I want to say that Mr. Kohlmeier is such a great teacher. He is a great health teacher and he always trys to keep his class fun. I had so much fun in his class. He has a great attitude about everything he does.
Ms. Niese and Mrs.Hafft are the best ever! They are awesome and the best teachers eve.r
Showing Respect is by accepting their are other ways of doing things and they have their way of life as do you. They may have a different favorite sport of hobby, but at the end of the day we are all people and we all have flaws as much as we do talents. We are equals no matter the popularity or how cool you look, so treat them as you would want them to treat you.
Mariah helps others with their locker if they can not get it opened! Mariah is really good at opening combinations for lockers! She has also helped a lot of other kids too!
South Ripley is a great school for students! Miss beck is the best teacher ever for her first year at SRJHS!

Blaine is such a good influence on helping people. He uses all of the lifelines very well. He's very helpful to kids.
South Ripley Junior High School is one of the best schools in our community!
Mrs. Rutzel is the best principal ever!
I think that Mariah helps at lot kids a lot and is really good at it! She is also respectful to one another! She uses all of the lifelines in the buidling correctly!
I love this school, people are so nice.
Mr. stokes is an amazing band teacher. This is his first year doing marching band and he does really well. He teachers band really well and he works with kids one on one. I did not know how to play a note and he worked with me and helped me learn the note. Thank you for hiring Mr. stokes, He's the best.
Isabella Harris(the cross country coach) is an amazing coach, and she is always so helpful and supportive. She really helped me succeed in cross country. My first day I couldn't run one lap around the track without stopping. Now I can run a 5-k without stopping.
When it rains look for rainbows when it's dark look for stars!
Ms.Niece is the best seventh-grade teacher. Ms.Niece is so nice and she is always very very nice!
I love South Ripley! Everyone is so kind, and it is the best school ever! I am so grateful for all of my wonderful classmates, teachers, and staff!
Be a Chris!!!
Hey! Thank you so much to Doug for coming to our school to give us a wonderful presentation. I just want to say, keep up what you're doing, you're amazing at it!

I like Mrs. Lanters class
This school is full of people who want to help you thats why I like it here.
Riley and Sarah have been helping me with my locker lately because I have been having trouble with it.
This year has been great so far!
Keep looking up ...
that's the secret of life.
- Charlie Brown
Thank you to the cafeteria ladies for cleaning up the cafeteria after we eat.
Hey, Mrs.Mockbee you're a great teacher. I also love it when you give me candy.
My friends are really nice and helpful whenever I need help with something. The teachers are really nice and helpful whenever you need help.
Thank you students! You make me laugh!
Thank you teachers for letting me wear my overalls.
Mrs. Irwin, is really nice, she helps me learn in the right way.
Mrs.Hafft you're so nice, and your class is the best!!
Ms.Niese, I love your glasses.
Mrs. Niese, I like being in your class.
All the 8th graders are great role models for the 7th graders!
I think that South Ripley Junior High School is great for everybody! All the teachers and the staff try to help the students be great role models!
Mr. Bayne helped me when I was lost on the first day of school.
National Blue Ribbon, "A" Rated, Four Star School with wonderful students and staff...what's not to LOVE about SRJHS!
Thank you to Mr. Bayne and Mrs. Ochs for the great ideas at PD yesterday! We have the BEST staff, hands down!!
If you ever run into your teacher or principal, try to give them a thumbs-up, and inform them that they are amazing for their hard work!
The teachers at South Ripley Junior High are SO nice to everyone!!
The teachers and staff at South Ripley Junior High support the students. They are really kind and they listen really well.
I like how this school try's their best to help every student, and I love how teachers are teaching us. I really like South Ripley schools.
I love this school so much. It is just such a positive vibe. It's the best school out there.
The teachers at this school are so kind.
Mariah really uses kindness a lot!
All of the seventh-grade teachers have been doing an AMAZING job this year.
I think that Rachel uses kindness a lot in school!
When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine!

our school has helped me get my grades up to passing levels we have great students here they are very helpful and polite
we do our best to help everyone when i was new to the school I felt welcomed by all my teachers
Have an A+mazing day!

our school has helped me get my grades up to passing levels we have great students here they are very helpful and polite
we do our best to help everyone when iwas new to the school I felt welcomed by all my teachers
You are loved and you are important remember that.
I love being a SR Raider!
“ Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results.”
the school has wonderful sportsmanship
Miss Niese is doing an awesome job for her first year at SRJHS!
Thank you to my advisory students that volunteer each week to read with Mrs. Ochs' classroom!
I think this a great website for the South Ripley Junior High School!
help others when they help you
South Ripley is the Kindest and most warming school ever
Mr. Bayne was kind enough to let the junior high students use his room this morning to work on elearning homework assignments.
South Ripley students rock!! They are always working hard to do their best!
Thank you for bringing the "You Uplift" Platform to South Ripley Junior High!

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