Start each day in a happy way!
A smile is the best present you can give away! 🙂
Thank you to all 5th grade teachers for letting us take brain brakes during ILEARN to get our body and our brains moving.
When you are kind to someone, it makes your heart happy!!!
When do monkeys fall from the sky? During Ape-ril showers!!!
thanks for being a good friend Emma
Thank you Mrs. Ritter for being encouraging for ILearn
Happy Earth Day! Everyone can do something to help the community!
"...hold onto whatever light you can, believing that even in the darkest of moments, it is the light of kindness, service, empathy, and love that will heal us in the worst of times." -Mal Coles
How many good things have happened today? Count the GOOD things! They are everywhere, too!
Thanks to all the 5th-grade teachers for working hard to teach us new things.
Throw kindness around like glitter! It'll stick to everything it touches!
"A single grain of rice can tip the scale." - from Mulan
Today is a good day for a good day!
Sometimes you forget you are awesome! This is your reminder! 🙂
Mrs. Russell, I love how you always help me with my work and always give me a second chance. Thank you. - Kayleana
Michael you are funny
All of the teachers are THE BEST!!!!!! Seth M
Olivia Ballmer,
you are really nice
thank you Ashlyn for being a great friend
have a good day
Thank you Mrs. Roepke for letting us have fun
Q: Which is the longest word in the dictionary?

A: Smiles - Because there are miles between each s! 🙂
smile 🙂
smile 🙂
When you think you can, you can!
To: Quentyn P
you are such a good friend
from: Landon S
It takes both the sun and rain for flowers to grow!
have a good day
Thank you friends for being friends.
Thank you Mrs. Ritter for talking to me
Seth lifts me up when I am down
Thank you to everyone who is being nice to me
What did the tree say to spring?

What a re-leaf!
Every person is a different kind of flower. All together, we make a beautiful garden!
Be the sunshine in someone's day today! ☺
Seth you are a good friend
Blake helps me even when something goes wrong
Jacob is nice
Wes.R is nice and kind.
From Dustin
Constance is a good person and she is very funny
Elijah is funny because he tells good jokes.
Owen is so nice and caring
Lily is smart and kind and I love watching her drum videos???????? Wyatt
Lexi is an amazing person and has such a good personality
Natilee, you are very kind and can make even me laugh
Dustin is smart and is good at sports, like basketball.
Jon is a nice and good friend.
Clayton is nice.
Chelsea, you are kind and are a good friend to many!
Hayden, you are kind, nice, and you share Oreos
Brooklyn is a very good friend and she is very kind.

Coltin you are good at hunting.
Everyone is nice
From: Bisha To: Wyatt

He is nice and kind
Alexis, you are very nice, funny, and sweet
Zander is nice, smart, kind, and a great friend
You are nice, Ella
Solomon, have a good day. You are nice.
Sophia is funny
Christian, hi!
Maria, you are nice
Nathan is a great person. -Timothy
Clay, you are nice
you are funny, Dannabelle
from fia
Dear Katelyn, you are smart, fast, and FUNNY!!! From, Nathan/Michael!
Dear Lila, You are nice and kind.

From: Ella

Corbin you are nice
Max B is a good friend
Desiree is nice
Zoe you are good at art. from Clay
Max, you are nice, funny, and cool. You are my best friend in the world.
Keegan is a great friend.
London, you are my best friend in the entire world. by Colton Prather
Nevaeh is a good student.
Trigg is nice. We play baseball at recess. He is really good at it
Gavin you so fast and you are good at tag. He is so cool I wish I could be like you.
Gunner, you are a great farmer. from haven
Abby is a good friend because she helps her friends
Colton, you are very smart because you get good grades!!!
Shawn is so funny in class, he makes up the funniest stuff, he is smart, and has lots of friends
Brandon you are the best friend
Josie is a good friend and kind
Bricen is cool.
Henry you are nice
Haven, you are a good friend because you are funny and I am glad you are at school.
Jackston is fast at tag
Ashlyn you are so amazing
Gracie is nice
Joel is fast and when he plays games with us, YAY!
Hannah is fast at tag.
Kassidy is a good friend

Bode is super cool
Thank you everyone who has been nice this week. It helps have happy days!
The BEST weeks start on Monday! 🙂
Just keep doing your best and good things will happen! 🙂
Olivia is kind
Kartter is a nice friend. He is smart and kind.
From:Elisha To:Brooklyn

She is nice and really kind
Savanna, you were my first friend and you will ALWAYS be one of my friends
Devan is nice. from Dustin