Be a LiGhT!
"The time is always right to do what is right." - Martin Luther King Jr.
Special thank you to Ms. Lightfield for always taking my calls, answering my questions, and being the support we need for our team!

- Burns
Thank you to the Potomac Middle School Staff who continue to work hard for our students, families and each other each and every day.
I would like to thank Dr. Cornish for all she does for the 7th grade LA department. She works diligently everyday making our lives easier. We would be lost without her. Thank you Dr. Cornish so much for all you do!
I want to shout out to Mrs. Nessa and Mrs. Al-Maflaha for being with my students in class while I am in the process of completing three surgeries over the next two weeks on my back. They both are amazing and doing a great job!

Thank you for working with me to the entire administration department so I can complete this before students come back.
Thanks Ms. Vicky for coming to my rescue with technology issues. -PN
Mr. Burns always goes above and beyond to make our school as uplifting and effective as possible for our students! Thank You!
Mr. Smith has done so much to protect students and staff during this pandemic. Also, I really appreciate the positivity he has shown in such a hard and trying time.
The counselors at Potomac Middle School are the VERY BEST! They work so hard and I want them to know we see it! Mr. Eaton you are doing and amazing job leading the team!
Thanks to online school, we can slow down the spread of the virus!

- India Dunston
I want to thank Ms. Burke for always bring 100% to her job and our school! She makes PTMS a better place!
The good thing about this virtual school is you can stay in your pj's all day, everyday day.
Something that went well was I HAVE REALLY nice and funny teachers
is that i can still see my classmates, friends, teachers, From Amina irfan
Im happy that were in online school because I actually like online school better
is that i can still see my classmates, friends, teachers,
Meeting new people
Virtual school is fun because it's a little easier to react to each other
I like virtual because of my teachers are always taking there time with me even if we are not in person learning especially Mr. burns and he makes the best jokes on his canvas page.
Some thing I like about virtual learning is that all my teachers make things easy for me especially Mr. Burns he gives us reminders when he doesn't have to.
1 thing that I like about online school is that other students are not interrupting class like in person school.
Something I like about virtual learning is that I’m in the comfort of my own home and I don’t have to worry about my anxiety while walking in the building
What I love about online school right now is that I can still be able to talk to my teachers and friends even if i'm not able to see them.
up front learning is kinda better but at the same time school online is good because i stay at home. I don't learn a lot on laptop too.
By seeing everyones faces and being at home.
I like not having to wake up at 7:30AM and getting on a bus
Always be kind
MR.burns is funny
I like all the free time i have, with virtual learning
Thank you to the Counseling team for the hard work that you're doing.
Major S/O to Mrs. Boyce for helping to pack up the files in the records room.
Thank you for bringing the "You Uplift" Kindness Wall to Potomac Middle School!