awsome peeps
Our Kindergarten teachers are awesome too!!!!!!!!!!
All our first grade teachers are awesome!!!!!
Mrs. Wards class is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
stay positive and love yourself
i love school and the teachers
Have a good day
lovely school
school is cool
I like PE
I love my school

i want 100 attendance

i love school
hi new people! Welcome!
Riverview elementary middle school is awesome and any body who comes here is very very lucky
I LOVE my school.
everyday is amazing at riverview
Riverview Elementary middle School students are so nice. Im so glad they are kind and nice
Have a great day!
Thank you for all you have done
thank you for every thing
good pizza is served at REMS!
Thank You!!
every one is so nice and good people are here
thank you
i like the resource officer
thank you all
school is cool
in reading class we are learning subject-verb agreement and it's fun!!!
reading is my favorite class
Have a great day
nice school

....i like gym
I like reading
i love my friends
i love this school
i like my computer teacher mrs coleman i knew her for a long time shes very nice.
thank you for teaching us 4a mrs hutchinson
i love my teachers so much and i love my school and i support whats in it
love school
my teachers are the best.
i love school
I love PE
Our school is cool!!
I like school
i like gym it is fun

i love this school because i moved here from hurley and when i came i got many friends
thanks for helping us
School is fun
thank you for teaching me what i know
This is the best school ever because the teachers are so nice.
Mrs. Coleman the computer teacher is nice
the staff are nice
I have some of the most compassionate students in Ms. Bedsole's class. They love to be a helper to a student who is loosing her vision. She is so blessed to have great friends.
be kind to others
Have a great day everyone
school is cool
i love today we
get out early
and i am having
a fun day so far
mrs stilter is a great teacher
I'm glad that Cathy Ratliff is back
Mrs.stiltner is the best!

i love my science teacher
be you. be bold. be strong!!!
good school
i love school and my friends
Shawn Parker Hicks is gonna leave this school next year even though im sad we still have the best memories he is one of my best friends thats why im sad hes going away!!! But i will always remember him!
Riverview Elementary Middle School has helped me learn so much and grow as a student. I'm so thankful for all my teachers who have put up with me each and every year. I want to say thank you to Stephanie Stiltner , Mrs.Childress , and Amy Ward. Those teachers have taught me everything I know today and without them I don't know where I would be. Thank you so very much to all the staff a
school is cool
i love the food here its so good and thx for the food
these teachers are the best
i love school because of activities and learning thank you
school is cool
i love my school and my friends i love my school it is the best this school has ever been
Thank you Mrs. Hess For Everything YOU do
Have A Nice Day
Have A Nice Day
mrs owens is the best band teacher ever
I love school
this school is the best i could never ask for a better school than this one it is amazing and i love my friends and i never want to leave this school either
Happy Valentines Day [ ;
I like the kids that are in my class.
today was good because i have good teacher's and friends to help me along the way
This is a nice school
Have a great day everyone ; )
i love this place!
i like school
School is fun
School is fun
REMS is the best school ever.
Riverview Elementrary School has nice teachers and great lessons
all of the classes we have are so much fun.
this is the best school ever and all the teachers and staff are amazing and all the kids
the food here is great and the the workers try there best here you will love it.
i love computer because the teacher lets us play games.
the gym teachers are great!
I like activity and the teachers and students
this is the best school
Thanks for your help
the teachers are nice
i like gym
school is great
This school is awesome.
Riverview has good teachers
Dear Mrs. Hess,

Thank you for every thing you have done for our school every program every play anything you done makes me happy or excited Iā€™m alway stronger better and wiser than the day before and all because of my teachers and u and to see my friends happy to be there and the. Janitor
Make our school clean I love the hard work everyone
Does at REMS

I would like to commend the REM students and staff for all their acts of kindness today to make the 100th day of school a success! Keep it up.
I like that Kylee is so nice. She will be my friend forever.
I like how Summer is so smart and positive every day. She always tries her best.
I like how Natalie always makes me laugh.
I like how Joshua is so amazing. He always tries his best.
Mrs. Fuller is the best teacher I've ever had!
Everybody at REMS make me feel happy, special, and make me feel good.
I like how Robert is so funny, amazing, and smart!
I like my teachers because when I don't know how to do something, they explain it to me.
I like how Lacy is so funny!
The custodians always keep the floors clean.
The 100th day of School lt was fabulous!
I love all my students! They are so awesome!
Joshua always helps me when I need it.
I like my school because everyone helps me learn and I feel safe.
When I'm sad Sierra lifts me up.
I love math!
I love my teachers because they teach us new things every day.
I like Riverview because the school has lots of nice people the teachers are nice the principals are nice and there is a girl named Shyan she is nice too. I LOVE THIS SCHOOL!
i love this school
I love my classmates!
thank you for being the best teachers i love rems i have lots of friends
i want to write this note to Shyan Hurley and Mrs.Mary. Shyan is blind and she can not do most thing we do and i am sorry for her i have been with her for 4 years and she is strong she believes in herself and other people and i love shyan to the bottom of my heart.
`Thank you for the amazing school an amazing teachers you are a great principal Mrs. Hess.
The teachers, principals, and everybody in my class are great!
Always remember you are beautiful and will accomplish many things in life
Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. Thank you for being the bestest friend everrrrr! love you taylor!
Thank you for everything you
have done for us and this is the best school i have ever been to and thanks for the best teachers ever.
i love my family
I hope that everyone has a great day and great Valentines Day!
i like my friends they are nice.
hey girl you so cool i am so glad you are in my school
i like my friends they are nice.
Ms.O'Quinn for making math fun and easy.You are a great teacher and make every day great.You always say something funny every day.

thank you for everything u have done for us and this is the best school i have ever been to and thanks for the best teachers ever
thank you for being the best principal Mrs.Hess
i love my best friends jake (cheyenne) koda(skye) jax(kennedy) i miss u all 24/7
thanks Mrs Hess for always providing for our school
dear mrs hess thanks for being the best principal i have ever had and thanks for making us safe here at rves
Well I want to start off by saying, you are one of my best friends and I love you to pieces!!! I'm so glad that we have gotten closer this year!!!!! I love all of our inside jokes! I love all the memories we have made!!! And I'm so excited to make more!!!! I love you Ken-doll!!!!! <3 <3
Thank you Mrs.Parish for teaching us what we need to know.
Thank-you to REMS 1st grade for being such good listeners during character education. I enjoyed being with you.
Thanks Cherish for being a great friend and always helping me ilysm! (as friends)
Thanks Jacklyn for always being there for me and being a great friend love ya (as a friend)
hey your my best friend i love u so much jax thx for being there for me when i need u i support and care about u and think about u all the time love u
Thank-you Mrs. Peggy Deel's 3rd grade and Mrs. Heather Lowe's 1st grade for my kindness cards. You made my day wonderfully bright!!!!
people and teachers are nice and annmaries hair is rly cool
happy 100th day of school
Today was really fun in math class
math class was fun
our school is great
math was fun
Everybody in my class are cool!
math is awesome

hey math was fun
i hade a good day and charle justice is a good friend
math was fun and so was reading but i like math the best but i love the school and the kids are so kind and the teachers are too i hope a lot more kids come to this school so we can meet them. I LOVE REMS
It was a really fun no worksheet wednesday
math was relly fun today we did no worksheets today
everyone put great notes on 3rd floor today.
Today was really fun in math class
I have a lot of great friends

math was fun
The principals are very good.
I have great and true friends.
I have good friends. We are always looking out for each other.
I enjoy reading class.
Mrs. Hess does a good job being principal.
I like my math class.
We have some of the best teachers at REMS.
i have good teachers to help me through the day
have a great 100th day of school!!!!!!!

The teachers at Riverview are amazing!
the school is really good and teachers are nice
i love this school it is the best and i am glad that i chose to go to this school
the staff is great and nice
School is the best
School is the best
School is the best
Today we played trashkit can and i thought it was a really fun but educational game ! Thank you and happy ! 100th day of school
it's been a really fun 100 days of school !!!!
i loved what we did in reading or whatever is it we answered questions and got to throw paper in the trash can everytime we got it right
Have a good day!!!
i love my school !!!
this has helped me a lot today
math was a lot more understandable
Equations are easy to solve if you pay attention.
Our math class with Mrs.Owens was easier than yesterday and really fun!
today lesson was fun and i like it
i had a good math class was fun

ps.its 100 day of school
Today in math was fun better than yesterday lol
math is awesome
todays math leason was easy and i like it
my math class today was good learned more we made a foldable and have a great day
love the people in my room they are so funny
good day math is cool
Everyone at my school is absolutely amazing ik all schools have a few rotten eggs and we have those to but our school system help all students if they have issues i am so greatful to have amazing peers and teachers who inspire me every day
"Don't worry, be happy."- Bob Marley
be nice today
You are STRONGER than you seem, BRAVER than you believe, SMARTER than you think you are.
NEVER let anyones ignorance, hate, drama, or NEGATIVITY stop you from being the absolute best person you can be!!!!
Smile more šŸ™‚
Have a nice day!
You are enough!
Keep Moving Forward, Never Look Back
You alone can make a difference.
have a nice day everyone
You are smart and you can do anything you put your mind to.
Your amazing!
you're super cool
You are awesome
I learned in Elsie Owens math how to graph inequalities.
try to succeed ,try harder to be the best ,and try extra hard to achieve your goals and try to make our school the best school there ever was
Gavin Hicks is awesome and hes a savage friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!best friends
mrs owens is the best math teacher in the world she teaches me a lot of stuff this year
Mrs.Elsie Owens is the best math teacher i have ever had!!!!!!! Love Sara Colley
Mrs.Hess is one of the BEST Principals i know!!!
mrs Elsie Owens is so good at math
I learned alot in Mrs.Owens class today ! It was fun and educational, Thank you!
i love the kindness thing so much i gave a lot of teachers and students!!!!!
Mr stevens was super nice today and so was mrs owens
me and my Friend Hunter r trying to give all the teachers little mesges cuz were just being nice
today is the 100th day of school and i cant believe i survived
i laernd in math today number line thingys
i learned in math about inequalities closed and open circles
i laernd in math today number line thingys
good class
We learned a lot in math today
mrs.owens is a good teacher
i like the river view because it is a good place to learn
Mrs.Owens Math Class Was Super Fun!!!!
i learned a lot in math today about greater than and least than signs
today i learned so much in math mrs owens class
loved math class today
lovely school
miss b and miss cooper are good libraryu people
I love this school because I made some funny friend
teachers are so nice
I love my friends