Mrs. O'Connell period 1 is the best!
You look nice today 🙂
Have a Magical Day! 🙂
Ms. O'Neill's first-period class is the best!
Thank you so much, Ms. O'Neill, for being an amazing teacher and a wonderful helper.
Mrs. Lear's 2nd-period class is the best!
Jaclyn Gilroy is the best person ever!
Ava Pifer is cool and amazing!
Alan Yu is nice.
Chris Yu is a good person!
Happy Birthday, Kaci!
You are always there for me!
Thank you!

Julia Cash is very nice and makes me laugh all the time.
Period 3 English is the best!
Ethan Bockoven is an awesome announcer on Hawk TV!!!
Shane Steenrod is super nice and funny.
He always helps me with my work when i need it.
James Brenner is really smart
and crazy at basketball!
Joe is always so nice to me!
He makes me laugh and plays games with me.
Kaci Cobb Is awesome. She is so kind and friendly.
She is the best friend I could ever have!!!!!!!????
Thank you Peter S. for helping me with my project!

Blair Hickinbotham what a legend.
He is so funny. When I am down I can count on him to lift me up.
I can trust him.
Cole is a great friend. He is so funny and nice!
Bethany Bowden is the best!
She is really nice and very tall.
I would recommend being friends with her!
James Brenner is so nice and good at basketball.
He makes Patton so much better!
The Photopoulos twins are really pretty and nice and always brighten my day!
Anya Dalton you are so nice, funny and kind!!!!

I love all my teachers here at Patton!
They are so kind and helpful 🙂
Ms. Owsley is my favorite teacher!
John Albans is such a great friend!
He is so kind to everyone!
Abby is so sweet and has a great smile!
James Anderson is the nicest, sweetest, most adorable person ever!!!
He always finds a way to put a smile on my face even when I am sad.
He always says good things about his teachers and loves to make kind remarks!

Sam Stockman is a great baseball player!
Mrs. Breger is a very talented and kind teacher!
Ms. Owsley is really amazing! She is sweet, kind, funny and caring.

Deepti Halthore is the BEST!
She's the funniest person at Patton.
Peter Sugimoto is a really good friend.
He always makes me laugh and I think
that he will do great things in life!!!!!!!!!
Thanks, Anushka for being an amazing friend! I really enjoy spending time with you and when I do, I have a great time.
You are sweet, caring, funny and always think about others first.
Thanks for being a great friend!
Shane Gilday is a really nice
and one of my best friends!
Molly S is awesome!!!!!
And she is such a great friend!!
9th period Miss Yarosh is the BEST!
Kendyl Walton thank you for saying "HELLO" to me every single time you see me.
We don't really know each other, but you always smile and make me feel so optimistic
about what a great day it is going to be! 🙂

Jokes With Jade is THE BEST!
Izzy Krautzel, you are an amazing friend!
You make me laugh every single day!
I'm so happy we became friends this year. 😀
For those that might be going through tough times right now:
Always remember, your present situation is not your final destination.
Logan Daniels is awesome!
John Reichert is a great person and is the best representation of Patton pride in this school!

Thank you to Mrs. Knauer and Mr. Kelley for making my AT classes so much fun and enjoyable!
Thank you to the C Team teachers that make coming to school so fun every day!
Elle Casten, Thanks so much for being such a great friend.
You're very funny and kind. I love having you in my Spanish class
and seeing you in the hallway!
Ceci Sanders, you are so kind, nice, caring, and funny.
I love having you in my Spanish, health and gym classes.
Thanks for being such a great friend!!!
Thank you Chase for being a good friend!
Arya is very helpful.
Rhianna Tetlow is so funny and kind she makes social studies so much better then it already is.
My brother Ben Stockman is the best person ever!
Thank you, Ben!
Molly Martin, you and I have been friends since we were in pre-school,
but our friendship hasn't aged a day. You're funny, sweet, kind and the
greatest friend anyone could ever ask for.
I hope you have a wonderful day!
Thank you so much, Ms. McDonald, for being such a wonderful, fantastic, kind and warmhearted teacher and helper.
You always put a smile on my face and every time I walk into Non-Fiction writing I am very excited to start the class!
Your 2nd period class is the best, obviously! Once again, thank you so much and I can't wait for Non-Fiction writing! ????????
Mrs. Landry makes math class so fun and interesting!
Courtney Keller makes any class awesome.
Thank you for saying "Hello" to me every day with such a bright sunny smile 🙂
D. Crow is the best teacher!
Claire Harlan is nice, funny, happy, cool and a very good friend.
Will Shriver is one of the nicest people I have ever met.
He puts a smile on my face every time I see him.
He is also one of the funniest kids I have ever met.
I love Ms. Yarosh 10th period and Mr. Crossman 4th period.
You two are the best teachers I could ask for!
Thank you!!!!

I love 10th period math with Ms.Yarosh!
Thank you, Jacob Duran, for being one of the funniest, most caring friends I have ever had!
Molly Martin is very supportive of her friends and is very kind!

Adrian Betancourt is the coolest friend ever!
He is really good at biking and I enjoy being with him!!
Luke Stang is a very positive person and super unique friend.
Nate Hunter is an awesome friend!
Ishmael is an awesome friend and makes English better!
Rohan is the best friend ever!
He always helps me out with math.
Luke Stang is a great friend!

Avelyn Lockard is really nice and she always makes me smile.
She has great hair and great taste in fashion!
Anya Dalton is very kind and fun to be with!
Claire is super funny and kind!
Maddie is super chill and fun! 😉
Rhianna Tetlow, Anya Dalton and Lina Assad
are amazing friends and have great personalities.
Sam Stockman is a very good basketball player and
he is very friendly and nice.
He can make your day just with his jokes.
Sam S is an awesome basketball player and is really nice!
Cole Miller is an awesome friend and always makes my day.
Matt P. is an awesome friend and makes FCS
and Non-Fiction Writing a lot more fun!
Jack Robbins is a very good friend and is really good at basketball!
Avelyn Lockard is so nice and caring and is really great friend.
Alexa Shelley is my best friend! She always laughs at my jokes!
And she's really tall!!!
Megan Aversa is an incredible writer and has an amazing personality!
Megan A., Victoria Horst, Bella Brun
and Georgina M. are amazing friends
and are always there for me!
Avelyn Lockard is an amazing person and non fiction writing is so much fun with her. (:
Mrs. Gera is super funny and she always laughs at my jokes.
She is an awesome science teacher and I think she makes
AWESOME comebacks.
Thank you for being a great teacher!!
"If you set your goals ridiculously high and it's a failure,
you will fail above everyone else's success.”
~James Cameron

Izzy Della Barba is such a nice person.
Rayaan Enver--you are one of my favorite Patton people.
You are always positive and helpful to everyone and anyone.