Thank you Mrs Johns for everything! You are the best!
Mrs. Carter and Ms. Teal you guys rock. Thank you for all you do with prek.
Evelyn’s mom you’re doing a great job!
Here to support each other and our little ones 💜
Shelby Day is always kind
Mrs Murphy has a kind heart and gives great hugs
Gunner Branch thank you for always listening and following directions!!!
Harley Hamby thank you for always following directions and being a good friend to everything!!!!
Emma Chapman thank you for always following the rules and helping others. You are awesome.
i have the best 4th grade teacher miss tedders and miss smith from addison clay
I LOVE how there is upbeat music playing in the morning during drop-off. What a great way for the students to start their day!!
I LOVE how there is upbeat music playing in the morning during drop-off. What a great way for the students to start their day!!
Thank you Ms Brady for still checking in on your past students, it really helps remind them how important they are.:)
Thank you to Mrs. L. Rodriguez! She is always helpful!!
Thank you to Ms. Kenney 1st grade online teacher. She is always there answering my questions and supporting the kids in her class. She has a positive attitude everyday. I enjoy her being my son's teacher. 🙂
The morning drop off group of kids are so helpful! Thank you for helping take care of our littles each morning!
Thank you so much Mario's mom for helping me with Evalyn the other morning. Your kindness meant so much to me.

Evalyn's Mom
Thank you to Mrs. Voelker, Ms. Alise, and Ms. Donna for all that you do for our children. Your all amazing ESE Angels. WE LOVE YOU !!!
Izzi Preston

Thank you for being so helpful and so sweet. You are always following the rules!
Ethan Wise-You are always so helpful and open doors for others. Thank you for walking kids to class in the mornings and helping them with their breakfast!
Mrs Tedders is the best teacher I ever had and I learned sooo much from her!!
South Elementary Loves and cares about its students and staff!!💪🏻💪🏻😄
thank you for being the best tearcher inthe hole earth in mrs smith
Tyrese Edison is always so kind and greets me everyday when he sees me. He says hi to everyone he sees walking down the hallway.
Thomas Brennan always offers to help all students and teachers with anything they need.
Luke Streelman plays with everyone at recess and always lets anyone join him while playing.
Brayleigh Barnes: always making sure that others have what they need and is kind to everyone
Madison Farrell is always nice to everyone and plays with others at recess that may not have someone to play with.
Mrs. Cox is the sweetest person ever! We love you
Miss Lara is the best!
Mrs Collins is a gem. We are so blessed to have her!
I am so pleased with the great job Ms. Kerr is doing with her first grade students!
South students rock
Mrs.Streelman, Thank-you for being such an involved principal .. Seeing your happy smile during parent pick-up/drop-off brightens our day!
Mrs. Streelman, you go above and beyond for the students and it shows every single day. We couldn't be more grateful to have you as our Principal. Thank you for everything you do for these awesome kids.
Miss Valerie, thank you for everything you do for the children. They love coming into lunch and seeing you. You always make their day. Thank you very very much! You're the best and we love you!
Ms Burford thank you for teaching me to write my name in cursive.
Mrs. Higgins is AMAZING! She has helped my children grow in so many ways. We have been blessed to have her for 3 years now. She has the BIGGEST heart ever! We love you!
ms.smith and ms.tedders are the best techers
I have the best 4th grade students EVER!!! Mrs. Tedders
Mrs. Lozano
Thank you for always believing in our students and pushing them to do better!
Mrs. Streelman,
Thank you for being an amazing principal and ALWAYS keeping school FUN!
Deputy Dixon, thank you for keeping our kids safe!
Don’t forget to smile today!
Tedders is the best teacher so show her some love in 4th
i love ms. tedders and you are the best teacher
We should be grateful for all the teachers because they help kids.
mrs. tedders is the best class ever and mrs smith
thank you for beang in your class mis teders.
Mrs.Tedders thank you for being a great teacher
i like you being my tearcher
ms.h is the best
Mrs Donna and Mrs Alicia
I truly enjoy seeing you every day ❤ of gold the patience you show your students melt my ❤ even in those rough days
Thank you Ladies
I get comments every day from my girls about how much they love their teachers; Ms Ridley, Mrs Raulerson, Ms Carter, and of course Ms Higgins ???? Y'all are amazing in helping to teach them to love school and want to grow. Thank you.
Friends, Thank-you for helping me at recess on Wednesday 10/7/20..From: Andrea😉
Jennifer Burk, you are an amazing mentor!
You Rock! Thank you for everything ❤
"It takes a special person to teach someone special"

Thank you for helping me grow Mrs. Voelker, Mrs. Donna and Mrs. Alisa.
Mrs. Hamblen and Mrs. Mig are awesome 1st grade teachers! We love learning new, fun things!
Mrs. Marsh is our favorite 5th grade teacher! She really makes ELA fun! We love our 5th grade teacher!
Thanks to all of the mentors and people supporting first year teachers! We appreciate you! ❤️
Mr. V and Mrs. Burk, thank you for our hallway chats! The laughs and smiles make my day- everyday!????????
Thank you to Mrs. Lozano, Miss Cindy, and Miss Jessica for always going the extra mile! You’re always willing to lend a helping hand!
Mrs. Streelman is the best! Always putting students first!
Special thanks to Jerry for always helping when needed!!
THANK YOU Miss Donna & Miss Alisa for everything you do! I couldn’t do it without you!!
You are rocking AR! Way to go!
Mr. Reister is the best music teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Tedders,
Thank you for being such a great teacher. I have learned so much from you and love being in your class.
Ms. Valerie is the best. You always smile at us and make yummy food.
You are such a nice helper and a good friend.
Mrs. Coker, we love to do art with you. It's so fun! We hope you do it all year long.
Mrs. Robincheck, you always help others when they are struggling. Thank you. You are a great teacher.

Deputy Dixon is the BEST!!!!! Thank you for keeping us safe and being amazing!
Raeanne Tyner: Thank you so much for being an important part of helping hands!
Our team of paras are the best! They are so helpful and always smiling. Thank you, Ms. Lara, Ms. Caitlan, Mrs. Bel and Mrs. Murphy!
Thank you, Mrs. Cindy, for organizing Special Olympics at South!
"We rise by lifting others!"
A HUGE "Thank You" to Ms. Streelman for Considering to bring the "You Uplift" Kindness Wall to South Elementary School!