Don't have doubt in yourself! If you don't know yet, think, I can do this and you can!

Ella Ovard
Thank you Miss McVey for being the best teacher ever!
-Brylee Brooks
Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light

-Albus Dumbledore
Be the light. Wrote by: Tei Mauga

Said by Jensen Argyle
Be kind and Miss McVey is the best
- jett
Luke is really good at football

Tyson Carter
Never say never!

Taylor Tooke thanks for being a amazing big sister love you XOXOXOXOXOXO

Thank you lunch ladies for all your hard work! We appreciate you!
You are one in a million
-Annabelle Nelson
One kind deed always sparks another!
-Annabelle Nelson
Keep that light glowing inside of you.
A single act of kindness can brighten someones inner day !

elli harris
Failure is just an opportunity to try harder the second time.

Cooper Thompson
Always have courage and be kind!
Thank you Miss McVey for being the best teacher on the planet!
Just one smile can turn into two.
Thank you Cameron C. for being my best friend.
There is beauty in being kind.
Thank you so much Miss McVey! Your the best!

Your are all nice and kind -Tabitha
Shout out to Taylor and Emma Tooke for being great older sisters to Savannah, and for being the best kids ever! XoXOxxOOOxoXoxO,

beauty is in the inside not the outside

_natasha correa
If you are not yourself, you are no one. everyone else is taken! #BeYourself
If it is raining, just know the sun is shining above the clouds.
Do or Do not, There is no Try.
thank you noah jones for being kind
thank you Mr Anderson for keeping sierra bonita great
thank you crew noah luke dax and parker for being a freind
thank you miss young for the math group on times test!!! drew
Its not hard to be kind
Shout out to Phoebe Miner for being a fantastic sister
- Adalyn Miner your sister
Kindness costs nothing but changes everything.
Give a shout out to Mrs. Sorensen she is amazing and the best!!!!!
Shout out to Emma Tooke from Reynolds class! You are the greatest little sister ever!

-Taylor Tooke
Everybody has a place on earth!

carter southam

When somebody is having a bad day make a kind note or be there rainbow!
Paisley Ross
Kindness is something used every day. Hope your using it!
If you smile or say hi to someone it can change their whole day!
"When you fall down get back up even stronger"
No act of Kindness, no matter how small, Is ever wasted.
-Mahatma Gandhi

YOU can change the world through kindness.

-Taylor Tooke

(By the way, Big shout out to Mrs. Sorenesen! YOU are amazing!)
Be the light for someone else that is in need of it.
Your a pink starburst not a nasty orange one

by ya boi: Tei Mauga
Here is a challenge: Give 10 complement to 10 different people that you don't know or people you don't know very well!
If you want to make the world a better place take a look at your self and make the change!

Be kind no matter what because if you are being kind then other people will be kind to you and it will make this place a better place to live in and learn in.
Being kind has a great reward, being rude gets you no where good. 🙂
In a world were you can be anything always be humble and kind
Shout out to Taylor Tooke for being kind even in hard times
If you want to change the world, you should summon the kindness you have to help.
if you want to be kind you gotta be nice
"It does not take much to be kind"
If you want to live a happy life tie it to a goal not to other people or objects!

originally said by Albert Einstein

shout out to jenna from miss young's class for being kind to everyone

( elli harris)
elli harris, thank you miss scott for helping me with p.e
you are the best!!!!!
Kind is what you are made of
Inside outside
Never bully
Do your best
Peyton is a PeyTON of fun, Ethan and nathan are better eTHAN cheese, dont you agree, Grace is an awesome grACE Lucy and Josee you will luCY/joSEE that they are kind to others, Gavin surely is gavIN an awesome mood and likes making others laugh, Kade is awesome so like kaDUH. Liam is awesome liAM i right, Estella and Ella is stELLA-tastic. Thank for being my friends 🙂
Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken.
Lincoln R, You have such a kind and loving heart. I love your smile, which brightens my day. I love you!--Mom
You are the best teacher Mrs Mckinnon you are really smart too!! 🙂
You are awesome and you can do anything if you believe in your self!
Thank you Mrs. McKinnon
I💝 Mrs. McKinnon!!
thank's for being my friend's ,Jane ,Katie,McCall, i would be nothing with out you!
Cole, Cash and Grace,
You are awesome!!!
Thank you for all you do Mrs. Dietz!
Thank you for all you do Mrs. Reynolds!
Thank you for all you do Ms. Matteis!
love yourself no matter what
and you are not alone
Shout out to Ayla and Eva Calder. Best daughters ever!!!
Believe in yourself. Don't try it... DO IT!
(Violet O'Brien)thank you to Mrs. Young for helping me with school!!!!!
Thank you James for being my friend.

-Dax Sabey
Mrs Averett rocks!

Mrs. Young's class wants to thank Jackson, Emma and Kati for helping us during Reteach time! You are awesome!
Do not try, only do.

-spencer higbee
Thank you to Josee cope for always being so kind.
Thank you Collin For Being An Amazing Artist and Person.
Every day only comes once so take chances and live it up.
-Libby Moore
You are funny, nice, and kind -Sophie
Kindness is what matters in life the most, so make sure your doing it!!

-Paisley Keller
Kindness is seeing the best in others when they can not see in themselves.

It's cool, be kind. This school is such an amazing school because of all the awesome kind kids.
Hello classroom!
Hey, you can do this.
-Hailey Christensen
Try to be a rainbow in someone elses clouds.
Be awesome!
Thanks everyone for helping the school be a kind place!!!

-Paisley Keller
Determination Over Negativity -Donovan Mitchell
Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today!

-Hunter Voorhees

Determination over Negitavity
One positive word can change someones entire day!!
Kindness is something that someone will always need.

-Izzy Crockett