Emberlynn, Gulianna, Kayley, Addi, Jocelynn are the best friends you could ever have so HUGE shout out to them they are all nice and loyal to me and everybody else, they comfort me i have known them for a while and i think they are the bestest friends you could ever have they are the sweetest!!!!!!!!
On my first day when I came to Sonoma I had no friends but Eli came up to me and asked if I wanted to be his friend so I wanted to thank Eli for being my friend on my first day in Sonoma.
Julian, Brandon, and Fabian are good friends.
Thank you Mrs. Marine for being the best teacher ever.

I love my 1st grade buddy leo!!!!!!!!!!
I just want to thank all of my friends that have been so nice and funny too...Jacob, Chris, James, Zeke, Logan, Fabian, Bradon, Julian, Austin and Desmond
Kaitlyn is an amazing person! I love how she is kind to everyone and she has a gorgeous smile! Her and Madelyn are amazing sisters! <3 :)
Perseus and Isabel are great friends
My friend Kayley is the bestest friend I have ever had. She is nice to me, she is not rude, even though she likes watermelon and I don't, we are still friends!
I want to thank Donovan for being such a great friend! He has given me good advice, and uplifted me in soccer when I felt like I was a bad player. Thanks Donovan!

(From Logan)
Emma is the best and makes me feel better when I am sad!!!!!!
Donovan is a good friend and he is really funny.
MY BEST Friend is Adriel. He has been my friend since 1st grade and we hang out a lot.
Mrs Marine, thank you for being the best teacher in the world!

from sahar
You are amazing, so don't be feeling so blue. If you feel like nobody wants to be your friend, think again. You can do amazing things. Have a great day!
Be nice to people. Don't treat others like they are nothing. Don't be mean.
I want to thank god for a friend like eemmma!!!!!!!!!!!
Never give up, because when you keep going you still haven't failed. You only fail when you stop trying. Keep working towards your goals, no matter how imposssible it may seem in the moment, because you might just get to that goal, and be glad you didn't give up. Look at some famous singers or comedians. They didn't become famous by giving up and sitting around. You CAN do it.
be kind and friendly

My bestie, Adi, is always kind no matter what and always has a positive attitude.
I feel welcome at my class and feel loved when I'm with my besties.
Shout out to my besties adi, guiliana, emberlynn, sophia, emma, kayley and donovan for helping me and being the best friends!
Be kind
Jocelyn is a great friend.

Jacob is a good friend. We like to play football together.
Olivia and Jocelyn are good friends.
Shout out to all my best friends Sophia, Emberlynn, Adali, Kayley, Guiliana and Donovan.
Thank you Alfonso for all your hard work! I hope you have a wonderful day.
6th grade teacher, Mrs.Marine, is the best teacher for helping me and everyone else.
My friend Jacob in 6th grade is really funny and he always makes me laugh.
Mrs. Marine is the best teacher! She is very nice to me and the rest of my class. She is also very nice about helping us with homework or other situations!
If you are being bullied, don't listen to the bully. Just ignore them, because they are only mean to make you look worse and make them look better. Have an awesome day!
So proud of Kaitlyn S., Olivia H. and Jocelyn S. for their kind hearted expressions of thanks to our wonderful Head Custodian Alfonso. These young ladies exemplify what caring and considerate Sonoma Dolphins are.
Be kind to others and others will be kind to you. - me (Logan)
Corey was a great Yard Duty so I have a few things to say about him before he leaves:
He is nice, kind, a good friend, and helpful. He is great, smart, creative, kind, friendly, trustworthy and off the wall AWESOME!

You never fail until you stop trying.

- Albert Einstein
Mrs. Fores, my teacher last year, is so kind and she is my best friend. I love Mrs. Fores. She helped me with my homework.

Riley and Olivia are great friends.
Addie and Perseus are the best
I want to thank everyone at Sonoma Elementary for keeping us safe and educated. Thank you!
My buddy, Chris, from first grade is a good friend to hang out with and he is awesome.
Sahara is one of the best friends you could get. She is a great friend and she always makes me laugh.
I'd like to thank my teacher, Mrs. Marine, for being a great and kind teacher. She teaches us fun and new things and I'm very grateful she's my teacher this year!
Id like to thank God for giving me friends like Addie, Perseus, Ariana, Isabel, Amy, and Myla. They are amazing and kind and they are very nice and helpful and keep me alot of company and are just overall my best friends.
I just want everyone to know to not give on their dreams. If you work hard, you can do anything. Never give up!
Mrs. Marine is the bestttt teacher ever!!!
My buddy, Julian, who is in 1st grade, is awesome! He is really smart and told me the whole alphabet. Nice job Julian!
My 1st grade buddy, Alex, is a good reader and is a nice person.
Jacob and Adrian make me happy.
Jacob and all my friends are good friends. They let me play football with them. They help me with my homework and they sit and eat lunch with me. I have a such good friends.
Mrs. Marine is a good teacher! She is kind. ❤
Emberlynn, Sophia and Guiliana are great friends.
Emma, Rylie, Aaliyah, Emberlynn, Olivia, Kayley, Ariana, and Perseus are great friends to hang out with! I feel so inspired by them. I don't know what I would do if I lost any of them.
They have super funny humor! Their smiles brighten my day. I see them as members as my family, They have amazing personalities & amazing smiles. I'm very grateful that they are my friends.
Shout out to Hayden Mann! He is such a kind individual! He's nice to everybody and a really good brother.
Johnnyx is really smart and unique.
Adriel is a good friend. He is nice and always happy. He is a great bestfriend!
My buddy Aryana is so sweet and funny. I love to be her 6th grade buddy even with my friend Sahara .
My 1st grade buddy Sawyer is very nice and she's so sweet!
My 1st grade buddy, Sawyer, is very nice and so sweet!
Amy L is a great friend! She is always kind and sweet. She always makes me feel happy.
Thank you Perseus, Isabel, Ariana, Myla, and Abbi for being very good friends to me and keeping me company 🙂
Emma makes me feel happy. She helps me when I need it. She makes me feel good about myself.
Amy is always kind no matter what. 🙂
My friends Amy, Guiliana, and Emberlynn are nice everyday. They make funny jokes with me and make me smile and feel happy:)
My sister, Abigail, is a nice person.
My class is very nice and I feel welcome.
Thank you to all the Sonoma Staff because they help us be more educated.
My bestie has always been so nice to me and she is so sweet and friendly. We always share stuff and every morning I hug her everyday ♡ I love her so much. I also want to thank my other best friends so much for helping me ♡♡♡
Mrs. Marine is an awesome teacher! She is very helpful and helps out the students when they have problems with math or any other subject.
Thank you Austin for being a good friend.
Rylie is a good friend because she helps me with work that I am struggling on. Also, we get along very well.
Rylie is a good friend! She helps me with work that I am struggling on. We also get along very well.
Donovan, Jacob and Julian are my friends. They are great friends!
Julian V. is my friend. He makes me laugh a lot and he is really nice.
I like that my best friends Emberrlynn, Guliana, Sophia, and Ariana all help me when I´m sad. I feel so loved when I'm with them!
Chris is a good buddy to work with and to play with.
Adriel is a good friend! I met him in 1st grade. He always helps with anything and he is a good friend.
I love my buddy, Haven, in first grade. She is so sweet.
Giana, my 1st grade buddy, is very smart and kind.
I love how Jacob is smart and is such a nice person.
Donovan, Adrian, Mathew and Fabian are really good friends! I like playing football with them.
Emberlynn and Sophia are always kind!
My friends are the best.
Brody is an amazing friend. I am happy to be classmates. He is so nice and responsible. He should get an award just for being so nice!
I love are school so much!
6th graders work hard at our school! I love seeing the initiative!
You are always loved.
Grateful for our 1st/2nd grade pod team for how we work together to figure things out and be supportive, and also for being encouraging and uplifting! We’re going to have an awesome year!
Tiffany and Nucole have been great to work with. Under the instructions of Bless Marrable, I believe that we have been a stronger team and the children that are in our classroom have had a positive growth in their relationship with us.
Shout out to Ashlynn, Madison, Debbie, and Ashley. My best friends support me no matter what and never let me down. When I'm sad, they're there, and when I'm happy, they're there!
Maria is the best friend I could ever have. We talk about how we can do more in school and we talk about what we should play. She never gives up so she is my best friend!
Rylie is a good sister because she is the best helper. She reads to me and we play with toys and color together.
Sienna T. is a very happy person. She always puts a smile on my face and she never ever gives up.
Rylee M. is a very happy person. When I'm mad she tries to calm me down and she always plays with me. When I'm sad she asks "What's wrong?" and she is a good friend.
Rylie is a good sister because she gets me up in the morning, she helps me get my school stuff together.
When school is over she helps me with my homework.
A huge thank you to Mason C. For being the best brother and friend ever!
To:Alexys T., Cindi F., and Kyle W.
Alexys T is a great friend, we will always eat at the same lunch able and always play at our breaks. Cindi F is a great teacher, she will stay calm if you get in trouble. And Kyle W. has been my friend since kindergarten.
A BIG Thank you to the all the Teachers, The Principals, Yard Duties, Lunch ladies, Nurses, and the Office staff for making our School gr
A big shout out to all my friends who kept me company! 🙂
Mrs. Fores and Jessica are the best friends of mine. Mrs. Fores helps me if I need help, and Jessica
is the funniest friend. She gets my jokes and gets my same old song.
Rylee is a good friend because when I`m down she helps me cheer up.

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