"You Uplift"

Virtual School Kindness Wall

(Cloud Based Software)

Kindness Wall In Action

Elementary School
(Works With Smart Boards)
“Not only do our teachers use the platform to praise their students, but every Friday we pick one student from each class and the rest of the students write messages about them. We then display the messages on our Smart Boards. The kids love it!”
– Elementary School Principal (IN)
Middle School
(Works With Any TV Monitor)
“Our staff is completely on board as this is the ‘go-to’ activity during any classroom downtime. We have our messages scrolling on classroom Smart Boards, cafeteria monitors, and on our school website, as this has had the most positive student response to any program we’ve implemented in my 30 years of teaching.”
– Middle School Guidance Counselor (VA)
High School
(Works With Any Device)
“This is the first thing our students do at the beginning of their Character Education class each week. The kids have dubbed it ‘Thoughtful Thursdays’ and can’t wait to see their messages in the hallways and cafeteria.”
– High School Principal (IL)

How It Works

Works With Any Device

Step 1: Launch

Make your school Kindness Wall url link available to your students, faculty, and parents in the manner of your choice (email, online notes, chromebook homepage, digital newsletter, school website, etc.).

Step 2: Submit

Students, faculty, and parents use your Kindness Wall link to anonymously submit positive messages about one another. Positive pictures, quotes, and animated gifs can also be submitted.

(Because all messages are submitted anonymously, there are no "logins" required, and we do not gather any information of any kind. Therefore, the platform falls within all school privacy terms and conditions.)

Step 3: Approve

All submitted messages go directly to the email inbox of any participating faculty member(s). The faculty member(s) will choose if the message will become visible by clicking the APPROVE button.

(This guarantees that ONLY positive messages of your school standards will ever become visible!)

Step 4: Display

The "You Uplift" software will automatically customize all APPROVED messages ONLY - with your school colors and logo, and will place them into a rotating display located on your Kindness Wall link.

(This allows users to submit messages and view messages from your Kindness Wall link. This also allows you to display your positive messages on facility tv monitors, smart boards, and school website.)

3 Optional Features

Fundraising Feature

We can place a DONATE button at the bottom of your Kindness Wall that goes to the school account of your choice. This allows you to place your Kindness Wall Link on your school website, share it via social media, or email it to parents and community members, so that they can see your positive messages, submit a positive message, or make a donation to your school.

(*NOTE: You keep 100% of all Donations!)

Gaming Feature

We can provide a Tracking Table, so that you can see which class or group submits the most positive messages. This allows you to run friendly "Kindness Competitions" on a monthly basis.

Embedding Feature

We can provide your Tech Team with a simple line of code that will allow them to embed your Rotating Display of approved messages onto your school website. This allows visitors to instantly see your positive messages scrolling on your website when they arrive.

Over 100,000+ Positive Messages Submitted Wordwide and Counting!
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