recess was fun
today was good
I'm trey I love school
our school is good
i love school when my fav teachers are
here and i love the food so much
it is fun to go outside and play
what ever we want
school is fun
i love to learn
i like school
i like school and the food
i love my school
hey pe is cool
Ms. Jamima is a good help
school is fun
Mrs. Sue Fuller is the most kindest of people.
real good food
This is the best school ever.
the gym is great the staff is nice the food is good
the teachers are really nice
this is the best school
this is the best school
i love gym
i like my teachers
i love school
this is Dalton B Lowe i love school
Have an AMAZING day today and I hope you're excited because there are only 41 days left of school!!!
abby is the best friend to have she nice and funny
have a awesome day everyone
have a great day and i ❀this school πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜Š
have a magnificent day whoever is reading this 😁:):)
i love the school
best school
i love all of my teacher for every year and all the principals and all of the cafe ladies and all of the staff and all of my activity teachers
my school is awesome
in two months i am moving and im gonna miss this school a lot love kealeigh gilbert
Mrs. Hale's 5th grade class is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
have a great day ???? ;p
have a good day
dear Riverview im a student that has a idea for the animal control i want to raise money for the animal center
this school is the best
the teachers here are awesome
Mrs. Stiltner your good
I like books
thank you for books at the book fair!
i love this school
Mrs. Anna McClanahan is a wonderful, patient, kind, and loving teacher as well as friend. She multitasks and never misses a beat. Thank you for all you do.
Mrs. Coleman's 5th grade class is awesome!!!!!!
i love school
this school is amazing because friends and teachers
i like the activities today and I'm excited for lunch
school is fun
school is great !!
i love school
This is the best school because everyone is so nice.
Thank you to the janitors for making out school nice and clean.
This school is fun and is a really great place to be if you want to learn,listen,be smarter,stronger,and wiser.
Thank Riverview
The kids at Riverview Elementary and Middle School are really nice and cool!
today we did the circumference and it was fun
math was fun today
This school is so great and fun and the kids are so nice
The teachers here are very nice and funny!
I have great friends at this school and I'm excited to go to prom with my friends and crush its fun and exciting
The school system is great! I learn a lot from it.
my friends are so nice to me.:)
Abbey Blankenship is such a good friend! She is so nice and super funny. She has been there for me for so long and she is so beautiful, I love her so much!
i love this school!
i love this place we learn more and more ever day and i love it.....And the teachers are so good at what they do Riverview is great!!!!!!! ???? ????
adrianne abshire is a really nice friend i have known her since kindergarten and she is really pretty
good day
today has been a veryyyyyyyyyy good day
Chloe Rasnake is such a good friend, she has helped me through so much stuff. She is there for me when no one else is, and I can tell her all my secrets because I know she wont tell anyone. Love you, Chloe!!!
schools ok !
i like PE
i like gym
i like recess
i love gym at school i love the food i love computer i love art thank you
l love gym
i love pc fortnite and school
i love my math teacher mrs owens
Mrs Belcher is nice to every one
This is a student thing !
todays math class was really fun i learned lots of new stuff
Don't forget to smile, it reduces stress!
today was a good day....I love this school ????
Mrs. Ward's 1st grade class is awesome.
Mrs. Mary Deel's 1st grade class is awesome!!!!!!!!!
Have a gooooooooood day today ; )
my best friend rylee street is the best friend ever she is so pretty and nice and shes the best person in the world
Make every day a great day
Have a good day everyone ; )
I Love this school
Have a GREAT day today and stay positive Luv ya bye<3<3<3
Krista C for being a very good friend
This school is fun and the teacher are cool and nice.The student are good friends.
i love my school
this school is awesome because the teachers are good at teaching
the teachers are so nice i love this school
I like P.E.
i love my teachers
the teachers are really nice
i love the art class michael
this school is the best
This school is just amazing. I can't really explain how amazing it is, but it's just great.
i love my teachers
I 'love' this school
i love school its the best you get to know new people and make new friends and like REMS says BE A BUDDY NOT A BULLY

be kind to people

i hope you are having a great day ????
Have a WONDERFUL day today!!! Luv ya bye<3<3<3
i love my school they just have amazing teachers and they do amazing work
Mrs. Ramey's 2nd grade class is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
Have an AMAZING day today and remember be happy
Have a GREAT day today and if there's anyone that makes you feel bad about yourself or sad or mad then tell someone, it'll help tremendously!!! Hope that I could help you a little bit
and I Luv ya bye<3<3<3

im so glad the kids in riverview elementary middle school are so nice.
thank you
Thanks for everything you guys do!
Thank you!
teachers are nice
nice people
REMS is the best
this school is awesome
Today in math class, we learned how to find the area of a circle. It is really easy.
you have to be positive and tell yourself that u will do good and have a good day everyday.
Have an AMAZING day today Luv ya bye<3<3<3
Mrs. Chaney's class is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love my school it is the best school ever i love the teachers and my friends it is the best school i have ever been in
have a nice MONDAY!
I like everyone
i love this school
i love my school
thank you for education galaxy
Mrs. Donna Childress is a great teacher!!!!!
thanks guys and girls
i like pe
This is the best school because everyone is so nice.
i was excited to come to school today to see my friends and teachers because they are kind and helpful
i lick pe
school is fun
thank you for teaching me
i love to learn
i like the equiment here
Have a good day
Today was good because i have good people in my life to help me
Rylee is a good friend
most teachers here are awesome
Riverview school rocks!!!!!!!!
today was good because i have good friends to help me along the way
Have a good day everyone ; )
I love reading the book The Hunger Games!!!!!!!
school is fun.
Have a good day and life ; )
Matthew Cook Is Awesome and Cool!Best Best Friend Ever!Stay Cool Matthew!
the assignment that mrs yates posted on classroom was fun an entertaining
math was fun
today was good
class was fun

..........................JK CLASS WAS GREAT I LOVE ALL THE CLASS'S AND TEACHERS I HAVEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my friends are really awesome
the teachers are nice like Mrs Owens and staff in the cafeteria
Be nice today.
Have a nice day.
Be happy.
Be positive.
Have an AMAZING Day today!!! Luv ya bye <3<3<3
Matthew Cook is always nice to every body in our group Aaron May Gavin Hicks Darrell Underwood me and Grace Robie and Shieme
Have a good day and I hope you have a wonderful life ; )
Mrs Stiltner is nice to every body
school is fun
this school is the best!
I love our school because its big and the teachers are really nice and some of the students are really nice and the counselor has helped me through a lot
Today I had alot of fun in Ms. Hannah Stiltner's class!
today was a good day..............
i like the teachers because they are very nice and kind and helpful
The school is amazing and I have lots of friends
Mrs. Aleshia Deel's 3rd grade class is the best!!!!
Our PTO organization is the greatest!!!!!!!! I really appreciate all the beautiful art work in our school bathroom walls and the time you put in to help our students. Thank you very much!!!!
Our school is the coolest!!!!!!!!!
This school is fantastic ❀️
lovely school
Grace and Cayden are nice
you are nice said Patrick to Amy
Miss Ramey's class is awesome.
i love my school because my friends are super nice
u are cool
my school is the best
Aleshia deel 3 grade is a nice techer
i love this school
I love all of the teachers at REMS school
i love shcool
i love school
we love our gym teachers
i love shool
thanks for keeping our school clean
this school is great
there are some really good singers at this school that are teachers
we have great teachers at riverview
riverview is the best school ever the food is the best.
it has good internet
we have fun field trips
i love the food its so great.
i like the food
the teachers are great at teaching
the activitys are good
i like the food
the teachers are nice
the gym teachers
we have waveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Awesome school
I love Riverview
today was good because i have good friends
hi great people
Michael is a great friend he is very smart and a cool person. ????
Hope you have a good day today and if someone brings you down you gotta pick yourself back up and keep on pushing yourself to be the best you you can be
Have a good day everyone and life and year ; )
I love Reading class its so fun to read our class book!Hungergames is the best!
this place is coool
you are nice
i love all of the teachers i love all of my friends too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mrs stiltner is nice today
the teachers are nice and will always help us. i love my teachers.
my teacher is the best and i love my school!!!!!!!!!!!!
my teacher is nice and my friend is nice too.
Zoey is the most nicest friend she is the best friend
this is a really good school
brionnah is my best friend
be nice don't bully
the best school in the world
the food is good the teachers are nice
the kids are awesome
Mrs. Bedsole is an awesome teacher.
acacia is a good friend she was there for me
I want to thank Acacia Lester ,Addieson Ramey for being my friend
love yall buddies for life
im gonna make this about ms.bedsole she is so nice and so sweet
happy day you know who
Mrs. Stiltner's 5th grade class is awesome!!!!!!!
gym is my favorite class
I like PE
i love the computer class
i like computer the best

i like my teachers
I like my friends
i like every body
This is one of the best schools ever, in my opinion. I'm glad I go here.
Today was good because I have good people like teacher's staf friends to help along the way
Aaron May is my best friend so im very happy he's back
Mrs..Stiltner is the best reading teacher, she is pretty, kind, and sweet!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs.Owens is the best math teacher and we learned everything in math today and dont want the school year to end when it does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cool school