Happy 2021!! May everyone be healthy and safe in the new year.
Joshua Redman
To 9th Grade Student Advisory Council...a BIG Thank You! You are dedicated to creating virtual activities for your peers. We talk, devise a plan, you ask questions, check-in, and then execute it! What more could a teacher ask?? THANK YOU!!
Thank you Ms. Hill for taking care of AVID business when I am unable. It is a pleasure to work with you.
Thank you Coach Ingram, I appreciate the different perspectives you've brought to our basketball team's meetings.
Thank you to all of Admin, teachers, and staff for the hours and balancing you do with home and school. Special thanks to those teachers that help keep me sane. HAIL N
Thank you to all of my wonderful English 4 students who always make me laugh and turn my frowns upside down!
I want to give a shout out to my students and colleagues who have worked so tirelessly to adjust, adapt, and overcome whatever 2020 has thrown at us. Your tenacity is what makes NEHS the best high school in the country! I miss you all and can't wait to see you in person.
A big shout out to those who make everyone of us comfortable in the building - The Building Engineer and the Custodians. Your great work is highly appreciated
A big shout out to Mr. Crowder for your great leadership,
all the administrators and Roster office - Thank you very much.
Your great work is highly appreciated.
Kudos to my AP Psych students who show up ready to learn every single day! I appreciate all of you so much. Thank you for being such good sports regardless all of the challenges you've faced this school year.

All my best,
Ms. Cohen
Thank you Mrs. Donna , Ms. Barrie and Ms.Priscilla. You guys make it Enjoyable to go on Meet everyday.You guys are awesome.
Shout out to all of the students who have their cameras on every day without being asked! It is nice to see your faces! Love, Mrs. J. Caldaro
If the SDP were a TV show, NEHS would win Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Cast. We have something special: the kids, the faculty, the admin team. Thanks to all for energizing vibes! ❤️🖤❤️🖤❤️
The best thing about being a teacher is that it matters.

The hardest part about being a teacher is that it matters every day.
I'd like to send out a huge thanks to Ms. Salandy and ALL of the awesome teachers in ALP! Your dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment to our students makes me feel proud to be part of the team. A BIG thank you to our amazing and dedicated ESL students. You help to make our school a very special place. It is a joy to be able to teach many of you!
~Mrs. DeTolla
I would like to thank our BCAs for making themselves available to our students after 3pm on a regular basis. You guys help to keep us connected to our families. Thank you for all that you do!
~Ms. Salandy
A big thank you goes to all of our amazing ALP teachers who work tirelessly at coming up with new and creative ways to reach our students at home. It's tough enough being virtual but even harder when English is not your first language. You guys rock!
Shoutouts and many thanks to the Squad members for maintaining a space to release stress and to laugh. Music videos, memes, and words from kindred spirits really keep me grounded. ????Love you guys. Oh, and you're all pretty awesome teachers, too! Squad goals for life.
Thank Ms. Dora and Ms. Carter for all your help and hard work!! You are greatly appreciated!! 🙂
Ms. Rhodes is so amazing!!! She has so many students to keep an eye on and help through her so many different SLCs and she does it with such GRACE! 🙂
Thank you Laura and Jeremy for your tireless efforts, kindness, and patience in the roster office!! You guys are awesome!

Dan Meier
Thank you to Ms. Morgan Jackson and Mrs. Sarah Negron for keeping up the positivity and supporting me through this year! Love you guys to bits! And thank you to all of the amazing staff and administration. Go Vikings!

Ms. Hatzinikolaou
Shout out to all of the students who have their cameras on every day without being asked! It is nice to see your faces! Love, Mrs. J. Caldaro
Thank you to our school nurses! They are always there to help students and staff ! We need to support them even more in the days to come!! <3
Thank you to all my students for your hard work and dedication during this very strange year. It has been especially gratifying to see you being so kind both to me and to each other. You are great human beings and I am glad to be working with you.

Mr. Weisman
Thank you to Ms. Caldaro, Ms. Cohen and Ms. Gaunay. I wouldn't have survived since March without the three of you to support me and make me smile! I'm so glad you're part of my tribe.
I feel honored each and every single day that I get to teach such amazing students. I appreciate all of your hard work, energy and devotion even in these trying times. You lift me up everyday! Ms. KQ
Thank you Mr.Crowder for your flexibility, thoughtfulness, support and encouragement to all the staff during these trying times. I also appreciate all the administrators for your efforts in getting the bundle of Technology to the staff
Thank You to Mrs. Tees for helping me with my field work last year along with answering any question I have had this year. She is such an inspiring teacher and colleague who is well respected by her students. I am glad to know her and work with her. Ms. Booker
Shout-Out to the awesome secretary's who are always available to take your calls and listen.
Could not do it without you.
Thanks a million!!!
Thank you to the staff of AVID and the administration for making the new person feel so welcomed!

A shout out to all my wonderful students who work so hard every day and always are thoughtful and kind. I appreciate every single one of you!
Thank you to Devan for her patience and kindness! Without you I would never have learned with confidence how to navigate all this technology needed to bring the learning to the students!!!!1
I would like to thank the entire Special Education Department, and especially Ms. Kedra, for their tireless, seemingly endless efforts in ensuring that 100% of the students their caseloads were compliant for Child Count as well as for successfully and gracefully (and sometimes not lol) rising to meet each new challenge thrown at them in this weird new world of virtual learning.

~ Mike Picardi
I feel so blessed to be working with such amazing people. Thank you for just being you!
I'm so proud of how hard my students are working. Keep it up!
I would like to shout out Jeremy Cress and Laura Engel for their tireless behind-the-scenes and not-so-behind-the-scenes work to keep this very wrinkled shirt of a school year looking neat and pressed!

~ Mike Picardi
Shout out to our nurses who have worked so hard to make sure that our kids have their immunizations up to date!
Shout to the Counseling team. It is great working with such an AMAZING group of counselors. Thank you for letting us into your team. <3 Mrs. Ortiz <3
I'd like to thank Ms. Stephanie Gaunay for doing such a fantastic job with Spirit Week! She put so much work into pulling all of the activities together virtually and also creating a video showing all of the kid's who participated during the week! It is obvious the kid's had a lot of fun. Thank you for keeping their spirits up during Spirit Week and also during this challengin
Thank you to Ms. Staten for working so hard to get EOP up and running this year, despite everything being digital! You rock!
Thank you to Ms Kinning for her tireless work for our students and families. She inspires me everyday!
Thank you to Mr. Sylva for all the hard work he put in to the Northeast PASSHE Instant Decision Day! Because of his efforts Northeast is the only high school in the city with our own IDD!
Shout out to all of my students from previous years! I miss seeing you at school and you are in my thoughts. I hope that you are staying committed to your dreams, making positive connections and taking care of yourself. I'm always here if you need me! <3 Ms. McCarty
Shout out to the students who show up everyday and do the best they can. You make it all worth it!
Thank you to the the amazing teachers, staff, and administrators for always supporting and being there for each other during these crazy times and even when we are in school together. Glad to be apart of this team. Peace and Love, Mr. Joshua Redman
Thank you to Mr. Crowder and Mr. Frank for not only supporting and advocating for our students, but our staff as well. It is an absolute blessing to be part of such a supportive community!
Thank you Mr. Hunter for the joke of the day. It is one bright spot in my day. (Even the ones that make me say ugg!)
I must text Crystal Green like 30 times this year, ALWAYS gets back to me with what sounds like a smile; sorry im still fumbling my way through haha
This Shout Out goes to the Roster Office. Thank you for everything you do.
Mrs. Romano or Row-men-O as our buddy would say! Thank you for being you! Thank you for understanding our students' (and teacher lol) exceptionalities but still always having high expectations! Thank you for planning amazing lessons that keep our students (and teacher hehehe) engaged and wanting more!!! I'm the reindeer in this scenario
and I appreciate the ride!!!
THANK YOU to Ms. Morton who knows how to work with our students and their families with a combination of understanding and tough love. She follows up with all her students and keeps them on their tasks and paths towards their goals. A mom for so many!
SHOUT OUT to Ms. Taillie who works so hard to make sure our student college applications are completed and works so thoroughly and diligently to meet the many needs of our community. Thank for your excellent work!
Thanks to our School Operations Officer, Ms. Jones, who makes ordering supplies, getting checks, and keeping the books easy for all the rest of us. Your work make a difference in what we can do for students. Great Job!
Thank you and a huge hug to Mrs. Tees and Mrs. Green for all your support and encouragement during our 5:45 am runs! It has meant so much to me all of our winded talks and laughs ! March until now had flown by and you both have been a constant support system . See you on the trail. Love you, Ms Romano
Thank you Omar Crowder for all you help, support and encouragement not only during the pandemic but everyday since you arrived at NEHS ! Ms Romano
NEHS staff ! Thanks for your generosity and giving for Thanksgiving! We gave out 270 turkeys. We raised over $2200. We were also able to offer 33 families $60 gift card. There are still some families that we are trying to contact. Thanks Mr Dunakin, Ms Rhodes, Ms Taillie, Ms Delarosa-Ortiz, Mr Vargas, and Mr Crowder for your continued help and support. Happy Holidays!!!
K Kinning
Thank you, Zahra Tess and Crystal Green for your kindness and support each morning at 5:45 am on morning runs. It is such a great way to start the day !
Shout out to Ms. Raynor for making art fun, expressive and relevant! And for preserving student memories! 😊
Thanks to Mr. Legat for celebrating awesome, engaged students by delivering Viking helmets to those students that really stepped up and shined throughout the fall. Great work!
A HUGE THANK YOU to Ms. Gaunay for planning, organizing, and executing a fun, spirited, engaging, and interactive SPIRIT WEEK!!!
Thanks to our IB Coordinator, Ms. Taylor, who creativity and passionately pushes the students and teachers of IB to reach for success while providing support, resources, and motivation for all of us to continue to grow and learn to grow. Thanks Ms. Taylor for your years of hard work and dedication to the IB Program.
Thanks to Dr. Meier, Social Studies Department Chair, for his encouragement and the way that he always shares resources and ideas with the entire department. He is patient, kind, and supportive of his department teachers and we are thankful for his leadership.
Shout out to our amazing AP Coordinator, Ms. Barnett, for her constant and consistent efforts to strive for ever increasing AP achievement. Ms. Barnett continues to lead with passion and always makes sure that students and teachers are motivated, informed, and ready for AP success. Great Job Ms. Barnett!
Thank you, Mr. Crowder, for your leadership!
Thank you to Mr. Cress and Ms. Engel for all the hard work on student rosters and their dedication to get the very best courses for each student. There professionalism and creativity mean that we can meet our students needs and strive for coherence and relevance across our programs.
A BIG THANKS to Dr. Gower for all her work to get National Honor Society Peer Tutoring up and running!
I am so grateful for my colleague and co-teacher Ms. Patricia Betcher. She is not only a phenomenal singer, guitarist, pianist and arranger, she is a wonderful teacher and human being. Her rapport with our students is incredible. We are known together by our nearly unpronounceable Google Classroom code from last year TEAM SFAFJMO. Rock on Ms. Betcher. ROCK ON!!
Ms. Romano, thank you for your words of wisdom and and constant encouragement. I am so grateful to have had the pleasure to work with you the past five years. Our runs have been a bright spot to look forward to over these past few crazy months. I look up to you as a mother, colleague, and friend. You truly have a heart of gold! Thank you, I appreciate you! Love, Mrs. Tees
Mrs. Crystal Green, it has been so amazing getting to know you better these past few months. Our early morning runs have saved my mental health. Whether it's 90 degrees or 25, I know I can count on you to be there literally and figuratively. I admire your strong work ethic and your tirless dedication to your students and family. Thank you from. the bottom of my heart! Love, Mrs. Tees
Mr. Crowder, I simply cannot thank you enough for your tireless advocacy for the students and staff of Northeast High School. We are so very blessed to have you as our leader throughout these interesting and trying times. You have supported us in word and deed since day one, and for that I am so very grateful. These words don't quite cut it, but please know that you are so appreciated! ~ Mrs
Ms. Kelly, Thank you for being a colleague and friend that I can count on for support. I thoroughly enjoy our almost weekly collaboration sessions. Thank you for listening to me and supporting me and keeping me grounded not only the past 15 weeks, but in our over 20 years of friendship. You are a constant blessing to me. It is an immense honor to call you friend! Eek eek. Love, Mrs. Tees
A HUGE "Thank You" to Mr. Crowder for bringing the "You Uplift" Kindness Wall to Northeast High School!

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