No one is you, and that is your SUPERPOWER!
How can you help someone smile today?
Blake is nice to me

Everyone is going through something. Be Kind!
Thank you, Janay for making me laugh!
-Olivia Ballmer
Thank you Ashlynn for the daily laugh.
bently is the best friend in the world he is my bro for life
What do you say to an octopus on Valentine's Day?

I want to hold your hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand, hand!
PERSPECTIVE (perˈspektiv) Change how you look at something and you can change your whole day!
Wes.R is nice because 1. he is always helping people 2. he always makes people have good vibes 3. he is not mean and calling people names 4. he helps people when they're sad, and 5. he is a good person to many.

From: Devan R
Hayden is smart because she gets good grades.
Elijah is cool, nice, and hard to beat in Prodigy.
From : Elisha To : Wyatt

He is nice, kind, and smart because he helps others and gave out gummies.
Devan R. is very nice because she gives people nice things.
Clayton is a good friend because he helps people.
Jacob is nice because he helps with work
Coltin is funny, and he makes me laugh all of the time, so thank you Coltin!!!!
Bentley is funny because he makes people laugh

From Savanna
Owen is nice, kind, and funny. He is so helpful to everyone and an amazing friend
Savanna is very nice to people because she cares for others.
Elisha is nice and a good friend
Lily, you are so nice because you are a good friend, and you help me with my IXL's sometimes.
Alexis is nice because she helps me with IXL when i need it.
Natilee is nice
Bode you are very nice because you help people do stuff ????
Trigg you are amazing, nice, cool, and more. You are my friend

From LPH
Gavin is a great friend
Haven you are nice when we play tag
Shawn, you are nice, fast and kind.
Keeton, you are really nice, a good friend, and you are good at gaga ball
Gracie is the best friend anyone could ask for. When you are sad she helps you out and plays with you when you need someone to talk to. Gracie is the one you should go to. I am very glad she is in our class. Thank you Gracie for being a great friend and an even better person.
London you are a good friend to me and you are so cool.

from Kaylynn
Abby, you were a very good partner because you were very nice to me.
Kaylynn, you are cool, funny, and kind. from Haven
Ashlynn thank you for helping me do stuff when I just got here and thank you for being here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gunner is good at tag
Colton, you are a good friend because you are very funny, and also I am happy you are my friend.
To: Colton.P
From: Shawn.R
Josie is a very good friend
Brandon is nice at being my friend and he is the best
Jackston is really cool
Joel you are nice because you have great energy.
Henry is a really good friend, and I am glad he sits by me!
Devin is nice at tag and when you get my backpack. from Gunner
Hannah, you are nice because you help when people need it!
Nevaeh, you are very nice and you are an upstanding student.
Kassidy is nice because she helps me when I need it
Nathan, you are nice, funny, kind, and helpful.
Dear Clay, you are the smartest person I could ever think of, and you can be very funny when you want to be.

Dear Heath,

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.

-from Clay

Solomon is a nice friend
Dear Bristol, You are nice, sweet, kind, loving, smart, and many more! I wish we could be closer!

From: Ellebella 😀
Lane, you are good at sports and you are a good friend
you are nice Zoe. from Bristol
Desiree, you are smart and quiet
you are fast Max B :]
Kingston is a good friend.
Danabelle is a nice person, Timothy
Corbin you are smart
Khloe you are nice, funny, and a good friend.
You are nice Katelyn. -Soly
Aiden you're nice

Lila, you are nice
Seth is nice to me. -Logan
Big things are often made up of lots of little things! 🙂
Mrs. Brittany for being kind.
Celebrating and appreciating the special help we all have! Happy School Counselor's Week!
What do you call an alligator in a vest?

An investigator! 🙂
TOGETHER, we can weather any storm!
Brandon, thank you for being a good friend and you are very nice. You are the best and you have a good personality.

"Always be HUMBLE and KIND."
"Every little thing is gonna be alright."
have a good day
Aubrey you are a good friend.

have a good day
To: Evelyn Kelly
From: Aubrey Henry

You are the best friend I have ever had. I truly don't know what I would do without you! Thanks for always being on my side!
Thank you, Ashlyn for being kind
Have a nice school day everyone!!!!!!
Have a good day at school!
Thank you, Addi for being nice.
Blake is the best friend to have because he wants to help me all the time.
Gavin is so nice
Bricen, you are good at COD and Halo
Shawn is super nice. He is a good friend
Gracie, you are fast, nice, and good at tag
Colton is nice
Kaylynn is nice
Jayden Ruggles, you are the greatest friend I've ever had in Pre K, and you've been with me for a decade.
Kassidy, you are a great friend. I am so sad that you are gone. I miss you and I hope you come back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Ashlyn
Keeton you are fast
Brandon, you are a good friend because you're funny and you have improved on learning. You are an awesome friend.

From: Shawn. R
Josie, you are a good friend, and thank you for being in my class.
London is nice.
Trigg is nice
Gunner is a very good friend
Neveah you are awesome.
Jackston is a good friend.
Devin is a nice friend and is very funny

to Devin
from Hannah ????????????
Henry is good at football and gaga ball.
Bode is nice.