Izzy Della Barba is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet. If you fall down the stairs she will help you up. she is kind, sweet, adorable, and very special.
Owen Lauder is kind, funny and very artistic. He is always fun to be around.
Ms. Owsley is the ULTIMATE best and can totally rock purple mascara.
And even though she has a torn ACL, she is still getting around like a champ!
Lauren Dobie is so sweet and I couldn't ask for a better study partner and friend.
Elle Stephenson is one of the kindest and funniest friends I've ever met. She is also always lending a hand if you need it and will support you no matter what.
You matter. No matter what people tell you, you are great!
Dear Mr. Kirk, you are the best teacher ever and you always make english fun an interesting.I'm going to miss you so much and so is everyone else. Even when we learn boring stuff, you always make it fun.Thanks for being an amazing teacher and always making us laugh!
Good luck on all midterms
Rohan Ghandi is such a kind and caring person. He has the best memes and is extremely intelligent. Today he gave me a high five :))))
Have a great day and i hope you learn something new today and have a wonderful day and have fun.
Rohan Potla is the best kid in my advisory and he is very cool.
Good luck on Midterms!
Dr Crowley is the best teacher ever!
Carter is a very nice and funny person! We are going to miss him in advisory and hawk time!
Ms. Ballard wants to give a huge shout out to her awesome first marking period club and their dedication to treating everyone with kindness. You guys were amazing and are a big part of why this platform will truly make a difference in the lives of others! Come on Patton! Let's lift one another up!!!

Thank you, Mrs. Rafferty for all your efforts in making the Patton Library so great! #PattonReads
Thank you for bringing the You Uplift Platform to Patton Middle School!