Had a great week with my sixth graders this week. They are always eager to help one another. They are Awesome!!
I like my school
your awesome
you might think you have no friends but you do!!
you are smart!!!
I like Ms Owens
I love third floor because all the teachers are nice
i love all of my 6th grade teachers and the band teacher i just don't love that when we have to stay 20 more min
I Love Mrs.Kay Ratliff
I'm glad I got Shelly Mcclanahan for a teacher this year!
I love this school
the teachers are very nice
I love all my teachers at middle and friends and everyone love you all.
school is awesome
school is fun
I like 6th grade so much teachers are nice and it is really fun
Everyone here is so nice.
I love school
I thought today was the best
Mrs.McClanahan is good at teaching

I meet a new friend named Logan
hello! I like math

I love 6th grade its the best I love math because its fun and I love science because its hand on and you get to experience a bunch of things and fun and in read. we are reading where the fern grows its awesome
Have a great day!
I like life!
math class is so fun thank you i hope we do more
our teachers are the best at riverview
you guy are so cool
math class with my friends in my class has been fun
Math class is really fun and we have a great teacher the first week of school has been fun and everyone has been really nice all of the classes has been really fun
I love the math teacher in 6th grade
thanks teachers

Math Class is fun
math class is awesome
i love my teacher she is the best and my friends Zoey and Mariana and Raegon and Weston

my teacher is so nice and kind and i have the best friends ever kali and mariana and westen and raegon
Jacob Deel has been my friend for 3 years!

I have great teachers and all the people here are nice and the gym teacher is nice but every body is nice.

I love Deel
everyone is awesome
Hi Im Ryland. I like my classmates and teacher bye

I love my teacher she gives us treats every day and she is nice does work with us
I love PE
Arabella is so nice
I like computer so so so so much
recess is fun
I love my teachers
I like P.E
band is fun.
All 6th grade teachers are the best and Mrs. Deel science is so fun but all teachers are great!
I like PE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I Love this school it has very good food and i love art i love this school
The teachers are so nice and the students are too.
I love the teachers and I love this school its amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like my friends
I love all my teachers this year
My first week back was very good
I love math
I like my teacher
Mrs Elsie Owens is nice
This is a pretty good school. All of the teachers are wonderful, the classes are great, and it's just fun to be in 24/7.
dear other schools ...this school is great! We have great teachers and friends. There is so much to do here and we hope you have a good day here! Everyday there is a new word to learn on the speaker! During the pledge of allegience we face the flag on the wall so if you come you can have a great day bye
thanks for all the teaching so far
I like gym
I like school its fun learning!
I love drawing
I love my teacher and friends teacher show you so much and I learn
I like my teacher
I like reading an math and science
I like play with my friends
I love my teacher
The teachers are nice!
I like my school
school is cool
I love school!
This is going to be a good year!
I like gym
It's a good day to be happy!
ur cool
Don't give up you can do it!!!
you can do anything that you put your mine to
You're a great person to hangout with.
I like Riverview be close my friend is here!
Riverview elementary middle school is the best school ever I love it here and kylee,breonna,cece,summer,remdy,ella, and hannha
I like all of my friends and my teacher I love pe class and I love all of my principals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like my school because the principals are nice
I like my teacher
I like our school because we get to see our friends
my bestfriend
I like Riverview because my best friends breonna and lacy!
I love my school I love janitors I love the teachers I love the principals Im happy my friends are here REMS is amazing !
I like all of friends!
I love school it is the best it is so cool the kids here are nice the teachers are nice
I love my school bc my best friends are here i like gym, art, library, tech and lunch.
I love school food is awesome even all the teachers are super nice gym is fun even computer lab I love mrs. belchers class its so fun and mrs. bedsole is fun and mrs childress .
I love my school bc my best friend is the best and I have known him since 1st grade we have had so much fun and we have been in the same class since 3rd grade and we are in 3rd grade and another reason I like my school is bc the school allows students to have phones!!
My best friends are lacy summer kylee ella!
I like school because my best friend!
I love my teacher and my friends.
I like gym!
I love my school because of my teacher!
I like gym!
I love all of my friends and the teachers and Mrs. Hess!
All of the principals are nice!
The teachers and the students are super nice and the school is the best in the buchanan county i think thats my opinion .
I love my teacher!
The teachers are very nice!
best friends are great!
What I like about Riverview is all of the teachers. The teachers will always help when ever you need.
I love this school!
Its fun and the work is hard and easy and lunch is great!
This school is awesome!
I love this year woo woo!
Mason is a really good friend !
I love school!
My teacher Mrs.Shelton is a great teacher!
I like riverview!

my favorite subject is reading
I love my teachers
PE is the best
I love my new teacher!
5th is good so far!
share kindness!!!
Riverview is a school that cares about ALL children! So blessed to work in such a positive environment and with a faculty full of compassion!
I love PE!
I like gym
I love gym so much beacuse I don't always get class with friends sometimes they are in gym with us
I love this school it is very nice!
I love the food here! Mostly the yogurt.
I like the pb and j sandwich that the custodians fixed and I like the principals!
I love this school!
Well today is the second full day, and I think this year is going to be the best year yet! I have all good kids in my class, so yeah!
I like gym!
I love me !
I love the new lunch !
I love my friends!
I like Mrs.Coleman
I love all of my friends!
Hi eveyone! How are you? All do great!
Thank you custodians for doing a remarkable job on our classrooms before our return. : )
Welcome to our team Kay Ratliff and Audrey Estep!! Go 6th grade!!
I'm excited to start this year off with my great group of sixth graders. They are super polite!!
I love my teacher and my new friends! I love school!
Leanne Clifton , she inspired me to be the girl I am . She was the woman who had a personality like mine. I`m majoring in graphic design in college and I will thank her for her contribution to my music and my art skills
the teachers are great here!
I have a very nice teacher and nice kids in my class and a good principal and my new friend is cash blake colten jayden
My teachers are nice and I love school!
I have a good teacher!
The teachers in Riverview are so nice and kind to you!
I like my teacher
I love Jesus!
I love fourth grade
I love this place! Everybody is nice here and we have great cooks and teachers! from kaleigh underwood
I love my teachers and friends!
My teachers are great and my friends are nice!
have a great school year!
I love PE it so much fun!
Ilove school!
What I like most about my school is gym!
I love school!
my school is good
Ms.Bedsole is the best teacher. Even though she isn't my teacher this year, I still love her very much.
I have a best friend she is my cousin and her name is Bernice Barnes and she is in 7 grade. She is amazing! She is nice and pretty! She is my best friend I have ever had and I love her so much !
The school has the best kids and teachers! The school is great if your shy don`t be.
School is the best so far. It has been the best year of my life. My fifth grade teacher is named Mrs. Rasnake. She was the best teacher in the whole school.
I like school because I like to see my friends. They are the sweetest and help me so much when I need help.
Kim thanks for being good to me! Your my BFF!
This school has the best teachers ,students, helpers, and principals ever.
My Teacher is the the best.
It's going to be a good year!
Good Start to a Great Year!
I think we have the best students and best teachers and staff!

Miss Rasnake

Thank you so much! I think this will be a great year !
Wonderful staff! Blessed to say this is my son's school! ❤❤
Thank you to all the parents who brought supplies for our classrooms! You are the best!
So thankful for Mrs. Yates as the guidance counselor. she takes the time to listen, She listens to the kids and the parent and I just want to thank you for always helping with my girls. I know when I come to you things will be taken care of.
RIverview has the best Faculty, Staff and PTO! Great start to a blessed school year for our children!