Our clinic ladies are terrific. Thank you for helping take care of our children.
Mrs. Mccluskey thank you for all your hard work.
Mrs. Streelman you have such a big heart to your staff, students, and everyone you meet!
Delilah Carter you are amazing and such a sweetheart!
Miss Teal we love you!
Mrs. Arana love your kindness.
Essence from pre-k you have a contagious smile ❤
Arabella from Pre-k you are so nice sharing toys with friends.
Our cafeteria ladies go far and beyond! Y'all are amazing ladies!
Campbell Streelman

you are amazing


you are my best freind
Ms kerr

you are awsome

have a goodddddd day!!!!!!!!!!!
isabella you are amazing
sylvia is a nice little girl that my friend
ZOOOOOOOEYYYYY BUSH, Ms. Lapointe says you are amazing!
i have the best teachers
Mya Chamberland is such a great friend to ZOEY! She helped her put her AVID binder back together when it fell on the ground open!
i love my techers
i love ms.lappointe and ms.braux their the kindest teachers ive ever had and im exitedddddd for this year
valentine is the best
hello mrs lapointe you are so cool youre amazing youre the best teacher ever
Braylee Barnes is a good friend to have.
Daneyla has such an organized AVID binder! I am proud of her!
im so happy to be in 4th grade i love my teachers try to guess my teachers.........MS.BREAUXS and MS.LAPONITE are the best teachers ever. when your in fouth grade you should be in ms.laponite class
Ms lapointe

is the best teacher


you are the best freind

I love it here it is so cool I loved my 2,3,they are so good at there job. I love ms.Lapointe and ms.Breaux!!!!!!!
These are very very good teachers i wish i could be here more years about five years.I love this school alot i wish i could stay here longer.The principal is really nice the teachers are also really nice and thats why i wanna stay at this school.If i could stay here I would love that even all the kids here are nice and i love it here so much i only have two more years here which makes me very sad
I like this school and I like the teachers.
thanks to Katie, Graicie, and all the other girls in the class for being my friends. i have been at south for 3weeks and aleready like it way better than seminole. mrs breax and mrs lapointe are the best teachers ever. i dont want to go to sixth grade beacause then i will leave south. everyone here RULES EVERYONE!!!!!!
All the teachers are very nice
I love my classes, all the kids are really nice!
School is a fun place to be.I love school.
It is the end of the year I am so sad....at least I had 2 of the best teachers in this school and a great school leader thanks to south I had a great year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Way to go Caleb B. For making the ar leader board 4 weeks in a row, keep up the good work.
Emma is so nice to everybody
every day
Good job Paisley & the rest of VPK for making it until the end of the year! This year has been hard but you guys made it! Almost graduation time! Good job guys!
Penelope is the best at math
Thank you Ms.tedders and Ms.smith for being the best teachers I have enjoyed having y’all as my teachers for 4th grade .
By Addy Clay
Thank you mr V and mrs burk for being the best teachers! Y’all are the bestest!
From Cody clay

I’m proud of all the kindergartners working so hard this year !
Thank you Mrs.Smith and Mrs.Tedders for being the BEST teachers ever.
Congrats Caleb B for making the Ar leader board this week, keep up the good work bud.
Paisley Branch you are a kind friend
Thank you Ms.Joy for being so sweet and helpful!
my techer is the best
Emery strong ,smart,brave.
This school is the best.
Emery is my best frend
Brady is so smart
Our principal is the best.
thank you for being my freind autumn and chloe
Brady Wise is a awsome friend !
I love my school.
cambree is being kind
My teacher is so awsome sweet and smart
hi brady hope you are having a good day today if you are not having a good day i can make it better
my sissy rowan is the nicest sissy in the world :3
khloe you are so nice to me
Joseph & Caleb Hall- I hope you have a wonderful week at school!

Love, mom
Thank you for the brown E on April fools day
Thank you for helping make math not so hard Mr Stephan
Thank you officer Dixon for being so kind and understanding even in tough situations.
I love you mrs.smith and you the best
South has such amazing lunch ladies!
Jameson and William, you make us so proud!

Love: Mom and Dad
Mrs Raulerson you are awesome!
I love Mrs Raulerson, she is special and one of the best teachers I have ever had.
I LOVE all my teachers!! You're so awesome and thank you for letting me learn from you ???? I also LOVE my best friends that I have made in class and hope we can see each other again when we graduate ????
Mrs Raulerson you are awesome!
We love you Mrs Streelman! You make our day happier😊
Don’t forget... you are smart. You are kind. You are loved!
Pre-k has the sweetest kids and the best teachers and paras!
Mrs. Lapointe is a great teacher!
Mr. Jerry, the mulch looks nice!
Mrs. Raulerson,

I think you are so good to me.
A very warm welcome to your new School Counselor, Ria Love! #soaringwitheagles

W. Coker
Director of Student Services
South Elementary is the BEST! So glad I'm here. ~ Mrs. Tedders
Mrs. Tedders and Mrs.Smith are 2 of the best teachers a student could ever have!!!!
Mrs. Collins is awesome!
Ms Burford is kind
to mrs Breaux I want her to be me teacher forever
to the school of south has been running with kindness and a helping hand.this is the best school since 2010
Thank you miss.lapointe and miss. breaux for being the best teachers
I love this school
coach hurst is so good at teaching us 😇
Blaine, your shirt is nice. I like your shoes, Maci. You are funny, Ethan.
mrs.Breaux and mrs.lapointe are the best teachers i ever had thatnk you mrs.breaux and mrs.lapointe
kick ball is fun with Coach Hurst
thank you ms.breaux for being the best teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you to all the hard working Teachers for dealing with us, Working hard to help have a best year ever and being Kind to all of us no matter who we are! Thank You!!
To my ESE Staff Members
Mrs. Lozano, Jessie, Cindy, Mrs. Angie, Donna, Alisa, Mrs. Giles, Mrs. Marla

They are so lovely. There is always a hello or a wave across the campus acknowledging me and I them.

Ms. Burford
Coach Hurst, we appreciate you being so nice and friendly during morning temperature check.
Mr. V & Mrs. Burk, you'll are good teachers. You have been the best. Adrianna you have been a good friend to me.
Thank you for taking your time out of your day to make sure tristen understands what he is being taught in class and your patience with him
Thank you Mrs. Ridley for showing Cadayden my room.
Thank you Mrs. Tedders for all your support and continued help with Bella. Her return to school has been a success. And I am happy to report that she loves being back with everyone.
Emma Chandler: You brighten my day by always having a smile on your face!
I love that my class always works together.

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