What you think becomes your thoughts. Think positive thoughts!
Thank you Mrs. Webb for being a good band teacher you are doing really good at being a band teacher so I hope you still be good at being a band teacher. Have a good day!
Ms Dula is very nice and kind and very helping when needed. Also having a great mood everyday knowing she has to teach over 70+ students -RBMS
Mrs Luce is a very kind person and i like her as a teacher and i miss her academy a lot and i want to go back.
Kirsten because she is very kind and well going a positive.
Mrs Lackey thanks for helping me when i'm struggling with some of the work for social studies!!!
Shout out to Mrs.Mays for always being there for me when i was sad!!!
Ms Dula is kind and super nice and will help you with anything that you need.
Have a good day today remember you got this!
Thank you Gavin for being a great friend and being kind and helpful. Sincerely, Jacob T.
I hope you have a good day and if you are not having a good day then remember it can always be better! 🙂
Whitney was very nice to me. I'm so glad she is my friend!!!!!!
“Once you know what failure feels like, determination chases success.”

-Kobe Bryant
Mrs. Hodges is a good teacher and always kind, I love you Mrs Hodges:)
Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I'm possible!"
Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I'm possible!"
gage Lowman is my best friend
Be the kind of friend that you'd like to have! ????
Mistakes are proof that you are trying! That is why pencils have erasers!
When you have a decision to be made, choose kindness. Your heart will never be sorry!
Keep trying! Your best practice always makes progress!
Mrs, beard is one of the nicest teachers and she is one of the sweetest and helpful teachers. I had her last year on her first year and she was so sweet and didn't always expect us to know what we were doing. She helped prepare us for the EOG and if you had to stay over the summer she helped you and didn't just leave you to do it. She is laid back to a certain extent.
Shoutout to Ms Beard for being a great teacher 🙂
Fall is proof that change is beautiful!
You can do what you believe in!!!
Be respectful to everyone.
you are a wonderful teacher, you always help people when they need it. have a great day!
Thank you Ms. Young for being an awesome language arts teacher!
What can you do today to help someone feel happier?
"Well done is better than well said." -Ben Franklin
Happy Birthday to Mrs. Shuford!! We all hope you have a wonderful day!!!
Love, your former kiddos and Mrs. Reinhardt!
Hey! Can You Look At The Camera For A Quick Second? Thank You! Wait- Something's Wrong Here I Must've Caught A Gorgeous Person On Camera Right Now, You're Beautiful And A Handsome/Beautiful Young Fella' It Doesn't Matter About Your Race, Skin Type, Culture, Or Anything Else YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL IN VARIOUS WAY'S, AND NEVER FORGET THAT. < 3
Don't care for all of the negative things people say about you!!!
you all are so kind and sweet thank you to the teachers for teaching and the students for being kind
Shout-Out Too All Of Our Amazing Teacher's At RBMS! <3
have a great day!
Thank you mrs.Webb for your bad but sometimes funny jokes.-ex-teacher:pete and repeat where sitting on a log and pete fell of. whos remaining,-the kids:repeat, the teacher:pete and repeat where sitting on a log and pete fell of. whos remaining repeat.-etc,-Said by Mrs.Webb
"You are capable of more than you know." -Mackenzie Ham. <3
Don't let stress take over! Relax for a bit and try harder! Have a nice day!
Mrs. beard is the best teacher and she is really nice
From:Kiandra hartsoe
Hey You, Yeah YOU. I Hope You Have An Amazing Day, And Remember It'll All Be Okay, You're Safe Here. < 3
Always Be Grateful For What You Have, And Remember To NEVER Give Up! <3
"Happiness is a direction, not a place." - Sydney J. Harris
Thank you Mr. Setzer for being a fun social studies teacher!!!!!!
Mrs. Speaks you are an amazing teacher! You make everything fun! We miss you! Keep up the good work!
Mr.Turner is the funniest teacher ever. He makes class funny by adding comments here and there. He also lets us talk with the people at our table, which makes class enjoyable. Hey, Mr. Turner, if you are reading this, I know you told us that you did not want to be on this wall, but, I feel like you deserve to be on here!
Thank you, Ms. Hildebrand (Mrs. Lail) for being a great teammate and doing what is best for our students!
Have a good day!
"Stay positive. Better days are on their way."
Happy Birthday, Angel Mejia! -Oct 8th
treat someone like how you would want to be treated
Have a great day!
Be the reason someone smiles today!
Never give up.
Shout out to Mrs. Shuford's homeroom! Thanks for always starting my day off great 🙂

Love, Mrs. Shuford
Thanks Ms. Luce for being an incredible science teacher!
Have a wonderful day!
Here is a virtual hug just for YOU!
Be the reason someone smiles today! 🙂
"Integrity, the choice between what's convenient (or on a Tik Tok challenge) and what's right" - Tony Dungy, Uncommon

We believe in you to demonstrate integrity by doing what is right!
WE are so happy to have all our Pirates!
Have a happy day, everyone!
🙂 🙂 🙂
Don't be sad, because sad spelled backwards is das. And das not good! 🙂
A HUGE "Thank You" to Ms. Mays for bringing the YOU UPLIFT Kindness Wall to River Bend Middle School!
Welcome Back Pirates!