Everyone is a special star, so shine as bright as you can.☪ ☪ ☪ ✨🎇💯
Shawna is super nice to me and she is super pretty
Evan And Sean Are The Best People I Can Ever Be Friends With, You're Funny and Cool!
Shawna R is super pretty and soooo nice and she helps me through almost everything. She always makes sure that I’m happy!!
Every student and staff member makes a difference!!!!!!!
Keep pursuing your musical life, band family. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, but in band you can just be yourself. Everyday it is a new adventure and we all can thank Mr.Paolone and Mrs.Dennis for making this all possible.
Be yourself.
Maria B., you are an awesome drum major!!! Keep up the great work!!!
Thank you lunch ladies for making everyone food everyday and being a big help!!!
You can change the world.
Gwen and Tyson you guys are great friends and you both are amazing saxophone players!!!!
Good job at the parades this year band!!!!!
Thank all percussionists for being there for me when I needed it the most. I haven't really known most of you until band started and now I know what true friends are like!!!
Love your hats Mr.Paolone ❤
Gwen you are so talented and positive!
Love ya Ms. Nelson!!!
Emma O, you are so kind and sweet. Keep up the good work!
Matt W, you're always so positive and uplifting. When you're around, my day gets better!
Emma W is awesome
Everyone Here Is Amazing, I Love This School. Mr Davis Has Been One Of The Best Teachers I`ve Met So Far. Reese, Kaylee And Many Others Have Been Very Kind.
Sarah S is my friend
I think EVERYONE can agree with me, Mrs. Cann is AMAZING!
Everyone here is successful 🙂
Michael C., Peyton B., Lucas V., Owen M., Joey A., Joe S., Cameron S., and Cooper S., I’ve only known some of you guys for a short period of time. Some of you guys I’ve known for a long time. You guys are awesome and my best friends - thank you guys for always helping me and being there when I need you guys so thank you.
Every one here rocks🎸🎸🎸
Violet is one of my best friends and she is an awesome person. She is always there when I need someone - she always has my back when I'm dealing with people and family problems. She helps me through all of the tough times I go through and she is like a sister to me.
Live as if you were going to live forever, and have no regrets.
Mikey, although we have only known each other for a short time, you are an amazing friend. You are not afraid to be yourself no matter what. You inspire me to be myself, the crazy person I am. I would not be where I am socially now, without you. Love ya!
Be Kind
Mrs.Vanek you are a very nice teacher and always bring me a smile. You always succeed in trying to make the math lessons fun.
Ava c is cool
Mack Dog, you're funny and cool.
Delaney B is very nice and kind.
Coach Davis is the best.
Mrs. Sweeney you are the best teacher ever and you are super supportive.
Adi f is a beast at softball!
Dear Macey V, you are hilarious and my choir buddy!!! you crack me up when i'm having a bad day.
Hannah is a good friend and shes funny and im glad she is my friend.She is my favorite 8th grader!!!!
Mrs. Sweeney is the best teacher ever! She was so supportive during the school year!
Grace C is good at basketball for it being her first year
I am thankful for my dog
Everybody is awesome no matter who you are
Michael C is AWESOME.
Kylie C is an amazing friend and my favorite 8th grader
Karyssa and Joie, you are such great friends. you are so nice and make me feel confident about me thank you
Kamryn M you are a really good friend to me and you have had by back for a very long time. thanks for being awesome
Shawna r you are very nice to me and thanks for being my friend
No matter what you are going through, never forget that someone will be there for you.
Remember you are loved!
Dear Shawna, you are super pretty and you are such a great friend and you’re really athletic and super smart
Just wanted to say that Kaylee is really nice and funny!
Dear Lynlee jubin you are such a great friend and I’m so glad to have you in my life and keep doing great things love you girly
Dear joe b, you’re so nice and great at sports
Dear Ava, You are the bestest friend anyone could ever have! You are always there for me when I need you, and u always brighten my day! 🙂
McKenna, you are a kind person that really understands and supports me. I have been waiting to make a friend as amazing as you. Thank you for being yourself and inspiring me.
Tyson, when I first met you, I realized that you are the kind and amazing person I've been looking for. I'm so happy to know you!
Mrs. Blanchette, you are so helpful in the library. You always have great book recommendations! Thanks for all you do!
logan you are the most funny person i have met and you are cool, keep doing good in school and have fun
Lily C, you are kind and nice to me you make me happy every day. Thank you for your kindness to your bff Sarah. I LOVE YOU Lily C!
parker c, hailie c, amelia d, camryn g, ally p, and payton i are amazinggg
Gwen, you are such a great friend and a positive person! I LOVE YOU!
Joey, I've known you forever. You make me laugh and smile, I've missed your humor! I like your positive attitude!
Alice my best friend, you make me have a better attitude. Before I met you I was always missing a bff, that treats me right. You make me more positive, and make me wanna work harder. Thanks!
Anthony, you are nice to everyone including to me. I think your amazing and sweet and a great friend.
Logan, you make me laugh every day! I appreciate you so much!
Joe, you are kind to everyone. You are a great friend and a leader!
Libby, I love your positive attitude and how hard you work. You are GREAT!
Be proud of how hard you are trying! You got this!
Zarbock is amazing
This school is awesome and the 8th grade teachers are cool
Anna, you are like my best friend in the whole world and I will stick up for u every day and make you have fun!
This School Has Been One Of The Best Schools Since I've Moved Here!
I love this school; it is filled with amazing people! Have an amazing day!
Mr. Evans is awesome!
Looking for the positive in others allows us to grow from within. Blossom so others can too.
Thank you for bringing the "You Uplift" Platform to Reed-Custer Middle School!