Sam Fuller is AMAZING.
Madi Bradley is beautiful inside and out.
Breanna N. Sprimont gets me through the day and I love her with my whole heart!
Leah Tomano is so amazing that words can't explain! I'm so happy to call her my best friend!!
Lily Schott is AMAZING
Aidan C. Is one of the best people someone could meet. I don't think I've ever met someone as funny, kind, and considerate as he is.
Darby O’shae is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.
Whatever is worrying you right now, forget about it. Take a deep breath, stay positive, and know that things will get better!
Mrs. Dennis is the strongest, most loving and dedicated person I know and every time I see her I smile because her happiness is so contagious, not to mention she has wonderful humor. We all love you, 48
Mrs. Rankin is a nice lady
Leah and Abbi are pretty great people. It's always a great day to be a Comet with them
Abbi Rose is the most genuine friend and has the biggest heart. I’m so glad to call her a friend!
Leah Tomano and Natalie Bragg are the sweetest Comet Time pals
Kayla Collins is always smiling. Keep your head up girl!
Natalie Bragg is the sweetest and always willing to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on!! Such a great friend to have
Thank you to the boys who helped my mom when she fell 10/9/19
Alex Longoria is the prettiest girl and has the best personality EVER.
Kiley Tyree is the best girl ever. She has helped me so much in the past weeks.
Jessica Boyd is beautiful, cute, and a great singer.
Harmonie Lynn is the sweetest most kind girl. She is so pretty and caring. I'm so glad we are friends
Jozef is such a nice person.
Abby Hoffman is beautiful.
Mrs. Arseneau is the best teacher I have.
Mrs. Elsner...I just want you to know I look forward to seeing you every day. You bring a smile to my face and always make sure I'm taken care of. Thanks for being you.
Mrs. Arseneau will always be to me Ms. Caddell.
Sadie Tresouthick is one of the most caring, funny, and beautiful people in my life. I hope you have a great daay!
I love Mrs. Bugg because she cares so much about her students, she's the most thoughtful and caring person in my life and I look up to her and her strength. <3
Jadyn Read is the best person everrrrrrr
Mrs. Benoit is absolutely hilarious.
Glen is so smart, always helps me in physics, and always describes it in a understanding way.
Angel Butler is so pretty and is always happy and friendly. Way to stay positive, girl!
I love Mrs. Benoit so much. She is so positive, will always look out for her students, and her jokes are absolutely hilarious!!!!!!!!. She has such a great smile and laugh; it's so contagious. Keep up the hard work, Mrs. Benoit!
Mr. Newsom is the BEST teacher ever! He lets us read on Fridays, and we have great discussions that he joins in on. He always makes sure his students get the best grades.
Adell Gamboa is the nicest boy I've ever met. He is so helpful in physics, so thank you Adell!!!!!!!!!!!
I love my JV volleyball team! Keep up the hard work girls. I'm so proud of you.
Mr. Hurley and Mr. Swanson are hands down the best teachers
Mr. Hurley and Mr. Swanson are hands down the best teachers
Mr Meyer is such an awesome and funny guy and has a great sense of humor.
Great job to the volleyball teams for making volley for a cure night so special, and madrigals great job singing the national anthem!
Dear RCHS staff PLEASE never ever take away events like the lip sync competition! Us students absolutely love when you guys participate in goofy activities with us students!! Also those of you who didn't participate definitely should next year! Go comets! ????
Mrs. Benoit, I have always loved science classes because of teachers like you!
Señor Horton makes class fun as long as you work hard and participate in class! I highly reccomend taking Spanish for those of you with doubts!
Smile because you are worth it!
I really like how Miss Askew teaches, it’s very helpful
Be you. Do you. For you
Halee Wallen is the best person to be friends with. I hope she will be in my life forever. She is like a sister to me.
We have the best soccer team!!
I think that Mrs. Bugg is the best teacher because she treats you like her children.
Dear Colin, You never fail to make me laugh and you're nice.
You do you & be the best dude or dudette you can be!!!!!! GO COMETS!!!!!!
Dear Brittney Stewart, you are nice, funny and cool. You talk to me all the time, and I hope we stay best friends forever!
Mr.Welsh is the best teacher I have ever had!!!! He made learning fun and the things that I learned stuck with me.Thank you!!!!!!!
Today, the lunch ladies brought out the extra quesadillas for the students. Usually it’s first come first served. A student went to get an extra but some kids had taken 3 or 4 each. Senior John Cowie got a quesadilla from these students and gave it to the student who didn't get one.
Myia Jaqueline Knutson is a beautiful. caring and amazing friend. We have been friends for almost 8 years and she has helped me through thick and thin. I love her so much and I hope she never leaves:) <3
Mrs Mclaughlin is one of the best, caring most kind women in this school. Hopefully you all treat her well. She makes school for me a lot easier for me
Bobby Mann is the best locker buddy ever. He makes everyone smile and didn’t judge me when he gave me Frosted Flakes. I left them in my locker for a whole year because it was the first gift he gave me, and I didn’t want to throw it away!
Becca Lynn Bargo & Mrs.Gunier, your energy and smile light my whole day. Thank you for putting positive energy in my life.
Charlotte is one of the nicest and just best people here. Give people a chance and you might find that you'll love them.
RCHS is so awesome
My friends helped me through my tough times this week, and they made me feel like I was cared for. Having people there for me is really building my confidence up, so i wanna say thank you to all of my friends.
The first step is the most important, the following steps will guide you to your future.
Miss Gunier is the best ELA teacher ever!

Reed-Custer is a great, positive school and all the teachers are great.
I love RCHS!!
Thank you Mrs. Bugg for making PE the most fun class ever!!
To Eden Przybylski: You are an amazing person and one of the nicest and coolest people I have ever known. Please continue to be an amazing person and don’t let anyone bring you down!!!
Mrs. Bugg is my favorite teacher because she always makes class fun.
Hannah Kochenberger needs more recognition for her art. It's super good.
I just want to say that I have the best friends ever! They help me out with everything I need help with, and I love them for that.
7th hour foods class is the best Foods class. We're Mrs. Niedrich's favorite because we have the best class participation.
I like how Miss Askew helps me with my homework and when I am struggling.
You are loved and you can do anything you put your mind to.
Amber Neeley is the nicest person I know.
Mrs.Bugg is the best teacher anyone could ever ask for!
Jadyn and Jon are nice.
Sam Moeller is such a nice and caring person. She is my role model.
Emma Selock is super nice and makes everyone feel welcome!
Adrionna Williams is really tall and pretty!!
Gabby Davies is genuinely someone I believe will be my lifelong friend. I am glad she is my best friend and don’t think I could ask for a better one.
I sometimes feel lucky to attend Reed-Custer High School. I would have not made it this far in school if it wasn’t for those I have called friends. Thank you to those who help people out expecting nothing in return.
Trey, you're very talented in sports & academics.
Drew Anderson is the coolest guy. He’s a really nice and thoughtful person.
Today was actually a good day.
Hoy fue realmente un buen día.
Amber Neely is really cool.
Mr. Johnston is the best teacher!!
I miss Mrs. Bugg's class. She's the best teacher in the whole world!!
Mrs. Benoit is my favorite teacher ever. She always puts in time for her students and always helps them out. She pushes you hard but works with you. I couldn't be any more grateful for her!
Our school is fun.
Proud to be with all of my peers.
Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.
Mr. Wolf always seems to help in any way he can!
Mr. Wolf always seems to help in anyway he can!
Mrs. Gunier is the best teacher.
Emma Selock is my favorite person who has bangs. They look cute on her.
Thank you to Laura Collins for always having my back and listening to me when I need a friend <3
Just a reminder: you are loved and you’re worth the world!!! Hang in there!! Stay strong!! You’re amazing!
Amber Neeley is so pretty
I feel like the teachers at our school do everything they can to make school fun as well as help students learn.
Mrs.Bugg is the best teacher out there!! I love her so much. She cares so much about everyone and will do anything to help!
Aiden Lanka is a cool golf man
Ayush is sweet
You guys are doing a great job at school. Keep your heads up and always know that there is always a better way. Don’t get caught up in anything that isn’t good for you. You’ll be glad that you did.
Hannah, you are an amazing artist and you are destined to do great things in the future~
Adrionna Williams is so pretty
My Comet Time is the best
Mrs.Bugg is the best teacher.
You are a
such an amazing person
have a good day people
I have the best Comet Time!
RCHS is the best school there is...Go Comets!
The Interview with Andrew Jackson that Mr. Welsh had in class today really brought history to life! I liked hearing him talk like he was that President himself!
Mr. Johnston is super nice and always tries to make everyone feel involved...He is my favorite teacher!
Thank you for bringing the "You Uplift" Platform to Reed-Custer High School!