I thank all my teachers for helping me in my 9th grade classes who have been very kind to me, thank you very much have a nice and wonderful day, thank you very much for everything.
Shoutout all the teachers trying to teach us during these hard and difficult times! - Alex Nguyen
I would thank my math teacher i had in 10th grade, Mr.Novosel. You have taught lots of great things that I will never forget. You are a great teacher that knows how to make math fun. You have helped me to understand how the world works and I appreciate it. Thank you for teaching me math and valuable life lessons.
Thank you to every last one the teachers for coming to class on time everyday even during this pandemic. We Appreciate everything that you do for us.
I just want to say that shout out to Mrs. Choi, thank you for being the one of the best teachers this year. I can't thank you enough for always being by my side and listening to my stories. And all of the teachers I have this year, thank you guys for being patient with us during this tough year. I wish you all the best and hopefully, we comeback next year to visit you guys once more. Peace,
Thank you so much to all of the amazing teachers
Hope whoever reads this has a great day and rest of the weekend.
I wanted to say thank you to Mr.Hood for being patient with us.You are a great teacher and even though we are online and the conditions to teach and learn are not that good as they would be in school,you make learning look easy so we don't feel the pressure of online learning.I really enjoy being there and learn new things everyday.I have learned a lot about History this year thanks to you.
I wanted to say thank you to Mrs. De Tolla for being a great teacher and I really appreciate your work and your patience with us.I love the way that you explain the lesson.Also you are the only teacher that stays after class and chat with us and discuss about books or our preferences.I really appreciate your work and I am very lucky to have you as my English teacher.
I wanted to say thank you to Mrs.Shea (my Spanish teacher) for being a great teacher.I really appreciate your work and your patience with us.You make Spanish look so easy to learn and the way you explain it, I understand it very well. I am very grateful for you and I am very lucky to have you as my Spanish teacher.

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and I wanted to say thank you to Ms.Gormley for being a great teacher and I really appreciate your work and your patience with us.I love the way that you explain the lesson and when we have questions you answer them right away.You make Algebra look easy in the way that you explain it.I am very lucky and grateful to have you as my Algebra teacher.

This week is Teachers Appreciation Week and I wanted to say thank you to Mr.Chikkala for being a great teacher and for being patient with us.I really appreciate your work as our teacher and your class is one of my favorite classes.I really enjoy being in your class and learning new things.You are an amazing teacher and I am very lucky to be your student.
Thank you Ms. Barnett for helping us through this year of virtual learning. We appreciate the effort you put into teaching us and making Biology class fun and interesting. You always made sure the class was interactive and entertaining for us to learn. I enjoyed the labs and virtual labs we did throughout the year. I appreciate you motivating us to learn during these rough times.
I just wanted to say thank you to Signora Cruto for always taking class time to talk to us and make sure that we are doing okay throughout this pandemic. I really can’t thank you enough for always making class more fun and always keeping us engaged. Also thank you for supporting us and pushing us to do our best.
- Suela Tahiraj
I just wanted to say thank you Mr.Connelly for everything that you have done for our class and being patient with us. I really do appreciate the fact that you always try to make class fun even though we are virtually. Thank you for making geometry seem more easy and taking your time into explaining things. I also wanted to say thank you for being the best soccer coach ever.
- Suela Tahiraj
Hello Mr.Rodgers

I would love to appreciate you because you always make us laugh and enjoy your class. I thought having math in 1st period is going to be one of the worst times, even though math is not my favorite subject. But I was wrong, I really enjoy your class and I laugh a lot for a morning class hahaha. Happy teachers week and make sure to treat yourself for being the best math teacher.
Thank you to all my MAGNET 9th grade teachers for their hard work and dedication even during these difficult times! They all make sure the class is engaging and make sure we have a great experience as freshmen at NEHS!
As a freshman, I didn't know what to expect but I really like my teachers, they listen to us and our concerns, they are funny, they never get angry at us. I want to shout out My teachers... Ms.McCarty, Mr. Rosenbaum, Mrs. Barnett, Mr. T, Mr. Warren, and Mr. Lipen. I wish I could go back to school to meet you guys but I can't so Ill see you next year in the halls.
Thank you teachers for always being here for us, and for supporting us through these isolating times! You guys made this pandemic/quarantine such an easier process! I can't thank you guys enough! 🙂
I would like to thank all my 9th grade teachers for working hard everyday and pushing through every obstacle in order to teach us. It means a lot! Thank YOU!
Thank you to all the teachers who have taught and supported us, students, through this hard time.
For teacher appreciation week, I would like to thank you Dr.St Juste! You are very kind to me, and help me with any problems with the work anytime something goes wrong. You are a great teacher as well, and overall a very good person. Thank You Dr. St Juste!!!
I want to thank every teacher for helping me out so far throughout the school year.
Dear Mr. Legat, You are always there to help your students and tried hard to make class fun. You made sure all your students were okay and tried answers everyone's questions. Thank you for your hard work through this difficult year. Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week to all teachers! ????
Thank you to all teachers who have still had a positive attitude during these hard times 🙂
Gracias a todos los maestros que arriesgaron su salud y su vida en estos tiempos difíciles de pandemia para dar soporte y ayuda a todos nuestros niños. Mi hija Walkelis Diaz y yo, estamos muy agradecidas con todo el staff de la escuela.
Thanks all Teachers
I just want to say thank you to Ms.Caldaro and Mr.Adams for everything you've done this school year. I want you guys to know I appreciate you a lot and that im lucky to have teachers like you!
Dr. St. Juste, thank you for all that you do for the students and science team. You make a differences in all our lives. Thank You. SJones
Thank you Dawn Davis for running a tight and cohesive 9th grade academic. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. SJones
I want to acknowledge and shout out the hard working teachers in the SPARC program: Mr. Adams, Mrs. Parker & Mrs. Stratton. I watch you guys with the students and all I can do is say "THANK YOU".. SJones
I want to thank all the teachers for being amazing and helpful all the time. I love all of you. I appreciate all the efforts and handwork that you did for us. Also, you concern for us a lot. We know if we ever need help with anything we can go to you or share our feelings with you. Thank you for making this year wonderful even though we are not together in school. Northeast Teachers are Amazing!
I know that Mr.Greenburg isnt here with us anymore but I feel like he deserves a appreciation message. He was a great teacher and very kind. He loved all of his students and was great at his job. He is truly missed and appreciated. Also, thank you to every teacher for teaching during these hard times. I know that it isnt easy for any of us with virtual learning. Thank you for everything you do!
Thank you Ms. Gaunay for being such a silly and playful teacher who allows me to have lots of fun with creative writing! She inspired me to want to become a creative writing teacher one day and she also inspires me to pursue my passion of creative writing. She even gave me ways to be able to improve my writing skills and I will always be thankful to have her as a mentor 🙂
Thank you Ms.Ridgeway for always pushing our class to be the best and also for taking the time to make sure we understood the material
Thanks to the teachers who show up to class and teach us during these tough times
While I like all of my teachers, my appreciation needs to go to Mrs. Ridgeway and Ms. Carter for AAH. They are teachers that try to be in the shoes of a student in a fair way.
Thank you so much Ms.Kelly for being very understanding and having the same sense of humor as me!
My daughter Flavia Kokthi is a freshman at Magnet High Program. I want to thank all teachers for all the hard work they did with our kids especially during this pandemic year with virtual learning. They are heroes. Big shout out to all of them.
My son Abel Ashagre and my daughter Adey Ashagre went to NEH magnet program. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the teachers and staff that help my son and my daughter in their academic life. I have a special consideration for Mr. Frank Christopher for providing the due attention and support that I needed at different times. You are the best.
Thank you so much.
Today is the day of gratitude to all teachers, I want to take this time to say thank you to Miss Sarah Lafferty I don't really have words to say so much you are a good person, thank you for always taking care of your students. you always need to know how your students are, for me you are the best teacher, thank you for everything, you already know I love you very much.

Today is the day of gratitude to all teachers, I want to take this time to say thank you to Miss Sarah Lafferty I don't really have words to say so much you are a good person, thank you for always taking care of your students. you always need to know how your students are, for me you are the best teacher, thank you for everything, you already know I love you very much.

Thank you Mr. Wolfinger for always keeping the class fun!!
To every teacher here who has put up with all these difficulties caused by Covid, thank you for continuing to try your best to adapt to the change and still be yourselves with all the pressure weighing on all of you.

- Salahudeen
Emily John, Advisory 414: Everyone is doing amazing, keep doing what you are doing! Thank you for doing your absolute best to keep classes engaging, even if it is all virtual. A big thank you to Ms.McCarty, Mr.Rosenbaum, Dr.St. Juste, Mr. Artur, Mr.Warren, and Mr. Wolfinger! You guys are amazing teachers and are so caring in all your own ways, have an amazing day!
A huge shout out to Dr. St. Juste! She is an amazing teacher who I wanted to shout out just because she does what she supposed to every day. She makes sure everyone understands what they are supposed to and never fails that. I just think she deserved that shout-out!!
-Khilola Azizova
Even with this difficult year, I really enjoyed coming to class every morning. I appreciate all that you do for your students just so they are engaged and learn well. Thank you Ms. Barnett for always making the class fun and awesome!
Thank you to each and every single one of you. I appreciate you and all your hard work. Thank you for the things we see and the things we don't. You are amazing! -Tasnim Sabil
To Mr. Horner, glad that you are my first teacher I got to meet for online classes. Your the best, and you make every day that you're here a nice fun day. Wouldn't want any other substitute
Thank you to Mr. Warren for making History Class entertaining.

- Austin Jiwanmall
Thanks Ms. Juste for being one of the most coolest and amazing teacher
I hope teachers will relax and don't overwork themselves. We're all human beings.
I'd like to thank all my great teachers at NEHS for their hard work and devotion to teach during these difficult times and thank you.
Thank you to all the teachers who have taught and supported us students through this hard time. We know it's just as hard for you as it is for us.
Thank you to all the teachers for working hard 🙂
You guys are all amazing, continue doing what you all do best! Even during these times of online learning, you guys still try your best to keep classes engaging. One person I'd like to shout out is Dr.St Juste because she is an amazing Biology teacher and has a striving passion for it. She makes me love Biology more every day, she's very knowledgeable in Biology, and she's very s
Thank you to all of the teachers who think about their students' interests and want to be flexible in the face of the pandemic and online learning. It's been really difficult, but you've given it your heart, and we appreciate it.
Thank you Mr. Warren for not only being an amazing history teacher, but for also speaking on events that are happening right now in the news. - Jayvin Zoleta
Ms. Barnett probably would win the most caring teacher award. Coolest teacher this year for sure!
Thank you to all my teachers for working so hard to get us through the year as new 9th graders!
I just want to say a huge thank you to all my teachers for constantly being there for me and pushing me to strive everyday. Although this year has been tough not only for me but for all of my teacher along with other staff, I want to thank you for still trying your best. I will miss you guys next year.
Dear Mr. Warren, Than you for making school fun and easier.
My word history teacher, Mr. Legat, is a cheerful man who I always look forward to meeting in class, he has given me helpful advice and comfort for when I most needed it, and I just sometimes get lost in his class listening to stories or just paying attention, I'm looking forward to meeting him in person!
Thank you, Mr. Warren, for making history class fun. I like how you add relevant topics that are related to what we're learning to help us understand how history truly works.
Thank you to all of the teachers that are doing their job and teaching and helping their students online and in the school building 🙂
Mr. Warren!!!!!! He’s always up and excited to teach, and he always gives me energy to learn even though it’s 8:30 am.
Thank you for being so understanding throughout this whole pandemic, I appreciate everything you guys do.
In the name of God, I would like to extend special thanks to all the teachers and staff at Northeast School for their hard and outstanding work in all circumstances. Remember that building minds is more difficult than building homes, so it is our duty to offer them appreciation and thanks, and all steps that express our appreciation and respect for you, my teachers, may God bless you all.

Thank you Signora Curto for always looking out for me. You've always made sure that I was okay and you've done so much to help me throughout the past two years. I am forever grateful for your guidance. Thank you once again, and I hope to see you soon! 🙂
Thank you to all the teachers for helping us learn during this difficult time. Thank you for understanding us and being kind to us.
Thank you to all NEHS teacher that tries their best to teach us. I want to say thank you for all the hard work you put to educate us. Especially thank Mr. Rutecki, Ms. Mathis, Mr. Liepin, Ms. DeTolla, Ms. Gormley, and Ms. Williams for all your works.
Thank you Mr. Wenglicki, for being kind and always spreading positivity
Thank you, Ms. Cohen, for being so kind and not assigning us an overflow of work and always being lenient with us.
Thank you, Ms. KQ., for being so understanding during this whole online school process. Especially, thank you for not being too hard on us when we slack off; instead, you always encourage us.
To all of the administrators, teachers, and staff, thank you for pushing through these challenging times. I truly appreciate your hard work dedication. I'm sure virtual teaching hasn't been easy but you made it work. Hopefully next year will be closer to a new normal.

NEHS parent
I would like to say thank you to all the teachers who helped me achieve the best that I can do, and those who gave me support during this difficult time. Thank you, and I appreciate all of you!
Thank you for all you do Mr.Adams. Thank you for being so open and understanding towards your students.
Thanks to all the teachers that were kind to me throughout the years. Mr. Hunter, Ms. Ford, Mrs. Hill, Mr. Redman, Mr. Verdarame, Mr. Novosel, Mr. Yun, Mrs. Yuremko,. You all deserve the best!
To: Sarah Lafferty
from: Tanalis M Calderon-Acevedo

Of all the teachers you are my favorite, you are funny, you always smile, I like how you speak Spanish and make people laugh. You are a very good teacher and I wish you and your kittens the best.
Happy Teacher's appreciation weeks to all teachers????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Thank you Ms.Ridgeway, for all that you do I am so grateful for a teacher like you who talks about real world problems and you connect with us and make us feel loved and like we matter.
I am thankful for all the teachers who are helping us through this difficult time.
Thank you ms. Ridgeway for being an amazing teacher.
Thank you teachers for everything that you do. For helping us get through this difficult year and your efforts are appreciated.
Thank you Ms.Ridgeway for being a great teacher through these tough times.
I have to appreciate, and to say thanks for everything that all the teacher I have helped me out in every works that I missed, and for everything I am excited that I have this year my great teachers, and I still appreciate all the teachers for everything they help me out, and I feel very proud, and very happy that I have all those great teachers on my class.
Thank you, Mr. Warren, for being the greatest teacher I have ever had. You made the class so entertaining and joyful to be there. On my days where I wasn't feeling my best, your class helped me feel better. You are honestly one of the top reasons I am so interested in history and I want to say thank you! You deserve all this love from how great you are and I hope you keep being that great te
Huge shout-out and thank you to all the teachers who work hard and get up everyday to teach us. No matter if you guys are having a bad day, you guys always show up to class with a huge smile and ready to teach. Us students appreciate you guys more than you think! Thank you so much!!
Thank you Mrs. Ridgeway for everything this year, you don't understand how much you mean to me and how much of an impact you have made on me just this year. You have accepted me and guided me to the right path and I am so thankful for you! You are not just appreciated today or this week, you have always been appreciated. You have pushed me to be the best version of myself. Thank you and I lo
Thank you NEHS teacher for teaching us through this pandemic year and thank you again.
Thank you to all the teachers who took their time and understood that virtual learning was difficult and was patient with us. Also, a very big thank you to all the teachers who reached out and asked how everything was going and made sure we were doing okay!
Thank you Signora Curto for always caring about your students and being very understanding of everybody.
Thank you all teachers for doing your best to keep us engaged in our education.
thank you Ms. Barnett for always being prompt and on top of everything. in the midst of many challenges and obstructions caused by virtual learning, you never fail to make interactive lessons and group assignments.
s/o Mrs.Ridgeway. One of the best teachers in the WORLD
thank you Ms. Ndrecka for not only providing engaging classes that are both exciting and challenging, but for also being an amazing and considerate person
Thanks to all my teachers because I feel really comfortable taking classes with all of you, and I'm happy to be here.
Thank You NEHS teacher you guys do a great job
Thank you NEHS teachers your great

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