What you think becomes your thoughts. Think positive!
Love yourself and never do drugs !!!!!!!!!
Have a great day!
-Elizabeth Hotz-
Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I'm possible!"
have a great day!

-Aleah Alcantara
Be the friend you'd like to have! ????
keep being chargers everyoney audrey l
Hey Chargers have a good day people in the office
Your super pretty -Morgan Fontenot
thank you to strigtown wokers for taking good care of us for 8 hours a day and five days a week <33
Mistakes are proof that you are trying! That is why pencils have erasers!
Bee yourself and be a charger!
- Student council / Elizabeth Hotz-
Keep trying! Practice makes progress!
Fall is proof that change is beautiful!
You are my Sunshine! 🙂
"Well done is better than well said." -Ben Franklin
Be the reason someone smiles today! 🙂
Here is a virtual hug just for YOU!
Be the reason someone smiles today! 🙂
Have a good day Chargers

From Cayden Oilouch
In Mrs. Inman's class
Thank you Sari for being my friend even through the hardest time I had all these years with anxiety and school

- Myla Pendleton
Have a good fall break!!!!!
Thank you Mrs.Jewell for being a great teacher and teaching us well your the best teacher in the world

Happy birthday Vivian
I love Mrs Jewell because she is funny,fun,and nice.

_Braden Egan
Thank you Mrs.Hale for being a great teacher!!:)

-Aleah Alcantara
Mrs.Hale is the best teacher!
I wanna thank Ava Black for being a good friend to me since kindergarten,Prisilla
I like that Finn is nice to me and others.
Thank you Mrs.Smith for coming in when Mrs.Jewell couldn't be here. And also KEEP WORKING HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great job Mrs. Jewell's class! You all have been showing perseverance when writing your Monologues for EL. I am so proud of you!!!!!
Thank you for playing with me at recess Braden-Finn
Shoutout to all of our wonderful teachers who work hard every day to make our students successful. You all rock!

Ms. Smith
Shout-Out to Mrs. Jewell's class!!!! They have been working hard everyday to complete their EL lessons and all of the work that goes along with it.
Thank you to my students that are always trying to keep our room tidy and clean!

Just want to give a shout-out to Mrs.Urbina’s and Miss.Barrett’s 1st grade classes for doing such an awesome job on their Magnificent Thing Presentations.
have a good day

Be nice to others because you never know what there going through.
Think you MR.Matting for pushing us to be our very best
have a nice dayyyy 🙂
Be respectful to each other and don't fight people. Have a good day!
"Today, my positive actions will speak louder than all of my words." -Silent Strength Pledge
''Hello There!" "I Hope You Have A Wonderful Day!" See Ya!"
everyone has there own thoughts and opinions respect them and they will respect you
Keep smiling! It helps you feel better and makes others happy, too!
I hope you have a good day!
Every day is a new chance to start again! 🙂
Make it your best day!
Hi you guys i hope you have a good day!ava black.also SHOUT OUT TO prisilla, for being a good friend.

Mr. Mattingly is the best teacher ever!!!!
thank you aubree for helping me clean out my desk !!!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!!!!!...(Jude)
hello guy! have a good day.
Don't quit, Work hard, and Have a great day every day! -Kian Oilouch
Thank you Mrs.Smith for being my teacher last year you did a great job. ( Alliyah.S )
Stringtown is the best school ever! -Kian Oilouch
Mrs.Smith is the best teacher in the school.
I'd like to thank ms.Gibson for being the nice to us.

-Mrs.innmans class-
Thank you Mia and Melody for being my friends all these years!!
Thank you Mrs.Smith for being my teacher last year.It was kind of you for helping all the other 3rd grade Teachers out!

( Autumn.M )
Hi there! I just wanted to thank Kaelyn Barrow!, she is an amazing friend! -Makenna white
Mr.Mills is the best principal ever in the whole wide world he has so many jokes and i am his friend

Have a happy day!
Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Noah… Noah, who?…
Noah good joke about September? 🙂
For the new students at Stringtown i just wanted to let you know you know you are welcome here!
Happy birthday Mrs.Jellew hope you have fantastic day
I hope everyone has a good day! Also, i'm thanking Mrs.Inman for being such a great teacher! Same you you Mrs.Mortan.
Have a wonderful day chargers!
Hi this is Lilly and I love this school you are all good people!
Dear, Ms. Smith you are very nice and cool and i think you are the 2nd best teacher in 5th grade (the 1st best is Ms. Inman)

from; autum 🙂

(Class 13 5th grade
Have an amazing day!
Everyone have a great day!

“The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

– Thomas A. Edison
mask on
miss inman you are the best teacher in the world
Have an adorable day
Thank you Mrs. Mortan for being here in the morning when Mrs. Inman cannot! I think you are a great teacher and I love it when you come in. -Aubrey-
Hi this is Alexis Gardner here I wanted to say that this is probably the best school that I have ever been in before
Thanks for letting us feel welcome in the class Mrs.Inman. 🙂
love everyone
Mrs. Inman

Thank you for being a great teacher!
id like to give a shout out on mrs mortan for being strong through sari saying moran instead of mortan we all laughed
Thank you Mrs. Inman and Mrs. Morton for helping today be the best it can be.
Hello, Ms. Mortan, you are a great teacher in the mornings your funny and nice thank you for being our morning teacher every 3 days

-autum from class 13 5th grade
Keep up all the hard work, Chargers!

Have a great day
work together always
Help someone out today! A smile goes a long way!
Everyone is on a different journey! A smile helps everyone along the way!
I am so proud of Blake Aikens in Ms. Bucciarrelle's class as he is always so honest. He always tells the truth and that is Awesome!!!
Mrs. Austin
Gabe Short!!!! I am so proud of you and how hard you are working on learning to tie your shoes!
Mrs. Austin
LOVE of your hard work keep up the kindness to .

Ethan, thank you for going to my karate tournament, Evan
every body has there own personality respect other and yourself!!!!!
Every one work hard
Hello everyone I would like to say that thank you everyone for you work to make this school amazing!
Hi this is Alexis Gardner I wanted to say that this school is amazing and the lunch ladies are nice and all of the teacher's are nice because they help you learn so you can go to middle school.
Shout out to my teacher Mrs. Inman! She is a great teacher and helps every student with what they need help with. I hope that many 4th graders get her next year!
Dear; Mrs Inman.

Thank you for being a great and very wonderful teacher
you very nice and you make everyone (probably everyone) feel welcome in class!

From: Autum 🙂
Hello, Audrey you are very kind, thank you for (willingly) giving me your seat, Its not like mr.inman purposely changed our seats but thank you still, goodbye.

From; Autum

(class 13 5th grade)