Hey Pulaski Middle! I hope you all are all doing well!
Easton is so sweet.
Mr. Faller is the best band director ever!!
I love all of my friends.
Tajayah is cool.
Will, Eddie, Timmy, and Serenity are great friends.
Mrs. Kruger is the best teacher.
I love my 3rd block class!
Have a good day at Pulaski Middle! Have good day!
Hey, I hope you all are doing good! Have a good day! I'm having a good year. Thanks for being my friends.
Ashely and Jahra - I love you guys! You all are my besties!
Whitney is coolio!
Leaving for Florida - have a great week!
Happy birthday Misty!
Jaren is a great friend.
You are the best Mr.Joyce!
Emma D. is funny.
I hope every one has a great day!
Serenity is cool.
Mrs.Sexton is the best!
Hello! I hope everyone has a great day today 🙂
Tayllor and Kelsey are so pretty!!!
Whitney is cool.
Josie is nice!
Treat people the way you wish to be treated.
Danika is so amazing and so is Gracie Everidge
Hey guys! I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. Hey to Mrs. Price, Ms. Lowles, and Mrs. Runion! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!
Danika is my best friend ❤️and I love her so much❤️
Thank you Wyatt, Chance, and Chase!
Hollie is the best.
Mrs. Runion is really pretty and nice!
Papa Faller is the best Teacher
Logan Jones is a wonderful friend and is very funny!
Rylee, Kailyn, and Tayllor are very good friends!
We have amazing friends at Pulaski Middle School!
Danika is the best!
Be nice today and have a good day.
Rylee Feltz and Kailyn Barnette are super sweet and kind and they deserve the best!!!!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Jasmine and Najay are really sweet when you get to know them!!💕💕
Have a good winter break everyone (including the teachers).
Mrs. Runion is so pretty!
Oliver makes my life better!
Kimmy Hed is my best friend!
Kaitlin and Jacklyn are my two favorite people in the school.
Al-ula is my best friend!
Have a great week, Pulaski Middle!
Have a wonderful day everyone!
HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone is so nice! You all are great ????????????????????
Logan and Jalere are amazing friends.
Logan and Landen B. are the best friends.
Jalere and Landen B are amazing friends.
Logan and Jalere are amazing friends.
Thank you Laura, Elise, and Ava for being there for me.
Jaren, Kaitlin, Cheyenne, Christian, Jalere, and Jacklyn are so nice. I love you all!!
Ryan Belcher is a good friend.
RJ IS A GOOD FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love Jade and Kaitlin and Zion and Blake and Adriana H. and Cheyenne.
Hope EVERYONE has a great Christmas!!! HO! HO! HO!
Mrs. Runion and Ms. Lowles are the best; they make my life better! I love them so much❤????????????????????????????
Ms. Lowles is the best person ever ????????????????????????????????????????????
Maya Newcomb is the best friend!
Emma D. is the best friend I could ever have. She is so nice.
Ashely and Jahra and Sophie are my besies! Love you guys!
Everybody in this school is the best!!
Savannah, Faith, Lizzy, and Ellen thank you for being there for me you all are so nice!
You rock!
Thanks Betty, Ann, Amya, Alyssa, and Warren for being there for me when other people weren't!
No matter what, don't give up, even if it seems like nothing is possible or something in the way and you can't go on. That isn't true. Never give up!
Mrs. Runion is the best teacher ever!!!!!!
Izzy, Julia G., Gracie S., Gracie E., Bella AND MORE...... you all are the best!! Love you :):):):)
Onna and Julia G. are soooooo fun and you all make 2nd block the best. Love you!
Izzy and Julia G. are the best!!!!!!
Love you Chloe!! You're the best!
I love you Cheyenne!!! You're amazing!
Zion is very funny and cool to hang out with.
Jaren, Kaitlin, Jade and Christian are the best!
Jade McPeak and Jaren Stump are 2 of my best friends ever.
Do good, kids!
Miss Stoots, thanks for making me feel welcome.
Love you all my friends!
Reagan, thanks for showing me around and becoming a good friend.

Mrs. Christian you are nice.
Jonah and Brysen are my best friends because they always made me laugh in Mr. Dalton´s class.
Mrs. Price, you are the best teacher in 6th grade. I love that I'm in your class. I'll miss you so much in 7th grade.
Mrs. Christen is really sweet and very helpful. I love her.
I love Mrs. Runion sooooo much.
Mrs. Christan is the best!
Chance Southern is really sweet. He always makes my day!!!
Braeden Arehart is really awesome and always makes my day.
Mrs. Price is a beautiful and great teacher.
Mrs. Pisani, you are the best 3rd block teacher ever.
Mrs. Christian!! You help me with everything! Love you!
Ms. Pisani is my favorite teacher ever.
Conner Arehart is the best.
Jaren, you are very funny.
Gracie Sarver is a great working partner and very nice.
Dear Ryan B. - you are the best person ever and I have absolutely no clue what I would do without you. You're nice and funny.
Justus H. is so nice.