I am so proud of the varsity girls. Everyone has been doing great throughout the season. We are ballers and i can't wait til we are older and playing together because we are going to be amazing. mahalo
you are a great friend Niyah have a great day
Tristan don't let what people say to you get to you
faith tolley --- you're an amazing friend and you're super sweet!! you're so gorgeous and i love you lots!!!
Miss Bookout,
Thanks for everything you have done for me. You are an amazing teacher! You are also an amazing director for the plays! Thank you for making class fun! Love you! ~Beans
Lillian Akers, Gurl your hair was looooooooking FLY today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi LisaAnne, hope you´re having a good week, have a great day!

William Ikemba, you’re great
Briannah Romeo, you are very talented and when you did my hair the other day it was kind of scary but it was really good! I LOVE YOU - you're sister
Chloe Angel, nothing can stop you
Jaycob Hertzfelt, you're pretty awesome! have a great rest of your day
jada avent, you are so helpful during school n u r so bright
Deborah Abumere you just light up the room
Happy Birthday Grant Toadvine
todd akers, your very smart and a good friend
Shay Henry, you're acting is incredible and so is your preaching at play practice
Daniel Abumere, Your a awesome person and friend.
Cameron Greaver, i miss me and my sisters hanging out with you, it was always some type of crazy like Legends of the Fog a year ago.
Emily Daniels, you are really really funny. ahem John. and i love that one thing you do with your shoulder i die every time
Kelly Crawford, i remember the time me and my sisters went over your house and attempted to make a dance together, that was funny! keep up the good work in volleyball!
Hi Mya Clark, I hope you´re having an amazing week!
Ariel Batt, you are really pretty! i remember hanging out with you at Emily's birthday party. it was fun!
happy birthday Deborah Abumere
Happy Birthday Mackenzie Marzan. Hope you have the best birthday ever!!
Alex Barnes, you are absolutely funny and i love your laugh! thanks for being my sisters friend - Moody
Happy Birthday Genesis Lemus- Morales ,hope you have a good birthday ,a lot of presents, and a big cake.
Kim Abdalla, you are amazing! keep up the great work!!
M. Miller, merci d’être le meilleur professeur de français et de bible de tous les temps. Merci! You're the best!
Ben Rohm, you are a kind person who works hard to achieve his dreams. Keep being you 🙂
To all the sixth graders, from noah edmondson (seventh grade) Sixth grade was hard for me last because I was so focused on fitting in with the crowd, but it wasn't worth it. I just want to tell you, to be yourself and not someone your not. Have a great day.
Thank you to all the teachers for being very encouraging to all of us, and for making teaching fun! have a great day and eat hot Cheetos
dear juliette, thanks for being such a good friend
Middle School Boys Soccer finish out strong. Win the rest of the games!

Semilore and Iohanis thanks for being such great friends. Have a good year!
Iohanis thanks for being such a great best friend. Hope you have a great rest of the year
Semilore thank you for being such a great friend for all these years. You are such a great best friend.
Dear Mr. Hernandez,
thank you for making language fun!!!!!!!!
Have A Wonderful Weekend RBS Fam!!!!!!!!
Nicole M. You make me laugh so hard!!! I miss having you in class!
Congrats to MS Volleyball and Soccer!!! Keep up the hard work!!
Semilore thanks for being such a good BESTIE you are awesome you make me smile I hope that you are having a good day because you make mine brighter!!!
callie,taylor,shiru,logan,and iohanis you are great friends we are all very different but we are still friends
thank you chloe for being my best friend
Dear Mr. Conley thank you for being a awesome principal.
Dear Sean ( 7th grade ) Thank you for helping me out at my first day of school and being a good friend and by the way your innocent.
Dear Brad, Cohen, Evan, Sean, Joey, Jake, Dillon, Ben, Kevin. Thanks for being my friends and including me into your groups.
Thank you to all my teachers that invest time in me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rea you will be okay praying for you
dear Albert Cooper you are one of my best friends and i hope you have a great day
Have a amazing day!

Thank you Mr. Hernandez for making school fun.😎👌👏😜😃🤩😣😯🤑
Dear Marian thanks for being a good Minecraft partner and a awesome cousin.
Dear Mr. Miller, I appreciate the class discussions that we have in class and you are funny.
Dear Mr.conley you are a great principal and you are an amazing person you have a good sense of humor and you are very intelligent keep it up 🙂
Mr. Miller I just wanted to let you know thanks for helping us understand the Bible, and having class disscussions with us
Mrs. Anderson i miss having you for history class! you're a great teacher keep up the good work!!
Mr. Miller, i hope your school year is going well. don't give up!:)
Dear Miss. Bookout thank you so much for having so much fun with us in class and always thinking of the students
Ms. Bookout thanks for all the memories we have together! you're amazing and i hope your appointment went well and quickly! Love You Drama Mama - Tooty
Ana Bautista i think you are a great human being and we are glad you are at rosedale!!
Ms. Johnson, congratulations on your first English class at Rosedale!
thanks Kinsey for the quizlet you really helped me!
carmen santiago i think you are a great human being and we are glad you are at rosedale
Dear Ms. Johnson, you´re the best English and homeroom teacher ever! Looking forward to a fun year with you.
lee santiago i think you are a great human being and we are glad you are at rosedale
whoever is on crutches, hope you heal quickly!
Tyler W. good luck with English class!
cLAIRE Ellis, thank you for putting those notes around school, made my day!
Always stay positive!
Dear Mrs. Dieter,
Thank you for always providing us with our math knowledge!
Thank you Mr. Conley so much for all the opportunities you offered us, and for encouraging us students to try harder, do your best, and to respect others.
5th Grade ( Mrs. McCain) Good job on getting the pizza party!
Emmie thanks for helping me with Cultural Geography! you're always caring
Dear Addison aka shu shu, you are so funny and such a good and trust worthy friend and i really hope we get closer this year love uuuu!!!!!:)"
Jaca, thanks for the card you gave me it was very kind, 12 percent... you know who it is
Have fun on your field trip 5th grade!
Matthew Beauchamp-
You are the most amazing friend I ever had. I don't think I would be survive right now. You are more fun than anyone or anything I know, including bubble wrap.You are the most perfect you there is.You are one of the strongest people I know.
emmie, you are a good friend and i hope u survive this year


Shelby you are such a nice person, always caring for other people, and being goofy.
Hey Shelby, just wanted to say hello and that you're really funny and a good friend. I hope you have a great day!

Madi, you are so kind and funny. You have been with me every step of the way. And you are super relatable. Thank you for being you and cheering me up when I don't want to be talked to. Thx 4 every thing you do.
Dear, Shiru,Iohanis,Semilore,Joey, Arielle,Cohen,Juliette,Noah,Andrea,Logan and others thx for being my friends and best friends and being kind. And being there for me
Mr.Andrews you are a great science teacher, you are really outgoing, your funny and have a great sense of humor.
dear miss stickline i enjoy you class
Dear Ms. Rushing...
I can't describe in words of how thankful I am for you as a teacher! I am so glad to have you as a teacher because you are really positive and you always are very bright and cheerful! I love how you encourage each and every one of your students! Have a Good day!
Thank ms. stickline for being a great tech teacher, and making it fuuuuuuunnnnnnn! Have a great day.
kevin thx for being a good son
Shelby-You are a beautiful and amazing soul.I think your WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!
Kaylen, thank you for putting up with all the crazy stuff that has happened to me already this year. You are a great friend and I'm so glad to have you in my life.
Daniel, you are very fast at running
dear callie anna wilson i love you so much you are my best friend- tater
dear mrs coucci
you are the best study hall teacher you allow us to express ourselves while still making sure we are respectful
dear taylor you are so pretty i love you so much
callie i love you so much you are my bestie for the restie
Amoni thanks for being a great person and making me laugh all the time