thank you ms wright for being a super kind, amazing role model students can come to. we appreciate it so greatly being able to talk to you!
To our Drama Club members. . . hope your school year is going well! Miss seeing your faces.
- Mrs. Lynch
Mrs. Wright helped me deal with my anxiety, and in just a few days talking to her has made my life so much better and my anxiety so much easier to deal with. I've only known her for a few weeks, but she's already changed my life and helped me out more than words can express.Thank you so much, Mrs. Wright!
Our School Nurse is a rockstar!!!! Thank you Nurse Sadeck!!!
Thank you ms. Wright for giving students a place to talk when we need it. School is stressful.
Mr. Kelsey is always super funny and gets everyone interested in what he's teaching. I've laughed in every single class I've had with him, and his class is my favorite. It's always so nice to end the week with his class, because he's an awesome teacher!!! Thank you, Mr. Kelsey!!!
Thank you to our principal, vice principal and teachers for working hard get the school year started and to make the best of a tough situation!!!
To Mr. Beson- Thank you so much for making English the highlight of my week last year. I will forever miss your class, and I wish we could've finished out the year like normal. You're a wonderful teacher/person, and you really know how to make school enjoyable 🙂
Sending gratitude and thanks to all of the staff for making school the absolute best it can possibly be right now. Your effort, time and dedication have not gone unnoticed! Thank you SO much <3
Mr. Apperson, thank you so much for having the pride flags in your room! It makes me feel so welcome as a queer student:)
To the students- the staff appreciate the way you have come back to school with such kindness. Many of you say thank you and it has been noticed and appreciated.
Thank you teachers, who take us on walks during our mask breaks, it really helps me clear my mind and relax.
Ms. Wickman, Thank you so much for waving to me today. I think you were smiling, too! You are always so nice.
Aimee Fox...THANKS for all you do EVERY day for our school!!! ORRHS would not be as great as it is without you!
🐾🤍❤️To all of the teachers at ORRHS. THANK YOU so much for going above and beyond in teaching our children during this crazy time. Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.❤️🤍🐾
You’re taking this in stride, managing to find the best way to study at home with your favorite, although old, curbside castaway desk chair! Keep up the interest and perseverance in all you do!!
I love how Mr. Kelsey automatically corrects himself in class when he says anything, such as instead of saying “hey guys” he will change it to “hey folks” and it is more inclusive and really shows that he cares a lot about all of us. Thank you!
I appreciate the teachers who ask for pronouns, and especially Mr. Apperson, who has a pride flag and a trans flag in his room. It makes me feel so welcome and safe, and he’s a kind teacher.
Thank you Principal Devoll for making puns about orange when moving to the next block. They lighten my day.
Thank you Janitors for being able to clean every single day after school and making sure that are school is healthy!
Thank you to our Cafeteria Workers!! They have done an amazing job!! They put a smile on our face every day!! Thank you ladies and go Bulldogs!!
Thank you to Mr. Houde for handling all of our Chrome Book needs! He has been a positive force for families!!
Thank you for bringing the "You Uplift" Kindness Wall to Old Rochester High School!