Erika and Jazmin are nice. Go orange.
Great game and great saves Gerardo! Off to the playoffs Leadership soccer team!!
Perfect attendance today, Friday, in Leadership Academy! Middle School scholars rock!
Fabian, I like your re-perm. It looks really nice.
Happy Birthday Maria !!
Have nice day today!
Melissa and Cindy are the best!
Happy incentive day!
Alex is nice.
Go purple house; we can make it to 1st place.
Thank you scholars for the "Thank You" notes. GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO Green.

By: Abigail Zavaleta
Rolando thanks for letting me borrow your pencil.
Rolando thanks for letting me borrow your pencil.
To my WONDERFUL 3rd grade math scholars. What an amazing job you all did on STAR Math!!!! Keep up the great work that you are doing and don't forget, to persevere and never give up!!

Ms. Johnson
Jose Pizano, thank you for having a great day in afterschool yesterday. You were awesome!!!

Ms. Johnson
What an amazing job 19 6th grade scholars did in the afterschool class in room 101 on Wednesday!!! Scholars were focused, quiet, and completing their homework. Keep up the great work that you are doing. Your grades will reflect the effort you all are putting in your homework.

Love, Ms. Johnson.
Alex thanks for helping me with my homework.
I like math.
Go orange house.
GO GREEN HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! green house is the best house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We should be in first place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damian is the perfect friend and a good soccer player.
GO Garnet we can win the second quarter and earn all those points so GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Garnet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Make every day a great day, or not - the choice is yours.
Jesus was helpful on my thesis statement.
Thanks Stephanie for giving back my chromebook bag.
Go purple house.
Jazmin Jose-Jose is my best friend ever. Go Green!
Have a good Thursday!!
Shout out to Dani.
Welcome Ms. Kulich!
Alexander helped me with Language Arts homework and picked my history book up when it fell.
Gelsey is a good friend.
Many thanks to the office staff for all of their hard work! Thanks to Ms. Salas, Ms. Marisela, and Ms. Carmen!
Great to meet you, Ms. Kulich! We are happy that you joined our team at RCMA Leadership Academy!
Thanks, Briseida, for always smiling and being friendly when we see each other.
HAPPY NATIONAL PRINCIPAL'S MONTH TO MR. HAGGETT! Thanks a lot for everything you do ! We really appreciate it !
2nd Grade Team/ 2nd Grade Scholars & Mrs. Carmen Ros
Super proud of my Cross Country Team! Way to work hard each race and do your best. Shout out to:

Natalia, Briseida, Rosario, Yareli, Gelsey, Seily, Viviana and Viridiana (who crushed it with her personal best!)

And my boys: Alexander, Oscar, Adam, Omar, Jose, Samuel, Adrian and Jesus.
Thank you to Jazmin for being the best cousin ever!

Thank you Aryanna for being an amazing Best Friend and for you being honest and kind to me and being someone I can trust.
Go GARNET and YELLOW HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank You, Aryanna, Elizabeth, Yosbel, Ricky and Luis for being AMAZING Best Friends.
Dear Mrs. Tara,

You ROCK! Thank you for teaching us Spanish!

Shout out to the Kindergarten team for doing such an amazing job with the scholars! Love the teamwork!
Keep up the good work and let's make this quarter even better than the first!

Thank you, for being kind to me!
Thank you to Ms. Hanson for your constant service to teachers. --Sra. Reyes
Congratulations to Ms. Turgeon's students for coming from behind and winning the AR challenge! We're ready to beat you next quarter. --Sra. Reyes
Running a class is work, running two schools...well, that is an amazing accomplishment. Thank you, Mr. Haggett. Keep smiling!
Happy National Principal's Month Mr. Haggett. Thank you for being an amazing, kind, and giving leader and for running the best charter school in Hillsborough County. We appreciate you!!!
Ms. Johnson
A REALLY LOUD SHOUT OUT to all 2nd grade scholars for their hard work during the entire First Grading Period ! Way to go , second graders!!
It's National Principal's Month. Way to go, Mark Haggett, for being our truly awesome Principal!!
Hope that our scholars had a wonderful three-day weekend. So nice to see you again today!

RCMA has a new van for taking small groups of students or teachers places. Thank you, Mr. Armando, for all of your work on getting us a great, new van!
Great job, Mrs. Arias, for leading the Yellow House Meetings!
Congratulations Green House for gaining the 25 bonus points for everyone wearing their house bands on Friday!
Thank you Fabian for being an amazing best friend.
Have a good LUNCH !!! Go GREEN.
Go soccer team! Great win yesterday! Goals by:

Damian (2)
Timmy (2)
Thank you to all the staff at school for keeping the school safe and clean!!! Please do your part and respect school property!
Thank you Berenice for helping me in my homework!
Thank You Elizabeth & Yosbel for always being there when I need you.
Leelanie, thank you for the gift.
Belinda is nice.
Adam helped me with language arts homework.
Shout out to Andrea!!
Marbella And Daylin are really nice people.
Thank you Daniela for helping me with my homework!
Shout out to the soccer team!!!!
Thanks to the people who help others.
Go Green!
Viri is my best friend and I really appreciate that.
Gonzalo and Nancy D. are my best friends.
Daniel Z is my best friend and he helped me with my homework.
Let's win RCMA in the game tomorrow.
Go blue house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you do great on your test 6th grade.
Welcome back, Graciela and Jasmin! It is great to have you both back!!
Maria and Belinda are my best friends.
Viri is my best friend.
Go Garnet !!!!
Daniel Z is my best friend and he helped me with my homework.
Damian is my best friend.
Thanks for being my friend Melissa and Martina.
We are all family.
Go blue team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cross country team, I know we can make it through the championships and go to the state race!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shout out to Waldy, Michael, and Jorge.
Daniel Z. is a good friend.
Have a good LUNCH!!!
Go blue team!
Score a lot of goals!
Thank you Daniela for helping me with my homework.