Thanks to the Mars Hill teachers! You all have been great! We have had a great start to the year.
"Things change. And friends leave. Life doesn't stop for anybody." -Stephen Chbosky
"Its okay to be a glow stick; Sometimes we have to break before we shine." -Jadah Sellner
hey guys i miss u so much ,hang in there and do good make sure your staying safe and healthy well cya bye
Welcome Back to the 2020-2021 Remote Learning School Year!
We will make it great (if not memorable)!!
OMG!! Haha... i can't believe this is my last year in MPMS... im so sad!!! I love this school so much! I will never forget the teachers who had helped me throughout my whole 2 and a half years in this chaotic school! I will miss each one of you! I can't believe this... time has gone by so fast! Thank you so much for making my middle school life amazing... and chaotic! Hehe... Im gonna
this year has been crazy but take advantages of being in a classroom because for me online school stinks. stay healthy and dont forget to say thanks to your teachers they have been stressing to make sure you end this year successful
give a shoutout to Caleb: he is such a amazing person and the best person you will ever meet once you get to know him. thank you for everything you do ! i miss you 🙂
"America is hope. It is compassion. It is excellence. It is valor." - Paul Tsongas
Power is not given to you. You have to take it.?
F -Fun with you
R -Respect you
I - Interested in what you say
E - Encourage you
N - Nice to you
D - Deserves your support
If we didn't have rain, the flowers wouldn't grow! Find the perspective!
Forget about the past and go into the future
Thanks to all the teachers that Have been apart of my middle school years I hate this is the last year and I wont get to see you before I go but just know I will visit you and I will miss you (keep up the great work tigers)
"What you do today can improve all your tomorrows." - Ralph Marston
If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.????????
"A great attitude becomes a great day which becomes a great month which becomes a great year which becomes a great life!" -Mandy Hale
¨What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.¨ - Zig Ziglar
There can be something good in every single day!
Thank you to the teachers that have taught the pass 2 years that I have been at mount pleasant. It hard to believe that in August I will be in high school! Thank you so much for everything that you have taught me! Have a great rest of the year!
Send someone a boost of kindness today! Even if it is virtually sent!
i am very upset as a 8th grader that i do not get to graduate middle school.i understand that health and safety comes first, so you all stay home and be safe.
It's not all sunshine and rainbows, but a good amount of it is!!! 🙂
Stay well and stay away from people
Keep up the good work everyone! So very proud of all of you!
stay positive work hard make it happen.
SMILE! SHINE! And take it one day at a time!
"Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming." - Dory
I miss not being able to see my friends and teachers. But always remember that this will be over soon! ??
Ms.Eudy Mr.Wilson Mrs.Mcdonald Ms.Doss thank you so very much for making my 6th grade year the best i miss all of you hope y'all are staying safe thank you for making my first year of a middle schooler the best you all were so funny.
and Mr.Wilson thank you for the best homeroom teacher ever even if i asked too many questions you were the best homeroom teacher i have ever had thank you.
If you stay positive in a negative situation you win !!
Be Happy!
Tigers we got this we can all put are paws together and help each other we will get thru this together. Miss you all.
have a happy day
Congratulations to 8th grader, Meredith E., for winning an Outstanding Christian Leadership Award for YCI Club at the Eagle Awards.
we are a student body filled with hopes and dreams and determination. we can power through anything! i Chant PMA IN hope that somebody follows it. and if we follow it. we can blow through this pandemic like nobody's businesses. we are tigers. and like them
“Dare to love yourself
as if you were a rainbow
with gold at both ends.”
― Author-Poet Aberjhan
Start your day in a happy way!
Sometimes, just seeing a happy quote makes me feel happier! Thank you!
"May everyone be happy and safe and may their hearts be filled with joy." - Buddha
Students, parents, teachers...anyone who wants to show their inner ROAR! wear tiger gear/shirts on Tuesdays.
Nevaeh is the most amazing best friend ever and I miss you so much, hope to see you soon!!!
Whether in the field or in the schools, Nurses are the heart of the healthcare system. Thank you for all you do!
everything may be hard in life but always remember you have that tiger pride that helps you always.?
Mrs Hammill misses all of her students from this year and previous years! I hope you are doing well! Levi says hi!
Thank you to all the teachers that have been there with me through my middle school experience I will miss you and everyone I had a great three middle school years its sad to see everything happening right now but lets stay positive and keep up the great work.
Good job miss Miller on the award and thanks for everything you do Mrs Hoyle. Thank you for helping us teachers.
I will miss middle school and everyone. I wish I could finish off the year but it will all be OK keep working hard everyone.
Stay positive, Everyone is doing great keep it up.
Nevaeh you have been the greatest friend i could of ever ask for hope you will be successful in 9th grade next year i will really miss you.
Even though we had to leave because of the virus it's okay just focus on the good because the good can only get better.
Happy Cinco de Mayo!
HAPPY TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK ! To all of you who work so hard, and are so dedicated to educating our children remotely, THANK YOU!
Thank you sincerely to all of the amazing staff that are working to provide online schooling!
All of our teachers and support staff are so very appreciated!
Thank you for all you do to go above and beyond to support our school and students!
i wanted to give a special shout out to Ryder! he is such an amazing friend and i wouldn't change that for anything. i miss you!! and your jokes haha
Everyone is so kind and so welcoming ?
Friends are like stars. You may not always see them, but you know they are there!
Mr. Wilson has cool energy and deserves the best. 😀
I miss a friend he is funny with red hair frekles and he is way funnyer than me
Thank you to all the teachers sending something to do and to all the first responders on the line during this tough time. I miss all of you and hope you all are having fun during this digital learning.
“You’re braver than you believe and stronger and smarter than you think.” —Winnie-the-Pooh
Madison is such a great friend and i miss her so much
Thank you for the great learning experience during my three years at middle school. Hugs to all the teachers that have gotten me ready for high school! I will Never forget these years!
When you focus on the good the good gets better.
"Happiness is the best make-up."
- Drew Barrymore
Everyone put your arms around yourself and squeeze! Virtual hugs sent hoping you feel as special as you are!
My students are so AWESOME! You are such an amazing group of students and I am so proud of you!

-Mrs. Quick
Whoever yelled "MS MILLLERRR" down HWY49 you made my week. As you can see I'm working on my Personal WIG, hope you are too! Miss ya'll SO MUCH!
We are all in this together! Good job everyone who is trying their best today!
Stay calm and self distance
Congratulations on earning that award Mrs. Miller and i hope for many more. And to everyone else to award stay healthy and home- have a great day.
Six feet apart!
Remember we're all in this together.
Stay safe!!
jest keep swimming
I will miss you Ms. Hoyle and I will not forget you and I hope you are doing good.
i miss my friend, Spencer, and i miss my teachers: Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Preston, Mrs. K., and Ms. Lomax.
Thank you to all of the teachers.
Of all the things you can choose, choose to be kind!
Ms. Hoyle,
Thank you so much for being there for every Mount Pleasant student! Since 6th grade, you were always there helping me through the school, when i didn't know anything about. I'm so happy that your are doing what you chose to desire. I think its really sweet that you want to help and be there for your grandson, and i'm here to support you! We will all miss and lov
If you are reading this, I hope you know you are special!
We are all going to miss you next year Ms.Hoyle !
Thank you to all of the teachers for all of your hard work that you are doing during these tough times.
Mr. Fisher is an awesome band teacher... He is so kind, cool, and funny!
Thanks to all my friends and teachers for all that you have done for these times.
Congratulations on your retirement Mrs. Hoyle! You will be missed :).
"I just like to smile. Smiling is my favorite!"
( Buddy the Elf)
this school is the best school because how they handle this-
To Sammy, Nevaeh, Bekka, And All My Other Friends. I Love You All And I Cannot WAIT To See You Guys Next Year!
Big Shout out to Mount Pleasant Middle Staff Principal Mr. Farr, Principal Ms. Hoyle, Ms. Taylor, Mrs. Devitto, Great teachers Ms. Sleight-Price who is always going early and on her game, Ms. Monica Clapp, Mr. Newsome, Mrs. Amanda Linker. These people really care about our kids. You all are a true blessing to our children, parents, and community. Thank you all for all you do.
Our teachers ROCK!
I'm very sad that us 8th graders, will not be graduating from middle school,. But I hope everyone is doing well and that everyone is safe.
Thank you MPMS staff for working your best, I hope you enjoy your time staying at home and being with your family!
Emma, Kaylee, Madison, I miss you all so much I can’t wait for this to be over so we can all see each other again.
“Together we can do great things.” - Mother Teresa
Thank you Mrs.Hoyle for everything that she has done for the school and everybody. WE ALL ARE GOING TO MISS YOU.
Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud!
You can work hard! you can do it, you can pass. all you have to do is log onto the computer and actually do your work.

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