thank you teachers
be kind
be nice
be kind
thank you teachers
Mr.Crylan is a good band tecaher
Mia is a great friend because she always helps me when I'm sad and is really fun to play with at recess. She is always also kind to all her other nice friends.
I think Page Arnold is a very kind friend and classmate.
The custodian for cleaning the school
Mrs.Roherkasse is amazing at teaching every subject of the day.
Ava is awsome

you are the best teacher ever I hope you keep teaching for a while πŸ˜‰
Dear lilly,
you are a funny person who has a very kind personality. thank you for being a good friend.
Dear Mia,
you are a great friend and you except evoryone's diffrences and you are kind to others thank you for being a great friend.
Jacobs my best friend and he never let me down we have handshake and he never been mean to anybody he stands up for me and never will let you down
Vivian is a very kind friend and is always there for me when I am unhappy or angry. She is also funny and makes me laugh. Clearly Vivian is a great friend to hang out with.
Lyla is amazing!
:0 πŸ™‚
Griffin.W is the best at math.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€βšΎ
the custodians are the best.☺☺☺😊

Ani is awsome
Madelyn you are soo funny and a great dancer have an awesome day😜
Maizy you are a great friend and sooo sweet have a great day !!!!!!!πŸ˜ƒ
Gia, Kylie, and Maisy are great friends!!!!!
Dear Ava M
Thanks for being an amazing friend!
Griffin is the best friend in the world because he always makes me laugh.
Dear Mrs. Reiman
Thank you for being an amazing teacher! You are such a great teacher! Thanks!!
Rhys is the best friend to have because he is a really good friend.
Ava is so great
Owen is the best friend that I ever had and he is the best 🎺🎺🎺 player. 😎
Rhys is a great friend.
Everyone in Miss. Reiman class you are always so nice to everyone.
Jacob.D and Sebastian you are always great friends.
Miss. Reiman you are always super nice and kind, you always give us amazing education.
mia, you are so nice thank you for being my friend.
Mrs.Majore is funny
Kylie Rosene you are a great friend 😊
Abby is a good friend
Thank you miss Ellers for being kind and nice and for helping us when we need help on something i hope you have a great day and i hope you see this and i wish you a good year and i hope you will be my teacher one day maybe nexts year. each day is a day for something new.
Emily is an awsome fun friend
Ava has a great halloween costume
Mrs. Roehrkasse is the best teacher! She's always is fair and kind, and not TOO strict (But every teacher has those strict moments). She has fun activities that make learning fun and easy for all of us! She's very understanding of everyone, no matter how they look or act or speak. Pretty awesome, I would say!
Lena is loyal
Mrs.Gertz is a great gym teacher
this is the best school ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ani is a great friend.
thank you teachers of prairie grove for giving me a educatoin
prairie Grove is like the best school. Sabastion is always there for me at reses i'm some times at the buddy bench he comes to me and says do you want me to play soccer with you. Now me and Sebastion are best buddys we play soccer to gether and i even joined his soccer team so we play together a lot. we are the best bros I know his brother we are like all brothers. be nice to each other
Are teachers and principle are the best in the world my last 2 schools have Ben bullying me so I went to this school and discovered it was perfect. All the classrooms look just perfect the walls are clean, the whiteboards/chalkboards look they where just brought yesterday, and the janitors do so much hard work just for are school [GOOD JOB JANITORS!@#$^*$#T]. good luck Janitors and principle.
thank you all teachers for helping us learn like Mrs ellers and Mrs vinton and all my friends. Logan,Lucas,Riley,nick,josh,yeven, griffin for helping me when i am said and have no one to play with.
Mrs. Ellers is the best teacher. she helped us with our drills and she told a lot of things we have never seen before. she is also nice when we don't know something. Mrs Ellers is the best teacher in the world
This school is amazing i love how every one is kind and how the teachers do so much for there students , its like we are one big family , and we know each others limits also again this school is the best .
Everyone should be kind to people every where you go. Ms. Ellers is the most amazing teacher. She makes me feel like I'm at my old school. She also makes me feel comfortable at this school. Ms. Ellers also makes me understand when I don't get something.
Dear, Lyla you are always there for me and you are so nice to me everyday and when I am sad you are always there to support me you are the best you are so nice to me and you are always me best friend !!
Everett thank you for being a good friend to me. And for not being mean to me. And helping me when i'm hurt.
Thank you Gavin Witt, and Griffin Witt for playing grass gaga ball with me every day so far.
Thank you for being my friend and playing with me after school Ben even if you get me mad sometimes and its so funny when you get mad at me but even tho you get me mad sometimes i still will always be your friend even if you dont want me too ill always be there for you and hopefuly you will always be there for me thank you for being y friend ben
Thank you, Alana for being my best friend .You are all ways are there for me. when I am sad. you are nice to me thank you for being my friend.
Jacob Cook is one of my onley best freinds and if I get hurt he is there for me and me and him love doing the same things and love roblox and transformers.P.S Jacob Cook if you saw this I got transformer inferno and grimlock
Lyla F, you are so nice and kind. Thank you for everything you do!
In this message I am thanking my teacher, Ms.Ellers. I want to thank Ms.Ellers because she is very nice and I am glad to have her as a fourth grade teacher. I am thanking her also, because she let's us play prodigy at the en of the day, YAY! :3
prairie grove school is the best school ever also thanks nathan for playing with me outside anather thing is thak you mrs ellers for being a good teacher Anmous
Alana, Thank you for everything you do for me. You are always there for me when I need you.

prarie grove is the best school. Evreybody is so nice.
Dear, Emily Cook
Even though you are not my best, best friend I still appreciate that you are here for me. I might have been replaced, but I dont feel like I have been. I hope all is good for you and your future!!
Dear Jacob D (In fourth Grade)
You are a great friend. You make my day and many others. I hope you are happy, because you deserve to be. Thanks for being my friend.
Paige is funny and always makes me laugh every day. Thanks for being my friend! πŸ˜€
Dear Wylan, you are AMAZING at sports! You always are a good guard in pin guardian and make sure no balls get passed you. You always are a good sport and are a good friend! You are AMAZING!
I thank my friends Maizy and Emily for being really supportive and outgoing. We formed a detective agency, made plays, it was so fun! We made up different activities to do and helped clean up the classroom, oh, I miss those days. We're still together, but we haven't been able to do anything like what I said above yet. We still do our work together efficiently. it was marvelous, those d
Zack, You are a funny person and always make others laugh. You show others that even people who are young, can still do amazing things!
Mrs. Rempert: Thank you for always brightening my day and making me feel capable of taking on any new challenge that comes my way. You ROCK!!
Dear Mia,
You are a great friend that is always there for me. You are funny and kind. Thank you for always being my friend.
Dear Mrs. Reiman you make everyone smile in your class and you are the BEST BEST teacher ever. πŸ™‚
Dear, Matthew
you make everyone so happy so happy with your jokes and your always are happy. πŸ™‚
Dear Aly
You always make me laugh! You are a kind, nice, and funny person! You are a great friend!
Mrs. Hart, you are a awesome teacher and make others learn amazing facts! You show others that you can do anything if you try. You are the best teacher I ever had!!! Thank you!
Dear Mrs.Harts class, you are the best class EVER! When ever I'm sad you always cheer me up. To all my friends you are all kind, careful, happy, and thoughtful. You are the best class EVER!
Thank you to the entire Staff for making this learning happen, and Thank you to all the teachers for spending there time with the children at this school to help them learn.
nick is a good friend he under stands when i'm sad to leave me alone but when i'm not sad he makes me happy all the time
Scarlett is really nice she always makes me happy when i'm sad she is a great friend
Lyla is a really nice kid she always makes me happy when i'm sad so I respect her thank you Lyla for being such a great friend
Thank you custodians for cleaning our rooms so every morning we walk into a clean shimmering classroom that we get to work in.
Dear Cadee, you are so smart and kind! You are such a good friend to other's! When someone's lonely you are there for them. You are so sweet! Thank you for your kindness!
Dear Mia, You are a smart person and make others around you laugh. You are very kind and others smile around you. Keep up the amazing work!
Dear Mrs.Coffey, you were the best teacher ever last year. You made my day every day. I loved you so much and wish I could stay in your class forever! You're the best teacher EVER!
Kye and Lyla you allways cheer me up when I'm feeling sad you are so nice
Mrs. Morse, you are still my favorite teacher. You always used to help me with my reading. You are the best teacher ever!!
Dear Easton, You are a funny person and make others around you smile. You are smart and loving and have lots of good friends. Keep up the good work!!!
Prairie Grove students and staff ROCK!
Thank you for bringing the "You Uplift" Platform to Prairie Grove Elementary!