Sometimes, just seeing a happy quote makes me feel happier! Thank you!
Whether in the field or in the schools, Nurses are the heart of the healthcare system. Thank you for all you do!
We are all in this together! Good job everyone who is trying their best today!
Of all the things you can choose, choose to be kind!
Our teachers ROCK!
“Together we can do great things.” - Mother Teresa
I am thanking all the teachers for helping us get through these hard times thank you thank you!

Mr. Branson is doing a great job teaching us during the Coronavirus outbreak!

adam is nice
One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day!
A big shout out to the yearbook club members, especially Alyssa Nanneman, for the last minute, remote work on completing the 2019-2020 school yearbook. I am honored and humbled by their willingness to put in the extra effort, apply their expertise and creativity, and make necessary changes in order to finish this project. It is not too late to order a yearbook online. 🙂
This is your morning reminder that

Zoe for staying in touch.

This boy was on the news because he bought stuff for his neighbors with his own money. He is a very kind person!!!
Andrew J is very nice and funny.
Reagan Soetaert
because she is sweet and when I am sad she always cheers me up. She is always kind and most of all she is thoughtful.
Alice Kate and Reagan are nice and are always there for me
Alice is nice
George all around is a good friend thanks George
Hayes because he is nice and caring and teaches me baseball things ⚾️
Izabella Rangel, you are a hard worker and never cease to amaze! You deserve the spot light from all your amazing kindness!
To Noah for being a good friend to everyone.
hi i wanna thank charlotte for always being nice
i wanna thank all the girls in my class for always being there when i need it most♥♥♥
Mrs Callahan is a wonderful face to see when you walk in our doors! She is the kindest, funniest person around!
Mrs. V is nice.
Pippa is nice.
Mrs. Clotfelter is always inspiring me.
Adele is always there for me.
Henry S. - I am proud of you for being so considerate and giving your old bike to Leif. Love, Dad.
Faith becase when someting is wrong she helps me😁
Madelyn is always nice when i need it most
I was having a sad moment, and Annie comforted me with nice words. Thank you.
Oscar is a good friend and he plays tag with me. 🙂
Mr. Branson is a great drummer! And he helps us understand math better.
Mrs. Vogel is excited about experiments and that makes me want to do experiments too.
Mrs. Murphy is excited about teaching, she explains things very well and makes learning interesting.
Mrs. Henderson makes me laugh and is very sweet and kind to everyone.
Mrs. Perryman is nice, sweet and always in a good mood.
Sunny is nice, sweet, and invites me to do things with her- she is fun to be around.
Zoe is nice because she always plays with me at recess, she is a good friend to me
Devannie makes me laugh, she is a kind and good friend.
Parker is very thoughtful
Izzy is the best. She is kind to others in the school.
bella is a good friend
Ezra because she always wants to have fun
Peggy helps me with homework 🙂
Alex is a good friend
I'd like to thank Ms. Paulsell for giving me the opportunity to be one of the Student Council executives and giving me the ability to create and alter the decisions of the school.

Jake is nice to me and plays baseball.
Mrs. Gray did a great job on the Christmas Program!
Gus has always been a good friend
Ella is awesome because she makes me laugh.
Gus for always setting a good example and being
kind to people around him
Sam always plays with me and is funny
Thank you Maelyn for being my sister and being there for me
when I need it
Nurse Nicki always makes sure i'm not sick
and helps me if i'm hurt and she does a good job of it.
Macie is so nice and at lunch on the 12th of December I rude and I want her to know that I am very sorry
Landon stood up for me during lunch and that made me smile on the inside!
Mrs. Markey is the best technology teacher in this school!!!
Frank (Mr Walter) because he is awesome and he is so so nice to everybody
Thank you Charlotte and Maddie Ella and Karrington and Henley for when i'm down they always cheer me up
Thank you lunch people for making yummy food,like hamburgers
Colin for being a great friend and helping me whenever I need help and standing up for me when I need help he is a great friend.Thank God for giving me a friend like Colin.
Kyle for helping us with robotics.
Ella is always nice, sweet and positive
Thank you Mrs Henderson for letting cute cute cute cute Chloe come to school! 🙂 :p
I would give a shout out to Mrs. Weskamp she has always been my favorite teacher and she is so kind all the time
Mrs. Paulsell is so nice and is always in a good cheerful mood! She helped me when I needed it in robotics.
Thank you for making St. Agnes so awesome, love it!!!
thank you mrs perryman for helping us when we need help your out of this WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!
Noah is a nice friend!
Mrs.perryman is awesome
andrew j is always there when your down or hurt and he sets a good exaple
Nurse Nicky makes sure I'm not sick.
Gus always plays with me and is super nice
Ari because he is always there for me when I have a problem I am dealing with.
Ella is always so so so kind to everyone and always is nice.
Eli because he always makes me smile
I appreciate all St. Agnes Staff for all they do because they help us to learn and grow closer to Christ
I would like to shout out to the middle school teachers in the same message. They have been amazing teachers to me and my peers. They believe in something called tough love, which is something all of us teenagers need every once in a while. They have been an amazing addition to our learning lives! Thank You all so much!

-8th grade student.
Krissi always is helpful and makes sure i understand something if i need help.
Mr. Branson is always understanding and explains complicated concepts in an easy to understand manner
Krissi because she all cheers me when i'm down and she just generally nice to everyone.
Jaxson because he is always there for me no matter what.
dear Mr.Branson

for helping me through math after class.
I wanted to say thank you for Aspen. she is one of my bestfriends and is always there for me when I need it.
I would like to shout out Macy Coletrain! She has been there for me through thick and thin. I will miss her very much. I adore how She always lets me steal her food!!! shes an all around amazing person!
Mrs Callahan, because she helps everyone with their problems when they need it
Elizabeth Fairchild because she always makes me smile when I don't feel good, and her view on the world is something I've never seen before that fascinates me.
Mrs. Murphy because she always makes sure we understand what we are going over in class by talking to us about it instead of just having us read straight through the book.
Alyssa is one of the nicest people I know and she always makes me happy when I am feeling down.She always knows how to make me laugh .
Mya because she is always is there for me
Mr B is very nice and helpful!!!
I think Izabella is a very kind a sweet girl and is an amazing best friend to have.
Macy because she's always nice to me and gives me food when I am hungry
Mrs. Murphy is a great teacher and she really helps us learn. because he gives us candy at lunch and makes us laugh😊😊

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