Thank you everyone for everything you do for us...Teachers and Staff and everyone else.. Have a great day!!!
Eli thanks for not bullying me when I was having hard times-Nick
Illana You are kind-Ethan
Thank you Layla for being nice to me.

Lillie you are the best friend ever-Sabrina
Jocelynn thank you for being my friend. Loree
Zoey you are very funny and nice. Jesse
thank you for being my sister brooklynn -love lillie
Macie thank you for being my best friend because I thought I was not going to have any this year.
Preston you are nice, funny, and good at basketball
Dyson you are funny - Brooklynn
Sabrina thank you for being quiet during tests and other times.
vaughn you are kind
camdin you are funny
Rylee, You are very funny. Gabe
Nick-you are really amazing.-Layla
You are kind and smart.

You are caring.
loree you are very nice to me
ethan thank you for being a nice, intelligent person! PS you're a good friend.
Ella you are a good friend because you help me . -coby
Daisy, You are so kind. You are always willing to help someone. I love how you always make people smile, and I love how you don't let anything bring you down. Thank you for being an amazing friend. -Kinley
thank you for being my friend. - Shaelynn
Coby you are nice
Tyson you are good at gaga ball and a nice friend.
Evelyn you are nice and kind when you help me and other people. You are also very good at gaga and you are honest when you get out in gaga ball too. You are also a really fast runner. Thank you for being a great friend this year, I hope we stay friends! --------- Jayda
Abe you are good at basketball

Gavin you are a good friend when you play gaga ball with me.
Jayda you are kind and nice when you help others.- ALLYSA
Michael you are funny when you tell jokes at lunch. - Landon
Katie you are kind and smart
Gracie you are nice, when you greet people in the morning.
Ella you are a good friend because you help me . -coby
Tyson you are good at gaga ball and a nice friend.
Blake you are are very funny when you make funny sounds. Gracie
Aidan you are a good friend for playing with me at recess
Bill you are a good friend

Payten you are nice when you help people.
By Gavin
Landon you are very funny when you make funny faces in math class. - Evelyn
Kinley you are kind, caring, helpful, and sweet. You are a good friend.
Zoey you are always nice when you cheer people up when they're sad. Thanks for always being my best friend.

Mavry you are smart
braxton thanks for playing with me-traven

Quentyn you are a very kind friend-Aaden
Zoe you are nice and fun and always make people laugh
Saxton you are good at sports, and a good friend.
dylan you are so funny and nice
Avayah you are a great friend, you are smart, funny, and talented.
ashlyn you are nice --- josh
Gracie you are a good friend-Jada
Ashton you put up a good conversation when you talk about hunting or fishing
Aubrey you are nice when you say nice things to others.
Rowan you are very funny when you make Christmas jokes. - Faye
Savanna you are nice when you help people

josh you are a good friend.
Jaiden you are very nice and funny -----kayleana
jada you are kind and make funny jokes
danica you are nice
Aubrey thank you for being a freind
Faye, you are funny when you make jokes. -Aubrey
logan you are good at football
Seth you are a good friend.
Aaden you are very good at drawing
Have a great Christmas!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you to all of my teachers in the past. It has been a journey making it to 6th grade, but it was a journey I was willing to take because of you. Because of you guys, I know everything I know today, and continue to learn new things from my teachers now. I just wanted to say thank you and have a good day!!!

Mrs. Speer was a very nice teacher because she always helps when needed.
Mrs. Huntington, you and Mr. Brawner are the very best math teachers we could ever have!
Thank you Mrs.Speer for being a great teacher!
Mrs.Ritter is a great teacher, she is nice, and loves her students.????
Merry Christmas in 19 days
The nicest teacher I had was in 3rd grade and she was my favorite. She did everything that she could to help me, so thank you Mrs. Rennie.
6th grades teachers are the best.
Thank you Mrs. Roepke for being an amazing science teacher!
Drew thanks for being my friend. from jasmine
Merry Christmas in 19 days
Tristan N is a good person
Thank you Sammy and Jocelyn for always sticking by me.
Aiden W is a good person

Daymon is an awesome friend and is always nice. I think he deserves a lot of recognition because he is just a great person.
I love being taught by the 6th grade teachers

Dear Mrs. Gilpin, thank you for helping me when I have questions.

Mrs. Russell is a good teacher. She is nice, and awesome.
All the teachers that I had in 5th grade helped me learn a lot last year and the 5th grade teachers are like friends to me.
I like your cup, Mrs.woods.
Mrs. Miller is a nice teacher and patient.
thanks Nathan for always being there for me
Mrs Gilpin and Mrs. Stone are nice because they always joke around with everyone.
Mrs. Miller, you are a great teacher.
Thank you Mrs. Miller for being my teacher when I was in third grade, and it was nice seeing you like 2 weeks ago in the halls. Hope you have a good day! -Taylor J
Thanks Mrs. Heidlage for letting Mr. Osborn come and teach us.
Thank you 6th grade team, for teaching us sixth grade teachers.
Mr. Herzog is nice when he compliments my comics.
Have a good Friday everyone 😃
I like that Mrs.Hull always did things that made her class fun to learn for everyone.
My favorite is Mrs. Dowden because she was so kind and nice to me and we did a lot of fun things.
In kindergarden at Milan, Mrs. Mathes was my favorite teacher and I always gave her a big hug everyday.

- Nevaeh
One nice teacher is Mrs. Rennie. The reason why she is so nice is that she taught us the importance of understanding and self-discipline. Thanks to this teacher I've learned to be a better person, so thank you Mrs. Rennie!
Mrs. Wood you were an amazing 2nd grade teacher!!