If you can dream it, you can do it!
"What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others." -Confucius
You know that nice feeling you get when someone does something kind for you? That is what you can do for someone else!
Start each day in a happy way!
A smile is the best gift you can give!
Thank you all PPMS staff for your hard & smart work to bring good education experience for every kids during the pandemic period. Hope you all enjoyed a great staff appreciation week!
We really do appreciate all that teachers do for us! 🙂 Thank you!!!
Some days are just made better by a kind word and a smile! Thank you!
Thank you for all you do! The Breest Family
Pilgrim park teachers and staff are AWESOME! Thank you for working so hard to keep us safe and being dedicated to our education and growth. -Henry and the Schwab family
When you do something nice for someone else, it makes you feel good, too!
Can February March? No, but April May! 🙂
Think of the best or nicest thing that has happened today...focus on how happy that makes you feel!
Thank you to all the staff at Elmbrook schools. Working tirelessly both in person and virtually to make sure our kids continue to have a great education and are safe. I know that there are a lot of staff behind the scenes in addition to the teachers that deserve a big round of applause. Thank you again!
Grewal family
Every day is the best day to share some kindness!
Every day should be Earth Day!!!
Celebrate Earth Day today and every day! Even something as simple as picking up trash off the sidewalk is doing your part! 🙂
A Teacher
takes a
opens a
and touches a
-Thank you to all the Amazing 6th Grade Teachers
for a Great Year
We love Mrs. Lakatos! It’s such a relief to have someone at school that loves and supports the kids as much as their parents! Thank you for all you do!!!
"...hold onto whatever light you can, believing that even in the darkest of moments, it is the light of kindness, service, empathy, and love that will heal us in the worst of times." -Mal Coles
How many good things have happened today? Count the GOOD things! They are everywhere, too!
Thank you for all you do, especially during these "challenging times"!!
Being able to help someone learn something is a TALENT!
Throw kindness around like glitter! It'll stick to everything it touches!
Thank you for everything you do every day! We appreciate you more than you know!

"A single grain of rice can tip the scale." - from Mulan
Today is a good day for a good day!

In case you forgot how awesome you are, this is your reminder!
smile 🙂
smile 🙂
smile 🙂
smile 🙂
Whether you think you can or can't, you are probably right.
It takes both the sun and rain for flowers to grow!
Happy Spring week! There are so many reasons to smile!
Broken crayons still color! Hang in there!
Have a happy day in every way! 🙂
What did the tree say to spring?

What a re-leaf!
Every person is a different kind of flower. All together, we make a beautiful garden!
"A kind word is like a Spring day." -Russian Proverb
“You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.” Wayne Gretzky
If you have nothing kind to say, say nothing at all!
This quote is by Mrs.Reedy!
She is a awesome teacher
Be the sunshine in someone's day today! ☺
Thank you everyone who has been nice this week. It helps have happy days!
The only way to have a happy life is by staying true to ourselves.
Hey Guys, I know we are having problems during Covid. But hey, we're still here right? So let's keep on going. Turn Covid into a good thing. Keep on doing what you love. Thanks guys!
The BEST weeks start on Monday! 🙂
Don't give up, no matter what!
When you lose friends or your friends are mean to you, they aren't your friends, but don't worry, I'm there for you!
GO PPMS! 7-Sapphire
"Like so many things, it's not what is outside but what's inside that counts." - from Aladdin movie

No one is you, and that is your superpower!
Making someone smile makes me want to smile, too!
Hope you have a happy day! (ᵔᴥᵔ)
Everyone is fighting their own personal battle. Be kind. Be supportive. Be understanding.
People make mistakes, so don't hold grudges against them. Learn to forgive, and it will help you move on in life.
Have a great day!!!!

"The noblest art is that of making others happy." - P.T. Barnum

"Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong." -Leo Buscaglia
Yesterday is now history. Focus on making today the best day!

Turn I WISH into I WILL!
Why do skunks love Valentine’s Day?

They are very scent-imental creatures.

If all I do today is try my very best, then that is good enough!
Change your perspective, change your day!

per*spec*tive: (noun):

2. a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.
Mondays are new beginnings! Have a good week everyone!

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