Great job to my 4th graders for starting the day with positive messages in our classroom!
Ms. T.
Goooo Orange!

Hello! Go purple house!
Everyone has a special talent be grateful ...
The field trip was so fun
Thank you Ms.Salama
Great job Lexy and David for completing all Division IXL assignments on time! Ms. T.
A shout out to 4th graders Miguel, Jose Q, and Tony for being IXL rock stars!
Great job to my 4th graders for starting the day with positive messages in our classroom! Ms. T.
Thank You Leelanie and Christina for being good friends.
Maria is so generous.

Mr Haggett is cool!
Thank you teachers for helping your students get a good education to go to a new grade level.
Do not bully!
You are looking at the CFCAL Street Hockey Champs! Great 12-0 season Leadership scholars! Awesome job Coach Puente!
Thank you Daniel Jose for being my cousin and best friend
Rosario is so nice.
Leelanie is a really nice friend to me.
Christina my best friend thank you for being awesome.
Extremely proud of the 4th graders excellent behavior on our field trip yesterday!

Ms. T. and Mrs. R.
Go Anthony!
Go Rafael!
Go Rigoberto!
Go Gonzalo!
Go Miguel!
Go Aiden!
Go Elvin!
Go Jazlynn!
Go Graciela!
Go Maria!
Go Rolando!
Go Jose!
Go Celio!
Go David!
Go Freddy!
The Leadership Ball Hockey Team rolls on with their defeat of Winthrop yesterday 1-0! Great goal Aiden! We now face LLT in the final today!
Have a nice day!!
Alexander and Andrea are the best of friends!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Do not bully!

Thank you Daniel J for helping me on Math homework.
Hi, I hope you have a good day!
Thank you Mr. Carlos for helping me out this morning with my car! Ms. T
Congratulations to the following 4th graders for increasing their USA Test Prep scores yesterday!
David, Danny, Greydis, Victor, Alex, Luz, Clementina, Lissani, Christian, Alan, Alisson, Jayla, Javier, Helen, Alexis, Jose, Itzel, Esner, Michelle, Yiselle, and Melanie!
Thanks to all the teachers for helping us learn!
Thank you Seily for being a good friend. ????
Emily and Jasmin are my best friends. They are the best.
Hello Viri
Go Garnet House
Happy Tuesday!
Jonathan is a nice friend.
Go blue house!
This is thunder for school.
Thank you Andrea, Daniela, Ana and Jasmin for being my friends
Thank you Sandra for being my friend.
Cindy is a very good friend.

Jose Marquez is the best at soccer.
Maria is the best!
Congratulations to every scholar in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade for meeting the ALEKS challenge. I know you all worked hard and I encourage you to keep up the great work you are doing in ALEKS. It definitely is a program that will help you get more knowledge. See you at the party TOMORROW at 2:00 p.m. Well done Dolphins!!!

Ms. Johnson
Fourth graders rose to the ALEKS challenge! Congratulations to all.
--Sra. Reyes
Hope your having a nice day !!
Jose Marquez is the best!
Thank you MARIA HERRERA and DAMIAN for being such awesome friends.
Thank you CHELA for being my friend.

Shout out to Mr. Cesar for being a great source of support for our school community!
Shout out to everyone who worked hard on the garden and courtyard over Winter Break! It looks amazing!!
Welcome Back 4th Graders! Everything you don't know is something you can learn!!
Happy New Year to all scholars and staff! I pray you had a wonderful Christmas break and that you are rested and ready to persevere through the end of the year. It’s so great to be back on campus with all of you. Let’s make it a great 2020!!! Love, Ms. Johnson
Stay Positive! Picture puppies in your mind. A smile is sure to follow.
Stay Positive! Give yourself positive encouragement daily.
Missed you all! Here's to a great New Year!
We're half way there!
Ms. V
Happy New Year!
A special shout out to our 2nd Graders! The Second Grade Team is so happy to see you again ! We are 200% sure you will do AMAZING this Second Semester! You are the best and we are here for you!
Mrs. Vargas
So excited to see everyone's happy faces today. Happy New Year to all our scholars!
Over the break I missed everyone. I'm excited to be back and to see you all.
Welcome back scholars !
We are happy to see you! Welcome back scholars!
We are happy to see you! Welcome back scholars!
Bienvenidos al nuevo año 2020, paz y tranquilidad en este año que comienza.

Welcome everyone to the year 2020, peace and prosperity in this new year that has started.
Welcome back scholars and Happy New Year! Let's make 2020 amazing!

Mr. Haggett
Fourth Graders,
I got to brag about you all vacation! What a joy you are to teach!
Sra. Reyes
No bullying or making fun - that is just mean and makes people sad.
Thank You Itzel for being there for me. 🙂
Hope everyone is having a great day now that we are done taking midterm exams!!!!
Have a good incentive day.
You are cool like this car.
I miss Fabian so much - he was one of my best friends.
Go street hockey team - win it all!
Have a wonderful break everyone!
Thank you everyone for keeping the Leadership campus quiet this week so scholars could do their very best!
Wow, it's close!!!
Super job scholars for working hard and staying focused this week before break!
Great job Cindy and Berenice today in after school! You were so focused and completed your tic-tac-toe assignment for Ms. Kulich!
Shout out to Bryan for staying focused this week!
Shout out to scholars for giving 100% EFFORT towards their tests!
i love love love love love love love love love love love lunchhhhhhh
Never be scared to let the real you show - be positive about who you are because you are the coolest and kindest person I know. Chase your dreams and don't let anyone stop you from what you are doing and trying to accomplish 🙂