Thank you to Hudson Lauber, Logan Bush, and Xavier Campos for helping to clean up after your classmates at lunch. Great job boys!
Thanks Mrs. Rennie for helping me get my class up and running with You are amazing! We are so lucky to have you at SRES!
Thanks Mrs. Huss for helping 3rd grade get all of our AirWays make ups complete. You're the best!
Thank you lunch ladies for the ice cream
Mrs.Miller is the best! from Keeton
Thank you Hannah for saying you like my hair.
Keegan helped me up when I fell down at the playground. Thanks!
Thank you Mr.Nick for fixing my computer.
Thank you to the lunch ladies for taking time out off their day to make lunch for me!
Thank you Mrs.Jenkins for help lead math stations
Thanks to Jayden for helping me out today.
Thank you Avery,
for being an amazing friend and for helping me find my jacket!!!! ????????????

Thank you Mrs. Smith for being my teacher and making the school a better place.
I love Mrs.Ritter

from Kayleigh
Thank you for all you help teachers. Every day you always give students a polite greeting in the morning, and help us when we are struggling the most.

Your friend
Thank you Mrs. Salyer for being an amazing and caring teacher to our Pre-K kids! Your excitement for learning new things shines through the kids
Thank you to all the fifth grade teachers for helping us during our AirWays testing!!!
Mr. Brawner and Mr. Lauber are the best.
I don't know what it would be like without Mrs. Linkel
Thank you Mrs. Woods for coming to our class and telling us how you can help us this year :)!!!
Thanks to Miss Duncan for the positive phone call and for all the fun activities you’re doing for your class!
Thanks to Mrs. Bodenberg for always going above and beyond! You are very appreciated and we’d be lost without you!! ❤️
Thank you Mrs. Rennie for being my third grade teacher. Thank you Ava Hilbert for being a good friend. Thank you Avery Andrews for being a good friend as well. Also thanks to everyone for helping to make this school a good place. Thanks especially to Mrs. LInkel and Mr .Lauber.
Our teachers are the best #southripleyteachersrock
Thanks for helping us with AirWays teachers.
6th grade is the best and the teachers too!

Nick, thanks for all that you do! We would be lost without you!!
Thank you kindergartener Kennedy S. For the beautiful pictures you color and hand out to others everyday! I’m keeping all of mine. You make me smile every morning!
Shout out to the K teachers for their patience & love for their kiddos! And to Mrs. Salyer for preparing them for kindergarten! You all are amazing...a great foundation for their future 😄
Thanks for everything that you do Mrs. Linkel.
Patience is not the ability to wait. It's how we behave while we're waiting.
Thx to Dominic WIley for always helping me with my stuff
Thank you teachers and bus drivers for your effort and kindness!!!!
I love that Addi is willing to be my friend!
Get well Preston.
Miss herzog is a great teacher
Thank You Mr. Huss for letting us do fun games at gym!!!

Thanks Bradley for being my friend.
You are the best Lilliey
this is a great school
: )
Thanks to the South Ripley teachers.
Thanks to McKenna for leaving me a sweet note today. #mademyday
Shout out to kindergarten families, students and staff. Those students have really been learning and are getting better at all of the routine procedures at school. That doesn't happen on its own! #sresfamily
SRES 2nd graders are showing their learning muscles! We are so proud of you all! #2ndGradeRocks
Mr. Moorhead says thanks to Mrs. Linkel and Mr. Miller for getting the You Uplift platform up and running at SRES! I love to see the expressions of KINDNESS being displayed! Thanks to Doug Reavis and his Silent Strength message for motivating us to spread KINDNESS!
Thanks, Mrs. Hensley, for all you do. We sure do appreciate you!
Thanks to Mrs. Woods for bringing in treats to all SRES staff members on the first teacher day. We love you, Mrs. Woods!
Shout out to Mrs. Hughes for getting all student passwords set-up and ready! #kindness
Our eLearning coach, Mr. Miller, is so kind. He always makes time for us and challenges us to be brave.
Thank you for bringing the "You Uplift" Platform to South Ripley Elementary!