Mr. Perrott,
Thank you for helping me get through everything that I have gone through. Some things were very hard to go through without you. So thank you.
Dear Mara, Camila, Gabby and Camile
Thank you so much for being my friend, you are the best and I appreciate you guys so much! Lunch is the best! Mara, I love how you are so kind and you are always their for everyone. Camila, I love your dog lol. I also love that you are soo fun. Gabby, you are a great dancer and you are so funny. Camile, you are so good at drawing and you are so sweet.
Lia, Thank you so much for being one of my best friends ever. Lunch is so much funnier with you. 🙂
thank you sania for being there for me when I needed help
Aadi, you're always so kind and willing to help everyone. We love you!!
Thank you to the middle school girls basketball coaches, Olet Stasko and Bryan Bennet, for helping the whole team become better, and for helping us be better friends and teammates.
Dear Mrs. Perrott,
Thank you for everything you have done. You have helped me so much throughout my time in middle school. Whether its helping me communicate with teachers or making me feel better you have been so amazing. I am going to be so sad without having you next year in high school. Thanks again!

I'm thankful for Mrs.Horzempa because she is always there for me!
I would like to recognize Mr. Phillip for being a good person. He helped a student regain their confidence after they messed up during their LWM. This helped them complete their presentations, and they got a perfect score.
Mrs. Shimkoski, thank you being so kind and helpful. I love having you as a teacher
Mrs. Gielata, I really admire how you teach and how you make sure that everyone is on task. You have helped us to be better students! THANK YOU!
Jocelyn Horowitz helped me when I had computer issues
Mrs. Harris Is always so kind to her class and makes sure every student gets the best learning experiences. She always is understand and helps anyone when they need it
Sarah Logan, thank you for being so kind and helping others.
Mr. Laughton, you are the best teacher ever. Thank you for everything you do for us and I couldn't ask for a better teacher. You have helped me so much and I'm very happy I got you as a teacher. :)))))))
Mr. Bacco because he never fails to bring a smile to my face.
Mara, thank you for being so kind and nice to me even though we just met this year 🙂
Cora Klink is an open minded and kind person who sees the good in people more than the bad. She doesn't care how different people are or what they look like or what culture they come from, she is always welcoming and kind to them. Cora welcomed me in when I first came to school and has been a supportive and amazing best friend a girl could ask for.
Siya Joshi is a kind and caring person. She always helps others even without being asked. Her personality is always bursting with happiness, and no matter what any other person says about her, she manages to keep a smile on her face! Thank you for being an amazing friend and not giving up on anyone.
Thank you, Riyah, for staying my friend, even though we have NO classes together.
Mrs. Horzempa, thank you for being such a nice and kind person to every student!
Thank you to Ms. Bianco for being a great teacher last year. You would always help me with math when I was struggling.
Thank you to Mr. Richman for always being a great teacher and always teaching me to love science.
Ms. Deichler, you are an amazing advisor, and I really appreciate everything you do for our school!
Mrs. Amato,

Thank you so much for helping me write TDAs. Without your help, I would have been lost! It meant a lot to me.
You are beautiful no matter what you say or think, everyone is special in their own way UwU.
You Got This! Have a great day!
Thank you, Mrs. Dausch and Mrs. Colaiacovo, for always being so helpful!
Thank you for bringing the "You Uplift" Platform to South Fayette Middle School!