Brynn is very nice and kind. By Bentley May
Jameson Moll is a good and positive friend. He is a nice friend to have in class. He tells the truth all the time. Jameson is good at phonics and math. He is helpful to have in class. Jameson is kind to others. by Adrianna moser
Mara Elledge is so nice sometimes she lets me borrow her things to play with on the bus. By: Alleigh Johnson
Bentley raises his hand and does not shout out. He is also good at math, phonics,and reading. Bentley is nice to other people and me. Bentley is also a really good friend. Bentley does good at his AR tests too. By : Tessa : Carrizales
Mrs. Seemann is the best teacher ever . Eberlie Flowers
Madison Vantrease is very nice. Audrey Schroeder
When Tessa Carrizales draws pictures, she has nice handwriting. By Zachery Dewulf
Audrey G. is very nice. Rylan
Adrianna Moser is really nice to me and my friend.

Maddox Sizemore
Maddox Sizemore is funny and laughs a lot. By: Mara Elledge

Jayce is really funny. Brynn Meyer
Brody Yarnell is a great friend. He's kind and caring.

By. Brezlee Powell
Brezlee is a nice friend to have at school.

Audrey G. is really really nice
Ana Willier is a nice friend, and she stands up for me. I stand up for her too. By Jayce Joy
Rylan Nickels tries something new on the playground every day! By: Audrey Geahlen
Eberlie Flowers has neat handwriting. By Ana Willier.
Lj Bowers is fun to play with on the playground. By Jameson Moll.
Zachery is a great friend. Reagan Holbrook
Gus Meyer is funny

- Grady McKee
If you can dream it, you can do it!
Mrs.smith is really nice and helpful she helps with home work and she helps everyone with understanding things they dont understand in math. Most people dont see how helpful and nice she is but i see her as nice plesent to have around helpful and sweet she is a very important person here. THANK YOU MRS.SMITH

You got this!
Thank you Mr.Knueven for all of the stuff that you gave us. Kabe Morey.
Whitney Feehan is a really good friend to me! She is really nice and she helps me a lot.
Ella Duel is very kind and always makes me happy.
Elise is a great friend and she always makes me laugh!
"What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others." -Confucius
Don't Let anyone make you feel like your a bad person because of what or who you like.
don't let people Dull Your Sparkle
Be Kind,
No matter how small, Big,
No matter if their, Gay, different, shy, antisocial,
Make sure to be kind, no matter what
Alleigh Johnson has worked very hard in class this year!! She always has a smile and positive attitude!! Way to go Alleigh!! Mrs. Seemann
Madison V. is a Really really really really really really really great Friend!!!!!Rylan N.
Brezlee Powell is really nice to my and my classmates. She is good at facts and is funny.

Maddox Sizmore
Mara is a very nice girl. And I know that she knows SPOKEN words can't be erased also she's my best friend ever. By.Brezlee
Eberlie is so kind some silly. By:Alleigh J
Ana Willier is nice. Audrey Schroeder
Body is a good friend.
Madison .v
Tessa Carrizales is always a best friend and to others too. She's always careful about when she drops something because she will pick it up. by Jayce Joy
Reagan Holbrook is super helpful, nice, and always stands up for others. Brynn Meyer
Jayce Joy is the best friend to play with. By: Mara Elledge
Bentley May is a great friend and he does great on his work! Go Bentley May. Audrey Geahlen
Zachery is a nice friend to play with. By LJ
Maddox is a nice friend. Maddox tell the truth. Maddox is a kind friend to others. Maddox is positive. Adrianna moser
LJ is good at phonics. Zachery Dewulf
Audery g is a great friend
Mrs. Seemann is a very good teacher and she helps everyone in our class and is very nice. By. Jameson Moll.
One person's craziness is another person's reality
-Tim Burton
You know that nice feeling you get when someone does something kind for you? That is what you can do for someone else!
Start each day in a happy way!
The best thing you can give someone is a smile! It can change a whole person's day!
Remember that sometime it is better to forgive than to always be right! Because good friends forgive, and treat each other with kindness. face it would you rather have a friend ,or have your way. THINK about it a friend will be with you for the rest of your life.
Smiles are free! Give them.
Everyone in Patrick Henry school is realy nice

Mrs. Ballow is the best teacher ever she is funny nice cool smart

A smile is the best gift you can give!
Brezlee Powell is nice, kind, pretty, wonderful, and a good friend to have in the whole wide world.
By: Madison Vantrease
Reagan is fun to play with, and she is very nice. By Bentley May
Mrs. Seemann is nice to me and my classmates and is really good teacher.She keeps my on my feet and active all the time. She is the best teacher ever in the world. She helps me when I need help and my friends need it. By Maddox Sizmore.

Eberlie Flowers is a good friend to have in class.She always does great on her work. By:Audrey Geahlen
Rylan N is a good friend. by Eberlie F.
Audrey Geahlen is very nice. Audrey Schroeder
Brynn Meyer is a nice friend to have in class. She always raises her hand. Brynn is patient and kind to people.
She is really creative and is a good friend to me. By : Tessa Carrizales.
Madison Vantrease is a nice friend. By: Mara Elledge
Audrey S. always pays a tenction
Bentley May is good at doing his flash card. by Brody Yarnell
Bentley May is good at doing his flash card. by Brody Yarnell
LJ is a nice friend. He tells the truth . He is positive all the time. Adrianna moser
Alleigh is a nice girl to others. By LJ Bowers
Jameson Moll is helpful and kind.

By: Alleigh Johnson
Ana Willier good friend. Reagan Holbrook
Mara Elledge has neat handwriting, and she always take pride in her work. Ana
Jayce Joy has a very nice smile. By Jameson Moll.
Adrianna Moser is a nice friend. by Zach
Ayden L. is a really cool friend!!

-Nadia K.
Ilina B. is the coolest friend, EVER!!

-Nadia K.
Mrs. Phillips is the coolest math teacher!!

-Nadia K.
Kiwi H. is a good riend

-Nadia K.
Mrs. Wasson is the best English and reading teacher ever!!

-Nadia K.
Never give up. always stand up for yourself and others. Always remember to be kind and respectful.
Never let anyone get to you Stay Strong STAY POSITIVE NEVER GIVE UP. PS. Mrs. BAllow And Mrs. Phillips and Mrs. Wasson Mr. Ellerbrock are the best.

BY:Dylan Miller
Me and Adrianna always die of laughter when we are getting along
Mrs.Bates is a really nice teacher and she helps you understand your question. She is overall an amazing
Mrs. Punches helps me when I have trouble understanding
Mrs. Punches is such a good teacher and she is hard working and always achieves her goals
Mrs. Punches is really nice.
As long as you try you are good.
Addy is the best because she helps me when I need help.
lauren is a great sister she is nice and helps me a lot
Macy and Blaire are very great friends and they always have my back
We really do appreciate all that teachers do for us! 🙂 Thank you!!!
Mason is a great friend because he stand up for me and I stand up for him.
Mrs. Myers is the best math teacher in the world she teaches me a lot!
All my classmates are fun and nice and I love school!!!!!!!! By: Karter May
When ever I am down my friend Taylor Mass is here to help you to make kids happy like me!
Adrianna Salas is a good friend and the best.
-Adalynn Chio
Some days are just made better by a kind word and a smile! Thank you!