"Every moment is a fresh beginning." - T.S. Elliot
This school is cool
"The time is always right to do what is right." - Martin Luther King Jr.
SOLOMON CARTER: Great job helping!
SOLOMON CARTER: Great job helping!
Shout out to Bobby F for showing kindness to others!!
Mysterious writer russom elementary is Awesome😎
New kids this School is awesome
Bristol thank you for being kind and keep up the great work!

love,Annabelle Lavergne,Cali Lee,Ayla speaker
To Ms. Robinson,

Thank you for always bringing the FUN to your classroom! Layla constantly talks about all the activities you plan. It’s clear you have a love for teaching!

— Emily Jordan
Karsyn- you are so brave and strong
Karsyn- you are so brave and strong
Mrs. Price class, thank you for always being kind and patient. It makes a world of a difference!
Brealynn Lowe you have such a big heart and always kind to others!
This is the best school
Thank you elleigh and tessa for being kind
Thank you to Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Humphries for making the media center so great!
Great friendship skills, Ashton and Alhaji!
Let me "Thank" Elijah Thompson for such good manners this morning at breakfast!! It is appreciated to hear "Thank you" from our Rhinos no matter if its breakfast, lunch or ASP. Way to go Elijah!!!
The red hall teachers and staff are helpful, supportive, and understanding!!! Thanks for making me smile everyday!!!
Thank you for all russom staff for being nice
Thank you all the costodients for keeping our school clean 💖 From: ABBIE RAE
CHARLIE EDWARDS - Thank you for being empathetic and friendly to others!
I want to say thank you to lucas for being really funny and making people laugh
Thank you Mrs. Lutzow for being an awesome 1st grade teacher! Love your class!!!
Congratulations to: JOSIE, LUKE, KATE, ABBY, MADI, CAROLINE, FINLEY, ADDALYN, KENDYL, and JASMINE for winning the Cobb EMC Patriotism Essay Contest!
Ms. Robinson is always helping kids even if they're not in her class.
Abbie Rae- thank you Karsyn Cole for being a great friend for eveything ever
From Ava Close Happy birthday Jacob!
From Ava Close Happy birthday Jacob!
Thank you so much to our lovely ladies in Rocky’s Diner for a great Thanksgiving Feast!!! It was so yummy!!!
-Hayley and Dana
Thank you mrs.doring for helping people in di.
Loralei you are a good and kind friend from Jheliana , to Loralei.
Thank you Annabelle Lavergne for being kind and friendly to me on my first day of school. You made me feel good inside on my first day at a new school!
- Eliza Orrock
Elijah you are getting so much better at reading!
Shout out to David in Mrs. Hadaway's who was spotted doing several random acts of kindness this past week. Thanks for spreading kindness!!
ELIJAH THOMPSON - Thank you for being kind and sharing!
Thank you Romie for being amazingly understanding, patient and kind!
Faraji Toney made my day with his fabulous smile!
thank you mrs.long for being a amazing teacher
Thank you Abaleen Duran for being a kind sister and friend.❤️
Lincoln is the best Friend I could ever have

Thank you
Thank you Annalise Dabney for being kind!
I can be kind by helping you out with what ever you need
Thank u Mr beasineur for teaching me all these amazing things like stock market and hands on equations it has impresed my parents dearly

Sincerely Christian H
Thank you every teacher I had and every teacher for teaching everyone.
Being kind is love and love is happy so is u want to be loved treat other’s white respect❤️ From khani
Happy birthday Jenner Whitson! We love you!! 💜
AYDEN MECKSTROTH - Your friendly greeting and wonderful smile made my day!
Thank you to Karsyn Cole for kindness! She shared some of her Tootsie Pops with Mrs. Pitts.
Thank you to Ava and Audrey Morrow for sharing some of their Halloween candy with Mrs. Pitts.
Tootsie Pops are my favorite!!
Thank You Russom For The Great Learning-Alex Hudson Classroom E111
Russom Elementrey is the best school EVER
Make sure to be respectful responsible and ready to secede

Make sure to be kind:)
To Mrs. Pitts

Tank you so so so so much for being there for everyone and for being thankful in my opinion you are the best

From Cora Kirby
thank you KENDYL for being a friend and a really nice person!!!

Thank you Easton for making me laugh! thank you for being so sweet to me and cheering me up! and thank you for including me in everything!

love: kendyl
THANK YOU KINSLEY for being my friend and helping me with school and just being a REAL FRIEND!!!

thank you for helping me cheer up!

from: kendyl
Thank you Brianna for helping me with school and threw this hard time that i am going threw and keeping in contact with me threw this pandemic and for being my best friend.
Thank you Brianna for helping me with school and threw this hard time that i am going threw and keeping in contact with me threw this pandemic and for being my best friend.
thank you Brianna for being my friend- kk
Thank you Sophia Butterworth for being my best friend!!! Also helping me when i need it.
Thank you peyton for being helping me when i was sad - KENDYL
Elleigh Rae Wix-Thank you Avery and Addi for being a friend to me.

Thank You Jordan For Being My Friend 3rd Grade Mrs. Meldrims Class E111
Russom Is THE BEST SCHOOL EVER-Alex Hudson Mrs Meldrims Class 3rd Grade
Thank You Jordan Haris For Being My Friend!-Alex Hudson 3rd Grade
Thank you for being great friends Clara Duran and Natalee Barker!
- Layla
Annabelle-Maegan thank you for bieing nice and funny!
You are the best school ever
This is Shane McLeod from 5th grade:

Thank you everybody for being you!
Hi! It is Parker and Maverick in Mrs. Rast's class. Thank you to all teachers for helping us learn and get farther in life.

We love Russom teachers!
HI it is Parker and maverick in mrs.rast class thank you all teachers for helping us learn and get farther in live.

Love you guys
Great Job in Guidance, MRS. RAST'S class!
Thank you to MRS. GUYON'S class for being kind!
Mrs.Pitts is the best teacher. She helps us learn more and better skills, she also makes us a better person.
Thank you, BRAYDEN V. for showing empathy!
Ava Close - Thank you Annabelle for being a nice friend
Eliza- thank you Annabelle for helping me on my writing
Sam-thank you jacob for being a good friend at lunch
Elijah- Judah was being a nice friend he was help me on a math equation
Judah- Thank you Jill for being a nice and helping me with my math you are always a very nice friend
Good job Braden Garcia, keep it up!
Russom Elementary is the best school

Mrs. Long is the best teacher of 4th Grade
Jill- Thankyou Edith for being so nice to everyone around you. I am sooooo happy to be your best friend!!!!!!
Jacob S.- Thank you to Sam, Mason, Cristian, and Jackson for playing 4 square with me at the field!
thank you for being the best teacher ever
- edie

thank you Jill for being such a good friend and helping me with math and for and for playing with me.
Annabelle - Ayla you are a great friend!
Thank You For Michael Mitchell Being kind at Russom Elementrey
I have the best friends at this school

# it’s Aliyah combs
# Presley
And the best teacher
Thanks To Dr. Bell for being the best Principal Ever!!!
Thank you to KILEY TAYLOR for being nice!
Great job in Guidance, MRS. MELDRIM'S CLASS!
ROMIE S. - Thank you for being kind to others and showing empathy!
Keagan, Jackson, and Easton showed kindness when a friend was sad and crying. Thank you for loving your friends!
: ) Mrs. Adair