Zack, You are a funny person and always make others laugh. You show others that even people who are young, can still do amazing things!
Mrs. Rempert: Thank you for always brightening my day and making me feel capable of taking on any new challenge that comes my way. You ROCK!!
Dear Mia,
You are a great friend that is always there for me. You are funny and kind. Thank you for always being my friend.
Dear Mrs. Reiman you make everyone smile in your class and you are the BEST BEST teacher ever. 🙂
Dear, Matthew
you make everyone so happy so happy with your jokes and your always are happy. 🙂
Dear Aly
You always make me laugh! You are a kind, nice, and funny person! You are a great friend!
Mrs. Hart, you are a awesome teacher and make others learn amazing facts! You show others that you can do anything if you try. You are the best teacher I ever had!!! Thank you!
Dear Mrs.Harts class, you are the best class EVER! When ever I'm sad you always cheer me up. To all my friends you are all kind, careful, happy, and thoughtful. You are the best class EVER!
Thank you to the entire Staff for making this learning happen, and Thank you to all the teachers for spending there time with the children at this school to help them learn.
nick is a good friend he under stands when i'm sad to leave me alone but when i'm not sad he makes me happy all the time
Scarlett is really nice she always makes me happy when i'm sad she is a great friend
Lyla is a really nice kid she always makes me happy when i'm sad so I respect her thank you Lyla for being such a great friend
Thank you custodians for cleaning our rooms so every morning we walk into a clean shimmering classroom that we get to work in.
Dear Cadee, you are so smart and kind! You are such a good friend to other's! When someone's lonely you are there for them. You are so sweet! Thank you for your kindness!
Dear Mia, You are a smart person and make others around you laugh. You are very kind and others smile around you. Keep up the amazing work!
Dear Mrs.Coffey, you were the best teacher ever last year. You made my day every day. I loved you so much and wish I could stay in your class forever! You're the best teacher EVER!
Kye and Lyla you allways cheer me up when I'm feeling sad you are so nice
Mrs. Morse, you are still my favorite teacher. You always used to help me with my reading. You are the best teacher ever!!
Dear Easton, You are a funny person and make others around you smile. You are smart and loving and have lots of good friends. Keep up the good work!!!
Prairie Grove students and staff ROCK!
Thank you for bringing the "You Uplift" Platform to Prairie Grove Elementary!