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4-C is the greatest !!!!!!!!!
Our 3rd grade teachers are truly amazing and our students are beyond blessed to have them.
Thank you to the students of seventh grade for working so hard on your math SOLs. I am so lucky I was able to be one of your teachers this year!

From: Mrs. O’Quinn
Good luck on all of your SOL's!!
I hope everyone has a great day ; )
Mrs.Rochelle Deel is amazing she is a wonderful person and a wonderful teacher!
hi i love school
i like school
Miss Bedsole is a great 4th grade teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Childress is a wonderful teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Miss Hutchinson is an awesome teacher!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Parish is a great teacher!!!
the teachers and staff are great
they teachers are good to us and take care of us
this school is awesome
i love Riverview
the teacher are great
good food
food is good
Life is like a camera. Focus on what's important, capture the good moments, develop from the negative. And if things don't work our, try again
i like school
have a tremendous day
Mrs. Coleman is an awesome computer teacher,
Ms. Bedsole makes our day brighter with her kindness.
My teachers are the best..!
This is a good school.
I love my school so much. It’s so fun and makes me so happy to hangout with my friends!!!!!!!!!
today we did math and other things that was fun and we got a treat for a fire drill teachers and faculity is nice #WeUplift
This school helps alot with what ever you would need help with <3
today was good
today was good
I love Ms. Hannah Stiltners class, I really hope I get her next year <3
Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.

i like school
i like school
this school is UNIQUE!
i just cant believe how many well manored students are at riverview elementary middle school
everyone is nice to me
Thank you for making learning fun.
i like a lot of the teachers
this school is the best
Ms. Susan is AWESOME!!! I love when she cleans out pod everything smells GREAT!!!! Ms. Susan is such a hardworking we are lucky to have her.
“ Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results.”
this school is awesome.
i think this school for giving use food and knowledge
This is is the best school because everybody is so nice.
i want to go home
Have a nice day
thank you for teaching me
Mrs. Childress is a blessing to our students.
i love my friends
school is cool and i love my teachers and friends
school is cool
thank you guys
I love you
i like my computer teacher she is awesome
school is awesome and its all most over i had a great year
i love this school every one is so nice and friendly
i love this school.
thank you for teaching
Mrs.Hale is good at her job
i love this school
school is great!
i love learning
Who evers reading this, I hope you have a great day today!
I love Ms. Hannah Stiltners class! We get to play Kahoot sometimes to study
math was good
school is cool
i like school
im Trey 6th grade my nicname is unekorn
Ms.Bedsole is an awesome teacher. She has helped us in so many ways to improve our behavior and studying for our SOL's.
My friend Bradley Squire helped me to computer class today,
I love my math teacher Mrs. Elsie Owens and Mrs. Stephanie Stiltner and Mrs.Hannah Stiltner i hope i get her next year
mathew cook is nice to every one
i like school
i like pe
good staff
i love my school
i love gym
This is a good school.
i like school
Hello, and I really love the this school ????
have a good day
Miss Sonja and Miss Deanna are awesome aides for Mrs. Hale's 5th grade class. Thank you ladies for all of your hard work!!!!!!!!!!
everyone is nice to me and most of my friends
you guys are the best
Have a great day!
thank you so much
everyone is so nice
The school is amazing and I have a great girlfriend!
the people in our school are ok
i love recess
i love gym
mattie is my best friend and always will be
Jaycee is my best friend and always will be
school is cool
i love this school so much
its so fun help me
i love p.e
i love my school
i love my friends we play games and my favorite activity is gym
i love my teachers
i love this school it is the best in the world i love it
i like gym
i Love gym
i Love gym
i love school
i think computer is awesome
i love to go the shcool
i love my school
i love my teachers
my gym teacher is nice.
I love my teachers
i love school
i love my gym teachers
i love rems
this school is great

the teachers teach you very well.
when you walk in if your having a bad day they make it all sunshiny
the teachers are nice and i wanna wish a happy birthday to MR.Owens
Riverview is awesome
love the teachers
computer teaches you how to type the proper way
i like the teachers
there are nice people in the school
the teachers are so nice here!!!!
the school is ok
thank you for helping the school better to all the principals
food is good
recess was fun
today was good
I'm trey I love school
our school is good
i love school when my fav teachers are
here and i love the food so much
it is fun to go outside and play
what ever we want
this schools cool
i like pe
i love school
My teachers are so nice!
~ Alyssa Varney
the people are nice
the teachers are nice
the best staff
i like my school
i like gym
i love this school

i like my school
I like PE
this school has nice teachers
This is a good school
Thank you Mr. Church for making gym so fun!
this people are so nice to every one
Today was a really good day, I really like the glow parties we have. They're really fun!!
im Trey and am nice and cool
math was fun today we had so much fun with our pamplet and we didnt have a lot of work
The teachers at our school love their children and go the extra mile to help them.
Mrs. Rasnake is an awesome teacher.
i like school
i love school
I like books
thank you
Mrs. Hutchinson's 4th grade class works so hard on their typing skills.
My school principals are the hardest working principals in our district and county. My hats are off to Kim Hess, Chad Stevens, and David Owens!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!
our school is good
school is fun
i love to learn
i like school
i like school and the food
i love my school
hey pe is cool
Ms. Jamima is a good help
school is fun
Mrs. Sue Fuller is the most kindest of people.
The principal is nice
real good food
This is the best school ever.
the gym is great the staff is nice the food is good
the teachers are really nice
this is the best school
this is the best school
i love gym
i like my teachers
you are nice
Have an AMAZING day today no matter what happens! And remember stay happy and always wear a smile because someone really cares about you
Luv ya bye<3<3<3
Have a good day everyone!!!
Patricia Ramey is an excellent teacher.
Mrs. Donna Childress is an excellent teacher.
our school is good
my teachers are awesome some of the best
Thank you so much
thank you
our school is good
thank you for everything! / didnt know what to say
i love to learn
thanks for helping us
Miss Jemima Lester is such a kind and caring employee here at our school. She is an aide to not just her student but those who are around her in the room. She is so helpful, thoughtful, loving, and patient. We are blessed to have her here.
i love school
this is Dalton B Lowe i love school
Have an AMAZING day today and I hope you're excited because there are only 41 days left of school!!!
abby is the best friend to have she nice and funny
have a awesome day everyone
have a great day and i ❤this school 😂😁😊
have a magnificent day whoever is reading this 😁:):)
i love the school
best school
i love all of my teacher for every year and all the principals and all of the cafe ladies and all of the staff and all of my activity teachers
my school is awesome
in two months i am moving and im gonna miss this school a lot love kealeigh gilbert
Mrs. Hale's 5th grade class is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
have a great day ???? ;p
have a good day
dear Riverview im a student that has a idea for the animal control i want to raise money for the animal center
this school is the best
the teachers here are awesome
Mrs. Stiltner your good
I like books
thank you for books at the book fair!
i love this school
Mrs. Anna McClanahan is a wonderful, patient, kind, and loving teacher as well as friend. She multitasks and never misses a beat. Thank you for all you do.
Mrs. Coleman's 5th grade class is awesome!!!!!!
i love school
this school is amazing because friends and teachers
i like the activities today and I'm excited for lunch
school is fun
school is great !!
i love school
This is the best school because everyone is so nice.
Thank you to the janitors for making out school nice and clean.
This school is fun and is a really great place to be if you want to learn,listen,be smarter,stronger,and wiser.
Thank Riverview
The kids at Riverview Elementary and Middle School are really nice and cool!
today we did the circumference and it was fun
math was fun today
This school is so great and fun and the kids are so nice
The teachers here are very nice and funny!
I have great friends at this school and I'm excited to go to prom with my friends and crush its fun and exciting
The school system is great! I learn a lot from it.
my friends are so nice to me.:)
Abbey Blankenship is such a good friend! She is so nice and super funny. She has been there for me for so long and she is so beautiful, I love her so much!
i love this school!
i love this place we learn more and more ever day and i love it.....And the teachers are so good at what they do Riverview is great!!!!!!! ???? ????