Thank you Mr. Cedric and the custodial staff for keeping our school clean!
Thank you to LYDIA for showing kindness to a fellow student!
Thank you to JULIANNA SUTTON for helping Mrs. Pitts. Great job!
Congratulations to LELAND WYLIE for winning 1st place in the Cobb EMC Patriotism Writing Contest!
Thanks to all the staff members that help when the kids are sad or not feeling well !
Thank you Mrs. Guyon for being an awesome teacher we love you !!!!!

-love , Lila
Thank you to MRS. GUYON'S CLASS for being responsible and respectful when Mrs. Pitts had technical difficulties during guidance!
MR. CEDRIC - Your positive attitude helps make our school a happy place!
Thank you to Cameron M. for helping keep the school clean!
William D. was a great help to me in guidance. Thank you!
MRS. COLES'S CLASS - Great job during guidance today!
Happy birthday DR.Bell!!
Thank you to LILLY C. AND REBECCA H. for helping Mrs. Pitts!
HUGE shout outs to Mrs. McGuire and Mrs. Purnawan for their hard work in the media center!!!
Way to go, ISABELLA S, for showing kindness!
We love our PTA! Thanks so much for everything you do for us. The lunch was delicious!
Charia- you showed love and kindness by playing with a friend that needed someone to play with today! I'm proud of you!
With love,
Mrs. Adair
A big THANK YOU to Jacob for getting our Kindness Wall up and running!
A special THANK YOU goes to Mrs. Long's Family! Thank you for always being there to brighten up my days. You are the best! Love, Mrs. Long
Thank you to my Fourth Grade Team! I don't know what I would do without each one of you! You make my heart happy!
I am so proud of my class for using kind words of encouragement!
Mrs. Adair