my heart, soul, and mind belong to gov school!

twinning in #rocktober
Congratulations to Durbin Stevens as well as his fellow PH golfers on their win at subregionals. Good luck at regionals!
Drippiest boy in the valley standing next to his good friend max
shoutout to this special girl for being so rvgs determined! #studious #proudofher
Kalob is so swag!!!
Sallie Boxley is so determined and ambitious!!!!!
me & my gov study buddies!!!!
Seth is very RVGS determined!!
Best morning announcers: Andres & Anna, only second to the OG Ms. Buch <3
Thank you to whoever is refilling the snack machines, single handily fueling the student body
Thank you Mr. Browning for being so understanding and kind to the AP Stats kids :,) Best math class ever
Go Ms. Villers for helping me all the time in chemistry!! Wouldn't be making it without you <3
Best front desk lady ever: Ms. Buch <3
Thank you Ms. Sebolt for being so kind and awesome all the time! The amount of dedication and care you put into our academic/mental success is super duper cool B)
me & my fav people ever!!!
Ben B. is such a good friend. He always is so kind and thoughtful.
Shoutout to my helpful friend Emma! You rock!
It's great to have everyone back in the building and be at least partially back to normal 🙂
First year PM students are great!
Welcome to our new first year students!
Welcome Back RVGS Faculty and Students!!! Let's make 2021-2022 the BEST year ever!!!!