Scips is the best!
Kindness is a rare thing,but it's everywhere especially in SCIPS
Do not hurt someones feeling-Saanvi 5RS
It looks so cool
it's never to late to say a nice thing
I hope u have a great day if u see this-Jon
Kindness grows - spread kindness every day and watch it grow. Just like us in RLD!
Be Kind!
We raise everyone by lifting each other ;- be kind

Be kind to each other, be nice to each other, be friendly with each other and that’s what I have learned at SCIPs and still learning more! Thank you teachers and thank you friends at SCIPs - Saamarth (2 JD)
You are a star!
Everyone in
Scips is
Beautiful, Charming
, Different in their own way
and last but not least....
Thank you students (especially Y5!) who are kind, respectful and appreciative towards your teachers and myself!
See you in school 🙂 - Ms Esther
I want to say a thank you to all my friends! I would like to say thanks to Mohammad and Thobe for being with me, even online!
Do not bully-Enya 4NT
Never be mean to anyone. Just be kind.?
make the world a big smile??
Never Bully ? Swara.
Don't give up
Kind is the new cool

- Wen-wen
I love 3cw from Packia
I love my teacher and my class ,3KP. ???

Be Nise
Even if you lose you should cheer for the person that won.
Even if you lose you should be happy for yourself that you tried.

This is the best school in the hole entire solar system!!!!!!!!!!! From Tristan. To the hole school.
This is the best school in the hole entire solar system!!!!!!!!!!! From Tristan. To the hole school.
Kind is nice!

From Sarabelle
Be kind and helpful to people - Enya
Love someone new
Kindness It cost's Nothing , But Means Everything
Spread Kindness !
To Remy. From Tristan. Your the best friend ever!!!!!!!!!!!

Say nice words.
your a good friend to have. to amanda. from tristan
don't bully, stay nice stay safe
Say something nice before it’s too late
SCIPS is the best school in the world
I like to play toys. cindy and anbel are my best friends.
Thank you Ms Bryony for being a nice teacher. Aik Juan
Well done SCIPS children! You are a kind and caring bunch and we are all very proud of you.

Mr Sam
I am so proud of 2CR. You are resilient and determined. Can't wait to see you in school soon!
Ms. Claire
Miss Bryony helped me a Reyan -2BM
i love school
to 2BM
This is the best school ever. to the hole school!!!!! from Tristan

your a good friend to have. to remy from tristan
thanc yoo fro being a good frend.
Be kind and help someone. -Cruz
Spread Kindness , even though its contagious 🙂
One kind word for anyone reading this:
Bullying-free zone
Always stay happy no matter what the case is, you always stay happy because there's a light in your heart that you always want it to stay bright, no matter how big the dark is.
Jake 4NT
We love St. Christopher's International School!
We love 6RA!
We are just like a family!
We are family!
I love 3cw
be very kind
I like to play toys. cindy and anbel are my best friends.
Everyone is perfect in there own way!

Bee kind Bee cool
Be kind (Harish 3cw)
Everyone is different in many ways and let's celebrate that.
I have a best school and class
Hope we can hang out more. 🙂
To: Hwayeong
From: Aun Shuin
All it takes is One Kind Word to make somebody's day 😀 -Ethan
Don't blame yourself for something you did not do!
Thanks to Miss Ackland I now have more confidence and positive thinking !
Thanks to Miss Ackland I now have more confidence and positive thinking !
Bullying is NEVER the solution! ~Darnicka
Be the reason someone smiles 🙂
Scips thanks for teaching me this entier jouney for five years.-Anya
thankyou for tiching?
"Why A Bully? When You Can Be Nice Instead"
<3 Brenda Kho Jing
Kindness costs nothing, but it means everything
Be gracious and kind with your words and actions.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. Helen Keller
Miss Alice - Thank you for helping me! ?

Even If people aren’t kind to you ,you should be kind to them.

SCIPS will always be in my heart, no matter what.
Everyone is different. Be kind to each other.
I love scips
mr daniel is the best teacher he make us work hard and make us improve when we do mistake
SCIPS has been the greatest school I have seen with lively teachers.
Mr Daniels is nice and really fun
Mr Daniels you are very funny and kind. This is the best school!
everyone is special
dont bully them because of difference
no 2 people are the same so don't bully anyone
whatever kind of bullying it is , it is wrong

-rebecca 4OD
I love going to scips because it is a wonderful school I have ever been. Love, Olivia.
be kind
think kind
stay kind
thank you mr slowther for teaching me and the rest of the class <3 serena
Dear techers you have been a very kind I miss school it not easy becuse of covid-19 but the covid cases are going down I miss my friends thank you every one
include others
Mr. Daniels is. the best
Riwoo is being supportive to me and I wish. I wish the kindness will spread. From Darrel
My favorite class is 2BM.
Be kind to everyone and don't bully. Always smile???? We can do it SCIPS!!
we are unique!
dont make people hurt inside because you hurt inside. talk to someone and find a solution to your problems
everyone is great

Be kind and helpful.( Hrishta???

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