Addison Maynard is a hard worker with a great attitude! - Mr. Simon
Addison Maynard is pleasant in class and a hard worker. - Coach Aikens
Noah Martinez is always respectful, trustworthy, hard-working and kind to all. - Mrs. Thompson
Layla Lloyd always meets class expectations and encourages others to do the same. - Mrs. Robbins
Layla Lloyd is always taking the lead in group projects! - Mrs. Rasberry
Gustavo Lerma is a hard worker with a good attitude! - Coach Harvey
D'Andre Lawal is a hard worker with a great attitude! - Coach Harvey
Lanay Johnson always comes to class ready to work with a positive attitude. - Mrs. Stallworth
Sedrick Johnson is dedicated and brings people together. - Mr. Chun
Alexis Jenkins is a hard worker in class! - Coach Aikens
Giuliana Islas brings a great attitude and sense of humor to class. - Mrs. Robbins
Giuliana Islas is helpful, polite and a hard worker! - Coach Aikens
Tarriyah Houston is a great mathematician! - Ms. Lee
Liza Heitmann is a word worker who inspires others - Mr. Simon
Tyler Harris is so positive and always does his best - Ms. Friedel
Elliot Harlan always tries his best in everything he does - Mr. Garrett
Congratulations Choir guys on receiving straight ones in the UIL Choir Stage and Sight Reading Competition!
Congratulations Choir girls on receiving straight ones in your UIL Concert and Sight Reading Competition!
Ahmad Haj Khalil makes everyone smile everyday! - Coach Harvey
Miranda Gutierrez volunteers to film events and is great at taking the lead in Broadcast Journalism class! - Mrs. Rasberry
Maria Guerra is always ready to learn! - Mr. Pham
Maria Guerra is very helpful and a hard worker! - Coach Aikens
Elizabeth Granero is a hard worker! - Coach Aikens
Belen Garcia is a hard worker and always completing her work! - Mrs. Suess
Damilola Ehimen has an excellent academic attitude - Mr. Simon
Christian Crowley Chirino always has a positive attitude in Social Studies! - Mr. Pham
I LOVE seeing Abigail Corona's BIG smile every morning while she does her office aide work! Mrs. Schappell
Constantine Cisneros always tries his best! - Mr. Simon
Catherine Botacio Saenz always makes sure she is learning. She is a wonderful student! - Ms. Thompson
Hunter Biehl shows limitless curiosity in Social Studies! - Mr. Pham
Devon Beals always works hard and is very kind and respectful to all. - Ms. Thompson
Daniel Baker is taking on new challenges in Broadcast Class! - Mrs. Rasberry
Travis Ayers shows grit in class and is always excited to learn more! - Ms. Littlefield
Cecilia Alvarado is a great mathematician! - Ms. Lee
Madeline Alvarado goes out of her way to help others and always gives her best. - Ms. Thompson
Marleaux Adamo is always ready to work and has a positive attitude. - Mrs. Stallworth
Jailyn Hixenbaugh has a sunny disposition and a beautiful smile everyday. - Mrs. Gwinn
Kassandra Hernendez is a hard worker and helpful in class. - Mrs. Stallworth
Liza Heitmann is helpful and works well with others. - Ms. Williams
Tyler Hayes is always helpful in class! - Ms. Mustachio
Harlan Elliott is outstanding at editing and directing in Broadcast Class. - Mrs. Rasberry
Jelica Cortez is a hard worker, polite, and helpful. - Ms. Williams
Thor Cisneros always works hard in class and is ready to help others when needed. - Mrs. Stallworth
Catherine Botacio Saenz is a hard worker in math class! - Ms. Lee
Travis Ayers is always ready to help when needed. - Mrs. Stallworth
Patience Acevedo is a great mathematician! - Ms. Lee
Mazen Johar is always helping others around him in conducting academic conversations. - Mrs. Tavilson
Carolina Fisher always tries her best and has improved so much in math class this year! - Mrs. Thibodeaux
Tanya Flores is a great student, supportive of her peers, and is very responsible! - Mr. Wang
Bobcats know how to stay positive!
Bobcats have grit!
Way to go, Bobcats! You are the best!