Savanna is kind, smart, and she likes giraffes. She is funny and she has a lot of friends because she is nice!
Wes P. is a good friend.
Natalie is a very good friend.

Jonathan loves to play with Max P, Dustin, Cayton, and Kartter????????????????????????
Kartter is really amazing
Lexi is a good friend and she is nice. She is my new friend and she always has good ideas. From Devan.R
all of the teachers are nice and kind

Wyatt is a good friend and he is a friend of Wes. R
Elijah, you are so cool, thank you for being my friend.
Jacob is a nice person and is smart.
Chelsea is a nice friend and likes cats.
Devan R. you are very nice, kind and a great friend 🙂
Wes R. is funny, he is good friends with Wyatt, and likes to make lots of friends.
Lily, you are really smart and funny.
Dustin is very nice, funny, and smart.
Hayden is nice

Constance is a nice and kind person.
Owen is a very nice friend.
Hi, Maria you are nice and I like your dog.
Hi Zoey, you are nice and tall
One nice thing about Khloe is that she is nice to others.
Dear Wesley P. I hope your leg gets better 🙂
Zander you are nice and funny! 😀 <3
Max P. you are nice and funny!
Khloe you are nice and funny! <3
Dear Lila, You are kind. I am so happy we are friends!

From: Ella
Sophia you are a good friend
Max B. you are nice and funny! 😀
Bristol you are nice
Kingston you are very kind and funny!
Lila you are nice
Zander you are nice
Ella you are nice
Katelyn, you are an amazing friend
To: Ella
You are kind, nice, honest, and smart.

To: Gracie
You are good at basketball.

To: Bristol
You are my best BFF.

To: Sophia
You are really funny.

To: Desiree
You are a kind, sweet, calm friend.

Max B. I like that I am coming over to your house

Kingston you are good at basketball

Clay you are nice

Lane you are nice
Khloe you are a good cousin
Xzavyer you are a good friend.
Christian, you are my favorite cousin and my best friend
Danabelle you are a good friend.
Kingston is the best friend in the world.
Aiden is nice
Dear Zander, You are very nice, kind, polite, and more. Thank you for being my friend.

From: Ella
Clay you are fun, nice, and cool.
Ella is nice
Xzavyer you are a good friend who tries to help, and I think a lot of kids would like you just the way I do.
Zander is nice
Bristol is nice
Dear Kingston, Clay, Corbin, Ella, and Lane, You all are smart, fast, funny, and lastly you all are awesome.
Mrs. Hite, you are an awesome teacher
4th-grade teachers, you are awesome and the best teachers I could ever have.

Devin is fast and he is good at tag and football. I hope this brightens your day
Ashlyn you are very nice and a good friend.
Gavan you are smart
Gracie you are nice
Jackson is nice
Brandon is good at basketball and a nice person.
Trigg is good at football
Keeton is a nice and helpful friend to all of us. He is also really funny and fast.

to Keeton by Josie
Henry you are really good at football
Trigg, you are nice, kind, and very good at football!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kassidy you are smart
Bricen is nice????????????????

Bode, you are an amazing friend and you are good at football.
To: Bode
From: Shawn
Hannah, you are funny.
Jayden you are a nice and happy person!
Neveah I think you are an awesome friend.
Colton is nice
Gracelynn is nice.
Gavin you are really nice
Josie, you are the best friend I ever had because you are really nice to everyone.
Owen is a good friend.
Wyatt is Good friend like Wes. R.
Eli is a good friend. I play with him at the playground.
Wes. R is a good friend too.
Wes. P is a good friend.
Jon is funny and smart and really kind.

Jacob is nice and kind. Dustin
Eli is nice and kind.
Owen is a very good friend and he is good at football
Max P is a very good friend and he is good at basketball.

Kartter is my best friend. Dustin
Mrs. Herzog is the best science teacher
Mrs. Hite is a really fun and nice teacher
Dustin is a very good friend and he is good at basketball

Jon is a really nice person and my friend
Dusty is a really nice person and my friend.
Wyatt, you are so nice to me. Thank you
Trigg is nice, smart, and he loves to do rodeo. From Owen
Chelsea is a very good friend.
Mrs. Stratton, I like being your homeroom student. You are really nice and smart.
Dustin, thank you for being my friend.
Keeton is a good friend and very good at many sports. From Owen
Lilly is a very good friend. She is nice!!!!!
Jon is my best friend and he likes to swing.
all my teachers are the best <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Lily is so nice. Thank you Lily for being nice to me.
Owen is very funny.
Savanna is very smart
Colton is a nice friend, he likes to play with Devan in Mrs. Herzog's class