Hi! It is Parker and Maverick in Mrs. Rast's class. Thank you to all teachers for helping us learn and get farther in life.

We love Russom teachers!
HI it is Parker and maverick in mrs.rast class thank you all teachers for helping us learn and get farther in live.

Love you guys
Great Job in Guidance, MRS. RAST'S class!
Thank you to MRS. GUYON'S class for being kind!
Mrs.Pitts is the best teacher. She helps us learn more and better skills, she also makes us a better person.
Thank you, BRAYDEN V. for showing empathy!
Ava Close - Thank you Annabelle for being a nice friend
Eliza- thank you Annabelle for helping me on my writing
Sam-thank you jacob for being a good friend at lunch
Elijah- Judah was being a nice friend he was help me on a math equation
Judah- Thank you Jill for being a nice and helping me with my math you are always a very nice friend
Good job Braden Garcia, keep it up!
Russom Elementary is the best school

Mrs. Long is the best teacher of 4th Grade
Jill- Thankyou Edith for being so nice to everyone around you. I am sooooo happy to be your best friend!!!!!!
Jacob S.- Thank you to Sam, Mason, Cristian, and Jackson for playing 4 square with me at the field!
thank you for being the best teacher ever
- edie

thank you Jill for being such a good friend and helping me with math and for and for playing with me.
Annabelle - Ayla you are a great friend!
Thank You For Michael Mitchell Being kind at Russom Elementrey
I have the best friends at this school

# it’s Aliyah combs
# Presley
And the best teacher
Thanks To Dr. Bell for being the best Principal Ever!!!
Thank you to KILEY TAYLOR for being nice!
Great job in Guidance, MRS. MELDRIM'S CLASS!
ROMIE S. - Thank you for being kind to others and showing empathy!
Keagan, Jackson, and Easton showed kindness when a friend was sad and crying. Thank you for loving your friends!
: ) Mrs. Adair
Thank you Aubree, Hannah, and Abaleen from Mrs. Adair's class for helping other students in PE. Great teamwork!!!
Great communication skills, LILY JOHNS and KELSIE OWEN!!
Great participation in guidance, MS. ROBINSON'S CLASS!
Welcome home to Mrs. Mierzwiak's daughter, Ashton. Thank you for your service in the US Army.
"Thank You" to those who choose to dine with us at Rocky's Diner!! I cant list everyone by name. Just remember you are appreciated and it's for you that....
We serve with "LOVE" at no extra charge!!!
Thank you to MRS. BREWER'S CLASS for an awesome guidance lesson!
KAESEN BAKER- Showing self- control in the classroom!
Great work each morning by our Rhino news crews:
Haddon Byerly, Knox Honaker, Kate Honaker and Bre Lowe
Addalyn Peleaz, Madison Rast, Suzannah Russell and Ansley Schularick
Congratulations to HADDON BYERLY for being recognized by the Board of Education for his Patriotism!
Happy National Boss' Day to Dr. Bell, Mr. Schularick, Mrs. Gassett, and Mrs. Posey!
CORA KIRBY - Thank you for being kind!
Happy Birthday Landon Bailey!
Thank you to Ms. Pitts for bringing the "You Uplift" School Kindness Wall to Russom Elementary!