"You Uplift"

Virtual School Kindness Wall

(Cloud Based Software)

How It Works

Cloud Based Software

Works With Any Device

Using the Platform on an Ipad

Step 1: Submit

Students and faculty use your school's customized YouUplift Positive Submission Form to anonymously submit positive messages about one another. Positive pictures, quotes, and animated GIFs can also be submitted.

(Because all messages are submitted anonymously, there are no "Logins" required, and we do not gather any information of any kind. Therefore, the platform falls within all school privacy terms and conditions. )

Step 2: Approve

All submitted messages go directly to the email inbox of any participating faculty member(s). The faculty member(s) will choose if the message becomes visible by clicking the APPROVE or DELETE button.

(This guarantees that ONLY positive messages of your standards will ever become visible!)

Step 3: Display

The YouUplift software will automatically customize all APPROVED messages with your school colors and logo, will place them into a digital rotating display, and will generate a live URL link for your display.

(This allows you to display your positive messages exclusively inside your facility via facility monitors. This also gives you the option to display your positive messages outside of your facility via school website, social media, mass emails, and digital newsletters.)

Free Access

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Monthly Pricing

$30/ Month

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Yearly Pricing

$299/ Year

(2 Months Free)
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