Mrs. Clifton is such a blessing to Riverview!!! Very thankful to have her as part of our family!!!!
THIS IS THE BEST SCHOOL EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love everyone
school is great
I like this school
I like my school and friends and teachers
Have a good day.
I love our principal Mrs.Hess She is so nice and has a great attitude
I like math
Have a good day.
Dear Abby I hope you have a good Halloween this year
bree is funey in nice
Hayden Compton is my best friend ever .
school is the best thing ever
everyone is nice.
Autumn Hibbitts will help you out when you need it.
Autumn, your so kind
Autumn is the best.
Bree Looney is very nice to me.
Autumn Hibbitts is cool.
Dear Autumn, I love your costume today.
Dear Autumn, I love your costume today.
I love Autumn Hibbitts.
Autumn Hibbitts is a good student.
Autumn Hibbitts is a good student.
Autumn Hibbitts is very kind and sweet.
Autumn Hibbitts is a very big help. She always helps out and is very kind.
Autumn Hibbitts is really nice and smart.
I love you, Autumn. You are my best friend.
I love you, Autumn. You are my best friend.
Autumn Hibbitts is very kind, sweet, nice, and is a very good friend.
I like History
I like school
believe you can do it!
I like school
I love my school and my teachers
school is cool
I love math
school is cool
Autumn Hibbitts is kind to me.
I love Autumn Hibbitts. She is the best. I love her.
Autumn Hibbitts is so nice and pretty.
Dear teachers and lunch ladies I am so grateful for everything they do for me. I just love the food the work and most of all I love everything they do. I love my friends and everything. I love Mrs. Hess and the office and stuff I just love it well I better go now!
I love my science teacher
I love gym
I love gym
I love my friends
I love gym
I love PE
I love PE
Im glad to be back at rems cheyenna payne
My friends are the best part of school but school is cool to my teachers are cool my favorite subject is math and reading
I like gym
I love school
I love school and my friends and all my teachers 🙂
I love school
school is awesome
I like this school and it is nice
I love my computer teacher
Today is the 29th I am super excited for the fall festival!
I love this school so much
I love the taco bowls at the schools
I like my friends
School is fun
I like school
Isiah Hamm you are the best man in the world.
Kiara Crockett is super nice, funny, and kind!

— Isabella Johnson.
I love Kiara Crockett. Her hair color is so pretty. Love you, Kiara.
thank you for making it better than it was
trever, he may not like candy, he may not like wednesdays (no work-sheet wednesday), or he may not like recess, but he is STILL a friend. By: Harley D. 3D
I love miss deel !
Hi my name is chloe im in 3rd grade im grateful of everything
I love art and I love tech and I love PE
I love school
I like gym
I love Mrs. DEEL
I just want to say thank you for all of the hard working people
I love this school! The holidays we celebrate here is awesome! I love Halloween! I love all my friends!
l like the school
I like my school because of you Mrs.hess you make this school wonderful
I love my teacher
I like you Mrs. Hess and my school is the best
There are nice people here.
I love my teachers they are the best teachers I have had
I love school
I like my friends they are named brylan brody talen kaytln kyrah
hi everyone I hope you all have a great day
I love gym
I love this school
Well today is Tuesday and I can't wait for the dance last friday was my birthday and I got a camera so yeah this weeks is going great!
I love the taco salads here that the custodians make and love all of my teachers
school = cool
I love my gym teachers
I like the tacos
I like computer
I love recess
I love to be kind and I love to be at this school right now. plus I love that my brother is here too! I love all of the teachers here. This school is the best school ever. It is one of the best !
The games here and the teachers are really nice. Go and tell you mom how good this school is! They play games with you and if you see this Mrs.Hess you are very nice teacher too you are one of the b
I love my school and my friends
I Love my teacher and my friends!
I love my school and I love the teacher and activity is the best. I love everything about my school.
I love school
This school and my friends are great!
I love school
This school is amazing!
I love school and I love my teachers
The school is so amazing.
This is an awesome school. It is my favorite one!!!
I love this school.
I love riverview
This school is awesome!
The staff here is the best

My friends are nice to me.
I love school.
I love our principals attitude ,

Emma Thompson
I love to go to school
I try really hard everyday to make my teachers proud of me. I love school.
The teachers are really nice
I like the teachers and I likethat I can see my friends.
Thanks for making me feel like home!
This school is cool sweet awesome and amazing.
Thanks for the best of friends and people.
I have nice friends
I want to thank Msr.Rasnake for being a good teacher
Today, Kamryn Ramey is now back in our class!
#greatest day of the year!
I love my school and teachers
School is great
I love school
Have a good day !
I like this school
My teachers are nice
good band teacher
good band program
Have a good day.
good food
the staff is nice
good field trips
my favorite subject is science but i still like all the classes
i like my teachers and my classes my favorite is reading so ya bye text next time


school great
I love school
I love the feild trip
hi! I am in a great school
my school is great
i like my teacher
I like my teacher
i love the school
I love school!
I love everyone!
I love the food
I love school!
I really like this school i know this school is good because the two other schools i was in were just bad and this school is awesome in every way

by the way its homecoming so whooohooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love our school
math is the best
i love math
math is fun
Julio ,Thanks For Driving The Bus On Our Field Trip.
Mr.Stevens ,Thanks For Driving The Bus On Our Field Trip.
Thank you Mr. Stevens for driving us thank you Julio for driving us too!
Hayden,I like you.
Mr.stevens thanks for driving us back to the school.
Julio,thank you taking us to the library.
Mr Julio and Stevens thank you for taking us to the library
Thank you Mr.Stevens for bringing us back from the library
Thank you Mr. Steven’s and Julio for taking us to the library
Thank you Julio for driving us to our field trip to the library
Thank you Mr. Stevens for driving us
Thank you mr. Stevens and Julio for letting us go to the library.
Thank you for the best day ever Mr. Stevens and Julio
Hayden has nice hair
Thank you Julio for taking us to the library
Hayden Compton, You’re Awesome!
I am good to people
Julio thank you for driving us to the libary
Thank you Mr.Stevens and Mr.Julio for to taking us and taking us back!!!
Thank you Mr.Stevens and Julio for taking us to the library and back to school
Hayden Compton is so nice, funny, sweet, and kind
Hayden Compton is nice
Hayden has nice hair
Hayden Compton is kind , sweet , smart , and funny
Hayden has nice hair
Thank you Julio for driving us to the library for me Bree looney 4th great

Hayden Compton is sweet
Thank you Mr.Stevens for driving us back to the school from our field trip to the library
Hayden Compton is the nicest person I have ever meat
I love Hayden Compton’s hair
Thank You!, Mr.Stevens+ Julio for taking us on our field trip!!!
Hayden Compton is nice.
Hayden, You’re amazing
Hayden Compton is nice
I love Hayden Compton he is the best

I like the art class because you get to learn how to draw very good!
the people in the school are nice and kind and my friends are in my class and I love all my friends because they are nice and kind and sweet!
This is a great school. Have a good day.
This is a cool and awesome school ever
My helper makes sure I go around the school safely.
Today is the last day of spirit week!
I have had the best day of my life!
Thank you REMS for doing this for the whole school!
This school is amazing cool sweet awesome and sweet nice
I like the food and the teachers
Riverview has the best food ever
there are nice people here
have a good day
thanks for everything you have done for me-
my bus driver is nice
river veiw is great
I like our school
I love my school and friends and teachers!
Our students in 4th grade are listening and participating in character education with enthusiasm and respect.
I like you Destinee yates
destinee is a good quiet girl she is funny and kind
deestine yates is funny
my freind Destinee is quiet
during class
destinee is cool
Destiny is a nice friend
Destinee yates is nice
destinee is nice quiet and smart
Destinee Yates is my best friend and is really nice
destiny yatezzzzz its nice i love her as a friend funny helps me awesome
Destinee is kind
I like you braxton
Logan Fuller is a good friend
thanks for everything guys

This school is really amazing with the amount of fun that someone can enjoy here whilst learning subjects such as Math, Reading, and History, along with activities that change like Physical Education, Art, Library, and Computer Lab. It's a safe and very fun place.
I like my teacher Ms. Deel and my friend gabby and the gym and art the computer and ted my friend my friend gabby makes me feel good about myself too
I like my math teacher because she does not make us do a lot of math sheets. I like my reading teacher because she has fun games for us. I like my science teacher because she let's us do fun stuff!
thank you for this wonderful school and thank you for letting me learn
i like school becuse of my great friends and the custodians and miss aleshia deel
I like my friend Ellie she is the best and my sister is the best her name is alexis and my pe teacher is the best
I love this school and I wish luck to everyone on their test! I love all the staff members here! This is the best school ever I love all my friends and teachers! I love all the classes and activities!
TECH is amazing! you can do amazing things! My fav is: coolmath, and crazy games!

by: Harley D. 3D
I love my teacher and I love pe and I love art and I love friends!
I like the school
Like the school because the teachers
i Love the school
I love to read thank you mrs.Cooper and mrs. bee teaching me how to read.
i love it