day get to coach your favorite NFL team.
Thank you Abel Abraham for being the most modest and humble friend I have ever met in my life.
Definition Of Good Friends:
Chase L.
Ava A.
Brylee W.
Megan S.
Brielle Y.
Brielle Yates is amazing, I love her so much, she is such a good friend!!!
I love mrs. moorman, she is great. periodt
Can I say something about Jeremiya Harris? She is the the best friend i could ask for, she always knows what to say when I'm sad, she always cracks me up, she is literally the funniest girl ever!!!! I don't know what i would do without her, a lot of people can underestimate her but that is because they don't know her like I do. She is amazing and I am so lucky for a bestfran like

Spencer and Lincoln you always made my day with your beautiful smile.
Happy Thanksgiving!!
Every day I see Brielle yates she always puts a smile on my face. love you❀️ Stay happy 😁
Mr Mitchell is a very funny teacher! Fly eagles fly?
Thanks ALEN JO for being a god friend!
Thanks Danny Litty for being a great friend! You make me laugh! Your really nice!