Alice G is AMAZING!!
Miss Homerding you are so helpful and kind and one of the best teachers ever. You always help students with their math if they need it. Thank you for being the best teacher/person ever.
Thank you Ms.Nelson for being a great human!!! You are always putting people before yourself. You are always making sure people are ok and if they are not you always end up cheering people up! Thank you Mrs.Nelson I hope all your greatness comes back to you!!!!!!!!!!!
Allison, you are so funny and so nice to me. I am glad we are friends
Hi have a good day
You make my day Mr. Paolone
Ella A - thank you for always being so kind and helpful!
Brock B always makes me smile.
have a great day RCMS!!!
Mr. Young is the greatest!
Ms. Middleton - You always make me smile. Thank you!!
Meghan Lis the greatest person ever. She is Kind and caring and very supportive. May the Ostrich be with you always.
Alice G is the funniest and kindest person I have ever met. She is so pretty and is amazing at the saxophone!!
Dear Zach R, You are a very nice person and you make everyone laugh. You bring life to a lot of peoples lives. Keep doing what your doing and you will make it far. Have a good day!
Collin J, you are a good friend. You always find ways to make people laugh. You always cheer people up at everyday. Have a good day :^
Hannah is amazzzing.
Jillian D is the best Jill D I know.
You are Fabulous so try your best
I hope everyone is having an amazing day!! 🤗💭🐶
Anything can happen at any time. If you need to make things right with someone, do it. You can lose someone at anytime. In the blink of an eye. Be respectful and be yourself. If something happened to you, don’t you want to be known as someone who was amazing at being yourself?? We all deserve a chance to make things right. Love your friends while they are here. I know Joey did.
Shout out to you 7th grade saxophone players!!
Alice, Clayton, Lily, Collin,and Matt.
Keep being a great section in the band!!
Halanya K. You are a great friend and always make people laugh.
Ever since Joey has been gone, band has not been the same. Heck, nothing has been the same. Can't believe its already been a month.
I'm back again Kelsiee G! Thanks for always making me smile.You are also always happy! You are the kindest person ever! You always make me laugh and are kind to everyone.
I love Jillian D, she is my favorite person.!!!!!!
Olivia W is so uplifting to everyone and puts others before herself.
Joey, I didn’t get to say goodbye until you were actually gone. I want you to know that I would have if I could have that day.I miss you like crazy. Thank you for all the memories
Joey Curry was my best friend through and through, he helped me get through a lot of things and I miss him like crazy. Love you Joey!
never stop being you. help others as much as you can.
Alice G. is an amazing friend. She is funny and kind.
Kelsiee G,
You always make me feel better even when I'm upset. Thanks for being the best dinosaur.
Mara's chocolate chip cookies are the best thing EVER!
Mea A,
We've known each other since 4th grade. We have drifted a little. But before we did you were kind, super funny, and pretty OH wait! You still are those things. Have a great day!
Erin C,
You are the bestest friend a person could ever ask for. You are always helping people and you always put a smile to my face even when I don't want to smile. We have so many inside jokes my favorite is piece of paper:) I hope you have a day as amazing as you are
Joey was my best friend and he was an amazing person. He taught us all kindness.
Becca B is a great friend! :))))))
Fly high Joey we will miss you so much 😇😇❤️️❤️️

From SARAH s
Joey Curry,
We didn't talk much but you were still my best friend for a while. I hope you had the greatest time in this world, we will all miss you dearly. Fly high little Angel...
Dear Joey Curry,
We all miss you. There's no way that you were meant to go so soon, and its unfair that someone so quiet and gentle should have to go so soon.
Joey Curry, I wish we talked more and were better friends...wish we could have been friends longer.
Joey was a good friend to all of us and I did not know him that well but i know all Reed-Custer Middle School kids will miss you a lot and we all miss you Joey. From Sarah S
I have known Joey since 4th grade and he was my best-friend and now he is gone. He should not be gone this early but he lived a short life to let him have a long life in our hearts. He taught a lesson to everybody to be nice to everybody and respect everybody even if you don't like them.
Joey Curry, you were an amazing person and I'm so sorry that I didn't talk to you that much but thank you for changing people's lives for the greater.
Mrs. Graham
You are the best teacher in the world
Joey Curry I miss you a lot bro, I love you bro, you are my best friend no matter what nobody can ever replace you and thank you for making my life a lot better and me a better person.
Joey Curry,

You are one of my best friends and I will miss you every day
Dear Joey,
You were one of my best friends and I knew you had others too. I loved it when we hung out together outside or inside of school. You were one of my only friends and a person that liked to be with me. You were awesome and I loved how you loved Star Wars and you always wanted to be a Sith. You were awesome and had a very powerful force (another Star Wars reference). I miss you buddy
Mrs. Heath, Thank you for teaching at Reed Custer, and being a wonderful teacher and always being so patient.
Joey Curry, the time you were here was very short, though it was very meaningful. You cared about everyone more than yourself and ALWAYS put a smile on my face. I will ALWAYS remember you as a special amazing person. And always my best friend.
To Joey Curry
You were an amazing person
A person Reed-Custer should look up to
Fly high Joey
We will miss you so much

Mrs.Kaufmann you are a good teacher and u helped me through some thing that I have had a hard time with. Thanks for everything.
Mr Evans, You are always very energetic and helpful, You have made social studies exciting for me, thank you and keep teaching!!!!
Have a great day!!!
Mr. King is the best, he is always fun, helpful and encouraging. Thank you!!!!
Mr.Zarbock, you’re the best teacher, I love having you in 9th period. You’re funny and amazing to have as a LA teacher. Keep on teaching and being the best teacher. 🙂
Lillie K, you are an amazing person who I look up to. You are funny and kind and always here for me. Even when things are rough, I know that you are always going to support me and help me to make the right decision. We may have became friends only a couple weeks ago, but I consider you as my closest friends.
To Mrs. Graham,
You are a very positive person with a solution to nearly every problem, that's very cool.
To Mr. Rupert,
You are the best music teacher ever! You always add fun to choir! You've made choir very enjoyable since you came here. Thanks for making choir a great experience!
To Jayden D,
You are a very kind friend, you make me laugh all the time. You have a deep respect for your friends and always wear a smile. Keep it up!
If you're ever thinking that you don't matter in the world just remember how important you are to so many people. You are worth so much more than you realize. You are loved and deserve to thrive in this wonderful life of yours. Always know you have many people to turn to and talk to if you ever need it. Don't be afraid to speak up for yourself.
Erin C,
You are the nicest person I've ever met. You light up everyone's day and bring a smile to their faces!
Joey A you are my best friend
ZKCobra is the best teacher - go to him with language arts questions.
Maria B,
You are an amazing friend, you shouldn't doubt yourself or your skills because you are good at so many things. You work very hard and I admire that!
To Zack L,
You lighten my day up with your positive attitude. I love how you always treat your friends kindly. I think it's great how you put others above yourself. Keep being who you are, because you're great!
Be kind and support people!
Dear Mrs. Copeland, you are really nice and you help people all the time. You are the best .
I hope you have a great day Mrs. Copeland!
Mrs. Vanek, you bring joy to me every day with your fun math class and smile.
Dear Kami, you make my day with your funniness and you're amazing! Keep up the amazing work.
Jade, you make me laugh all the time! You are a great person.
Ms. Hillman is an awesome teacher. She is always willing to help those who need help.
Lilly S. you make my day everyday, even when I'm mad, sad, and tired. You still make me happy. You helped me find myself again, when I lost myself before, you helped me find it again. You are nice, sweet, and beautiful like a angel. Don't give up Lil!.
Cat (Collen),
You are my best friend who is always there for me whenever I need support. thank you for being here for me and keep being the amazing person you are. You are also good at the trombone. Love ya Cat!
the bass drums are killing it with all girls! GO GIRLS!!!!
To the 6th grade band members, you guys are really improving and wayyy better than I was in 6th grade! keep on going you are getting better everyday!
Never be afraid to fight alone. There is always going to be someone there for you, even when it doesn't seem like it. Whatever tough time you're going through, remember you are loved, wanted, and nobody can change the amazing character you all have. Everyone has potential and we sometimes need a little help bringing it out. Shine brighter than the stars, reaching past them. My confiden
This Place Is Good
Saxophones in 7/8th grade band, you guys are all amazing people and excellent players. 7th grade saxophone players, you have stepped up so much from last year and especially improved over the summer. Maria, as the only 8th grader, I commend you so much and keep being your awesome self! 6th graders keep working hard!!
Everyone is a special star, so shine as bright as you can.☪ ☪ ☪ ✨🎇💯
Shawna is super nice to me and she is super pretty
Evan And Sean Are The Best People I Can Ever Be Friends With, You're Funny and Cool!
Shawna R is super pretty and soooo nice and she helps me through almost everything. She always makes sure that I’m happy!!
Every student and staff member makes a difference!!!!!!!
Keep pursuing your musical life, band family. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses, but in band you can just be yourself. Everyday it is a new adventure and we all can thank Mr.Paolone and Mrs.Dennis for making this all possible.
Be yourself.
Maria B., you are an awesome drum major!!! Keep up the great work!!!
Thank you lunch ladies for making everyone food everyday and being a big help!!!
You can change the world.
Gwen and Tyson you guys are great friends and you both are amazing saxophone players!!!!
Good job at the parades this year band!!!!!
Thank all percussionists for being there for me when I needed it the most. I haven't really known most of you until band started and now I know what true friends are like!!!
Love your hats Mr.Paolone ❤
Gwen you are so talented and positive!
Love ya Ms. Nelson!!!
Emma O, you are so kind and sweet. Keep up the good work!