Jailee's positive attitude and effort, Gabe's positive attitude and tech support!
I'm thankful for my class, their positive attitude and efforts to "Make it Work."
Isabel's love of books & politeness, Desiree's improved participation, Cristian's sense of humor, Isaiah's extra time & effort, Sophia's kindness and positivity, Emma's manners and "Good Mornings', Jacob's kindness & work effort, Ayla's tech support and jok
Maci's laugh and sense of humor, Thomas's creative thinking, Skylar's detailed Padlet's and smile, Araiyin speed and Nitro competition, Gabriel's complex thinking and drawings, Calvin's participation and positivity, Preston's daily effort and positive attitude, Gregory's sense of humor, Meilani's improved efforts, Max's help to others and
I am thankful for Mr Barton and all he does for us
I am thankful for the whole world because its full of gratitude and i'm thankful for all the grades in shafter elementary! Love, Jaimilyn Munar
I am thankful for Mrs.vo because she teaches us and I am thankful for my family and friends
i am thankful for this
I'm also thankful for all the technology that we have right now because it allows us to connect and actually learn and do school. Also, I'm thankful for all the other wonderful things that we have! This is my 2nd message for this awesome kindness wall, which I am also grateful for!????

~Calista V
I'm thankful for my Mom because she helps take care of me and my 2 other brothers, she also has kindness to me and the family, and she also makes me laugh with her funny jokes. I'm also thankful for my Dad because since he serves for the military he sacrifices his lives to help us live a good life ????
I am thankful for my 4th grade teachers and my 5th grade teachers, the tech teacher, the principal, tv shows, games, the librarian in Shafter, the person who plays games with you and other sometimes at lunch, my girl sout leader.

i am thankful for everything in the whole entire world except all the bad stuff


I am thankful for my family, friends, teacher, and all my classmates and also thankful for my dog. I love learning and I love to be outside with my friends. I like to be with people who actually accept me for who I am, not what I need to be. Have a nice and wonderful Christmas break and have fun! I also am thankful for this animal from my old neighborhood friend! ^^
-Rachel K.

I'm thankful for a lot of things like, food, family, shelter, water, and inventions for everything they help us with. - Ojelly
I'm thankful for all the things we have, like AC, running water, and a house to live in, because some other people around the world might not have that. Also, being in a wonderful school with amazing teachers, and having a great family are 2 other things that I'm VERY grateful for! I know for a fact that even during this coronavirus pandemic, people can still be kind!

Im thankful for the never gonna give you up guy.
I am thankful for my friends, the park that I roller blade at, music, and California.
i'm thankful for my dad , and mom for the food

i am thankful for my life, my mom, my dad, my siblings (even if they are annoying), my dogs, the food! everything that is good for me i am thankful and i am thankful for my friends.
i'm thankful for my dad , and mom for the food
Aloha everybody this is Valerie Ennis and I'm in fourth grade we should always be thankful know matter what even if the other person is being mean it does not give you a right to be mean back say I'm sorry and if that's not worth it do something thoughtful and don't expect any thing back Valerie Ennis bye
I am grateful for Miss Silva because she teaches me! 🙂
I'm grateful for my mom, because she always wants me to be happy and never let's me be sad. I am also grateful for my dad, who is always there when I'm lonely. Another person I am thankful for is my younger brother who always finds a way to make me smile. Lastly, I'm grateful for my friends, because they make me feel like I belong. (Which I do belong)

-Madeline Hannon
I'm thankful for my teacher(Mrs, Paul-Paz), my family, my school, and my house!

Hi! My name is Isabella and I am grateful for my family, my class, and nature.
I’m thankful for my family and Ms Sah.

I am grateful for my Mom because she always makes yummy food for me!

Brayden Pray
I’m thankful for my mommy. She’s taking care of me and my little sister!!!

By Liliana
I am grateful for my family because they play fun games with me.
~Charlotte A.
I am thankful for the park, because it is pretty. we can go for a walk on the weekend.
I am Thankful for my family and love.
I am grateful for my family and friends.
I am grateful for my Mommy's love!
I’m thankful for my teacher Ms. Sah because she helps me learn new things every
I'm thankful for my teacher(Mrs, Paul-Paz), my family, my school, and my house!

I’m thankful for the trees because they give us air to breathe. I’m grateful for Mr. Bear because he keeps me safe at night. I’m thankful for my teachers Mrs. Paul-Paz and Mrs. Castellano. And I’m grateful for my Mama and Dada because they are always there for me. —Alexandria Rogers
Hi, my name is Remy, & I'm grateful for mom, Mrs. Paul-Paz, dad, & Christmas. They all make me happy.
Hi I'm Valerie Ennis you should be grateful for family and friends teachers, saint nick, little siblings even tho they might be trobble they don't know don't take out on them be the bigger person and say sorry and give a hug it takes two people to fight it's not just one person it's both be a good person
I am grateful for my bestfrend Kyle
I am thankful for my little sister.
I am thnakfulnfor my loving family and my friends. I am also grateful that I have food, a home, my health, and my education.
-Jaxon Siler
I am thankful for my family because they do a lot stuff for me. -Thea
i am thankful for my family and friends
I am thankful for my Family and Friends .
I am thankful for my Mom, Dad, Caleb, Ayden, Remy, and Sage.
I am thankful for my mom and dad. I'm also thankful for all I have and all the toys I have. I'm also thankful for my friend Daihana.
I am thankful for my family, because they are nice to me and love me. I am thankful for my maw-maw, because she is nice to me.
Cameron T.
I am thankful for my family, food, friends, water, health, and a house to live in.
I am thankful for my family because my mommy takes care of me, my daddy makes money for my games, and my sister plays with me. I'm also thankful for my elf Blu and my family in Guam.

- Johnny Weakley
I am thankful for my family and teachers! ?
I love my family!

Brandon Brownhill / 1st Grade / Mrs. Paul-Paz
I am grateful for my family, friends and teachers.
I am thankful my family and friends and school even though we can't be together we still are and we still connect
I am thankful for are planet Earth .

I'm thankfull for my family, my pets, people still alive , and that I'm alive.

I am thankful for family, friends, the whole universe, my things that I own, food, shelter, and clothes.
I thankful for my friends because it helps you so you wont be alone. Family loves and supports you when you need them. Counselors help when your feeling down or unhappy they will be there to help in the hardest times they understand what your going though. Saint nick gives toys to me all these things I am thankful for everything. .
Hi, I'm Marcela Gonzalez, I'm thankful for my family and I'm thankful for my friends and I'm thankful for the things I have and for Mrs.Rompasky for teaching me and for money and my counselor, for food for my sister and brother to play with, AND for LOVE.
be thankful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️♥️?????????????????❣️???????????????????????????????????????????
I'm thankful for the Scientist who found out what things are, and for making the vaccine, From: Madisyn Fourth grade
I am thankful for my techer and friend and classment . From Haley
the consulear mrs. pantasico she is the greatest consulear
I am thankful for my best friends Alexa, Kaui, kaylie. My mom and my dad and Gracie, and my pets. I am also thankful that we have enough food and water. I am also thankful for my mom who works all day in the army to provide for my family. And my sisters and brothers for helping me. The teachers because they work hard to teach us and make sure we understand and my classmates
I am thank full my ELF

I am thankful for my old dogs , my familly , friends and earth cause with out my dog i would not have someone to play with when i was little and my familly cause to keep me company and earth so we can leave on it . From haley
I am grateful for my family and my dog and my friends because I like to play with them all the time. And I am grateful for food and games and my room.
i am thankful for everything(except for stuff that is mean or hurtful)

I'm thankful for waffles, an alley cat we feed and love. She cheers me up.My mom is nice too.she loves me and snuggles me.Tynan and my dad love me too.and my friends,Maci,EmilyLayla,Charley,are all kind.

From,Giana norton
i'm great full for my dog's kona and bently
I am gratefully for my family and Gabriel on the pictures and my baby is in kindergarten and he is coming to Shafter soon so i am so exited to see him
I am thankful for my dogs, my best friend (Isabel), my fun siblings, and god making the Earth
I'm thankful for my friends ayla and emma
I am thankful for my mom because she makes delicious foods. She also makes me smile. My mom is the most fun mom in the universe!!! She also got me some cool Christmas socks that feel soooo good when you wear them. I also am grateful for my teachers Mrs. Hanohano, Mrs. Castallano, and Mrs. Pantastico they all are awesome.

- Preston Villerot
I'm thankful for everybody and you made me what I want to be

yours truly: Isaiah
What I want everyone to know is that in 2020 I feel that kindness has risen.

- anonymous
Hi i'm grateful for my parent's, teachers, staff members, friends, and VIDEO GAMES!!!!
I'm thankful for my youngest brother Thomas because when I am feeling down he checks on me and cheers me up. -Isabel
I am grateful for everyone in this wonderful world and puppies and kittens fight the annoying covid-19 and have a nice day bye by:Jailee
I am thankful for My stuffed animal Hobbes because he is from my favorite comic book the comic book I am named after called Calvin and Hobbes by Calvin Slaven.
Hi I'm Gregory Wells I am Thankful for my mom giving life.
I am grateful for my dog, family friends my games my house, kitchen so my mom can make
some really really really really good food, my bed so I can sleep, By Cristian Hernandez
I'm thankful for my step dad Brent and my three dogs my step dads service dog Oreo, Jasper, and Jaxson I'm thankful for them because my dogs brighten my day and Brent gives me love.
I'm grateful for my hole family , anime , roblox , my old dog .
I am thankful for my two brothers Aiden and Andrew.I am also thankful my best friend Acea. Made by Max Zupsich
I am grateful for my teacher, Mrs. Hanohano. Her classes are fun and interesting

Gabriel RV
I am thankful for Sophia and Ayla my best friends because they are nice caring brave and they are always there for me and my dog! - Emma Kelso
I am thankful for my friends and family and my dogs???!!!
I am thankful for my dog. He keeps me happy and safe.

Gabriel RV
I am grateful for my classmates because they are nice

Gabriel RV
I am so grateful for everyone in this world and puppies and kittens you all have a good hart deep down or right at the top and fight the annoying covid-19 be strong
I am thankful for all of you even though the people I don't know in this school it's like your my family BUT I AM THANKFUL FOR MY FRIEND: Emma , Sophia, Skylar, and there is many of you.
I am thankful for AJ, Emma, Gabe, and Isabel for their awesome joke that boast up everyone's mood in class.
I'm thankful for my dog that is there for me to play with me and make me feel happy.
I'm thankful for my family because they always love me and my two grandmothers and fathers. I am thankful for my dad because he take us on trips. I thankful for my brother and sisters because they're nice and kind. I'm thankful for my mom because she always make us food and let us play game and let us play outside and give us a hug.I'm thankful to my family.
I am thankful for my brother, because without him I would be really scared to enter every grade, because I wouldn't know any of the teachers. although he helps me, and introduces me to them.
I am thankful for my dad, who is part of the army. He is retired, but he still makes about the same amount of money. Because he was able to get the same job, and I am very happy for him. -Nolan
I am thankful for eveything in life, everything is either a blessing, or not so much of a blessing, but you can make those not-so-much-of-a-blessings into blessings better than you already have, you just have to know how! -Nolan

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