How can you share some happy today?
Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Noah… Noah, who?…
Noah good joke about September? 🙂
“The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

– Thomas A. Edison
I talked to at least two students today who talked about how much they love math class with Ms. Mellen. You rock!
Just keep smiling!!! 🙂
Try not to compare yourself to others. Everyone is on a different journey!
Welcome to MMS, Ms. Mellen! We're glad you're here!!
-7th Grade Team
I helped out a substitute teacher - anonymous
Anna M is literally so so so so so so nice and always kind. She never fails to make my day brighter!!! Keep up the great work!
Gabby M. is SOOOO nice! She is very kind to me and makes school a lot of fun! Great Job Gabby for showing kindness and doing your part.
Each day is a new chance to do something kind!
A great big "Thank You" to sixth grader Maria L! Every single day she kindly thanks me for class as she exits the room. It makes me smile every time 🙂
It's okay to be great, I feel strong about learning, If something is hard, I will learn
Keeley. D
University Middle JV Hawks in action!!
Mountaineer Middle School Teachers, custodians, cooks, secretaries all Rocked out the beginning of the year. Thank you for all you hard work. Mrs. Nantz and Mr. Senatore
Mountaineers make a Difference!
Happy Friday!! We had a great first week.
A HUGE "Thank You" to the staff for bringing the YOU UPLIFT Kindness Wall to Mountaineer Middle School!
Welcome Back!!!