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Thank you, Christian, for checking in and asking about my day ????
Emma Hiland is a team player and great at what she does!
Ally is very kind and a good helper in pre-k!
Mrs. Richard is an awesome teacher!
I think Mrs. Richard should get the teacher of the year.
I like Mrs. Richards because she's so funny and sometimes makes me smile in class and Mrs. Disher is sooo so funny and she makes me smile like Mrs. Richard. We will always love Mrs. Disher, and Mrs.Richard I think they are amazing! <3
Micah is my best friend.
Thank you all the teachers for your hard work. Cole Arsenault
Thank you, Cole, for being a good cousin and a friend.
Thank you to Darlene for always so kindly answering my questions!! You have made life easier for us newcomers!!
Logan Moody is a fun friend!
Many hands make light work. ~John Heywood
Thank you to Darlene for all she does to make our school run smoothly!
Rachel is amazing!
Linda and Debby make the best food that there ever was in the whole world!
The lunch ladies are really nice and make delicious food.
Jim is the best bus driver ever 👍👍🚌
PES is more than a school. We are family.
Riley C., you challenged yourself today and were so proud of yourself when you met that challenge! I'm proud of you, too.
Miss Meredith does a great job with Dwight and the Pre-K class.
Ethan is very good at basketball!
James is an amazing friend!
Debbie is very good cook.
Dehkin is a wonderful person, and he is nice to everyone.And I appreciate his quietness.
Emma B is a good friend. She is always nice and very smart.
Rain and Camryn are my best friends in the world and will always be.
Haylo is great!
Degia is a great friend and classmate. Her kind words inspire everyone to have an amazing day. I always have a great day when she’s around! 🙂
Mrs. Deacon is always so supportive, as exhibited by her generous Dorito giving!
JODY is a good and funny teacher.
Thank you to Jacob Richard and Evan Monk for clearing the walkways this morning!
Thankful every day for Mrs. Richard and everyone in Special Education.
Sierra Barnes is such a kind and special teacher. 💞
Miley and Maddie are my best friends. They always cheer me up when I'm sad, give me support when I need it, laugh when I tell jokes (even if they're bad) and are just there for me. I'm really glad to have these two friends with me throughout all the years I've spent in PES. Thank you, Miley and Maddie!
Mrs. Ripley is a really great teacher, and I respect her. She's a lot of fun, and I always have a great time in her class!
Mrs. Disher is a good teacher 🙂
Dear Jack, The day you sprained your leg I was sad for you that day and I was worried about you and then you were fine. And today you will always make someone smile and made me smile. Your friend, Lucian
The lunch ladies are really nice and make delicious food.
Kelton is a good friend, and he is cool. He is nice to everyone.
Hayden C is a great friend, and he is very funny. I really like that Hayden is always willing to help out.
Cora is the sweetest and her heart is bigger than everyone else put together.
Teachers? I prefer educational rockstar!!!
Thank you Jim and Sue for cleaning our school!!! 😀
Mrs. Netzer is very good at teaching!!!
Mrs. Williams, you make my job easier. You help me out in so many ways and look for ways to support my efforts. Thank you for being you. I don't know what I would do without you.
Mrs. Disher was nominated by not one, but TWO people for Washington County Teacher of the Year! We are all behind you because you are AMAZING!! We hope your nomination rises to the top. Either way, you are a winner in our eyes at PES.
Levi is a great helper and friend!
MCB’s style game is on point.
Debbie and Linda made a really good breakfast today. We like all the choices!!!
Brendon is a good friend, and he is my best friend.
Dear Mrs. Cochran Barnes,
You are an amazing teacher and a kind person! You help students whether it be school or personal. AP ELA is the most fun and exiting class I have, and not only is it fun, but it is also very challenging! It makes us learn, and it prepares us for the future! Thank you so much!
Jack is a really good friend.
Austin is a good friend.
Hayden is the best friend.
Kadence is very nice.
This is to Kayle, for being one of the best friends I've ever had. We don't share secrets that we tell each other to other people. I think she's an amazing friend. -???
Micah C., you are a kind and caring and good friend.
Evan Monk is really funny.
Natalie is really funny and nice. She helps me through tough times, and she is very supportive. She is weird sometimes, and that is what's great about her. Love ya, Natalie ????
I love Mr. Hikel's humor!
Cj is smart. I love listening to his fun facts!
Owen A is a really funny brother because he makes me laugh.
Miss Williams and MCB both make PES a better place!
Mrs. Richard and Ms. Disher, you do amazing with student council! You have such great ideas.
Lily C. is a great girl! She never fails to make me smile. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Keep being great, Lily!
Ms. Maureen, Mrs. Jodi, and Mrs. Williams are always there to lend a helping hand with a smile!
Ms. Maureen is an amazing addition to the PES team!
Haylee is a nice friend.
Miss Barnes is really funny and awesome at math. The funniest thing she said to me and my friend is 5+4 is 13.
PES is great!
Shaye is a hard worker. In the classroom and on the cheering mat!
Seth N., you are a good friend and you are funny.
Kyrsten is super nice and a really nice sister.
MCB is my favorite teacher!!!!!!
Mrs Disher is awesome this year!
Christian Borden is a great friend to be with. I am glad to be in this school with him.
Braden is a great friend, and he's there when you need him.
Mrs. Deacon has a heart of gold!
MCB is a great teacher. She is awesome and I really respect her. Thank you!
Opal, thanks for being kind and putting a smile on my face.
To whoever's reading this: You matter. You are a part of this world, and our lives would be so much different without you. You have talents, weaknesses, insecurities. Never think you don't matter to this world.
Jasmine is really creative. She's also kind, funny, and a great friend.
Camryn is a great student. She always works hard in the classroom. She always makes me laugh.🙂
Ayden Cochran is determined. He is a good basketball player. Keep working on those basketball skills, Ayden!
Mrs. Lozano and Ms. Disher, the play will be AMAZING! Great work!
Mr R. is a good gym teacher.
Christian Borden is super friendly! I love being asked, "Are you having a good day so far?" You really make your teacher's day, Christian!!
We have some great substitutes! Thanks for stepping in and lending a helping hand!
Mr. Hikel is funny! Very, very funny!!
Many thanks to our PES Staff/ Volunteers for all they do for our kids.
Daniel is a very nice guy and is very funny.
Alan is awesome!
Our teachers really care about our students!
Thank you to all the ed techs for being so flexible!