Shout out to Mrs. V! Thank you for all that you do.
Shout out to Tanya! Keep on working hard. It WILL pay off!!
Shout out to Jasmin and Graciela for thinking outside of the box!
Shout out to Mr. Joe for being an all around great guy!
Fabian is so nice and he is a nice friend.
Diego, you are one smart kid.
Sharick is the best friend you could ask for.
Sharick is a good friend - she is always there for me. I don't know what I would do with out you bff.
Have a nice day and enjoy your lunch!!!
Lunch time is the best because I can socialize with my friends.
Happy Christmas!
Andrea and Kasey are best friends.

Jazmin and Ana are my best friends.
Jose Marquez is my best friend.
Kasey is my best friend.

Great job, Milki Ramos Lopez, on focusing and doing your best on your STAR Test today! Also, thank you for your positive attitude despite having your right arm in a sling for a while.

Ms. Hanson
Great job Juan Sanjuan on focusing and doing your best on your STAR Test today!

Ms. Hanson
Go Yellow Team! I didn't get to see you in our last House Meeting, however, I look forward to seeing you all this Friday!

Miss Hanson
Leadership scholars, you are off to a great start this week - keep it up!
Thank you to my elves for completing the Honor Code board and my data wall!
Luis Jose (first grade), you did such an AMAZING job on your tests this morning, I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work!
Shout out to Izaiah in first grade! You did an AWESOME job with your testing this morning and I am so proud of you! Keep up the good work and keep those purple faces going!
Happy early birthday Ms. Tara!!! Thank you for everything that you do for this school and for me, you are such an amazing person and I am so thankful for having you as my friend!
Shout out to the first graders for trying their best on STAR testing this morning! You all did amazing!
Have a nice day.
Andrea you are my best friend.


Jose Marquez is super cool.

Yellow team is the best team. That is a fact.
DIEGO AND BRISEIDA are the best of friends.
Timmy is a good friend.
Have a great day !
I hope we get presents at Christmas.
Hey kids make sure to behave well.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Have fun on your trip,Ms.Eckstein.We will miss you.

I hope everyone who is sick gets well soon. And, I hope the others stay healthy. Enjoy your break!
Have a good Thanksgiving break !
El equipo de Kindergarten esta agradecido con todos los padres de familia por trabajar con nosotros dia a dia.
Estoy agradecida por mi mama porque me compra muchos jugetes.
- Jayzlin G.
Estoy agradecida por que mi mama vino a comer conmigo.
- Rosanely J.
Estoy agradecido por tener a Mr. Haggett en mi escuela.

- Carlos C.
Estoy agradecido por mi mama y por mi hermano .

- Deymar C.
Estoy agradecido por mi familia. Muchas gracias por ayudarme cuando tengo un problema.

- Jesus R.
Gracias padres y madres por compartir con nosotros a sus marivollosos hijos.

Very thankful to the entire RCMA family for offering such a warm welcome and for allowing me to be part of the family. It is a honor to be here and play a small role in shaping the lives of our future generations.

D.J. Holt
Shout out to the flu! You can go away now!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Welcome to all the 4th grade parents today! Bienvenidos a todos los padres de 4 grado!
Queridos Padres,
Gracias por todo lo que hacen por nosotros. Los queremos mucho. Feliz Dia de Accion de Gracias, esperamos que disfruten la comida.
La clase de 2do Grado de Mrs.Brito
Shout out to Brandon for being so creative and thinking outside the box with your writing!
Happy Thanksgiving First Grade! Enjoy your feast!
Thank you K-2 Dual Language Team for all of your hard work!
Thank you to all of the 8th graders, who remained so calm while I was having trouble breathing! Thank you, Ms. Ravitch, Ms. Salas, Ms. Marisela, Mr. Haggett and Officer K, who all came to my rescue so quickly! Ms. V
I am thankful for my nice teachers and my Mom.

-Yovanni (Kindergarten)
I am thankful for my friends, my family, and my teachers.

-Hillary (Kindergarten)
I am thankful for my family because they love me!

-Leslie (Kindergarten)
I am thankful for my goldfish and the Principal because he helps in the office.
He also does great with the Pledge of Allegiance.
He is so nice to bring people to his office when it is their birthday.

-Ailyn (Kindergarten)
I am thankful for my Mom because she loves me!

-Briana (Kindergarten)
I am thankful for my Mom and my Dad and I love them!

-Brisareli (Kindergarten)
I am thankful for my parents and I like to give them hugs!

-Jesus (Kindergarten)
I am thankful for my Mom, Dad, and sister! Also, my baby brother because he plays with me!

-Rosanely (Kindergarten)
I am thankful for my Mom, Dad, and sister Maribel because I love them!

-Carlos (Kindergarten)
I am thankful for my brother and my Mom!
-Leo (Kindergarten)
Happy Thanksgiving, RCMA Family!
I am so thankful for our AMAZING KINDERGARTEN TEAM: Ms. Sandra, Mrs. Tara, and Mrs. Rios ROCK!
I am thankful for my brother.
-Andrew (Kindergarten)
I am thankful for my sisters, my mom and my dad.
-Jayzlin (Kindergarten)
Gracias a nuestros padres por el amor y apoyo que dan a sus hijos.
Gracias a nuestros padres por el amor y apoyo que dan a sus hijos.
Gracias a nuestros padres por el amor y apoyo que dan a sus hijos.
Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your friends and family be thankful for those you love. Ohhh and don't eat too much:))
Who do you have to thank this week?
Work hard, earn good grades. You deserve a bright future!
Thank you to all of my wonderful scholars who greet me every day with a smile and a handshake. Have a great Thanksgiving break!
Ms. V
Muchas gracias a Los estudiantes de 2 Grado por su arduo trabajo y dedicacion!Gracias a nuestros padres por todo su apoyo !
Con amor ,
Mrs. Vargas
Wishing all Second Grade scholars and families a great Thanksgiving celebration !
Les deseamos a todos Los estudiantes y padres de Segundo Grade un feliz Dia de Accion de Gracias replete de bendiciones!
Con afecto,
Equipo de Trabajo de 2 Grado
What a fun afternoon to have a visit from D'Cota Dixon of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers! Thank you for encouraging scholars to set their goals high and to achieve in both school and athletics.
Thank you to Dr. Karumanchi for visiting our schools, and speaking with Fifth - Eighth graders about healthy eating habits and the value of mindfulness and breathing exercises.

Especially we thank you for teaching us some simple exercises we can use to improve ourselves.
I enjoyed subbing for Ms. Stobbs on Tues. with the Fourth Period 8th graders. What a nice group of scholars ... very interested in learning!

Congratulations to the hockey team on their win on Tuesday!

Thank you to Mrs. Brito for organizing so many presenters for the elementary school Great American Teach In! We had five presenters this year, speaking on their careers, their lives, their hobbies, etc.
Congratulations to the hockey team on their win on Tuesday!

Mr. Holt is an awesome teacher! He has a lot of knowledge to share with our scholars.

Thank you for teaching at RCMA Leadership Academy!
Congratulations to the hockey team on their win on Tuesday!

Thank you to all of the office staff for all of their hard work and their patience recently with so many coming to the office to have their temperature taken.

May we all be healthy and strong, very soon!
Congratulations to the volleyball team for their hard work!

Thanks to Coach Ravitch for leading the volleyball team, and thanks to Mr. Cesar and Mr. Bethany for attending all of the games.
Muchas gracias padres por su dedicación y apoyo a nuestra escuela. No podríamos hacer nuestro trabajo sin su apoyo.

Con amor
Sra. Johnson
Thank you Officer K for ensuring that our school is safe and always being so pleasant to talk to. I know I can always count on your friendly smile. I'm sure glad you are on our campus.

Ms. Johnson
Gracias Armando y su equipo por siempre ocuparse de nuestros problemas tan rápidamente. Gracias por mantener nuestra escuela limpia y segura.

Con amor
Sra. Johnson
Thank you Ms. Veronica for working so hard to keep our cafeteria a clean place for our scholars to eat. I appreciate you!!!

Ms. Johnson
Thank you Administrators for making RCMA a wonderful place to work. And many thanks to our wonderful scholars who come to school every day with great attitudes and ready to learn. It makes my job so easy!!

Ms. Johnson
Muchas gracias padres por la oportunidad de enseñar a sus hijos. RCMA es una escuela maravillosa y no sería posible sin su apoyo. Gracias por venir a la escuela para compartir con sus hijos.

Con amor
Sra. Johnson
Diego G. and Briseida M. are my best friends.
Jazlyn Agustin, I see so much progress in your ability to complete skills on ALEKS. Keep up the great work that you are doing. I will work with you this afternoon at 3:00!!!

Ms. Johnson
Thank you Ms. Larissa for stepping in during the Great American Teach-In for the musician that wasn't able to attend. We appreciate you!!

Ms. Johnson
Thank you Ms. Brito for all your hard working in planning The Great American Teach-In. The speakers were wonderful and I know our scholars learned a lot.
Ms. Johnson
Shout out to Ms. Kulich for the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers!